How to surf the Web on Smart TVs from LG?

Learn to browse the Internet on LG’s Smart TVs such as 60LA8600, 60LA6200, 55LA7400, 55LA8600 and 50LA6900

Internet access is not exclusive to PC for some time, and now even mobile phones and tablets have the option. For example: Smart TVs from LG also have an option for web browsing, Internet Ready TVs, that allows users to use the internet at the same time can access your favorite web sites.

Step 1 Press the "Smart" button on your remote control.

Surf the Web, Smart TV, LG, Remote Controller

Step 2 From the icon bar at the bottom of the screen, select "Internet" to open the browser of LG Smart TV.

Surf the Web, Smart TV, LG

Step 3. With the browser open, some tabs will be performed automatically. The interface is very similar to desktop browsers. To access your favorite website, just use the arrows on the remote to get to the bar type in an address, press "OK" and then use the virtual on-screen keyboard to type the URL.

Step 4. If your TV has a Smart Control Magic, you can use the ball to "scroll" in the center of it to control the scroll bar and move it to one side or the other, similar to moving a cursor of a mouse by screen.

Brows the Web, Smart TV, LG, Remote Controller, Guide

Step 5. After accessing the web site, your favorite will be recorded immediately in the browser home page, as happens with browsers Firefox, . So, it's easier to access them, only selecting them without typing their addresses.

Step 6. On the top bar, next to where you enter the URL, there are some configuration options. The first is the voice search (works only on TVs with cameras or smart controls), then zoom in on the screen, turns on / off the TV screen and display the web page in full screen. Everything to personalize your experience.

Internet ready LG Smart TV models: 70UJ6570, OLED65W7P, OLED65G7P, 70UJ6570, OLED65C7P, OLED65E7P, OLED65B7A, 86SJ9570, 65SJ9500, 75SJ8570, 65SJ8500, 65SJ8000, 65UJ7700, 65UJ6300, 75UJ6470, OLED65G6P, OLED65E6P, OLED65C6P, OLED65B6P, 65UH9500, 65UH8500, 65UH7700, 65UH6550, 65UH6150, 43UH6100, 65UH6030, 55LH5750, 43LH5700, 24LF4820-BU, OLED65B7P, 75SJ857A, 65SJ850A, 75UJ657A, 65UJ6540, 60UJ6050, 32LJ550B, 43LJ5500, 49UJ6500, 65UJ6200, 65UH7650, 65UH615A, 43UH610A, 49UH6090, 60UH6035, 75SJ857A, 65SJ850A, 75UJ657A, 65UJ6540, 60UJ6050, 32LJ550M, 32LJ550B, 43LJ5500, 49UJ6500, 65UJ6200, 65UH7650, 65UH615A, 43UH610A, 49UH6090, 60UH6035, 50UH5530, 32LH570B, 43LH570A, 55EG9600, 65EF9500, 49UF6400, 60LF6100


  1. OK, I'm not tech savvy - at all. At step 3, do I need an external kb to do the typing? I hoped for an on-screen one, usable with remote but if that exists, I can't find it....

  2. is the lg65nano90una able to browse the internet?

  3. That is my question. I can't get the keyboard when I put the cursor on the search bar.


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