Pokémon X and Y: purchase through the Pokémon Celebi Bank

Pokémon X and Y recently received an application for easy storage of monsters called Pokemon Bank, which holds up to 3000 creatures. The bank service is paid, but by January 2014 the Nintendo is offering a free 30-day pass and by December are giving Pokémon Celebi as toast. Check out how to acquire it.

Step 1: Go to the eShop of Nintendo 3DS and download the application Pokémon Bank. It's free, but it requires that you have a Nintendo Network ID.

Step 2: Put Pokémon X or Y on your 3DS, whether in physical or digital version.

Step 3: Redeem your free 30-day pass for Pokémon Bank.

Step 4: Put one of your Pokemon X or Y within the Pokémon Bank.

Step 5: Run Pokémon X or Y, select the Pokémon Link option and after receiving your miles and points battle close the game.

Step 6: Run Pokémon Bank and you will get a Celebi. Close the application.

Step 7: Rerun Pokémon X or Y again and select the option to receive Pokémon Link your Celebi in the game.