Pokémon X / Y: Learn how to find and capture Mewtwo - 3DS

Pokémon X / Y, like almost all games in the series, is full of secrets. Some Pokémon can only be caught after beating the Elite, and one of them is the mighty Mewtwo, known to be one of the strongest in the game. Already crowned champions of the League and want to strengthen their team with a legendary Pokémon? Learn how to find and capture Mewtwo:

Mewtwo can only be captured after winning all eight gym leaders, the Elite Four and champion league. The legendary is located in a cave in Pokémon Village, which lies south of the city of Snowbelle.

Starting from the center of Snowbelle Pokémon, go to the left side of town to the entrance of Winding Woods. Inside the forest, repeat the steps taken earlier to search for Wulfric leader, until you find the illuminated exit.

You arrive at the Pokémon Village, a flowery field where you can find many rare Pokémon. Go to the left until you find a small ramp that will take you to a lake.

At this point you must have a Pokemon with HMs Surf and Waterfall to enter the water. Start browsing and return to land on the right where you can be seen the entrance to a cave.

Upon entering there you will find Mewtwo backs. It is extremely important that you save your game before approaching the legendary Pokémon. Thus, you can reset the game if you finish it defeated, or at worst, being defeated.

The best option is to use a Master Ball, which catches any Pokemon without any fighting necessary. If you want to save the Master Ball for another time, you will need to face Mewtwo. A good tip is to reduce life to the fullest Pokémon, and try to leave him paralyzed, asleep or frozen. This will facilitate the mission, especially using some Ultra Ball.

Keep a reasonable stock of Poké Balls before starting the battle, as they can be tens necessary until the Pokémon is captured. If Mewtwo winning finish, quit the game (without saving) and reopen it.

It is important to know that one of Mewtwo attacks retrieves your life a bit difficult the mission to make it as low as possible to your bar. Ignore of dark and ghost attacks to cause large amounts of damage.