Minecraft: Learn How to Break Ores

Minecraft, the most popular independent PC video game of recent times, brings many possibilities for users, ranging from combat to construction, but mining is still one of its most important elements. Check out what you will need to extract some minerals and other trace elements from the underworld of the game.

The most important elements to extract the underground are having the correct tools for each block. For example, to start exploring you will need at least a Pick Stone and need to make it first in a temporary wooden pick. Check out how to build it.

Pick Wood

Step 1: Get raw wood striking a tree. Put it in your crafting area to turn it into wooden planks.

Step 2: Put in your area crafting two tablets of wood, one over the other vertically to create sticks.

Step 3: Put in your area 3 crafting wooden planks on the top line and two sticks in the middle, in the form of T.

Step 4: You will create your first pick, the wood, which can mine rocks. This pick is very weak, then you will only use it in those first moments.

Pick Stone

Step 5: Armed with a wooden pick or find a mountain cave (not recommended if you have little to defend themselves) and start mining stones at least 3.

Step 6: Repeat the process of creating wooden pick, now putting 3 stones on top, but keeping the two sticks in the middle.

Step 7: Now you will have a Stone Axe, which can mine more easily and also other stones iron blocks. Regarding cost of production this is more "cheap" pick since you will never be without stones.

Pick Iron

Step 8: Start exploring caves or even dig on their own and eventually you will find blocks of iron. Melt them in a kiln to create iron bars.

Step 9: Once again forms a T in your area of crafting with two sticks in the middle, but now with 3 iron bars on the top line.

Step 10: Pick Your new Iron will be formed and with it you can mine various other blocks like gold, diamond and redstone. The Pick iron has good speed and an average cost of production.

Note: Some blocks can be mined with other picks, but do not leave anything behind, only will be destroyed.

Pick Diamond

Step 11: Your next step is not a Golden Axe as logic might suggest, for items made of gold are not very resistant nor can mine unique blocks. Start exploring for diamonds.

Step 12: When you have at least 3 diamonds, form T again in your crafting area with 3 diamonds on the top line and 2 sticks in the middle.

Step 13: When creating your Pick Diamond you got on top of Minecraft tools, stronger and faster. She is also the only one that can mine Obsidian, black blocks with rocks that form spots where lava blocks are blocks with water, used to make portals to the Nether dimension.