Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main / Side Missions- Coaches List

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: General Tips, main quests, side missions and coaches list.

Follow our complete solution to Might & Magic X: Legacy and you will successfully complete all main and side missions of this old-school RPG's from Ubisoft. In addition, we will also give some general tips that help to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Table of Contents:

1 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: General Tips
2 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: List of Coaches
3 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 1
4 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 2
5 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 3
6 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 4
7 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: side quests Part 1
8 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: side quests part 2 
9 Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: side quests part 3

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: General Tips

Battles & Skills
In battles, it is important that the opponents you noticed neither in the flank, nor can attack from behind. Rennt therefore, not immediately respond to any enemy, but draws you, if possible, at narrow back. This works best when you hide behind corners, when enemy forces you to run.

In combat, it does not matter at what position your group member is in. One can imagine that your heroes are right next to each other in front of the opponents. So it is useless if you have your ranger and mages in the back slots.

Pay attention at your team assemble that you have at least one character here, the light magic can use and one who has skills in the area of Earth. That should be two different characters, because a single is stunned to easily by enemies or even killed. Light Magic is extremely convenient because it has from the beginning about the ability Celestial armor. This spell absorbs a certain level of damage completely, leaving your party takes less damage for a few rounds. Later light mage learn powerful healing spells and can break curses.

Earth is attractive because of its versatility. On the one hand you can get opponents away with looping them around the group and heal on the other side with regeneration, the entire group. Note however, that regeneration takes a few laps to exert its full effect. More powerful spells of Erdschule are poison and cure poison sprayer, occupying the enemy with a strong poison that lasts for the rest of the fight.

Fit always on your supply of rations, medical and mana potions. Without it, you will not survive long. Always keep some antidote. Without an antidote your hero will be turned off in any case by the poison. If a character is restored was poisoned, the poison can still affect. If you have no antidote, you can be helped for a small donation, in the temple.

Our group
Elein, the elven blade dancer: She is an expert in combat with two swords and relies more on her ability in battle of evasion, as Light Armor. It is the main source of damage in close combat.

Ilsa: It is the pillar of strength. The bulwark in Heavy Armor and Shield, which protects the group from attacks and enemy forces to attack them. For this purpose, it uses the ability of challenge that gets warfare by the skill. Enemy wizards prevents skull with columns at the use of her magic. Your own magic comes from the school of light and allows it with the Magic Celestial armor to protect her whole group from damage, with light-cleaning to remove curses and restore with healing a single character's life points.

Finny, the dwarven scouts: Finny is a master of the crossbow and an ax, which can be by Dwarven robustness conceals well. Whether in a close or ranged combat, the enemy Finny can always cause pain. If necessary, he can assist the group with a little fire magic.

Arata, the orc shaman: It is the backbone of the group. The maid of all work. With its earth spells regeneration heals steadily the whole group away poisons with Cure Poison, poison entire groups of enemies with poison sprayer and holds individual destinations on with looping. Your air magic gust flings back the enemy, wind shield protects the Group against ranged attacks and sparks caused damage to several targets. The magic of water flowing freely cure paralyzed group members.

This group is not as the only way to the goal. You can draw with many different heroes in the fight. Just because you have no water mage, that does not mean that you can not finish the game. Individual sections are thus less human, but the water mage is it to places where dark magic is required, gaze into the tube. If no matching magic available, it buys you just the appropriate potions or scrolls to bridge your bottleneck.

Distributed at the beginning of your skill and attribute points are not too many areas, but selects the first two, possibly three magicians in, skills that intend to bring her to the expert rank. Your wizard should initially focus in particular on the schools with which they can keep the group alive.

Attribute the whole thing is a bit harder, because your character is dependent on a few. Take, for example, the blade dancer. You need power for their melee attacks, perception of their attack value - which is important when calculating whether your character meets or ward off the enemy, fortunately for their crypt chance and dodge and vitality for their life. One must therefore, carefully consider attribute in which one puts his points. Selects two attributes which are most important for your character and invests only in other area points if you noticed that your character in these areas is too weak. An example would be perception for melee. As long as your character hits the enemy right, you do not have to increase this value but too often ward off your attacks then you have to invest your points.

The Bestiary
The bestiary is more than just a gimmick where you can see what enemies you've already defeated. The more enemies you have eliminated a kind, the more information about these opponents are in this little book and this information have it in them. Not only that you can see what skills the enemy has, but you can also read their resistances and pick their own magic perfectly on weaknesses. This makes battles much easier.

Wells, shrines and crystals
In your travels you will meet more often Magic Fountain. These allow you to fill the life and magic points.

Shrines are statues of various gods and prove the group with restorative spells. However, you can not have the blessing of all the shrines at once, since some gods do not like each other and therefore you refuse their blessings may take you or your other blessings.

Crystals you see already shine very clearly at great distances. Increase the crystals according to their color, your resistance to one of the schools of magic. The colors are guided by the color of magic. So red for fire resistance, green for Earth, etc.

In the villages and towns, sometimes in caves and ruins, finds destructible barrels. Sometimes they contain opponents, in other cases colored water. Depending on the color of the water, the selected one of you character gains a permanent bonus to one of attributes, or one of the resistances.

The following list is not yet complete:
pulsating yellow light = Increases your resistance
pulsating Green = Increases your Earth
pulsating violet = Increases your primary magic resistance
pulsating black = Increases your dark magic resistance
pulsating white = Increases your air resistance
pulsating blue = Increases your resistance to water

Blue = Increases your mana pool
Dark red = Increases your power attribute
White = Increases your perception
Purple = Increases your luck

The hirelings: either you bring one of your paid mercenaries or quest NPC, either a passive or an active bonus ability. You may only have two of them there and their pay is a percentage of the gold that you find on your travels.

Here is an unfinished list of hirelings who can hire you:

Aiolos: Next to the door of the inn "Zum Goblin watchtower" in Sorpigal-on-Sea. Opponents you notice one field later and you can see on the mini map one field.

Kengi: In the restaurant "The Goblin watchtower" in Sorpigal-on-Sea. Ensures that raced through her gets a bonus for a few rounds.

Huarea: In his tent near seaport (90,72). Allow yourself time to rest in the day to consume without provisions.

Romuald: In the restaurant "The moon calf" in seaport. He acts better prices from resellers.

Alesia: In the Chapel of the port: you can once a day to revive a dead party member and even fill the life and magic points of the group. But that does not always seem to work with the Manapunkten.

Sana: For 20 Uplay points unlockable. Then waits in port at the well (22,16). She conjures once a day a defensive spell. Burning Determination, wind shield, stone skin, hour of power, and Arcane are turning away their magic.

Aonbarr: In equine oasis of Sorpigal-on-Sea. The horse doubled the space in your inventory.

Nahla: In her house on the coast north-east of Kilburns Observatory. Your house (36.64) is close to Erika. You sold one during the trip potions.

Karim: In his house in Karthal (26,17). He can identify items for you.

Haji: In the Arcane Library in the slums of Karthal (2.9). It will increase the experience you gain from battles by 10%.

Vilma: With Shalassas blessing you can cross the river next to seaport. Take the second turn to the left and you will come to a house, there are two elite earth elemental before. Inside is Vilma. It can protect you with her shield from harm.

Zhin: In her house in the cliff (27,11). It increases the amount of gold and magical items that can be found.

Bart sulfur Bart: In the tavern "decay" in the cliff. He can repair your gear while traveling.

Huang: On the edge of the bleak wasteland (52,27). He buys things from you that you can not do it.

Kaspar: After fulfilling the quest "The Curse" he waits in the fortress of the cliff. He can cure your fighter.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: List of Coaches

Without the many coaches who are scattered all over the world can not continue to develop as the seventh stage you your skills. You must therefore, seek the appropriate trainer, so that you invest in exchange for gold, allowed more points in this skill.

Magical foci 
  • Expert Magic foci = Johara = Joharas amulets and talismans in Sorpigal-on-Sea
  • Expert Magic foci = Luce = In the church Library seaport (Does not seem to always work)
  • Expert Magic foci = Guaora = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Grandmaster = Berenice = Go to the forge of the elements and there on the second level. Uses right next to the teleporter to the third level the magic Whispering shadows. Thus you can a secret passage directly to the left of you may find. In the next room you'll find Beatrice.
Heavy Armor
  • Expert = Thurmond = Good Zwergenrüstzeug in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Champion = Lihua = In "Elegant Tools" in the harbor area of ​​Karthal.
  • Grandmaster = Sorli = Step into the fourth level of Lost City and follows the first path to the first turnoff to the right you can. If the steps on your right, up and goes into the room to the left (20:11).
  • Expert = Caldwell Caldwell = weapons in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Brogan = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master = Zakaral = In the tavern in the slums of Karthal (17,23).
  • Grandmaster = Sandor = In his house in the bleak wasteland (43,15). Before he trained you, you must defeat his orc troops. The first waves are just normal orcs, goblins and Dreamwalker. The last wave consists of two Cyclops.
  • Expert = Oscar = "Zum Goblin watchtower" in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Mabo = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Master = Largo = In "Largos weapons from second-hand" in the cliff.
  • Grandmaster = Yeshtar = At ​​the end of the quest "Out of the dark" you can train with her.
Light Magic
  • Expert = Lisandre = Elrath Chapel in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Lowell = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Masters = Umberto = In the chapel of seaport
  • Grandmaster = Orna = In the chapel (66.27), which is located between the Hello Thain and Karthal.
Air Magic
  • Expert = Aldin = Training Centre of the garrison in Sorpigal-on-Sea
  • Expert = Shizuka = ​​In Seehafener dojo.
  • Master = Guaora = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Grandmaster = Shiva = wide in the jungle in the north-west. Keep yourselves in the jungle behind Nahlas Hütter always right and follow the path to the little hill to her tent (25,76).
  • Expert = Aldin = Training Centre of the garrison in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Mabo = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Master = John = In "The Dead Pool stuff" in the harbor area of ​​Karthal.
  • Grandmaster = Yumiko = South of the south-western obelisk in the bleak wilderness (23:15). Before they trained you, you have to find her bow. During the main quest you have to a lying nearby cave called Skull Rock. At its second level you will find some mermaids, whose leader has the bow.
  • Expert = Aldin = Training Centre of the garrison in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Lowell = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master = Torsten = In "runes and Arts" in seaport
  • Grandmaster = Arnod = In the mountains north of Castle Portmeyron (133.73). Before he trained you, you have to take refuge in the five goals. The first goal is the path along and turn right (132.66). The second a bit further to the right (134.61). The Third at the end of the path at (142,60). The fourth is at (128,72) and the last you can take from (122.75). It stands on top of the rock.
  • Expert = Enora = Training Centre of the garrison in Sorpigal-on-Sea
  • Expert = Tochiro = In Seehafener Dojo
  • Master = Jon Morgan = throne room of Castle Portmeyron, after fulfilling the quest "The rocky road to Portmeyron".
  • Grandmaster = Lord Haart = In his house in seaport.
  • Expert = Enora = Training Centre of the garrison in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Mabo = the Training Center of the cliff
  • Master = Bao = The Naga bank in seaport.
  • Grandmaster = Tao = In his house in the cliff (30.1).
  • Expert = Enora = Training Centre of the garrison in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Brogan = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master = Inamoca = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Grandmaster = Drengi = In his farm (68.59). Follow the road from seaport from the forest of Yon-Chall along and it reached its hut.
Arcane Discipline
  • Expert = Faris = Arcane Library in Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Expert = Yayoi = In Seehafener dojo.
  • Master = Yahima = In Mojohaus in the cliff (21,20).
  • Grandmaster = Mizuki = Leave the cliff, and stay on the shore. At (24,35) you can to the water and to the shrine before Mizuki meditating. Before they trained you, you have to first one day, then a week and finally wait for a month.
Two Weapons
  • Expert = Tochiro = In Seehafener Dojo
  • Expert = Tamina = At ​​the port of the slum of Karthal (6.2).
  • Expert = Inamoca = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Master = Hamato = After fulfill the quest "Darkness in the Lighthouse" at the output of the tower. Once you enter the tower again, you can talk to him.
  • Grandmaster = Changbo = In the mountains east of the seaport (112.87). Take at the first level of the mountain to the teleporter in the far north. He brings you to the dwarf hall. Continue following the path and you will find a shrine, an obelisk and the Grandmaster.
  • Expert = Bear = In his house in seaport.
  • Expert = Guaora = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Masters = Maximus = After fulfill the quest "Darkness in the lighthouse" in the garrison of Sorpigal-on-Sea.
  • Grandmaster = Atlas = In his tent on the beach near Karthal. Rely Karthal to the east and you can see his tent to the right of you.
  • Expert on Earth = Shihab = In the carriage of the traveling businessman (119.55)
  • Expert = Earth = Grimbold the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master of the Earth = Bojekio = In the Heilloge of the cliff (25,28).
  • Grand Master of the Earth = Caranthir = Goes to Kilburn's observatory to the right and then take the path to the left. Run at the first fork straight out and the next time you think you are right (68,72).
Fire Magic
  • Expert = Shihab = In the car of the traveling businessman (119.55)
  • Expert = Grimbold = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master = Geilir = In his house in seaport
  • Master = Sayid = In his house in the slum of Karthal (7.26).
  • Grandmaster = Erika = In her house (43,64) on the coast north-east of Kilburn's observatory.
Primary magic
  • Expert = Shihab = In the car of the traveling businessman (119.55)
  • Expert = Shizuka = ​​In Seehafener Dojo
  • Grandmaster = Hypatia = In the Great Library in the harbor area of ​​Karthal.
  • Expert = Tristan = garrison of seaport.
  • Expert = Inamoca = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Master = Gwendal = throne room of Castle Portmeyron, after fulfilling the quest "The rocky road to Portmeyron"
  • Grandmaster = Lord Kilburn = The Observatory
Two-handed weapons 
  • Expert = Chao = In the Naga Bank of seaport
  • Master = Arsene = garrison of seaport
  • Grandmaster  = Yaksha = In his house in the bleak Ödniss (33,37).
  • Expert = Tristan = garrison of seaport.
  • Expert = Guaora = the Training Center of the cliff.
  • Master = Eldgrim = In his house in seaport.
  • Grandmaster = Jason = The Praetorian garrison in the harbor area of ​​Karthal.
Light Armor 
  • Expert = Tristan = garrison of seaport
  • Expert = Tochiro = In Seehafener Dojo
  • Master = Gregory = Gregory armor in seaport (Will possibly only as an expert displayed)
  • Grandmaster = Tamotsu = In the sewers of Karthal Level 2 (1.5).
  • Expert = Bear = In his house in seaport
  • Expert = thief of the Black Fang = The headquarters of the Black Fang in the slums of Karthal (3.23).
  • Master = Every = In "Everyone's armor" in the cliff (25.5).
  • Grandmaster = Wysthal = you to head to the East of Karthal. At (91,38) you'll find a tower. As soon as you try to enter it flees a woman. This woman can you then re-found in northwestern sea port at (79,87). After that, you can find it in the west of the peninsula in the jungle at (15,68), in the vicinity of the local dangerous cave.
Dark Magic
  • Expert = Selena = In the restaurant "Zum moon calf" in seaport.
  • Expert = Grimbold = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master = Ahlam = In the arcane library of the slum of Karthal (2.9).
  • Master = Eruina = At ​​the end of the quest "Out of the dark," she rescues you. 
  • Grandmaster = Luna = The Hello Thain (41,40). Requires blood from you.
  • Expert = Yayoi = In Seehafener dojo.
  • Expert = Lowell = the Training Center of the Black Guard in the slums of Karthal (27,16).
  • Master = Ajit = the headquarters of the Black Fang in the slums of Karthal (3.23).
Water Magic 
  • Expert = Shizuka = ​​In Seehafener Dojo
  • Expert = Ryu = In the gas house "to set locks" in the harbor area of ​​Karthal.
  • Master = Ciele = In the fortress of the cliff.
  • Grandmaster = Kei = the harbor in the cliff (17,13). Before they trained you, you have to be gone for them a hundred yards over water. 
This list will be gradually completed.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 1

Since life as a treasure hunter is not easy and even legends such as Indiana Jones and Lara Croft had their helpers, we offer you our services as a guide through this dangerous world of the first act.

Job search
After arriving on the island you will directly Dunstan, at the end of the docks of Sorpigal-on-Sea, intercepted. He explains to you about the fact that you can not currently bring the ashes of your mentor after Karthal, since no one is left in the city. But since you're here, you can still make useful and help the city guard with his problems.

Since the chance that their proceeds to you on the short piece to the garrison of the city but is too large, you Dunstan accompanies the short distance and offers you earnestly to inform you about the interesting places of the city. Therefore, do not go directly to the garrison, but explore with him the entire settlement. Is your curiosity satisfied, you put yourself back to the garrison, next to the gate by which you Sorpigal-on-Sea entered. There you talk to Maximus, the leader of the urban garrison troops.

Spiders in the fountain
Maximus call for a proof of your skills and send you, the giant spiders that have settled in the fountains of the city to eradicate. Leave the garrison and crosses the small marketplace. The fountain is on the opposite side of the square. Cover you before with lots of antidote potions, since the bite of spiders extremely toxic. Go through the caverns until you come to the Queen. Pay attention to the life points of your group, because the queen caused per hit much damage.

After you have successfully eliminated search the cave for valuable picking. Fits however on in the chest in the cave with the small harbor, once she opens her appear behind you more spiders. In this chest you will find the treasure of another smuggler quest. Return to Maximus.

Darkness in the lighthouse
Next Maximus sends you to the lighthouse outside the city. You should check the situation on the ground and, if possible kindle the beacon again. Cover with you

Inventory and watering and leave town through the western gate. Follow the beach to the lighthouse (110.18), collects on the way there but all of chests and meditating on each of the local shrines and crystals. Inside the lighthouse you take the left path and follow the local transition to its end at which you can free a Naga. This informs you about the Naga cult that has taken over the tower and instructs you to turn off the leader of the cult. Run back into the corridor. Out the door at the beginning of the corridor a group Nagas charges at you, and blocks the path to the higher floor. Defeat the group and go up to the second floor.

Take the second floor of the left path to get to the border of the tower. There, you think you're right until you come to a teleporting platform. This brings you to the other side of the border. Battle your way there back into the interior of the tower and the stairs to the third floor. Notice that you encounter on Elite Nagas from here that can dish out a lot and suffer.

On the third floor you will arrive directly put into the clip from two elite Kenshi and their smaller comrades. Withdraw into a corner, lest they may fall in the back. Have you dealt with this fight, you go through one of the doors on the border of the tower. At the border you have to activate two floor panels so that the teleporters can be used on the north side of the tower.

The teleporter brings you to the leader of the cult. Once the battle begins, you have to move away from the edge, as you the boss otherwise with a single blow from the tower pushes. Basically, you have to be careful throughout the campaign that you never stand right on the edge. The boss does an additional damage with each attack on several of your heroes and receives additional attacks if your attacks fail.

After your victory back to the teleporter that has brought you high. Now enable the base plate directly to the right of you, followed by the back right panel. Now turn you around to the other two drives and activates the left from you, besides your starting point is. Imagine then on the last plate and both teleporters are activated. Take the one that takes you to the bottom floor and run back to Maximus.

The Mugger
Maximus then sends you to Rosalie, who in the chapel of Sorpigal-on-Sea is waiting for you. You've been told by a group of bandits who have set up camp in a nearby forest and attacked the trade routes. Worry you again potion or spel that make you free of toxins. Put yourself again in the direction of the lighthouse. This time, however, you follow the small, marked by a torch path that leads you into the woods. Follow the path until you get to a junction where you have between a path to the south and a decision to the north. Select the northern path and you come to the entrance of the camp robbers (100.41).

The robber camp, first go into the right space and loots the local chest and then to the left. There you will find a rusty key. This opens the door at the entrance. On the other hand, a group waiting for bandits who try to take you directly into the pliers. Take first left before the transition. In the first room you will find a history book and on the wall outside the room you can, if your perception is high enough to find a secret passage to a chest. In the space at the end of the hallway you will find the iron key. Now run back into gear and take the right path. Again you can find a secret passage at the door of the first room. The switch in this opens up the space a bit down the aisle. The room next to the secret passage contains a chest with a fragment of a stone disk for a later quest. Now follow the hallway to its end and closes the door with your local key on. In the next room you can on the wall right next to the chest to discover an opening that takes you to the level below.

On the second level you follow the right passage that will take you to a cave. Battle your way through the caves until you come to a place guarded at an elite robber along with his buddy a door. In the room behind the door you will find the bronze key that the door to Luke, the leader of the bandits unlocks you. Luke is also one of the people that you have to find Missing lambs for the side quest. In the fight with him you have to make sure he gets a bonus for attacks thwarted and missed attacks. Gather after winning the book on the pedestal and leave using the head next door to the den.

The rocky road to Portmeyron
After the trip to the den Maximus send you to the castle Portmeyron to talk to the new governor. Rely Sorpigal-on-Sea and marched northward. On the way north, you should the car of a moving short reach (119.55). Behind the car you can already see the castle. Defeat the two militiamen outside the gate and enter the interior. Inside, you will receive directly from other enemies.

There are only times only one way to can take her. Follow this until you come to a room where a switch is located directly next to the door. This opens the door to the room next to it. Climb into this through the hole in the wall and fight your way through the next long corridor until you reach a room with two locked doors at its end. Now run back to the entrance of the castle. The door on the left of your starting point is now open and you can explore this transition. If you follow him, you reach a room with a switch on the wall. By pressing this button, the door opens on the other side of the room. This you can only achieve when you come back runs the entire route again rises through the hole in the wall and the long corridor goes. Along the way, several groups of opponents are waiting for you, who have now received support from some magicians. Go through the door that was opened by the switch and sets in the space behind it to another lever. In the space in front of it thereby opens the door to the south. Before you take the stairs to the floor above, you walk all the way around the staircase and collect the three chests behind a.

On the second floor you can follow to start only one way again. In this way, you will be surprised by two opponent groups that appear on both sides of you after a short time. After this ambush you reach a small corner room, where her flips the switch on the wall. One of the door directly on the floor beginning has thus opened. Run back and placed in the new area to a second switch. The door next to you will open and more enemies will attack you. Take the right path in the following passage and run up to the end where you have to flip a lever. Then Run back a short distance and take the door to your right. Turn the enemies in the next three rooms. In the small hall, which, must with the fire bowl in the middle you used the three switches on the wall to open the grid next to it. First Specifies to the left lever, then the left and then the right. Then again the left and finally the Rechten.Geht up to the third floor.

Take the right passage, turn directly right and then take the left door. Here you can find the golden key. Leave the room and follow the corridor to the right until you reach the first unlocked door. In this room the silver key waits for you. Go back to the corridor until you come to an end and a closed door. Behind her you can expect Iven,

the leader of the attackers. After a brief conversation he grabs you with his bow. No charges at him, but pulls you back into the passage. Go around the corner and waits for him there. Would you in the room with him fighting, you would have to grapple you directly with several additional archers. So forcing her Iven and his cronies in the melee and prevents them you fall into the flanks. Iven answered each of your first attacks with a swift counterattack.

After the fight, you take the first door on the left to plunder the local chest. If after over through the open door and you'll find the governor.

Congratulations! you have finished the first act successfully.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 2

Following the successful defense of the castle of the governor Jon Morgan orders you to search for the mastermind of the plot. The hunt begins!

Elementary disorder
Jon Morgan orders you the forge of the elements scout. Abandon his throne room and embark in the north-eastern area of the floor of the castle. Speak there with the Gryphon Rider Lev and he will bring you to the forge. You can also use it any time to return to the castle. Cover you before with potions and spells one can pick up the weakness and paralysis. Directly to the right of the landing area you take the teleporter and follow the course of the following passage past the locked door. Dark Elves are lying in wait for you. This can prove to you with weakness and counter your attacks.

At the end of the corridor, in front of the teleporter, you go first left and then turn right. In the corner of the room is a chest containing the gold key. Go back to the locked door and open it. Press the two base plates in order to open the door on the other side of the room. So you see another door that you can open it now. Once you do that, the defendant may appear around you. Now, do not go over the two bridges that you see before you, - the enemies are much too strong for your group

but now take the teleporter at the end of the long corridor. Battle to the new layer to the junction to left and go through the door at the end of the aisle. Defeat the enemies appearing there and you get the Earth disk.

Now use the teleporter in the alcove to the right of you. In the library you take the left door of the right branch. In the room you activate the bottom plate in the right corner. After following skirmishes you go over to the room and collect the book. In the great library you take now the other way and talk there with the mysterious elves. Once this is gone, you go over the small room to the chest. As soon as she opens her appear more opponents. Then follow the path across the bridge. With the Erdscherbe you can disable the green field.

Defeat the Earth Elemental and engaged. As soon as you touch the big ball of vine, manifested behind you Gralkor the Cruel, the Prince of Earth. He adds per hit extremely much damage to regenerated each round two percent of his or her life, is extremely resistant to physical attacks and Earth, may your whole group to attack at once and has the chance your hero to stun in this attack or to petrify. Without the spell or spell scroll water flows freely this is hardly beatable. To remove the petrification, you must wait until the affected character has become unconscious then heal him, fossilization is gone.

You have overcome Gralkor he gives you Sylannas blessing. With this you can magic vines, which in some places blocking your way, eliminate. Return to Jon Morgan and the task is fulfilled.

The search for Kilburn
To identify the leader of the attackers, Morgan sends you to Lord Kilburn who might know the handwriting. Leave the castle and follow the road to the west. Run past the seaport and the forest of Yon-Chall, until you come to the small hamlet of Drengi (68,59). Bend directly behind the farm on the right. It set itself to you three earth elementals in the way. Show them that this is a stupid idea and uses Sylannas blessing to let the vines disappear. Come to the teleporter and speak to Lord Kilburn. He will tell you the name of the leader and its presumptive stay while.

Morgan's eyes and ears
This order, which you will receive by Jon Morgan, you will conclude with the previous quest.

The hunt for Montbard
Once you have left the observatory, you take the path to the left. At the first junction you go definitely straight. Turn left, you stand against a group of high-level bandits. In the later branches, however, you can go explore. To get to Montbards hiding but you must always follow only the path and not turn. At the end of the long path you reach a cave with ghouls, at the end of the entrance to the Vanished City (75.75), Montbards hideout. Here it is extremely helpful if you can see you in the dark of the fire spell torchlight, or another spell, you have it.

The first cave you leave through the exit in the south. Fight yourselves through the following passage to the bridge. Defeat there from the two guards and take them to the iron key. Eliminates the larger enemy group behind the door and go through the left door. Grab the chest and walk on through the dormitory. In the passage behind you will put into the pliers again. Imagine the best in the small alcove that leads to the next level. You should now have the rusty key. If only times not to the next level, but further down the corridor to the closed door. Defeat the enemies in the following rooms and loots all the barrels and chests. Rise now down to the next level.

Follow the short hallway to the room with the locked door, already waiting in front of some opponents. Then go to the north. Holt you the key from the chest at the end of the path and defeat the enemies that appear. Go back to the previous room and take the southern route. At the end of the small cave you will be attacked by a spirit. Next, you go through the left door. Loot the two rooms in the short hallway and then turn away the door at the end of the walkway. Detent sure before you go through this door. Once you step into the door behind the diversion, you will attack by multiple opponents from all directions. Link of you are two elite robbers with poison attacks. Right of you to march two main elite men with stun attacks upon you to appear behind you and two elite magicians. Be prepared for many attacks per round. The earth magic poison sprayer is very convenient because the poison also deals damage to the enemy, which you just can not turn to you. After the fight, you take you the bronze key from the formerly guarded chest. The way that protected the two robbers, make sure you used to return to port to re-equip you.

Now go back to the locked door that you saw at the beginning of the level entirely. Save and engaged before she opens. As soon as the door opens, you grab the opponent in the room. In addition, appear behind and next to you more enemies. Turn around immediately to the north and turn the individual magician there. In this niche can always attack you at once, only three enemies. After her this little

Army to have overcome enemies, you can traverse the space to another locked door. Save and snapped again, for behind that door waiting Montbard. He has a strong melee attack that stun a hero and a light spell for ranged combat. His physical defense is very high and you should therefore put a lot of magic. The magic of water Ice Beam is very useful in this battle, as you so inflict damage Montbard and its reduced simultaneously. Have you Montbard defeated you should read the book in the corner, it contains evidence of another quest. Loot also the two rooms to the left of Montbards throne for more treasures and a key. This key opens a locked door at (4,2). In this room you will find a small box that contains an element of ass heirs for the Quest heroes wrought. Now put yourself back to Jon Morgan and shall report to him.

Congratulations! You've done the second act.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 3

Morgan's Informant
Morgan sends you to a meeting with his informants in Karthal. Run back to Drengi's yard (68.59), near Kilburns Observatory. Follow the path a little further and you will encounter a Minotaur, a Manticore and an Earth Elemental. Defeat the three and take the first left into the woods. You recognize the way to the green vine that blocks the way. Take the Hello Thain always the left path and you will come to another vine. Behind this you will be attacked by two Black Guards, a wolfhound and a magician. The magician can trouble you, and the guardsmen have an extremely good defense.

Follow the way to the right of the chapel. From the chapel you can see the entrance to the sewers at (71,32) already. The torchlight spells and antidotes are from here, highly recommended. Shortly after the entrance you will be approached by Zouleika and informed that her father, Morgan's informant, awaits you in his estate. At the first junction you take the left path and eliminate the spiders in the small room. To the left of the door is a lever. Pressed him and take the other path at the fork. Go to the following passage first left and loots the chest. Defeat the enemies that appear. Now follow the path further and goes at the end of the corridor to the right. With the magic of Whispering shadows you can find the right gear a secret passage. Behind this lurk two facehugger on you. This enemy can curse you and burn your mana. Follow after this secret passage to the main course, until you come to the stairs leading into the property.

In the property arrived you follow the short hallway until you reach a larger hall at the end you see are a soldier. Before you hinlauft to this, you take the first door on the right and eliminates the local opponents. Collect the chest. The soldier standing in front of the goal is Ripley, one of the men, the need to find him for the quest Missing lambs. Decide whether you want to kill him or let him pull. Go then in the space to the left of Ripley and eliminates the local enemies. In the room you can once again a secret passage on the wall, in the back of the room, finding that leads you to a chest. Now leave the property and you will Dunstan addressed.

The Great Escape
Dunstan informs you about the new ruler of the city and the need to collaborate with her Hamza, the former rulers to free Falagar.

Talk to Haifa at the inn on the waterfront and you say that you were sent by Jon Morgan. It gives you a code phrase it by the dealer at the store "The Cosmic Round" and it brings you to Hamza. He explains to you the plan with which you can liberate their Falagar. You must now satisfy the following two side quests.

Put yourself into the slums of Karthal and there to the hideout of the Black Fang (3:23). Talk with Ajit. He will help you if you a chest of a ship disappeared, the sun hind outdated. The wreck is located on the southern coast of the bleak wasteland (40,10).

Get in the wasteland of Karthal and keep you always, as far as possible towards the coast. In the wreck you will find a group of naga, which should however not be a problem. In the niche right you discover a sailor who told you what happened and which were placed the charge to the Naga hiding in the skull rock. Run from the wreck back to shore and north until you see a path to the right which leads you to a resistance crystal. Suppose that point the way to the left and you will be attacked by a naga, which guarded the entrance (32,27).

In the skull rock you take the left path and fight your way through the Naga groups through. In the cave village you put yourself to the cave on the right. On top of this you can find on the wall a switch which directly lowers the bridge next to it. First, go deeper into the level with the switch and defeated the local three Naga. In the right corner you will find a grave, where you can find the golden key. Now go back to the bridge and go to the other side. If you go over the long plank to the left part of the cave, more enemies appear at the end. Once you loot the chest in the corner, some Naga appear.

Now go down to the second level. The password for the second level is "swordfish". Go left there and plunder the two chest. In the chest, which is located in the greenish room, you will find the chest of the Black Fang. Once you open it, a horde of Nagas appear. Leave this room and go left to the mermaids. Defeat them and their leader Iemanja. You gain Yumikos bow that you need for the Grand Master trainer for the bow. In the box behind them you will find the air shard, which you need for the quest "heroes wrought." In the cave in the south-east you'll find the sword for Hamato that you need for the quest "Sword of the bounty hunter." Finally bring back the chest to Ajit and that part of the main quest is done.

The key to the sewer
Theron can be found in the tavern in the slum. Drink a few rounds of beer with him and grab his key. Returning now to Hamza.

Power to you. Their way to the slums Go there to the Captain of the Black Guard at (29,29) and talk him. Make your way through the first room on the right and then through the room at the rear, left-floor end. There appear three magicians who can confuse you. On the back wall you will find a box with the iron key.

As soon as you enter the great hall again, the door closes behind you and you will be attacked by a large number of guards and mages. Pull up immediately in the corner next to you back, thus you can only be attacked from two sides. The mages will try again to confuse your characters. Use a lot of earth and water magic against the hordes. The door opposite is now open. The locked door in this room can you open it with your key.

Go down to the first level of the dungeon. Go there to the left and activate the switch on the wall. Then defeat the minotaurs behind the right door. Go now to transition back to the other end. The grid there is now open. Follow the passage in the larger dungeons. Behind you two mages will appear. In the hallway next to you three guards in front of you and an elite Minotaur. Follow the passage further to the smaller space. Take the left door there and you care about the local boss. The Butcher is really just a Minotaur with a few life points more. He leaves you the iron key for this floor. In the box behind him you will find the shard of darkness that needs her for the "heroes forging" quest. Close the door on the left, placed around the lever on the wall and opens the large lattice. Talk to Falagar and he stays with you. Return to the room before the Minotaurs and sets the switch on the left wall around. Now go through the left corridor and kill the two elite Minotaurs. In one of the cells you will find a small grave with a lot of gold in it.

Now go back to the level's entrance and open the locked door to the east of it. Step into drains. First, go to the left end of the passageway and lay there to the switch. Now take the right path and you again have free access to the gaming world. Reported Jon Morgan, what happened.

Jon Morgan demanded of you that you information about Dunstan catches. Put yourself back into the harbor area of Karthal and there into the Gasthaus "Zur locks set". Talk to the landlord about Dunstan and he will send you to Shiva. She lives in the northwest of the peninsula in the jungle (25,76). Put yourself west of Kilburns Observatory to Erika's house (43,64) on the coast. Follow the path and keep you right up to her hut comes Nahlas (36,64). Take the path across the river. At the first fork in the road you go straight on till you come to the next turn. Run here, head north up the hill and you will find Shiva.

Congratulations! You have mastered the third act.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Main Quest Act 4

Something ancient has risen from his grave. Power to you. Hunting and banished it back into the shadows

Descent into horror
Put yourself to the castle Portmeyron and the teleporter directly north of the fort. Use the teleporter in the northeast to the get next level. Battle your way there before the next teleporter. The entrance to the tomb is located at (130.102) at the highest level.

Out of the dark 
Battle your way through in the northwest corner and enter the second level. Take the teleporter there in front of you and walk over the bridge. Take there and in the following range teleporters. In the following field you do not take the teleporter to the left, but runs past him, turn left and then jump to the right. The tentacles column (7.22) is a switch that you can activate with the word "Erebus". Take the teleporter in the Southeast (15.9), in order to reach a barrel. On the southeast, the route is the third level.

In the next level you must again first through a series of teleporters. Follow the long corridor until you reach an area with a grid. Go there to the left and open the door at the end of the aisle. Take the teleporter. Enable the switch in front of you and use the teleporter directly to the left of you. Enables the local switch and take the right teleporter. The next destination you again uses the left. Disables the nearest point on the switch and take the back teleporter. In the room after you take the left teleporter and then the teleporter in front of you. Reactivated now to the other switches and teleporters disappear. Now you can to the next level in the northeast corner.

Once on the fourth level, you take the teleporter in the north. This brings you to a box and another teleporter that takes you to an orange platform. This is a switch. Enabled him and goes back through the teleporter. Now go back to the entrance of the plane and there take the left or right path. You come to another teleporter, on the other hand, finds her another switch. Now go to the teleporter in the northwest. Along the way you attack a shadow dragon. Go to the teleporter across the small bridge to the next. Now follow the path until you reach another switch. Go back to the teleporter in the north. Reappear a shadow dragon on the way there. Go through the teleporter and teleport behind in order to create the new switch. Now go back to the entrance of the plane. There appear two shadows readers north of you and two shadow dragons in your flanks. If the input from the eastern path. When (12.6) is now a new bridge, the eye of terror attacks at the end of you. This boss can petrify you. Uses Burning Determination or water flows freely. Look at the body in the right corner and activate the switch. North of the northeastern teleporter is now a bridge that leads you to the next level.

On the next level you take the teleporter in front of you, then the right of you, then the right to the north and to the conclusion. Speak to the Dark Elves and you then begebt to the exit of the stone ramp is up. Go to Jon Morgan and report.

The Battle for Karthal
Jon Morgan asks you to speak with the leader of the pirates in the cliff and to secure a his help. Put yourself after talking with Crag Hack to Ameyro at the port (13,15). He brings you on board the "retaliation". Defeat the shadow and guards at the port of Karthal and follow the path until you reach the Black Dragon. This forces you immediately into combat. It strikes very strong and can stun multiple people at once. Go up the stairs to the square in front of the chapel and kill the enemies there. Then go to the

Take the stairs to the east and turn off the local dark elves. Talk to Salvin. If you tell him that you are fighting for a little girl, then he is himself directing. Otherwise you are in for a tougher fight because Salvin much inflicts damage per attack and has a strong counterattack. Now enter the Vigile.

Inside, you take the left path after the fight with the guards. At (13,21) you will find a box with a gear in it. As soon as you touch the box, appear four elite magicians who can confuse you. Then go back into the hall and take the right path. Defeat the enemies there and collect the box in (2.20) a. Now enter again the hall and take the path heading south. There you will find the two switches, which includes the gears. Once you move into the Great Hall, you will of a large number guardsmen main men attacked some mages and a couple of wolfhounds. Uses spells like poison cloud or snow storm to cope with the Horde. Pay attention to the stunning attacks of the Guards. In the southwestern corner of the map you will find a space that kills you when you try to enter the elevated platform. Take off the shoes of your troops and the box is yours. In the far south you will find eventually Markus Wolf. After a very brief "fight" you can decide whether to live or to die. After the cutscene you go through the western way down to the second level.

The Master of Assassins
Take on the second level is the way east until you come to a door to the left. Go through the door and defeat the dark elves there. Now take the left path and defeat the enemies that are ready before the next gate. Once you open one of the gratings in the next room, appear dark shadows and prophets. Prepare for this ambush with protective spells. Now follow the eastern path down to the third floor.

Run along the path until you come to a door to the left. Go through this, defeating the enemies and crosses the room to the left part of the cave. In the room behind the cave you can find on the wall directly in front of you a secret passage with a switch in it. This opens the west door and you can act there, buy food and can identify your items. Now go through one of two doors. Immediately, a large group of Dark Elves attack you. Pay attention to the paralysis of the Dark Prophet. If you go left in the next room, a Gesischtsloser, which can confuse you and also removes your positive magic appears. Links from the Faceless Ones you find the way to Ker-Thal Level 1

A few steps ahead of you lies Crag Hack. Look at his body. The move to the east leads into an ambush of two elite shadow reader and a Faceless. In the right chamber behind the ambush you find a dark resistance crystal and next in the chamber, a secret passage and two barrels. Now follow the corridor to the west. You will repeatedly surrounded by dark elves. In the second turn you can keep you on the right to access to a well. However, there appear four opponents, including an elite prophet as soon as you take advantage of the well. Follow the passage further north to reach the next level.

On the second level you follow the southern path. After crossing the bridge you will be attacked by a faceless and two elite shadow reader from a great distance. After the bridge, you go up to the left to another island and turn right the small hill. A larger group Dark Elves awaits you. Then go the short path to the right to the chest. Once you open them appear more dark elves. Respect for nationwide melee attacks that many of the enemies counter your attacks or share their damage with you. Go into the next cave over the bridge to the T-junction. You will be attacked again by rangers. Now go to the right and through the gate at the end of the bridge. You reach another bridge, waiting at the end of another dark elves, shadow reader and a Gesischtsloser. The enemies can paralyze you, weaken, confuse and reflect much of your damage. Go after the battle through the door to the third stage.

After a brief conversation with Erebus this disappears again. Go to the right and immediately right again into the small alcove. You can find there a letter. Now go to the bridge in the south. As soon as you enter the great hall, you are in combat and can no more rest. Erebus appears behind you and attack you. His first attack is extremely strong. After a short battle, he disappears and you can continue on the path. Get moving in the phases in which ye see him not, continue over the bridge. He appears again and again, either in close combat to prove in the distance to your group with a poison spells by an extremely strong first attack carried out, or selects both branches initially the right path to come to a chamber with an elite Faceless. Here you can take a break. In the left part of the chamber you will find two glowing swords. From them you will receive a portion of the solar seal. Leave the chamber and work your way across the bridge to the right to the next room before. In this more dark elves lurking on you.

Take the seal-breaking piece and leave the room through the right gate and fight your way to the room to the right of you on. Again you lie in wait for the Dark Elves. Since this attack you on the bridge outside the room, you also have to with regular attacks from Erebus expect. Grab the third seal part and leave the room. Do not forget to rest. From the exit of the room you can see the final seal fragment on the opposite side. Go ye out of the way there. Once you reach the platform in the south, appear three Faceless. In the room with the last piece you have to deal with you again Dark Elves and the Faceless. Do not stop on the bridge in front of the room, but introduce yourself directly under the archway, as you there is not attacked from behind Erebus. Now fight your way through to the other major platform. Once you reach them, Erebus and some other Faceless appears. Expel him and worries to you, the Faceless. On the platform, you can rest in front of the glowing disc. Enable the switch with the word "Michael".

Congratulations! You have completed the main story of Might & Magic X: Legacy ended.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: side quests Part 1

In Might & Magic X: Legacy, there is so much to do. We summarize here together all of the side quests and caves.

Smugglers vault
Zale next to the training room of the garrison of Sorpigal-on-sea wants you to bring him a chest from the spider caves. The smugglers chest you should have with you. If not: It is located in the cave with the small harbor, behind the Spider Queen. Give it to him, and the order is fulfilled.

Jassads Bestiary
Jassad want in the restaurant "Zum Goblin watchtower" in Sorpigal-on-sea, that you write all the creatures of the peninsula into your bestiary. All ten items you can return to it for the next stage of the quest.

Flowers for Fallen Heroes
Orlene that you can find her at her home in Sorpigal-on-Sea, asks you flowers for her fallen husband at a memorial store. This monument is located on a small hill (108.43), halfway between Sorpigal-on-sea and castle Portmeyron. Sets the wreath at the memorial and the quest is fulfilled.

Puzzles: Mysterious Crypt (126,64)
The crypt is directly beside the castle Portmeyron. You must bring all the torches to burn. From the entrance you introduce yourself first on the left platform, then to the middle, then to the right, then back to the left, and finally twice the average. The wall will open and you can take the powerful relic to you.
Riddle: chest at obelisk near Castle Portmeyron (96, 60)

The magic word for the chest is "water".
Riddle: chest in the forest of Yon-Chall, right in the forest by Lord Kilburn from (77.69)

The magic word is "darkness".
Riddle: chest in the Disappeared City Level 4 Bends at the first opportunity from the right.

The magic word is "palimpsest".
Puzzles: Mysterious crypt (53,53)

The crypt is diagonally across from Drengis yard (68.59). Run to the rocks by the water and go down the small staircase. Take the teleporter in front of you. Then take the left, again the left, the right in front of you, and finally the right. Collect the barrels and the box in which a relic is a. The teleporter will take you back to the entrance.

Haart has its reasons
Heame in port (11:19) asks you Lord Haart spy. Put yourself at night Haarts estate (12.25) in seaport. You learn that he has left the house. Go to the town gate and talk to the guard there (20:8). She tells you that Haart has left the city in the direction of a cave in the north. Rely seaport and run along the wood until you leave is a piece of a path into the forest. Take the first turn to the right and defeat the local wolf pack. Is now headed to the left and follow the path to the cave (98,83). Inside you will find Haart and his dunkelelfische mistress. Tell them the truth. Hand, after talking back to Heame in seaport. Decide whether you want to tell him the whole truth or just the sugarcoated version.

Incognita Peninsula
Lord Kilburn (60.66) will ask you a series of questions.
Question of the Bay of Sorpigal-on-Sea: Tirya
Question of the flow of Karthal: Navea
Question of the lake in the middle of the peninsula: eye
Question of the name of the rocky coast in the west: Menthil
Question of the lake north of the peninsula: Irisus
Question under the old name of the country: Malyn
Question of the forest east of Karthal: Forest of Shadows
Question of "Songs of the Wind": Wyslin

Dangerous Cave (115.41)
Outside of Sorpigal-on-Sea you will find a standing stone with glowing runes. These warn of the Cyclops in the cave. The fight against Cyclops is not for the low level. Here you should have reached at least level 15. He caused his most attacks damage to the entire group and can stun the heroes in one hit. Light Magic does increased damage with him. Uses poison against him and keep your life points as high as possible. Group Health is a must. If possible should inserting their spears against him.

The Last Wish
After defeating Montbard you get this quest automatically. Read the book in Montbards throne room to receive information about his daughter. Put yourself after Sorpigal-on-Sea and speak with Rosalie in the chapel. Ask them about their history and shows her the diary.

Heroes forge
This order will receive it as soon as you have Gralkor the Cruel defeated. He tells you to find the remaining shards to get the blessing of the dragon.

The Water Shard (level 16) can be found in the city of Lost Level 2: Loot the two rooms to the left of Montbards throne. You will receive a key that opens a locked door at (4,2). In this room you will find a small box that contains the shard. Now put yourself to the forge of the elements Level 2 Bends in the aisle in front of the fire door and you will see the water gate to your left. Once the two water elementals attack you it draws you into the small alcove behind you back and waiting for them to come to you.

Go then to the three switches that are right in the middle of the room. Presses the Middle several times so that the two streams of water running in the basin. Activate after the two switches alternately left and right until the switch disappear. Then it interacts with the water basin. Behind you Acwalander, water elemental appears. It has two offensive spells that can weaken her with water turning away. She herself is protected by a shield which absorbs a portion of the damage. In contrast to the Prince of Earth, it can not cause a status effect. This makes the fight against them much easier. After you defeat her, you will receive Shalassas blessing that it allowed you to walk through shallow water. So you are now open to the coasts of the peninsula.

Before you leave the room, you should go through the door that is protected by a blue field. You can disable this now and collect the Trühe behind it.

Air Shard: On the second level of the skull rock you find the shard in the northeast corner behind a group of mermaids. Their leader can paralyze you, so keep Burning Determination and water flows freely available.

Return to the forge of the elements and put yourself on the third level and there to the bridges that float against a starry sky. Take the right bridge there. The Elite air elementals have extremely strong spell protects you with air and turning away other spells. Now go into the room and stand between the four switch platforms. Enables three times in a row the plate in front of you, then to the right twice, then once on the left and finally to the behind you, four times. The floating platforms now form a bridge. At the end of the bridge you activate the lightning ball and imagine Shalwend to fight. Protect yourself again against air attacks. Besides its high damage, the prince of the air has no other skills. You now have Ylaths blessing that allows you at certain points to climb walls. If you look at the rolling sphere of advance, a teleporter is in the left corner of the room. This brings you to a chest and the output.

Dark Shard: You can find them behind the Minotaur boss, whom you must defeat for the main quest "liberation."

Put yourself on Level 1 of the forge of the elements. The entrance to the dark chamber in the north. Follow The Dark Elemental throwing some of the damage that wreaks her back on you. After entering the big cave you will automatically be teleported. Your appear between several teleporters. Take the West. Now run to the one located south of you. Then again the south of you. Now the Eastern. Your reappears in the right cave area. Take the eastern teleporter here and there, then again the one who is in the east of you. Now you can activate the shadow altar. The Prince of Darkness Sinshan appears. He also takes a part of your damage back to you. But otherwise he has no special properties. You now have Malassas blessing that it allows you to discover secrets without magic.

Fire Shard: You can find them after your victory over the crystal spider in the corner (18:14) of Lost City Level 3 Put yourself on the second level of the forge of the elements and enter the fire area. Pay attention to the fight against fire elementals that they explode when they die and cause massive damage that can not be prevented. The following page references are from the entrance. First Specifies around the front right and rear right switch. Then the three left. Go over the bridge, which is made of stones left. Another stone will solve itself and go to the right side. Use the right bridge to get to the altar. Pyrannaste appears in the middle of the room, together with a path to it. Besides his strong fire spell has the prince of the fire had no other skills. After the battle, you go through the door in the northwest corner. By Arkaths blessing can you enemies around you perceive earlier.

Light Shard: Make your way to Falagar's estate in the port district of Karthal. Set the three switches in the following position. (4.7) below, (12.0) below, (12.7) below. Now the door opens in (3.6). In this room you will find a chest containing the gold key for the second floor. In the southeast corner you'll find behind the angel statue a gear. Take this gear and puts the switch in (5,9) order. He opens the door to the southern room. There you'll find in a box the light shard. As soon as you take them, some guardsmen, wolfhounds and a Mages appear.

In the forge of the elements you are going to the bridges at level 3 Take the left and kill the two elementals. Then Stand on the gray plate between the statues of angels, before the switch platforms and looking toward the west. Power now a step forward on the first switch. Go forward again and then right twice. Turn around 180 degrees and returns a field, then turn right and left twice. Now go up to the altar. The elementary Risellin engages you with light spells. Protects you against these and the fight is as good as yours. Now go through the door right of the altar and loots the chest. You now have Elraths blessing that it allows you to discover traps.

Now go back to the fourth level of the forge. The huge stone disk is now active and in front of her a barrel and a chest.

Dangerous Cave (142.53)
Go over the bridge opposite the entrance to the car of the traveling merchant. Enables the crystal, which you protection against all

Schools of magic granted and then just go to the cave around the corner. You should at least be level 16 for the next fight. Once you move into the cave lands of the shadow dragon. You have two trains time until he is in close combat. It has high resistance to fire and dark magic and can not be pushed back or arrested. His attacks cause high damage, especially its air attack. The battle is otherwise from relatively simple because of the relatively poor dragon hits and only has two melee attacks per round. Uses spells like Ice Beam to reduce his attacks on and poison sprayer, so that he suffers damage each round.

Cease-fire with the pirates
Jon Morgan asks you to negotiate with the pirates a truce. Instead of sending you to the cliff, the pirate settlement. This is located on the other side of the peninsula and you should not try to come here when orcs, goblins and elite elementals are beatable for you. If you have to cross the Hello Thain during the main story, you think you are simply getting in the northern forest. In the north of the grove you will find a vine that blocks the way to the Desolate wasteland. Use Sylannas blessing to eliminate them. Hold on now always on the right rock wall, past the cave and follow the path. So you can find the entrance to the cliff (19,48). In the cliff you go to the fort and talk there with Crag Hack. [H4]

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: side quests part 2

Ashes to Ashes
Bring to the chapel of Owens ash Karthal. In the third act can enter their Karthal. Bring the ashes to Evangeline in the chapel on the waterfront of Karthal (22,26).

Missing lambs
Eileen wants in her house in Sorpigal-on-sea, that you will find three people and either kills or brings back to the right path.
Luke: At the end of the den of thieves.
Ripley: In Falagars estate. You have to get past him.
Kirk: In the cliff (3.6).
Return back to Eileen to and report.

Swords of the bounty hunter
Hamato gives you this quest once you have met the "darkness in the lighthouse."
During the main quests, you enter a cave called Skull Rock. On the second level you will find in the cave to the southeast, the sword of Hamato. Bring it to him now back to the lighthouse.

The Naga tea
Meleager in his house in the harbor area of Karthal (4.23) asks you different varieties Naga tea to collect for him.

Hamato gives you some of his Naga tea once you have sold the cult of Abwrackers from the lighthouse.

The traveling merchants Ida, who is in his car, outside Sorpigal-on-Sea (119.55), to be found, you sold another tea for 200 gold coins.

Erika in her house (43,64) nördöstlich of Lord Kilburn's observatory gives you another tea variety.
Manami in the harbor area of Karthal (21.19) gives you another tea variety.
Tamal, in his tavern outside Karthal (85.47), you are the last tea variety.
Bring the tea back to Meleager.

Promoted to Paladin (Only for Crusaders)
For this quest you should be at least level 18. Run outside the castle on the hill near the wandering merchants. Get in the ruins (94,53) and defeated the two bugbears that attack you. Bring enough charm against paralysis, curses and weakening, these two try to petrify almost every round your group and inside waiting for skeletal spearmen that weaken you. The Fire Magic Burning Determination is very helpful here.

Go inside the ruin right through the door on the right. Defeat the enemies behind it and follow the path. Always Concentrate only on a target, because the opponents cause more damage when their life points fall below 50%. Hold on now right until you reach a seemingly empty room. Not easy to see it is in the corner at (1.13) a box with the bronze key. Now go back to the room in front of it and take the other door. As soon as you enter the great hall again, you will be attacked by a group of spearmen and two bogeys. Pull up immediately step into the hallway and waits until the enemy come to you. After this fight it plunders the space at the right end of the hall and then opens the door on the left. Go straight to the casket. Saves and locked before you take the box, because as soon as you touch it, appears Ephie. Apart from the usual features of a specter she can curse you. Pull up immediately in the corridor outside the room and waits for them. It has a lot of health points. Keep your group with Burning determination in the struggle and removes the curses. Purifying Light of Light School is for very practical. Is Ephie defeated you get the iron key. Now open the door at the end of the hall and go to the second floor.

From here you should a magical light source with you. Keep yourself on the right wall until you are attacked by a horde of Ghasts and skeletal spearmen at the next floor. Defeat this group. Go into the first room on the left and talk there with the ghost. The Spirit shows you that you need something to bring back the altar. Now go back into the hallway and open at the end. Read the letter lying on the ground next to the other door. Go into the next room and locked here. Once you open the door, two specters appear before you and behind you a normal and an elite. Detent again and come closer to the hole in the wall. Leander, a Boss-Ghast appears. Apart from the usual features of a Ghasts he has a shield melee damage to the group partly throws. Loot the grave, from which he rose and read the letter, which it is right behind the shelf. Now you need a spell that allows secrets to find it yourself. Speak this and runs from the walls of the large central hall. You will find a secret passage that includes a bottom plate. Operated this and goes back into the room where waiting the friendly spirit. The left door is now open. Defeat the enemies in this room and then walks over to the bed. Against this is a further indication. On the wall next to the post you can find another secret passage with switch. This will open the other door. In the small room can be found in the right corner of the last note and in the left a secret passage with a chest in it. Now leave the ruins.

You must now find the three stone shards. One you should already in the den of thieves Level 1 (1.7) have been found and another in City of Lost Level 2, behind the locked door (4,2). The Third can you buy for 1000 gold to the smugglers of the Black Fang at the headquarters of the Black Fang in the slums of Karthal (3.23). Then put yourself back into the ruins and give the stone disk to the Spirit. Your Crusader is now a Paladin.

Receding horizons
Edwin, in the laboratory of astronomers in seaport wants you to bring him to a lookout in the mountains. For this you need the blessing of Ylath. Put yourself to the cliff and follow the path towards Hello Thain. At (34,45) you take the teleporter. Once at the top you think you are always on the left and you will after some time reach the tower. As soon as you stand before the run, leaving you Edwin.

Shooting star
Irnel, in the "Silver Blades" in seaport, want something meteorite. Get in the Desolate wasteland of pages Kart neck, run past the path to the obelisk and goes to position (45,19). There you will find the meteorite. Bring the ore back to Irnel and wait one week.

Promoted to Blademaster (Only for Bladedancer)
Gathalel in the forest of Yon-Chall (82,93) wants you to find a magic stone in Hello Thain and brings to him. The Hello Thain her place behind Drengis yard. Follow the road a little further until you are attacked by a Minotaur, a Manticore and an Earth Elemental at once. Then turn left and take the first path is blocked by a tendril. At the end of the short path you come to a fork in the road. Go right and follow this path at the first fork over to the second. There you turn left, go past the vampire and the crystal. Defeat the three elite elementals that wait in the forest. Should not you this, or can hardly beat, you should wait a little longer with this quest. On the left you will find a chest and right the way to the Sacred Grove (49,38).

In the grove you take the first left and go almost straight into the cave with the waterfall. Behind the waterfall you will find a grave (9.9), containing a silver key. Now head you to the ladder in the north, leading to the second level. Go to the second level immediately to the left, through a path that is hidden by a shrub. Follow the path further through the cave and you will come to Zaahid. After a brief conversation it comes to fight. It burns your mana and can petrify you. Once he is defeated, appear behind you five Ghasts. Where previously the magician stood, you can now pick up the stone. Now in the corridors teeming with enemies. You can now return to the first level, or fight your way through the rest of the floor to still find some treasures, as the green force fields are now disabled. Battle your way, which leads to the first floor to the hallway by the entrance. Follow this passage in the opposite direction and you'll find a chest. This can open up their with the silver key. Now leave the grove. Returning now to Gathalel. Your Bladedancer is now a Blademaster.

The Miau-cult (via Uplay points unlockable)
You should be level 20. Tamina in the slums of Karthal (6.2) would that ye may keep her sister from the cult. If you wish it, it will take you directly to the temple. At the end of the first gear you will be attacked by a group of elite panther. Defeat these and step on the two switches before you. Now turn around 180 degrees and take the path around the corner. Attacked by two Rakshasas. Turn around back then, you come to the path of the her. Go to the south and you'll find a switch on the wall. The wall next to you moves, revealing a horde of enemies. Set the switch now and again to go the way to the right. Enable where the bottom plate and the statue next to the wall switch of earlier moves to the side. Go around through the now open gate and right around the statue. On the wall directly in front of you, you can discover a secret passage and a further base plate.

Now go back to the end of the hallway, you enter through her temple and activates the base plate, next to the gate, once again. Then places the wall switch in the south a second time around and follow the path there. Before you use the teleporter, you have to talk to Farah that is left of you. Once you use the teleporter, an elite Manticore stands before you. Enables the platform behind the Manticore and goes back through the teleporter. Go straight through the gate and activates the platform in front of the statues lying. Enter the path to the large door free. Take the left path in front of the large, locked door. Defeat the enemy group in the left small room, loot the local chest and follows the corridor, until you reach another small room with opponents on the other side. In the chest there you will find a bronze key that opens you the locked door. Behind this lies a teleporter that transports you into a small alcove between two Manticores. Once you have one of the two alerted to you, draws you back between the two statues in front of the teleporter. This allows you only one of the two attack.

Now go through one of the gates and you will reach the leader of the cult. He has a high defense against melee attacks and gets an extra attack trial and for each successful attack bonus damage to his attacks for every ball attack. You should therefore only edit it with your mages and rangers and let your melee fighters in defense mode or assisted your wizard with protective spells. Loot the chest after your victory and returns to Tamina.

Shipwreck (139.21)
With Shalassas blessing you can ship wreck just outside of Sorpigal-on-sea reach. Inside you will of three elite.

Attacked Nagas who meet all three of your whole group with their attacks. You should be about level 20 to create this area. After you have defeated the three Nagas, you can grab you right a history book in the left corner and a chest in the niche.

Dangerous Cave (79,79)
Once you make a step in the cave, you will be attacked by Martyaxwar. This Manticore has besides the normal poison and weakness attack the other Manticore, also about the magic regeneration. You must therefore be able to apply enough damage to fight against this. Alternatively, you can remove it with dark magic and his healing spells from him. For this enemy, you should at least be level 20. For this victory, you get a history book and a relic.

Mystery Chest (49,43)
When you reach the Thain Hello, you take the first path is blocked by a tendril. At the end of the short path you come to a fork in the road. Go right and turn immediately left. Bends at the next fork to the left again and you see the chest already. Your magic word is "secret."

Dangerous Cave (24:47)
Get in the Desolate Wilderness to the north by Hello Thain and keep you right on the rock wall. You will find a cave entrance. In the cave Tuco, a particularly strong orc who protects himself with the magic stone skin lurks. As with all orcs light magic is particularly effective. You should for this fight about level 20 have.

Mystery Chest (27,30)
In the bleak wasteland. The magic word is "moon".

Mysterious crypt (47,29)
You have to follow a path on the floor switch. Looking at your minimap and run from the first plate from los.
West, north, north, east, north, east, north, north, west, west, west, north, west, north, north, east, east.

Dangerous Cave (13,70)
Deep in the jungle in the north-west of the island finds her cave. You should be about level 20 for this place. Inside you accesses Angel Eyes, a Jaguar Warrior to. He has a strong attack and becomes stronger, if your heroes fail in their attacks. Uses light and water magic against him.

Dangerous Cave (19,62)
High in the mountain to reach blessing only Ylaths. In its interior you will meet Manco, a sleepwalker. In addition to its strong ranged attack, he can heal himself. Under Level 2o you should not try it.

Might & Magic X: Legacy - Walkthrough: Side Quests Part 3

And the last part of the side quests is now here.

Dangerous Cave (91,27)
In the cave you will find the wolf Amarok. This counters your attacks and gets bonuses for all attacks that go wrong of you. In the cave behind it you can next to a chest, find the sweet puppy of the she-wolf. Unfortunately, your act has not contributed to their survival. Ups.

Jassads Bestiary
Wants Jassad in the restaurant "Zum Goblin watchtower" in Sorpigal-on-sea, that you write ten entries in your bestiary. After the first ten he demands ten more. You need at the end of 50 entries.

The Mystery of the Obelisk
Obelisk near Sorpigal-on-Sea (127.50)
Read the inscription on the obelisk to the Quest and the first clue to the treasure to receive.
1: (127.50)
2 (92,60)
3 (32,56) near Nahlas House
4 (22,19) on the southwest tip of the bleak wasteland
5 (52.19) on the southeastern tip of the bleak wasteland
6 (22,83) In the well-north-westerly point of the peninsula on the jungle coast.
7 (92.22) Go from the east exit Kart neck along the beach until you see a left gear in the rocks. Take the left route there and defeat the Minotaur Asterion. Go behind him further and you reach the obelisk.
8 (117.88) Take at the first level of the mountain the northernmost teleporter and follow the path to its end.
The treasure is located at (129.53). Directly northeast of the first obelisk.
The Forbidden legend

Umberto in the chapel of seaport wants you to collect some books for him.
After defeating Montbrand you can take down to the fourth level of the city the aisle next to his throne room. Go there at the first fork straight out and you will find Portmeyron a staircase to the first level of the castle. Take these steps and accumulated there a the book.

In the Dangerous Cave (142.53) you can pick up a part of the saga after your victory over the shadow dragon.

In the cursed ruins (94,53) you take the first door on the left. There you will find the book. Once you absorb it, you will be attacked by two bogeys and two Ghasts.

With Shalassas blessing you can the shipwreck north of the seaport reach (100.92). The chest on the beach near the wreck leaves four elite elementals appear (level 18 + you should be). In each case a natural, dark, air and water elemental appears. Defeat these and the three Elementals on the island and go to the wreck. Inside the wreck to wait two air and two water elementals to you. Fits on: These are all ranged. Defeat them and brings you the Book in the left corner of the ship and the chest at the other end of the vessel.

When your escape from the prison of Karthal you come through the sewers. In (14.2), a larger hall, which is separated by water, you can find the book.

In the tower of the puzzles can be found on the first floor at (10,10) a book. The answer to the riddle is "age".

In the dungeon of the Black Guard found in (4.14) a small box under the bed. It contains the key to the second floor. The book is located on the upper floor at (1,2) in the southwest.

At the third level of Virgile you can find at (11,14), near the eastern entrance, the last book.
This quest, you can cast only after the last boss.
Transport to the blood Rufer (Only for Shaman)

Airini in Heilloge of the cliff offers you to make a dream trip. Put yourself again to Erika's house, which is on the edge of the jungle. Follow the path to Nahlas hut and from there deeper into the jungle. Take the first turn, when you can turn left and follow the stairs up to the cave. Before the cave lurks a troop of orcs. First Turns of the Dreamwalker, otherwise they heal the other. The entrance to the cave is at (21,55). Inside the cave you use the bonfire in the middle to you to go into the dream world. Once there, you go straight out through the narrow opening. At the end of the aisle is her your evil half. This has a powerful fire spell that caused great damage in your group. However, your twin has relatively little life. After the battle, you can you look around a little and then leave through the door near your starting point the area.
The Curse

Ciele asks you to find in Karthal a medic named Kaspar. You can find him at the Hospice of the slum (9.19). Bring him back to Ciele in the cliff. After the examination, you send Kaspar going to get some ingredients.
Elves Toadstool: In Hi Thain at (52,46). You should at this point in your first trip through the grove be passed by Karthal.

Widow tears Berries: These are found in the Forest of Shadows at (89,25). Step into the forest on the path by the water from the lighthouse and from there goes directly to the left.

Mercury you will acquire Munthir in the harbor area of ​​Karthal (17,16).
Torsten sulfur sold in his shop "runes and Arts" in seaport.
The Crystal Spider Heart get her in the city Disappeared Level 3 (14,14). You can teleport over short distances, has a powerful ranged attack and protects with a crystal armor, which increases their resistance to physical attacks and all the magical schools. In addition, they can imprison the player in crystals that explode after three rounds. Utilize protective spell to keep the damage to your group small.
Bring the ingredients then Kasper.

Tower of Mysteries
Mystery chest in the Tower of Mysteries (secret passage at (11,5))
Magic word is "cloud"

Mystery chest in the Tower of Mysteries (secret passage at (5,3))
Magic word is "nothing"

Mystery chest in the tower of the Mysteries (Secret passage in (3.9))
Magic word is "death"

The force field on the first level can be combined with the code "0451" to disable.

Plate puzzle on the second floor. Looking at the minimap. Opens the door, but goes in directly, but right at your doorstep. South, west, east, south, east, south, west, west, east, south.
In the room after that. East, south, east, south, south, west, south, west, west, north, west.
Activate the two switches in the next room and "Catch" after a teleport.
On the third floor you a statue a mystery. The answer is "fear".

Mystery chest in the Tower of Mysteries Level 2 (secret passage at (8,5))
Magic word is "coin"

Mystery chest in the Tower of Mysteries Level 3 (secret passage at (8,7))
Magic word is "mushroom"

Mysterious crypt (93,42)
A magical light source is an advantage here. Always two plates reduce a column in the middle.
(5.4) + (11.7) (11.7) + (6,3), (6,3) + (5,7), (6,6) + (9,8), (8 , 6) + (6,3), (8,4) + (9,8), (8,6) + (9,5), (6,3) + (8,4), (7,4 ) + (5,7), (5,7) + (6,6), (6,3) + (7,4), (6,3) + (9,5), (9,5) + (7.4)
Shipwreck (98.7)

Loot all the barrels and the chest. Caution in some of the barrels are spinning.
Promotion to scout (Only for Scouts)

Put yourself to the dwarf hall (116.99) in the mountains east of the seaport. To go there been long you need the blessing of Ylath. Erling will ask you to bring the dwarf Geisli after seaport. On your way to the first teleporter that brings you one level deeper, appear two griffins. Go to the first teleporter to the west to the next. Three elite air elementals lurking on you. Run from the second teleporter simply by seaport and enter the city.

Mysterious Crypt (141,78)
The trick in this crypt is that you are allowed to run only once each course. In the end, all platforms must have been activated once. There is no one way that is right.

Dangerous Cave (132.92)
Before the cave lurking three Cyclops. Inside attacks you Davros, a Cyclops who throws stones at you. Put yourself quickly in close combat and uses light magic against him.

Mystery Chest (123.102)
Follow the path in front of the tomb of the great horror to the left. The magic word is "compass". [H4]


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