Quizduel (iOS) Solution to Tricky Questions in Quiz Duel

Is there a Quizduel guide for getting correct answers? Yes, there is. In our solution for 100 percent correct answers in the game, we explain to you in more detail this cheat to duel quiz. With this tip to duel quiz we guarantee you indeed always the right answer to any question, but it draws you so quickly the displeasure of your Facebook friends. Sure, you are allowed to duel quiz gamble against any player. Nevertheless, Quiz duel still do the most fun against friends.

Should you really cheat in quiz duel want to use, so you're about possible negative consequences regarding your Facebook friends. Also: The Quiz Duel guide works only on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note. On iPhone and iPads Quiz Duel players need a jailbreak. The cheat to duel quiz consists essentially of three parts. In the following paragraph we will tell you the Quiz Duel cheat.

Quizduel Cheat - solution to guarantee correct answers

To apply the cheat in quiz duel you start a game before. It does not matter whether you rise against a friend or any player quizduel. Choose a field of knowledge and waits for the first question. Once the first question appears in Quizduel, you separate any data connection. For example, it is on the Samsung Galaxy S3 easiest to turn on the flight mode, which disconnects any connections. Now answered all the questions of the round and quoted (or bookmarked) you the right answers.

Then you navigate to the Application Manager (even Task Manager on some devices). For a further step in the quiz Duel cheat examined after the duel Quiz App. This you choose and delete the cache data of the application by clicking "delete data" on. After that should be displayed in Data 0.00 B. Then you turn off Airplane mode again and return to duel quiz. Remember you one and selects to your game. You will receive the same questions, for which you have you memorized the right answers. Typing the answers correctly and repeats these steps for all rounds.

Let's be honest: Have you ever applied for quiz duel cheat or similar tricks? Leave us a comment below these lines. Should you and your friends through the cheat for quiz duel upset, so you apologized best then. For a brief fun of nasty tip in Quiz Duel is certainly to use time. Gaining permanent cheating in quiz duel we advise you from though. Finally, it's still the most fun to come up with the right answers without cheats in Quiz duel.