One Piece Romance Dawn: Learn to play pirate adventure game for 3DS

One Piece: Romance Dawn brings the pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his unusual crew to sail the sea of the Nintendo 3DS with an adventure that blends classic style with RPG dungeon crawler. Check out some instructions on how to start venturing in his quest for the famous treasure One Piece.

The game is divided into a few clear steps: the map where you browse and choose the phases, mazes you can explore freely for items and experience and internships focused on the story where you follow a summary of the adventures of Luffy and will face enemies under certain conditions.

The parties are typically operating the dungeon crawler genre, where you have a maze in front of him full of enemies and treasures waiting to be discovered. Turn when opponents find these mazes or during the story, you enter a battle mode shift of RPGs, traditional. Check the controls:

During exploration

Function - Commands
Move: Circle Pad
Breaking objects / Kicking: The Button
Run: Hold B Button
Replace character: Y Button
Open Menu: X Button
Rotate camera: L & R buttons

During fights

Function - Commands
Move: Circle Pad
Select menu option: The Button
Attack with blows: Buttons A, Y and X
Replace set of strokes: L and R buttons
Stop striking: Button B
Cancel shift or option: Button B

During scenes

Function - Commands
Skip speeches: The Button
Skip fast speech: Hold The Button
Auto-Event (passing scenes alone): R Button
Hide avatar rant: Button B

Choosing a phase

Early in the game you will have to complete the first phase of the story, but soon after the end of them begin to see the maps detailing the location of islands with mazes. These phases are optional, but are the best option for you to acquire more experience points to level up, more money and better items.

Each phase of history has a warning on the left indicating where the recommended level to face it. But do not focus too much on just reach that level, look equip their characters well.

Once chosen the stage, press A and your boat will go to her. A menu will pop up and you should just choose the first option, Land (dock). We will look at other options just below the boat.

Knowing your boat

During navigation, pressing the A button on a stage, a menu will open showing several options on your boat. They are: Land (dock), Room, Item Storage (deposit items) Item Foundry (casting items), Ship's Log (logbook) and Help.

Land makes you enter the currently selected phase. Room enables you to manage your characters before entering a phase. Item Storage serves to store your items on the ship since there is a limit on how Luffy can carry. Item Foundry allows you to create new items. Ship's Log is the option to save the game and also access options. Help provides explanations about various parts of the game.

Learning to fight

Romance Dawn has a battle system similar to most RPGs shifts, but with its own characteristics. The main difference is that you can move around the battlefield to stand before attacking and that allows the creation of different strategies.

On your turn you can act, pressing the A button to open a menu with 5 options: Attack, Guard, Pouch, Run and Ability. Attack, unsurprisingly, begins an attack against the enemy. Guard uses to turn your character to defend. Pouch allows you to use items in the middle of the battle. Run it struggles to escape, since not essential to the story. Finally, skill gives you the opportunity to use special abilities.

From the point where your character begins the shift are plotted two circles around it, a yellow and a red. If you move away from these circles, have penalties. Outside the yellow circle will have a 10% higher hope for the next turn and off the red circle will have 25% fewer Action Points.

When selecting Attack, the Action Points determine how many attacks you can deliver during a shift. For example, if you have 4 Action Points, you can take 3 punches and 1 special attack. His strokes appear in sets mapped the buttons A, B, X and Y, and The L and R buttons switches the sets of strokes.

To illustrate his basic combo is the A Button in the first set and the special move Gum-Gum Pistol in this same set Y button. However, to learn the coup Gum-Gum Whip, he is also the Y button, but in another set, needing tighten the L or R to access it. Between each blow the game is stopped waiting you to choose how to proceed.

Special moves spend TP to be used, which in turn is gained unleashing common physical attacks against their opponents. It is important not to confuse the special moves, they spend TP, with the skills. Unlike special moves that use the TP, a renewable source, the skills have a limited number of uses.

Evolving and equipping your character

Besides the experience points that make you pass level in One Piece: Romance Dawn, you will also receive SP points in battles that serve to improve their skills. On the boat, open the menu and select the option Room or while holding select the option Party, both will open the same window.

In this window you will see 4 options: Status, Accessories, Skills and Ability. Clicking the Skills you will need to choose the character you want to see the skills, such as Luffy. After you select it you will see all abilities and levels, as Combo Lv1 Lv1 and Gum-Gum Pistol.

Pressing the A button you'll see more details of this skill and pressing the A button again you can improve them with the SP points. The game will tell how many SP's character is at the top of the screen and say the cost to raise the level of this ability in the lower right corner. Improving ability makes them causing further damage, among other adverse effects.

In this same menu you also saw the Accessories option. Select it and we will use again Luffy as an example. It is possible to see four voids wear items, each of which is reserved for a body part. From top to bottom: head, body, arms and legs. Each character has his type of item that can use and not everyone can equip all items.

Creating items

When you're on the boat, there's Foundry Item option, which allows you to create new items from what you already have. It usually mixes a base item with modifiers items found during your adventure. You can either follow a list of recipes acquired during your journey as try to get your own results.

Grand Stream Actions

In a few moments the game has also some racing scenes, called Grand Stream Actions sometimes fleeing from an enemy or chasing something. These scenes his character will remain running alone and will fit you just pick your way at certain intersections.

In these moments of decision will need to press the Y button to move to the left or the right to follow. If you do not choose the time, will face enemies. Occasionally it may also be asked to use the X button to perform some action, such as dropping a barrier.