Oasis’ debut album “Definitely Maybe” gets a new deluxe edition

The Oasis will release a deluxe edition of their "Definitely Maybe" 1994, to mark 20-year of the debut album. The package will contain three CDs besides the original album, and bring demos, live tracks, b sides and some previously unreleased material.

For longtime fans, this will be the opportunity to finally take one package of extra tracks. In their early days, they were famous for putting really strong material like "B-sides".

The re-release will also contain "Strange Thing", a song that never officially released by the group. The deluxe edition of Definitely Maybe comes out in stores on May 19.

"Definitely Maybe" is considered one of the best rock albums in the British history, and it was positioned at number ten on NME’"500 best albums of all time" list.