Words with Friends: learn how to play the fun game

Words With Friends is an app for the web, smartphones and tablets, developed by Zynga , which can be seen as an online version of the crossword, but better for the ability to play with your friends. Your goal is to create words from the letters that appear to you in a box. Learn now how to take your first steps in the game.

Getting Started
The first step is to choose how you want to play the game. You can access the game through Facebook or downloading the app for your iOS or Android. Then you can choose where to download the app, please connect to your Facebook account or create a separate account using your e-mail. If you choose to connect to your FB account, it will be easier to find friends to play.

If you are playing for your smartphone, tap the icon with a "+" in the upper right green corner of the screen to start a new game. After that, select your opponent. You can choose between a Facebook friend, a random person, a person who is already a user of the game, someone from your contact list or some friend who is on your side. For the latter option, you will have to share the same device to play.

If you play through the app to Facebook, go it on their central application. Click "Start the Game" to start a new game. You can then play with a friend on Facebook or a random, like user as it is for smartphones.

Making points
The first word of every game should have at least one letter in place of the square starry, located in the center of the board. Each new word formed must then share at least an area of the previous word. The words can be formed horizontally (from left to right) or vertically (up and down).

If you don’t like the letters you received, you can use a turn to exchange them. When you use a word with your letters, press "play" to send it to your friend. While waiting your friend to form a word, you can send message through the game chat.

Each letter has a value, and the "D" worth two points, for example. Each word formed will have value as the sum of the values of its letters. There are also blank spaces that serve as a wildcard, valid as if it were any letter you want, but I can not carry any value.

The squares with different colors and with two letters appearing in them multiply the value of the letter or word placed upon them. For example, the letter "X" is worth 8 points. If it is placed on top of a square showing the "TL", the value of the letter "X" will be multiplied by 3. Thus:

DL -  doubles the value of the letter
TL -  triple the value of the letter
DW -  doubles the value of the word
TW -  triples the value of the word

You can also combine more than one colored square on a word to get more points.

If you use all seven letters of a time in a round you will earn 35 extra points. Recalling that, after each move, their letters are replaced with new ones. Moreover, in each round, you can create more than one word in the same move. In this case, each word will have their scores separately, including bonuses.

End of Game
The game then ends when one player has used all his letters, and the letters that the other player has in his possession will be counted against them, like in the game "hole" to deck. However, in addition to subtract from his points, the same amount will be added to your score. Ie, if you win and your friend is still with the letters "A" (1 point), "C" (4 points) and "T" (1 point), your friend will have 6 points deducted from his total and you will have 6 points added to your score. The game can also end if no one has any points after three rounds.