Learn how the Burn Cards Work in Titanfall, video

In Titanfall , players can collect Burn Cards, which are a series of letters that can be fitted to a single game, allowing the player to improve his performance in the game. Learn now how to work with the Burn Cards in Titanfall.

Burn Cards are single-use improvements to the game that can be activated during starting to get advantage in several ways. Some cards improve your weapons with explosive bullets or missiles to destroy Titans great. There are also others that allow you to run faster on the battlefield, for example.

Before each match, players can select the cards they would like to use. From the seventh level you can only select one. In level two and nine are finally up to three cards from level Eleven. Each Burn Card can be used at the beginning of the game, or every appearance after death. The effect of each alone that remains effective throughout life. So if you die before you use it you will lose the chance and the letter.

Among the cards you chose to depart, and those that exist in your arsenal, you can have a total of 26. It is important to manage this number as well, so be sure to use the cards in each game. Once you reach the maximum number, you will lose the opportunity to earn new cards can benefit you greatly in future matches.

By using each card, it will lose its effect and can not be used again. However, new ones will be achieved randomly at the end of each match, plus there is the possibility of getting additional to complete some achievements in the game. Know that using certain weapons are more often right to unlock cards related to them faster. Ie, if you prefer to use more snipers, is more certain unlock cards that improve your performances with gun.

So, depending on your style of play, there are some cards that will not be of much use. For example, if you are not a fan of fighting with pistols, look discard those you unlock related improvements pistols. So you have more room for better cards. There are also great cards for the beginning of the game, such as one where you can get access to the Titan before everyone.