Learn how to play Flappy Bird on smartphones

Flappy Bird is a simple minigame that dominated the top free game in the App Store and Google Play last week, generating a lot of curiosity, frustration and mystery. The title was developed by the studio. GEARS, Vietnam, and is written by the programmer Nguyen Dong Ha. Despite its simplicity it had between 2 and 3 million downloads a day on iOS and Android , generating accusations of fraud.

Flappy Bird is a very simple game where a bird is constantly pulled down and the user touch the screen makes flapping their wings, hanging in the air for a few moments. This complicated movement is then put to the test as you have to pass through the pipes without bumping into them.

Many players said that the simple nature of the game combined with an extremely punitive gameplay ultimately make it addictive and challenging. Some people argue that the game has spread naturally as friends challenge each other to beat their record or want to brag about a good score.

How to Play Flappy Bird

There is no great mystery about how to play Flappy Bird, because the game is quite simple. The bird is constantly pulled down and touch the screen causes it to go up a bit in an arcing motion. You can press fast to climb, but more careful not to lose control.

Green pipes appear in varying heights and your goal is to divert them. Each time you go through them, you earn 1 point. It is not hard to come by early, but occasionally there will be a longer conversion, how to get out of a pipe at the top for a very low or vice versa. Let the bird fall into a low-pass pipe can be more difficult than beating the wings to pass a high-tops.

Depending on your score you are awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

The medals are:

Bronze - 10 points
Silver - 20 points
Gold - 30 points
Platinum - 40 points