Banished: Solution for Beginners, Walkthrough, Guide

In our Banished solution we offer an entry-level help for a successful start to the building strategy game. The building simulation Banished provides the worst case for a few frustrating moments in the first hours of play. We offer you in our Beginner's Guide tips and solutions for problems that may arise in the early hours of Banished. What is the place to build your selection and what buildings build first?

Banished solution for Beginners - Tips and Tricks for the Game Start

1 Selects a construction site near a forest and a river or lake. Build enough houses for all the people, a Stockpile and Storage Barn.

2 Place a Fishing Dock on the bank of your river or lake. Fish is always a very reliable source of food.

3 Then select a dense forest utmost in which there are also wild. It should be located near your settlement. In the middle you build a Gatherer for more food, a Forest Lodge for wood and fresh trees, a herbalist for medicinal herbs and a Hunting Cabin for meat and leather. Then remove all the stones and all the iron out of the woods. This forest represents the core of your food production is at the beginning and should never be like one of you.

4 Build after your next Storage Pile a Woodcutter, a Blacksmith and a Tailor. They supply your inhabitants with firewood, clothing and tools. However you need for iron, wood and leather.

5 Awaiting for the first winter. Watch for it in which raw materials are lacking and shares this possibly with more workers.

6 Next, you build a well and a school next to your homes. Well is important because your wooden houses can catch fire quickly. The school expands the effectiveness of your next generations.

7 Now Build the Trading Post. The best place for this is the shore of the great river which runs through the map, because there the dealer is the most frequent. From it you can buy animals and seeds.

8 Check regularly the utilization of your homes. It should never live more than 3 adults in a house since the birth rate remains very low
9 Now create field for your animals and purchased the seed. Make the field not too large, since a single worker this otherwise you can not reap all. Field you can harvest once a year. Considering the trees grown several years before you harvest the fruit.

10 Once your settlement grows, you should build a graveyard, a Church and a hospital.
This is your healthier and happier people.

11 The Mine and Quarry you should first build, have been when the stone and iron occur in a wide radius around your settlement dismantled. Both buildings need a large number of workers to be truly effective. You also have to note that the hole of the quarry remains permanent and not repairable.