Octodad Dadliest Catch: Learn how to play the fun game- PS4 / PC

The goal of Octodad: Catch Dadliest is to continue with your routine work without leaving your family, discover that you are actually an octopus, not a human being. To accomplish this you must behave as normally as possible, even if it is a chore to be long thanks to immense difficulty of moving the protagonist.

Nevertheless, Octodad is a relatively easy game that seems far more concerned about being funny than being challenging.

The main highlights of Octodad are your controls, which are designed to be terrible and difficult to handle. Basically this game has two control modes in single player campaign, the first of them is how to get the second to walk.

In catch mode your character will keep your body still and you must use the left stick to move your tentacle to the sides and the right to move it up or down. With X or R1 buttons, you can pick up or interact with nearby objects their Ventanas.

To enter the way of walking, press L1 or square, and the camera will Octodad a little get away. To control their "legs" you must press the trigger corresponding to that you want to use (L2 and R2 left to right) to move them to more accurately button if you use the two "digital" levers of PS4.

These are the basic controls and simple as they seem, get used to them is very difficult, try gaining pace in the first phase, the marriage where there is no real possibility of losing.

If you play co-op mode, each of your friends will be responsible for an individual's character, the controls do not change in this way, and though it be hilarious to play, you need a lot of communication with its partners to move the Octodad. In a way, this mode seems to turn the game in those professional puppet theaters, where each person controls a small piece of the body of the puppet.

Tips to Play
The major difficulty of the game is effectively walking without destroying everything in a huge radius around you. To do so always try walking with movements contained, lift your legs and toss them only in one direction. The controls are very sensitive, but with time and practice you can learn to adjust them.

Always establish the best route to follow when entering a new environment, avoiding mainly stepping on banana peels. Also avoid passing near objects that could topple other, since the phases often use this feature to make you destroy an entire room.

With these little tips you will be able to get to the end of the game, especially since Octodad is generally very easy, and you rarely need to repeat a stage in the campaign.