Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft: tips to build your deck in cardgame

Hearthstone is a card game from Blizzard Entertainment that rapidly came into open beta. Its style is very similar to the classic Magic: The Gathering, and has a player option to create their own deck. Check now some important tips in time that is cater to your own deck of battle.

First, in order to create a deck, you will have to go on the "My Collection". This is the only option that players will have access to all the cards present in their collection and choose them to form their own.

Keep in mind that the quality and strength of your deck will depend on the amount of cards in your collection. The more extensive it is, can be your best sets. However, do not be discouraged if your collection is small. You can still create good decks with a small collection.

Some wonder why to create their own deck, since there are several options ready published in specialized sites on the game. There are several advantages to building your own deck, and be familiar with their letters as well as having an ideal for your style of play deck. However, the biggest advantage of building your own set of cards is perhaps the best understanding of them and their interactions, making you a better player.

Before you start adding cards in your deck, it is important that you visualize how you will beat your opponent. Ie, what style of game you will choose. This step is easier for users who already have some experience in the game. If you are still a beginner, do not worry, in time you will understand.

Once viewed the style of play and the ways to achieve victory, the next step is to decide which cards to include. This process is a bit tricky, where new players tend to add as many letters of "high" they get. However, the limit of 30 cards in a deck is a fairly restrictive Hearthstone game in this regard. So you have to calmly analyze the purpose and its theme. Not because some cards worked fine in the past, or has great value for money, it should be in your deck.

In the process of building your deck there is an additional element that should always be aware of who is the mana curve. Your mana curve is nothing but the distribution of letters according to its mana cost. To get a better idea, imagine that just add cards with six or seven mana cost. Although there are cards with good attributes of attack and defense, you don’t need cards to play in the first five rounds, resulting in defeat.

Even add some letters for the initial stage of the battle may not be enough. You will have to include just enough for each stage of the game cards, so that you ensure the best chances of them actually end up in your hands when you need them.

With all this in mind, let's go to the step of adding letters. This step is important to identify the letters center of your deck. These cards are ones that you will need, and so it functions. For example, if you are playing a mage, and would create a deck in which can give massive and risk damage to the enemy, you will need the letters that cast fireballs or give damage to all enemy minions at once. Or if you're playing a paladin, and this focus on restoring your life points during the game, then he should have enough cards with these properties. Some have more of these types of cards than others, but probably will not exceed 10 letters.

The next step then is to add specific letters in its class. Each class has 25 of these letters, but it is not always advantageous to include them. In fact, most decks high level uses only about five to seven such letters where only those who are exceptionally good are added. This is due to the fact that specific class letters are often letters of reply, which will be there to help you deal with the threats of his opponent

There are a few more steps forward, then please do not be with the deck almost full at this stage. If you already have more than 20 letters, is likely to have included some letters that were not part of its strategy.

To fill the now missing in your deck, you will continue to add the most appropriate minions available to you. Remember your mana curve and pay attention to the skills of each. Clearly, much will also depend on your topic and your collection of cards.

Once you have your full deck not think your work is done. Riding a competitive set is an iterative process that takes time. Over time you should always look for ways to improve it. And do not be disappointed if your set is not too good. The improvement process is continuous and even that does not get very good start, do not let this make you lose taste for the game.