Dark Souls: learn how to cast Magic spells in the game

Dark Souls is similar to its predecessor Demon's Souls one of the best games of this generation. On the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, it has a brilliant and challenging gameplay, in addition to a design that does not try to hold the players, respecting their intellect. Still, for many, these options may seem strange, since Dark Souls never seems to focus on detailed explanations for players

There are three types of "magic" in Dark Souls, Sorceries, Miracles and Pyromancies. To use any kind of magic a player should first learn it and equip a catalyst that matches the type of magic you want to do. To drop a power is also necessary to "equip you" in your character into a bonfire.

Each spell has a finite number of uses, to retrieve his power just resting at a bonfire. Some spells can be equipped more than once, if you have "space" in your list of free spells and at least two copies of it.


To release spells is important to have some specific attributes; otherwise you will not even be able to throw the simplest of spells. The first attribute is vital "Attunement" and it caters for all types of magic, the pyromancer to the cleric.

Attunement is what determines how many spells you can "wear" on your character. To get the first spell you have to have at least 10 levels in this attribute. The most you can achieve are ten spaces for spells when you reach level 50.

Intelligence is the attribute that governs sorcery. Each one of the "sorceries" requires a minimum level of intelligence to be released, that is the power and the damage of these spells also increases with intelligence.

Finally the attribute Faith, which is primarily responsible for the "miracles" (Miracles) of the game. It works just like intelligence, having minimum levels of power and scaling with the growth of the attribute.

Pyromancers not need other attributes except Attunement, his powers grow as you increase the level of your Pyromancy Flame.

Catalysts, Flames and Talismans

To drop Magic in Dark Souls is necessary to equip an object that will act as a bridge between their powers and the world. Clerics use a talisman to his miracles, focusing their faith in these little charms. Have sorcerers use a Catalyst on your hands that serves to cast your spells.

The pyromancers in turn, has a Flame that can also get souls to level up, not only increasing the damage of his fireballs and the like, but also serving as a basic prerequisite for you cast fire spells more advanced.

Releasing the spells

If you pay attention to all the previous items and equip the necessary spells and necessary object of your class will be easy to launch spells. After resting at a bonfire, use the attack button on the hand holding the object of power (catalyst, flame or talisman).

Other minor factors influence, but they are not as important as the skill, which is responsible for the speed which you cast the spell.