Minecraft: Learn how to Tame animals - Wolf, Horse and Ocelot

The Minecraft is an independent multiplatform game that offers endless possibilities to the player. In its full block map, players can find a huge range of peaceful animals like wolves, ocelots and etc.. Unfortunately, not everyone can be tamed to follow our commands. Others may only be attracted to a certain type of item so we can take them anywhere we want, however, that can be quite domesticated facilitate the player's life. In this article you will learn how to tame these animals and enjoy all that they can offer you.


The wolf is one of the first animals that could be domesticated in Minecraft, turn this animal in your pet dog and he will act as your defender, advancing to attack anyone. To tame it is simple:

Step 1: Join a good amount of skeleton bones, they can be acquired by killing a monster. Usually about two bones are needed to tame the animal, however, this number can vary, so you can tame a wolf with only one bone or with more than four, will depend on your luck.

Step 2: Find a wolf. Usually wolves are born in snow biomes and mountains. However, you may be lucky enough to find them in any other environment, being less likely to see them in deserts and caves.

Step 3: Walk straight to the selected bone in hand, so when a wolf is nearby it will be attracted and come near you.

Step 4: With the next and the selected bone wolf, right click on the animal to give a bone, do this as many times as necessary until hearts on the wolf head, which indicates that it was domesticated arise.

After becoming a tame, the wolf will follow you everywhere, and can even teleport next to you when he gets stuck somewhere you can not leave for you to follow, for example. The domestic dog can still obey you getting seated at the location you want for it, just click the right button on it.

Another great advantage of having a critter this beside you as a friend is that it can defend you from any monster or player that attacks you or you attack. Despite its great efficiency in combat, the wolves can not attack Creepers and have great difficulty with spiders.

Like all other mobs, the wolf also has a limited life and must receive special care. To post your wolf always fed and filled with life, just give him any kind of meat, including zombies, which is great to keep you from wasting your beef, pork or chicken and use it for a good end to rotten meat.

The position of the tail of the wolf will indicate your level of life and hunger: if it is with the tail up is a sign that all is well, has lowered the tail means that the wolf is weak and needs to recover energy.

Wolves have little amount of life, thus one should be very careful with them, preventing not get into many fights and take too much damage for you, do not let him get into the water because it takes away the life of the animal, the same so that the lava and cacti, obviously. The more wolves, better to increase your army to meet the challenges of game.

Other interesting to differentiate each lobe of his pack feature is the ability to change the color of the collar with traditional dyeing dyes of the game, just leave it to the desired color selected in your hand and then click the right button on your wolf.


Definitely the horse can be considered one of the most efficient means of transport in Minecraft. Added recently in the game, these animals can be found in lowland areas and to domesticate them is relatively simple:

Step 1: Once you find a horse, click the right mouse button with the empty hand over the animal.

Step 2: When you click on the horse, it will make you get off of him a few times, but keep clicking and trying until he finally stay mounted on it. To get off the horse just press the "Shift" key.

Even though domesticated animal you are not be able to control it, for this you need a saddle. Unfortunately, this item can not be created, only found in chests hidden in abandoned temples and villages of NPCs mines. After finally finding its saddle, select and leave it in your hand, then click the right button on the horse.

To mount the animal click the right mouse button on the critter, then a new life bar will appear instead of your index hunger, your experience bar will also be replaced by a slash referring to the jumping horse.

The animal is controlled with the same buttons you use to walk, jump, just press the "space" button and depending on the time you leave the pressed button the higher the jump and this will be indicated by a blue bar which will be in place of your XP bar.

To protect your horse from monster attacks, there are three types of armor: iron, gold and diamond, each with a higher level of duration and endurance as armor for humans. Just as saddles, these armors also can not be created, they can only be found in temples, abandoned mines and so on. To equip your pet, just do the same as put the saddle.

As every animal the horse also needs to be fed and it can be done with hay. This item can be done on the workbench filling all the squares with wheat, it will form a block of hay. Sugar and bread can also be used as food, but the hay is what regains energy.


The Ocelots are skittish animals added in version 1.2 of Minecraft and can take a lot of work not only to be domesticated, but also to be found. To achieve domesticate them do as follows:

Step 1: Collect a lot of raw fish. Fish can be caught with fishing rods (item made with twigs and cobwebs) in lakes and deep rivers. The fish in the game can be difficult and time-consuming to be captured, but be patient;

Step 2: Find the ocelot. These animals can be found more easily near forests.

Step 3: When you find it, keep the fish in hand to attract their attention and then right click on the cat to give him the fish, do this as many times as necessary to appear on the little animal hearts, which indicates that it was domesticated. Another indication that the animal is docile is that it changes color.

The domesticated cats are very effective against Creepers, whenever you're accompanied by an ocelot, the creature that explodes will flee from you. Just as wolves, cats also take damage on contact with water, lava or cactus, however, unlike other animals, they do not lose life when falling from high places.

To keep hunger and its 10 hearts always full of his new kitten, just give them raw fish until your hearts to restore. Remember that these pets, and very fond of staying on objects, also love to attack chickens, so if you have a chicken coop near your home, avoid the cat can get close to him.

Only these three domesticated animals can be effectively acting as protectors or means of transport that can take orders or be controlled, however, the pig can be mounted and "controlled" through a carrot attached to a fishing rod.

With the sealed pork, mount holding the stick with the carrot on the end, you can control it pointing in the direction you want to go, however, this control over the animal is limited, the rod has a short shelf life and can quickly add up to regain control over the pork you need to build a new one.

None of the other animals can only be attracted by certain items: chickens, by seeds, sheep and cows, and pigs for wheat, for carrots. Learn how to attract these animals is very useful to be able to make a farm and raising animals for you to afford food and easy way to live on in the game.