Buying Tips: Find out the best CPUs to run games (2013/2014)

When it comes to performance in computer video games, no one disagrees that a good dedicated graphics card is essential. However, only one GPU quality not guarantee exceptional performance if your CPU is limiting. Although a low processor performance can be countered with a top GPU, you need to understand some concepts to avoid "bottlenecks", ie income limitations.

Meet some important concepts in time to assemble your gaming PC and also processors with better performance in games.

- CPU: the more colors, the better (but not much)
A limiting feature in many games, and can even generate incompatibility issues, is the frequency of the processor cores. Although a Dual Core processor can run current games, four or six CPU cores are virtually unanimous in setting up a powerful computer.

When buying a computer (or just the processor), we must be alert to the model, not just for the "trade name". Typical examples are various models of processor Intel Core i3 having only two physical cores.

Although nucleus is important if your computer's processor is a Dual Core powerful as the Intel Core i3-4130, you can equip it with graphics card and ensure satisfactory results. The suggestion of four or more cores due to the fact that some games can not run for recognizing that the minimum requirements are not present.

- 64-bit architecture
Another aspect of the processor with excellence in games is processing architecture. Even though there are several models of quality with 32-bit when it comes to firepower, the 64-bit architecture ensures a good margin of slack. Its power goes even for other components such as RAM.

As in the question of the nucleus, the suggestion of the x64 architecture is that the user is not limited by any other resort or the game will recognize incompatible with your machine.

- The best processors for gaming
Now check out a selection of the best processors on the market, assessed only in the category games. The list evaluates not only the power of the processor, but also your money, since money spent to buy a very expensive processor can be saved to buy a top of the line GPU.

- Intel Core i5-4670K (around US$ 300)
As stated in the previous section, often do not need a six-core processor with 12 threads to run heavy games. Like all graphics processing will be done by the GPU, a processor of quality will be as an "adjuvant" most of the time. In this respect, the best option is the Intel Core i5-4670K processor. With four real cores, this processor is the newest member of the Intel architecture, the Haswell.

The Intel Core i5-4670K 3.8 GHz can reach and even pass it with adequate cooling. All this power, combined with the latest GPU market, ensures that it has a performance in games, equal to the six-core processor, Core i7-4770K, which costs more than double the price.

- AMD FX-6300 (around US$ 150)
The AMD FX-6300 processor has a lower Core i5 processor with four cores of Intel performance. However, the price, the amount of cores and unlocked multiplier features are appreciated by fans of overclocking.

The cost-benefit is one of the greatest qualities of this processor. It's easy to find it mounted on computers with good specifications for a little over a thousand dollars. Being AMD's manufacturing, another advantage of the FX-6300 processor is that most motherboards compatible with it having a GPU onboard quality. The onboard GPU from AMD does not have the same performance of the plates offboard but guarantee a interesting for those who want a PC Gamer midrange performance.

- Intel Core i7-4930K (Around US$ 900)
The Intel Core i7-4930K processor is not top of the line company, but your settings still impress. Are 3.9 GHz in turbo and 12 MB of cache mode. In addition, the processor, in conjunction with the motherboard, supports operating combs of RAM Quad-Channel in 1866, supporting up to 64 GB.

Although it is a previous architecture, the i7-4930K delivers 95% performance its younger brother, the i7-4770K. Both have similar prices, but have more cache memory and ability to work with more RAM, the i7-4930K is the best there is in terms of processors for gaming. Any more powerful processor would be a waste of money because it would be difficult to find a game that required so much CPU.

- Intel Core i3-4130 (Around US$ 250)
Of all the list, the Intel Core i3-4130 processor is the most basic, with only two cores. And why is it on the list? Like most current games have minimum settings only two cores, the Intel Core i3-4130 processor, combined with a good GPU, still manages to run them with a good quality, allowing "setar" graphics up to High.

This is due to the longevity of CPUs given to them by visual limitation brought by the games consoles. Just remember that games like Battlefield 4 still run on Xbox 360, launched nine years ago. With that, one of the basic regarded as the new generation of Intel processors, you can safely run heavy games, provided you have a good GPU to compose the set.

- AMD FX-8350 (around US$ 250)
As usual on AMD processor, the FX-8350 has great value for money. The exaggeration of the FX-8350 specifications, however, does not translate into a higher than a Core i5 performance.

However, its price is something you can not ignore. In dealing exclusively with games, a very expensive processor would be a waste, because a good GPU working together with the FX-8350 can result in a good frame rate in heavy games. For example, you can assemble a good PC with AMD FX-8350, 8GB RAM processor with 1866MHz speed for less than US$ 1,000.