Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Complete solution (FF13-3)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Complete solution: All main quests and side quests solved, battle hints, tips and tricks.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction Boss
2 Chapter 1, Luxerion: The Capital of the World, Main Quest 1-1
3 Chapter 1, Main Quest 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, Boss: Noel Kreiss
4 Chapter 2, Yusnaan: Main Quest 2-1, 2-2, 2-3
5 Chapter 3, The Wildlands: Main Quest 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, Boss: Chocobo Eater
6 Side-Quests - Chapter 1
7 Side-Quests: Chapter 2 (Angel Rescue)

Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy 13 In the third entry "Lightning Returns" you will meet many old friends in new roles - and some unfamiliar characters as well. In this guide we show you the way through all the main missions, side quests and give you advice and tips, until the last boss battle.

Introduction Boss:

Bombastic effects and overblown slugfest with former friend SNOW ring in the adventure. There is a lot at the beginning not to do. Follow the only path and let you declare the control. The first opponents are quite harmless and are only intended to show you how a normal battle proceeds. Block, attack, and switching between the armor sets - all of which is detailed explained. After a few brief skirmishes you land at the first boss, the one wicked, unknown girl loose on you. You say you'll meet them and LUMINA more often.


HP: Unknown
Weakness: Magic attacks

He does not like magic, so you give him exactly so acidic. Changes your armor regularly with lightning and ice spells, and if possible jagged consecutively away so he quickly lands in shock. The rest is a matter of form - just slap on and slow down time to land several hits. He lies on his back, then skin with sword on her head. This boss is a breeze.

In the Ark
Then it goes back into the ark, where her HOPE meet and the story Recapitulating. Since the events in FF13-2, date back 500 years, a lot is happening. The end of time is near, and not even the god of light can prevent it, instead should the world be recreated. LIGHTNING is to escort as many souls as possible in the new world. You stay thirteen days to save as many souls as possible and collect glories.

After review of the quest you should all boxes open, floating in the ark, you gain a new set of armor and skills to modify.

By the way: Every day in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 runs of six clock in the morning to six clock in the evening. At the end of the day you will be automatically placed back into the ark.

Now Read the book of the fallen on the book shelf, Here you can check the results of the last battles. Fight here again against the boss of just to go through the EP-tutorial. Thanks for the grown to three armor sets this boss should be able to beat even faster.

Time dilation is one of the skills for which you consumed EP. Five EP at the beginning available, with a time stop time two points costs. These points you can fully recharge in the ark again. Let you now warp back to the surface.

Chapter 1, Luxerion: The Capital of the World

The magnificent city Luxerion is not as peaceful as its reputation. Just arrived LIGHTNING is already threatened. Here you get the first quest of your four-part main task.

Main Quest 1-1: wavering faith
Task: Speak with the residents Luxerions, to find clues to the sequence of events for the Inquisitor. There is a time limit of six days.

Speak with the Inquisitor to learn all the details for Quest. Then passes close to the switch, the Lord mountains. There will gain their first information about the threat.
Thorton on the right path in front of the North Station also has a quest for you that you can take care of her passing.

Side Quest: Search for Holmes
Task: Thorton wants you looking for Holmes, who is late for his shift. There is a time limit to six clock in the morning.

Homes is very easy to find. Just go back to the hostel, barely a few meters from the train station. To the left is Holmes. Speak to him. Holmes will follow you if you walk slow (tilts the analog stick just a little bit so that LIGHTNING below). Does the train station stairs to Thorton, and speak to him to complete the quest. You will gain not only a useful reward, but also further info to the first main quest.

Speak now to all who are near, One citizen in the station knows more. The priest and the eyewitness (the man with the three question mark over his head) you should chat up. You can find him on the track when discard train.

Leave the train station and look for the frightened boy running around the forecourt. Right behind him is a man who wants to run away from you. Speak to both. Now you can return to the Inquisitor at the center of the square and complete the quest "wavering faith." Besides some usual rewards, a new EP skill should pop out, namely Chronostasis. This skill freezes the time completely. So you can solve the time-limited tasks easier.

Look around you, a ladder leads up to a item ball. Jump over the abyss, and it admits of. Also talk to the Chocobo lady Chocolina. It manages the bulletin board, a kind of repository of side quests. Here you can pick up other tasks, you usually shall fight enemies and deliver collected items. Available here are the Side Quests "cry for vengeance," "Fluffy Friend" and "glass." If you want, then take them and kill the monsters from later sought to deliver their resources.

The North Station is now open. Take up the path and talk to the man at the greengrocer's. He will sell you a Xiao Long Gui tank for 600 Gil and has some info for you.
Next door is a laboratory technician. Look here necessarily Tutoruim about the skills to synthesize. Here you can high level steps 1 attack in which you merge two times "Attack Level 1" with each other. The same works with the ice magic. Zu merging skills must be of the same type and the same level. But keep in mind that you need to re-sort merged skills in your battle set, for it is indeed a lost during fusion.

No fracture. Along the road you will find an item ball behind a switch, includes "electric shock stage 2". You can equal miss one of your armor sets. On the way back to the North station you can again ascend stairs, her left hand. Jump left over the gap to an item. It contains a rune ring.

Main Quest 1-2: In the Shadow of the heretics
Down at the station follow her fanatics. Remain far behind them (always remain in the shadow of a corner, so they do not see you), otherwise you will be attacked and that costs valuable time. They will lead you in an alley near the North Station to a telephone booth. Look at the cutscene. To continue to follow them and to prevent another ritual sacrifice, you will need the passcode. Does not manage her until next day, a girl is sacrificed again. The wish to prevent it.


Now pass the first day, you will automatically return to the ark. Speak with Hope on side quests and main quests. Collect then the items from the box and back to the city.

Stop, wait ... that's not the city. Suddenly she ends up inside Lightning where to meet again on the strange girl LUMINA.

Main Quest 1-3: Find the code
Look in all the open neighborhoods (particularly in the commercial area) and talk to people. They tell of numbers that are on walls. They are among the fanatics and put together the combination is with which you walk through the door. However, there are at each pass of the game other numbers, so you have to find them yourself. The first can be found at the river bank to the left from the Twin Gate. In the Speicherstadt district you will find another number on the right side of a staircase. The next is scrawled on a wall at a phone booth near the South Station. The last can be found in the South District in the central square. Here you can only enter after midnight. Just before you get the number, you will experience another cutscene. Together with all the figures you put yourself after midnight on the way to leave the cemetery. Go to the phone booth and give the numbers collected (the order is specified).

Main Quest 1-4: Rituals for a goddess
Storm the ritual of fanatics. Run into the cemetery into the big statue. By now you should have it (because you will meet his relatives in the cemetery the fight against Zomok.

Main Quest 1-5: Hunter in light and shadow
Noel Lightning calls to battle. Collect necessarily the Etro emblem on beside the great ritual statue that you need the same. If it is not next to the statue, then it is on the way to the South Quarter. Follow NOEL. There you need an emblem of Etro, otherwise you will only use force. With an emblem you come ahead and now have to wander over the house roofs. Bridge the gaps with start and climb, if necessary, to the ladder back up. Here many fanatics wait, a lot can fall to buff and debuff spells. You need them the same.

Boss: Noel Kreiss

HP: 320000
Weakness: Lightning

Noel is not particularly strong, but will attack in quick punches. He is sensitive to lightning magic, so flash or Thundara him skin around the ears. Skillful Blocking is the Alpha and Omega, if you want to hold out against him. You will receive him well in the shock when you work with magic and performs fast counterattack. So let's attack him, block and set the same with the sword behind - that may not NOEL. In shock should use their physical attacks. Attacking or flip addressed too much damage. Especially, if the flick to "repositioning". Then there's the right pick. The second half of the fight is tricky. You should have this to weaken it. If not, he will build his defense, which can even get through the blood-magic bad.

Chapter 2, Yusnaan: Main Quest 2-1, 2-2, 2-3

Take the train from the North Station to travel to the city Yusnaan. This city is revived as similar Luxerion and offers many opportunities to upgrade your character. As usual, your main focus is jeoch on the main quest line.

Main Quests 2-1: Storming the Palace
Task: Lightning wants to Snow, who has made the palace close since last visit. This place can only access by the privileged people of the city.

Solution: Find the Augur's Quarter in the center of the city on. On the way you will be recognized and attacked by a bodyguard with high probability. They are accompanied by Sanipuddings. This is a monster that can heal and (unlike his blue related) against lightning magic resistant. You should always first do this healing monster, especially if more than one is present. The skill "power bat" but seems quite good to act against them. This skill can be found right at the entrance of the city in an item ball.

Arriving at the gate of the place, you speak to one of the citizens. Lightning finds out that she does not come by without valid identification. You have to find a tour guide who hineinschmuggelt you.

The tour guide you will NOT be displayed on the map, but he is not to be overlooked. To the west of the gate a guy is strapped in bright pink with a party hat on his head. Speak to him. He puts you close to an alternative route through the industrial area. Buy it from a slow ticket for 2000 gil.

Now you can get admission at exactly 18 clock on Industrial when her assistant of the guide you there ansprecht. When you arrive too early, you are allowed to skip the time to 18 clock.

Main Quest 2-2 The Song of the redeemer
To be continued.

Main Quest 2-3 The Lonely patron
To be continued.

Chapter 3, The Wildlands: Main Quest 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, Boss: Chocobo Eater

When you visit the South Station in Luxerion, you can get on the train and reach two areas, one of which is a vast flourishing country. Here in the Wildlands flowers on nature. Everything is green, chocobos running around and people love the simple life in self-sufficiency. Hardly arrived, Lightning, however, haunted by a vision that told by the angel of Valhalla. This angel and the legend behind it knows everyone here in the Wildlands. Your main quest also rotates it.

Main Quests 3-1: The Angel of Valhalla 
Task: Find Dr Gizar. He knows a lot about the Legender the white chocobo and is your first point of contact. It is located in the Canopus settlement. The settlement you come when you walk from the station to the southeast. On the way you can familiarize yourself with some groups of enemies, everything is progressing the pudding variety "mini mousse" which is very sensitive to lightning magic and easy to shock.

Talk to the scientist. He sends you on to his seventh assistant who can read Chocobo tracks. It stands at the entrance to the settlement. He points you out that Lightning must seek eating predator first a Chocobo. Addiction to the city in ruins, which is located northeast of the settlement on the border of the Wilder country. Take the lower access.

Once there, you discover a wounded Chocobo bird that was killed by a big green monster. Accesses to the Chocobo Eater.

Boss: Chocobo Eater 
HP: 192000
Weakness Reacts sensitive to counterattack.
Although the Chocobo Eater has no particular weak point, but if you append it Devall and Deprotes, he is weak, at least for lightning magic. Fire and ice do him little. The best method for a shock effect is to block his attack and to counter quickly. Fits only the guy is faster than suggesting his look and is sometimes strike very suddenly. He donated you in the Green Monster Loot moss. Then return to the settlement.
Main Quest 3-2: healing of an angel

The Chocobo is alive, but is very weak. Speak with Dr. Gizar and give the Gizar herb that he donated to you, the white chocobo. From then on, you are the master of this chocobos.
Task: Worried Gizar herb, milk and remedies for your Chocobo.

Solution: Gizar herb you bummed by the residents or her get it directly from the field (7-21 clock). Specht until Gerret, then with the woman on the small box next to it. You donated you a bag of the herb. The Chocobo leader in the riding bird behind you donated a potion called Gizarlin. Both the service of your bird can administer the same - that makes him a little healthy.

To go further, you will need during the day with the girl on the growing field in the village speak because of a side-Quast (see Side Quest fatherly love). The girl is looking Sarala Cole, digging in the woods after fertilizer. Will not find it, but a colleague who have worried fertilizer. Bringt her the fertilizer bag for authority, he tells of the death Coles. This message brings her back to Sarala, followed by a cut scene, the field releases of cultivation.

Now you can grow on the field Gizar herb. Simply seeds that her next door at the merchant buys plant in a mound, finished six hours later, the herb can be harvested. Give it to the Chocobo. Now it should get up - unless you have some funds administered that we list in this solution.

From now on, the Chocobo is part of the group and serves as a mount. He also does not run faster than Lightning, but consumes no ATB points. Your chocobo will help you in the fight, but is not necessarily the strongest conceivable sidekick.

Go necessarily the Side Quest "Angel Rescue" after. It leads you to the May-flowers, which are very beneficial for the chocobo. Then you should in the forest settlement Jakht visit the pharmacy, the pharmacist Bring her the right ingredients (8 x Chocoborchel mushrooms, 6 x screw nectar), then it provides you another Gizarin potion to strengthen your chocobo ago. In addition, you can eat a second time Jul-a flower. It grows when you leave her a day's time. Clouds milk, Sylkis-herb and Tanntle vegetables are also on the healing diet of poultry. So there are plenty of opportunities to heal the mount. You must at least achieve healing stage 2 so that the action goes on. Did you get that, your chocobo can briefly glide in the air.

Main Quest 3-3: Where the chaos rests

To be continued.

Side-Quests - Chapter 1
Throughout the city you will find more side quests. Remember that you do not have to solve all the side quests. The more you create, the more glories you can collect but which grow the divine tree. The end of the world up to thirteen day you will stronger with each completed quest.

Side-Quest: Search for Holmes

(See: Chapter 1, Luxerion)

Side-Quest: spawn of Chaos
Task: Defeat the Beast Zomok that plagues the city dwellers

Solution: To solve this quest, you have to open the chaos in the street running in front of you, wait until the dragon shows up and flattening Zomok.

Zomok does not like magical attacks and can quite easily put themselves above all with lightning magic in the shock, He will also weakened by Devall. Is he in shock, then takes his head with the sword. It is not that hard if you block his hard attack that cost you that is a good half of your HP. Hold the block button rather times are too long and too short, otherwise he hits you to a pulp. Who wants to be well prepared before makes. In a dead-end street next to the sacral alley on South Station floats an item with the skill "Block Level2". That is helpful. East of the old town takes its Thundara Level 2 - this is also useful.

Side-Quest: Last Wish
Task: Find the remedy for the father

Solution: The item you may find in Chocobo Emporium, provide it appears at the correct opening times there. You can find it near the twin gate in the business district, 11 to 17 clock. Run down the stairs to the square, as is the dealer shed. Unfortunately, still missing ingredients for it. You need a flashing mushroom, a Xiao Long Gui tanks and a Madragora root. The armor you get from a dealer behind the station on the Theatre Square, the flash is between fungal near the trade district in an alley around. The Madragora root there is just north of South Station at the greengrocer.

Side-Quest: Angel Tears

Task: Buy the girl tears
Solution: The girl Luka sold angel tears, but unfortunately not to LIGHNTING. One should find out what is the girl who was once a child actress.

Side-Quest: In the Wrong Body
Mission: On the pilgrimage you make a talking cat. Help her out of trouble, in the place you stardust.

Solution: On the way to her body, you should avoid all cats. They tend to be attracted by the antidote.

Side-Quest: Faster than lightning
Task: A boy named Lamont runs in the residential district around in the warehouse district and wants to start a race with you.

Solution: If the boy constantly on the cheek and passed him when he's running in the halls of the North Station.

Side-Quest: sabotaged spheres
Task: Find the closed Items that float around in the city, there are only three pieces, which you can hardly see. The first is, for example, right next to the quest giver.

Solution: addiction in the city after the closed spheres. With the password from the quest giver you can open it and retain the content. The first is in the commercial area at the quest giver.

Side-Quest: Ball girls
Task: A boy near the South Station has shot a ball on a railing and no longer gets him down.

Solution: Run to the right of young up the stairs and jump with run-up to the railing. There you can collect the rubber ball. Bring him back to the child.

Side-Quests: Chapter 2 (Angel Rescue)

Task: This task is both the main and side quest. You have the Chocobo saved, but he is very weak. Speak with Dr. Gizar. He gives you a bunch Gizar herb. Administered it to the sick chocobo and it will accept you as master. Then you have the animal feed up slowly, with Gizarkraut, milk and remedies.

Solution: Speak with the residents of the settlement and the hunter-leader on the Chocobo. That should bring you a bundle Gizar herb and a healing potion for the bird. The you can already give him. Designate Also you can already the beautiful animal. Then you should take "fatherly love" in order to earn even more herb the Side-Quest.

Side-quests: Father love
Task: Sarala is looking for her father Cole, digging in the Jakht forests for fertilizer.
Solution: The Jakht Forests are marked on the map. From the estate of getting to the west. Run along the forest path until you find wandering people. One of them is wearing a bright pink glasses. Speak with him. He gives you the task to search the forest for fertilizer. Just go the way of Jakht settlement into further, there's a bag with a shovel before. Take the fertilizer and brings him back to the man.

The Wanderer says Saralas father was killed in a monster attack killed. Lightning provides up to him to deliver this message. Hand, with so to Sarala back in the settlement.

Side-Quests: The makings of a hunter
Task: At the entrance of Jakht Forest is a chocobo rider who wants to have monsters evidence supporting imposed mini mousse. Bring him six times rainbow jelly and he puts out a bunch Gizar herb.

Solution: Mini-Mousse wander around everywhere on the open field, even near the forest entrance. Done a few, bringing the hunter the jellies auffischt her in Loot.

Side-quests: Mother and daughter
Task: In front of the railway station of the area is a woman named Brella. She mourns for her daughter supposedly, but is meant her dog. Find Clove the dog.
Solution: If filed later.

Side-Quests: Chocobo whisper
Task: Deep in the Forest is Jakht the settlement Jakht. There is Nadia, who indicating you on the effect of the May-flower. It is good medicine for chocobos. However, it loses its effect when she picks., The mount must eat spot the Planze.
Solution: If your chocobo halfway recovered, then looked at where other chocobos browse and let it eat there by the flower. Bring him over then with Nadia. You can find the plant in the farthest corner of the city of ruins on a piece of meadow that slightly uphill. In this area, monsters appear in what felt like every second, but riding on the Chocobo, you should come to some.