CityVille: Learn how to collect all materials to build buildings – Facebook Game

In CityVille , one of the greatest difficulties of the players is to collect all the materials to build buildings, attractions and expand the game. The task is complicated by the fact that many of the materials can only be achieved through interaction with other players. To make life easier for the player DTGReviews prepared some tips to get materials easily.

Step 1: If you have a few friends playing CityVille, players look on Facebook . Just go and ask for you to add friends. How CityVille is essentially a social game, it is impossible to proceed without having to add many neighbors and partner.

Step 2: When you need some material to complete any building or expanding, click its building to see a message showing what materials you need.

Step 3: some icons are displayed and bottom of each is written "Request from Friends". Click this button to be taken to the order screen help.

Step 4: After submitting the request for help, wait for the response from their friends. Only when all the construction items are marked with a "V" will be possible to finish the building and complete the new attraction.

As stated earlier in the article, CityVille is a social game, it is essential to have a significant amount of friends who also play the game as many goals and materials will require you to have 10 or 20 neighbors and for that, everyone needs to be playing CityVille.

On the internet there is a vast amount of links to materials, but they are all present in the game as icons to click. Remember that you can ask for a material once a day.