Thief (2014) Solve All chapters and side quests, Walkthrough

Garret is back to save the master thief with his new grand entrance opaque dilemmas tricky situations or this kind of other embarrassments, you should with your magic eye a look at our Thief walkthrough.

In Thief is all about, as the name already makes undoubtedly noticeable to theft and the love of money. But before you can begin your rampage through the dark alleys, there are several things to consider. At this point, we provide you basic instructions and useful tips and tricks that will bring you the credo of thieves craft closer.

Table of Contents

1 General Information / Tips and Tricks
2 FAQ: Focus forces
3 FAQ: arrow types
4 Prologue: The Fall
5 Chapter 1: Lock-down
6 Chapter 2: Dust to Dust # 1
7 Chapter 2: Dust to Dust # 2
8 Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets
9 Chapter 4: A Friend in Need
10 Chapter 5: The Forsaken
11 Chapter 6: A man for # 1
12 Chapter 6: A man for # 2
13 Chapter 7: The Hidden City # 1
14 Chapter 7: The Hidden City # 2
15 Chapter 8: twilight
16 customer orders - Vittori # 1
17 customer orders - Vittori # 2
18 customer orders - Ector # 1
19 customer orders - Ector # 2

General information / tips and tricks

1 Be first thoroughly
You are Garret, a cunning master thief, so you also behave accordingly! Each level is filled with valuable coins, candle holders, brooches, watches, pens and other stolen property, which is just waiting for you and courting by well-visible light signals to your attention. You will also find all kinds of book entries and newspaper articles that provide you with background information about the city and its citizens. Who can miss that? Just press a button and all sorts of items disappear in your bottomless inventory. The so-hard-earned money will be invested in dealers for all kinds of useful upgrades and items. So it pays to be your title needs.

2 Go off the main paths
The level areas in Thief are still created hose similar, but overcharged by their general size and convoluted construction to explore a. Is she your urge to discover after you will come across so many secrets and finds in some cases one of the few unique pieces of jewelry - a good catch. In addition arise during the main story so many hidden paths and ways that facilitate you your orders usually significant.

3 Increased climb positions
As mentioned in the previous point, can the architecture of the nameless city good use to your advantage. Marked blue objects invite you to interact, such as grids, which you climb with your claw or ropes where you can you pull up. So you come on roofs or roof beams useful in high altitudes. The elevated position gives you not only an excellent overview, through which you can effectively plan your next steps, but also protect you outstanding in the eyes of the numerous guards and soldiers. Furthermore, it is possible for you by such a body of eliminating guards without much risk with a jump attack.

4 Focus
Contact with the summoned elemental force in the prologue helps to Garret extraordinary powers, which manifest themselves for you in focus. Especially helpful is the focus point of view, get color shown clearly marked by means of their distinctive points of the world. Consequently the construction of the levels can perfectly capture and examine whether ye all important items have torn within an area already under the nail. Later in the game you can improve your focus power and customize your hero as according to your preferences - want to stalk her softly like the wind through the area, it reinforces the focus force camouflage, you are like the master of the situation, invested their points in acumen.

5 Get the correct thieves device
Early in the game you will meet first dealer that initially killed one with their great diversity. From different types of arrows, over screwdriver and other gadgets to the permanent buffs to your stats, you can buy everything here. Invest your wealth, but as early as possible in any case in screwdriver, wire cutters and razor blade. These useful utensils can you open up new paths in an area and cause unusual events that you would otherwise miss her.

6 Study behaviors of the opponents
Just in the last third of the game where the difficulty attracting tidy once again, it is to be able to think ahead of absolute importance. You should, therefore you get into the habit early, memorize the enemy number and the paths of individual guards. So you can be surprised from behind a corner of a guard discovered or minimize the risk. If you have spotted no guard at the completion of each level, you have done everything right.

Note 7 Attention level
Building on the previous tip is useful, the attention level of the opponent to be aware of. In general, the opponents are clueless and do not expect a dunk shadow unobserved between them. Should you cause noise or move you in a quarantine zone, the guards go after the possible abnormalities, represented by the white eye over their heads. If you have confirmed your presence undoubtedly example, by a corpse, enemies are actively searching for you (yellow eye icon), so you should be on guard or visit a safe place to hide until the guards fall back into their old patterns of behavior. If, finally, to open battle, the attention bar turns red - now there is no escape.

Focus forces

Garret will meet with the progress of the action again with which his focus capabilities can be bundled into specific directions. In the game, this is expressed by the focus points that you can invest in so-called focus upgrades. So you keep track of how, where and whether a particular focus motor worth, we highlight for you every opportunity a little closer.

In this force, a point has already been invested in the beginning. Intuition affects the - out of focus view, and is responsible for ensuring that collectible objects, interaction and opponent color from that of the environment - very helpful. In the second stage additional hand-prints show the way to secret or unique finds, which proves to be very worthwhile. Be sure to fully extend directly to the beginning!

Invests her a focus point in Dexterity, it is you henceforth possible to facilitate an opponent with only a start of all his belongings. In practice, however, almost never pays off, as you just scored with a few seconds more time the same effect - or the enemy optionally give one on the cap and the subsequent hiding the body automatically pocketed their money. The second stage, with their depicts a castle and the pins in the style of Oblivion, there already sounds interesting, but offers a playful little added value. Stay away from this path!

Acumen highlights the steps of guards visually in a waveform out - even through walls and objects away. This keeps you in some situations against unintended clashes with soldiers and helps you in this - we have already made clear in the general advice about how important that is - at any time to keep track of your location. Here you can shamelessly sink a point. The second phase, which increases the radius of the force should, save ye - impressed you the general positioning of the guards prefer one from a look-out.

Through the Combat Upgrade will get you the ability to stun opponents in an open confrontation with one keystroke or off directly into the second stage. This may, in fact, especially when combined with the tempo force be quite helpful, but ultimately it should always remain your dogma that struggles at any time should be avoided. Saves you prefer the points.

The investment of a point in the tempo power granted unto prolonged reaction time in combat, aim the bow, and the lock picking. Although the temporal Boost is relatively low, this upgrade can make the difference, you should still fast 'the one' want to open box or get into a confrontation. Note: Do you want to finish the fight with the thieves capture General on the more demanding way, you should definitely points to this path have invested!

Efficiency makes you more efficient. In detail, this means that your focus bar empty slower than usual when in use. Sounds simple, is simple. And definitely worth a full upgrade - you will thank you.

Sniper is probably the most superfluous extension of your focus arsenal. It gives you an improved zoom skill and thus also a higher precision in archery. Since you are effectively instructed not once but sure to consider your surroundings in magnification - for an overview of the area ranges from the focus point of view - can you loose save the trouble.

The last way his focus points to invest, it has quite a kick. In the first stage of their decreases the volume of generated noise. Because most teams but seem to anyway just in their eyes, rather than leave their ears, the power seems completely useless. But beware - is expanding its camouflage fails completely, so you geltet when stepping out of the shadows wrapped for a short time than in darkness, making surreptitious passages ridiculously easy in combination with the sprint function. You should decide whether you have the necessary itself.

Arrow types

Undoubtedly, that Garret can quickly lose many different arrow types, which besiege the dealer on every corner to keep track. We have listed complete Arrow Type and what each one is good at:

Broadhead Arrows

So pretty much the standard arrow. Wounded guards pretty neat, can be easily carry it along in large numbers and use as a distraction sometimes, you should just not be a bottle on hand.

The proverbial spearhead in the Arrow range. With massive impact and very high damage values of Blackjack the true model is still the closest. Only downside - without proper upgrades can you simultaneously record up to three pieces in your inventory.

Fire Arrow
The Fire Arrow can best be compared with a sledgehammer in Garrett's arsenal. Effective, but not very inconspicuous. Due to the flame spread their bonus increased damage, particularly effective can use the arrow but to ignite oil puddles and unhappy placed soldiers.

Explosion Arrow
The explosion arrow represents the logical development of the fire arrow it offers the same advantages of the model with increased damage output.

Water Arrow
One of the most helpful arrow genres. With the Water Arrow can be, as the name suggests extinguish fire sources, with their erstwhile "Todesszonen" cases in comforting darkness can. Pay attention, however, that guards deleted objects also can re-ignite - so do not feel too safe.

Crack Arrows
The Crack Arrows is filled with a poisonous gas that causes nausea and shortness of breath. Opponents can be so excellent stun for a few precious seconds, attentive dogs and birds fall due to their smaller lung volume even directly fainted.

Rope dart
The rope dart is the centerpiece of your collection. In a game like "Thief", which impresses with its exploration aspect, the rope dart is a consistent further development of the game mechanics and makes you otherwise unreachable areas accessible. Especially the rare unique pieces of jewelry can only be achieved using the rope arrow at many places. Therefore always pays attention to a bulging quiver.

Blunt Arrow
Just as often you will resort to the blunt arrow. This is the cheap "Made in China" variant other arrow types represent - although you can so no one seriously hurt, but the unbeatable price justifies the use in triggering switches and pulleys.

Prologue: The Fall

Thief starts without much hustle and bustle of the action - accompanied by Garret's words caught her first glimpse of the nameless city, which will explore her later in the game, and eventually find yourself in the role of master thief, standing on a quiet chamber window again.

Ignores the peacefully slumbering drunks on the bed behind you and starts straight your raid. With just one touch you rid the poor fellows of his belongings - he is already not so needed and we are just short of money. Get out the open window into the attic and paves your way through the variety of bird cages. Will do her rapid movements near the feathered animals and other creatures, alert these related residents and guards, so be careful. Behind the striking painting on the opposite side of the room you can expect your first Fat Booty - "The sparkling spring dress", a unique ruby-studded chain of the house owner.

After this good catch, you should continue your way to the outer facade houses. You will see a rope arrow finds that her firing on the beam above you and uses the so newly created opportunity to overcome the chasm between you and the nearest houses roof. Once there, makes her acquaintance with Garret thieve colleague Erin that you immediately involved in her impulsive way in a race.

Find Bessus instructions at the usual place
Along with Erin you make yourselves on the way to obtain information on your next great robbery. Stalks you with her through the streets and set your path carefully gone alone if she soars with her climbing claw on one of the rooftops. A short time later you challenge the impetuous thief to a comparison of your thieve arts, So you have every reason to facilitate the subsequent area to gain some valuable items. About the flat of the voyeur you come finally to the handover, to whom ye again teaming with Erin and should go to the estate of Baron Northcrest.

Sneak through the garden
Keep yourselves in the shade to avoid the suspicious eyes of the guards stationed in the garden absolutely. Get rid out the close guard as specified her purse, carefully wades through the water in front of you, and engages you the rare water arrows on the table. Then Fire the helpful arrows at the merciless burning torch and turn at the end of the stairway the inexperienced guard from.

After a short dispute between the two thieves, in which Garret Erin's murder sentenced jump sharply, her sets your path continued further and direct the soldiers in front of you with a bottle lying around from. Once you have arrived on the roof of the nearby estate, Erin makes her finally to her claw - you have enough of her impetuous behavior that can quickly lead to Specimen errors.

On the roof of the villa, the events eventually fall - leading to an inevitable confrontation with Erin that the glass roof brings to collapse in their carelessness and victims of Channeled forces of the mysterious incantation among you. Trying it fails to save her and rushes dazzled by the roof.

Chapter 1: Lock-down

Head to the Bell Tower
Flayed awakened her in a creaking wagon, pulled by two beggars - you survived, but you have to collect again until your powers. After the two are expensive to stand for their willingness to sacrifice, you jump out of the car and make you on the way to your home - the tip of the giant bell tower.

Use Erin's claw and pave you as a way of the nearby estate. Follow the course of the street and take heed to the soldier who bends over the table with the slain civil - best, their stalks you approach him and strike in unconscious.

At night there for the citizens of the city curfew, you have to find a way to get past the gate. Besides, you will draw attention to a valuable mask - rich booty awaits us.

Although you can try to distract the patrolling soldier with the sound of breaking glass and scurry across the street, but it is best to leave the roof in right direction and avoid the enemies through the underpass. Climb below the blue marked rope near the output and rises through the window into the auspicious Invite.

After you've climbed the roof beam, you can make you undisturbed familiar with the layout of the building. Knock patrolling guard from the jeweler room and plunder the showcase. Finally leave the apartment through the floor.

In the near gutter you should not confrontation with the soldiers, but careful you slink past them. It is worth mentioning here the opportunity to swing by claw on the rooftops in order to continue on your way unmolested can.

Meet Basso crippled Burrick
At the bell tower arrived, it does not stay long, but continues your way towards your friend and client Basso.

Meet the Queen of the beggars in the chapel
By Basso you learn that you have to recover a full year of the accident in the prologue and has since spread a disease called melancholy in the streets! Since you but again your old constitution have now gained back, he gives you the job, a dead man named Cornelius Greeve to steal a ring that Basso would like to sell off for good money.

Leave his shop and turn away from the closest dealer. Have you already made diligent prey, you should be able to acquire the wrench - an investment that will pay off soon.

Follow the path to the old chapel and tries to talk to the Queen of the beggar. Instead of answers to get, it gives you only cryptic clues to the events of the past year. Disappointed you draw from.

Go to the old foundry
To close this chapter, you just need to open the door to the foundry.

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust # 1

Gain entry to the foundry
After you let your gaze wander have about the area, you abseil from the building. Starting from the underpass you have two options: you Should - as recommended - can call the wrench your own, it is possible for you to open on the right side a tunnel where you can easily sneak past the guards. Otherwise you climb the ladder and stalking you across country through the danger area, which more requires concentration. Do you have the door left behind you, you can swing around with the claw over the wall.

In the middle of the square you overtake a vision of Erin. Shake it off and continue your way by their climbs along the nearby building facade to eventually get into a tranquil canal system. Crossing this and surprise the unsuspecting soldiers from above.

Find out where are the corpses were brought
Before you move down the staircase, take the few remaining steps to the top to behind a box full of valuable items to discover a nondescript office. Then follow the prescribed path and climb out of a window in front of you.

Follow the path of the dead
The nearby Crossbowman could become danger - so wait until he turns his you during his round the back and send him into the land of dreams. The two guards on the lower floor can you turn in a careless moment, you should want to plunder Hall undisturbed. Hook you to be transported to the next room then in the assembly line of a foundry.

In the next room arrived, you should let you quickly fall to are not detected by the guard on the balcony. Avoid exceeding the glass shards on your left - the telltale sounds alert guards nearby - and sets your path continues.

After you have left behind you the door, you can take before you once again with the screwdriver to help to open up to you a shortcut in which you find a cartridge with a couple of useful arrows among others. Otherwise, you are moving cautiously left over the broken glass and the door opens. Waits for the dialogue of the two soldiers and followed them carefully. Stay tuned right here in the shade, you eventually hidden in the near-in closet, as long as the two are engaged before the locked door. Slips out when the coast is clear, stay left and is in the adjacent room sure the sleeping guard will not soon wake up.

Find a way into the engine room
Compare the chair with the more or less peacefully slumbering guard invites you a box to put your skills to the test Dietrich. Opens this and grab the key to the engine room, with the security door can be opened. On the other hand wait another two crates that you should break below before your journey continues on the assembly line.

Let you on the other side fall again as soon as the guards come into the picture. Sneak through the underpass and you make acquaintance with the nefarious thieves capture general who snatches away your ring under the nose. There's apparently more behind the whole thing, has betrayed us.

Steal the ring by the General
Finish your way through the underpass and slips out. In order not to alert the guards, you should move you from box to box, here is the sprint feature proves to be very useful. Watch for it to adapt your movements to the rhythm of pounding furnace, so as not to betray by the flickering light. Climb now with the claw wall in front of you to get to the vault of the General.

The safe can open it by her assembles the different parts like a puzzle. Seek out the best one of the corners and work your way from the outside to the inside so ago, the gray lines merge.

When she grabs the ring, the situation is clearly picking up momentum - the thieves capture General enters the room and caught you in the act. Witted Garret surprised him and locked the door hastily.

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust # 2

Escape from the foundry
Open the door and move you left along the wall behind the crates, so the two guards you not perceive. Wait until they split up and move quickly through the archway. Therefore, keep short pause, set up the close right guard in motion, and stalking you along the wall down the corridor nearby. From here you are in a good position to unobserve to rise in the adjoining hall and climb up there on the facade.

Take some time in the outdoor courtyard; you remember the area and the locations of the guards. Once you are ready, her hip on the adjoining roof, which gives the result. Keep yourself covered behind the shelf until the torchbearers thinks that the room was safe. Once he has turned away from you, you sprint right around him and duck you among the barrels in front of you through. You are almost in security - remains in the shade and leave the foundry through the empty house to your left.

The bell tower has arrived, you make yourselves back to the Stone Market Basso to pay a visit. After a stint in the right direction to the district Blackfurrow you discover a pulley, which you can trigger with an arrow, especially the cheap blunt arrows lend themselves to this. Behind the transition there is a small chamber that pays resolve itself. The Black Alley you do finally acquaintance with the mysterious Orion, the. "Voice of the people", which asks you to get him an important book that will help him to improve the lives of suffering people

Embark on Erin's hideout
Follow the Wegmarker through the dark gutters to the path of the Baron. Once there, her sprinting almost in the dark alley in front of you and sets your path continues. Have you reached the South Quarter, you do not follow the two guards in front of you, but dive into the right gear in which you can move you safely. Wait until the two soldiers divided by the canal, and then jumps off the wall and enter the roofs of Riverside through the window on the right side.

Stay tuned as high up and surprised the following crossbowmen. Eventually move into the direction of flow continues to the mill.

Entering Erin's hideout
With the water wheel to your left you will meet eventually to a set into the wall, secret entrance, which can be opened by pressing the protruding from the wall stone.

Search the hiding
Respect hereafter well on your environment and the bottom because Erin has secured her hiding with traps. Avoid the gray highlighted plates on the ground, as this arrow mechanisms set in motion. After you've climbed the ladder, you do not take the stairs, but they can climb with the claw near the grid high. Before the blackened square on the floor, there is another switch that opens the secret door.

After you have you lowered through the hole, you find yourself back again in a vision. Follow Erin, which calls attention to itself by a bright ray of light. After she changed twice their position, it requires of you to find the "key to their past." This you do by you interact with the drawings on the wall.

Finally you are return to their senses. Presses the hidden switch in the eye of portraits by Garret behind you and grab the exposed, mysterious medallion.

Exit the hideout
You have to do nothing more than break up the window and again to enter the South District.

Find the way to the house of flowers
Wait a minute off, lest they discover the incoming guards, and then moves you straight over the houses roof. Climb the fence to your right and rises directly after that one level higher. Let the sign of Raker's Ditch on the right and crossed the channel after you have the bridge lowered by operating the switch.

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets

Find the entrance to the brothel

Follow the two men, and stay there as usual in the shade. To avoid the occasional guards, you just need to wait until they turn you back, and then you can continue to sneak.

On entering the house of flowers
Climb with the claw the grid to the right of the big gate. Operate below the lever next to the two successive doors to sneak you successful in the brothel.

Search the brothel for clues
Facilitate sleeping free from their small change and enter the room on the right. If you offer him have worried the wire cutter prior to this section, you can crack down the hall, manipulate from behind the opium tank and send the brothel so into a sweet slumber, making it easy you to eliminate the brothel the door carefully. Now climb the pipes on the ceiling up and moved to the other side of the room. Crossing the adjoining area quickly and take the stairs. After you've knocked out the guard in front of you, you can enter the office of the brothel boss. Take the chance to enrich you and then subjecting the striking painting of a close inspection - it reveals itself, what a surprise, a secret passage.

Find a way to activate the podium
To activate the platform, you have the four rings of the medallion in the correct sequence order. The right combination is given by symbols inside the secret passage: the first is located directly opposite the landing, the remaining found when you look through the three holes in the wall.

Back on the podium you need only the rings properly align the medallion and then use it to open the way to an old ruin system.

Explore the ancient ruins
Make your way through the ruins before and ensures the hidden switch in the wall to press against the old door, to avoid being surprised by falling. Repeat this in the basement with the eye-catching tile to the right of the long hallway. Then follows the course of the staircase and enter the mysterious library before you.

Search the deserted library for the book
We should find a book just in a huge library, Orion could have done earlier clear to us also. The building facade in the rear left corner reveals a hidden switch and an associated double-walled door. Overcomes the abyss to your left and follow the path up to the valve, which you also directly activated. Crosses staircase number III and returns to the stairs at the foot of the tower (II). Now take the back way and actuates the valve of stairs III. Now the way to the central tower is free.

Remove the ritual book
Once more allocate the rings of the medallions in the correct order and then put it into the pedestal.

Escape from the ancient ruins
From the platform you can you work on the rope hanging down one floor higher. Now move to the opposite tower and let yourself down there again. Now we return to the original path, which recently occurred guards can you safely ignore it. Do you have the staircase left behind you, you beat the subsequent guard Ko and go on another climbing expedition.

Shortly after, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation again - you will witness a dispute between the thieves capture General and Xiao-Xiao, as a result you will bare. But, once again can our master thief his opponent play a trick.

Head to the crippled Burrick
And again, we equip our friend Basso a visit. In the tavern arrived, but we make a horrifying discovery - our friend was kidnapped by the Baron! Fortunately, you are Orion a contact who could help you in your rescue operation.

Embark on Greystone Square
Before you leave the area, you should definitely pay the dealer a visit and at least now you determine the wire cutter and the razor blade. Then it's back on the market.

Once you have entered the path of the Baron, you will discover to your right a be screwed grid, which leads you into a contemplative chamber. No one will miss something. Then follow the waypoint.

Chapter 4: A Friend in Need

Head to the property of the architect
Over the roof of the city, it goes to the house of the architect Eastwick.

Gain entry to the house
Let yourself. Counterclockwise from the increase down and dive into the darkness of the outer road beloved Watch out for the guard dog who betrays you after prolonged visual contact, so stay on the move. Finally, you can enter in the back of the guards without any problem in the apartment.

Embark up into the study of the architect

In arriving home, you should gear the walking briskly traverse in order to overwhelm the entering into the hall on the left side guard can. Do not forget to lift the body to a safe place. Subsequently opens the right door to lure the attentive crossbowmen on the stairs - surrounded and also switched him from behind. Once you have looted the floor, you will continue your way upstairs.

In the right wing of the first floor you hear the maid report a secret passage that will lead to the study. Only sends the disturbing security guard, then sleep the involuntary assistant and take the space under the microscope. By a switch on the bookshelf we finally trigger the secret mechanism. It offers you a small private elevator that you ride to the top.

Search the study according to the plans of the keep
With the Baron to do business, probably end do not always lightly - that had to find the architect. Redeem poor man from the halter, if you want because, and make you create then to the large painting in the top division. As a result, it is a diorama puzzle going. This resolve requires no great effort - you have to adjust the keep; compares your progress on the miniature easy with the model on the horizon and you specifically oriented to the orientation of the window.

Stiehl escape plans
Grab the plan and take refuge in a nerve-wracking hunt before your pursuers. Shipyard no looking back and running - always keep in mind - for your life.

Head to the dungeon
Go into the attic and crawl through the tunnel to the ruined Waterfront. Battle your way., And take you through the debris in the pipe system before the leaping flames waves in eight.

Find and save Basso
Hurry up demand because of the dense smoke affects life-threatening in the long term. The licking flames can you overcome with a sprint, you are arrived at the prison cell, you can lull you shortly to safety. Use the elevator to the top and entlasst Basso to freedom.

Find the great vault
After the long trip in the elevator you climb a little higher with the claw, it goes right through a ventilation shaft into the vault. Finally let down the massive vault to you.

Open the large vault
First of all, you have to reset the lock of the safe. Suppress to the two hidden buttons on the outside of the vault in a short time interval. Very classic you give then the numerical code, which can be found on the notes of architect: 30, 11, 98 For more than 319 do not you come but since you surprised the thieves capture General and circles.

If you have invested in fighting equipment not just your whole loot, you should avoid where possible an open confrontation with the superior number of soldiers. Therefore, you move fast in the opposite direction of the mob and dive into the shadows. Move it by sprint quickly from corner to corner when the patrolling guards in the look you straight opposite direction and so finally arrives with a little patience to the vault. The remaining digits are waiting for you: 0.1 and 8

Steal the fragment
We would have been expected in the ominous safe. Once you touch it, it re-emerged into a dream sequence. Let yourself be guided by the glow of the flowers and waits for the subsequent dialogue with Erin's spirit. Then follow the course of the emerging Gang and engage you.

Meet Basso in siren nest
Keep yourselves in the Stone Market continues covered, as the idols do not differentiate between you and other scoundrels. Move it otherwise exactly as on the way to Erin's mill.

Reach the boat
Go to the boat. Point.

Chapter 5: The Forsaken

Reach the ground of the sanatorium
Meander unto you by the rock massif and on the outside wall of the premises.

Enter the sanatorium
Look to the right of the gate for an entrance to, because it is locked. Once the whisper has subsided, the input is suddenly wide open. Mysterious.

Find information about Erin
This primal force has really something. Now we can already see ghosts ... Take the stairs to the first floor and enter the women's section on the left. The local security door is secured by a lock of the Barons - why has his fingers in the game?

In any case, we need the key from the men's section, ie as through the vestibule. Actuates the valve behind the grating to give you access to the rest of the institution. Take the time to explore the wings - here you can find all sorts of valuable items and interesting notes on the history of the institution. The key can be found eventually in the barricaded room at the back which you can achieve through the wall opening in the next room.

After you have unlocked in the room and turned the other valve, the way to women's wing is free. The doors of the offices are locked, so brecht one of the nearby doors and slips through the hole in the wall above the bay to the desk.

Head to the treatment wing
Let you of the independent wheelchair does not scare you and squeezed into the treatment wing.

Embark down to the floor treatment
Open the door and move you down the shaft. Then you crawl under the lattice through.

Find the room "3F"
Follow the passage in the right direction, past the holding cells.

Get access to space "3F"
Go into the generator room, lay there at the lever and pushes forward the button under the amber light bulb to provide the institution with power. The opposite room reveals a connecting tunnel to the searched space.

Embark into the bottom floor of the Sanatorium
Erin is still alive! Or at least it was after they had received in the accident in North Crest Manor the whole primal power in itself. In the lowest floor expect us more about it ...

Be careful of the liberated lunatic in eight. Blasted cells are connected by tunnels, uses this to the patient not to have to tackle head-on. After you've scoured the rooms, you go back to the shaft and let you continue downwards.

Explored the old prison section, but remains on the alert - you are not alone ... Once you have pressed the lever, turn ye not immediately to the right. The glowing symbol on the rock basin in the corner of the Chamber provides you an additional focal point!

Find Erin's cell
In this section, the proven principle versa once around - the light is now your dearest ally as deadly creatures lurk in the dark. Abstain from any confrontation and instead hold out for light switches to chase the nasty creatures. Your dogma is "from the middle". As the hunchbacked figures look bad, you can watch without much danger they move through the middle. Power under any circumstances from the Sprint-function use, as you will otherwise unmasked directly, rather you should the critters with a clinking bottle distracted. If you go without any hassle, you find yourself again without any major problems in the high-security wing.

Run courageous between the frenzied mutants through and opens the doors in your path. Just before you can leave the area behind you, get one of the creatures to take you. A brief flash of light and you find yourself at the end of the aisle and in safety. What just happened?

After the fall you are caught again in a dream - or? Moves up to you and collect again the bright flowers that guide you through the area.

Leave the hospital
We need answers. We need to where it all began - North Crest Manor. Therefore leave the institution.

Embark on North Crest Manor in Auldale
Sneak through the streets and flitting from cover to cover - you do not want to be victims of angry mobs.

Chapter 6: A man for # 1

Find a way into the estate of Baron
Turn out the nearby patrolling guard and move in the direction of the villa. Enter into the door to your left and turn the valve by the fountain from. Now you can achieve just about its foundation the terrace without being spotted by the watchful eyes of the crossbowmen. Bypass the guard right around the monument and then direct a left at the gate. Follow the path and the railing of the staircase jump down, near which snap at the guard. Open the door and cross the basement.

Place the Baron in his private study
Watch out for the pressure plate pair that secure the basement, and follow the corridor to the end. From there, a staircase leads to the ground floor of the house. The villa of the Baron is full of precious things - that's why you see to patient, it is helpful after the occurrence of each room to close the door again to alert any guard.

From the left aisle can be a door to the main hall open, in which you can surprise two guards. Continue to sneak now directly towards Baron is risky because of the many guards, rather take the stairs to the first floor.

Make sure that the path is paved in front of you from printing plates. Bypass the trap rather by means of the pipe on the side of the Gang. In the room before you, you can have a look at the magnificent vault of Baron throw - that this not supposed to be happy about the theft of his most precious treasure, make things equal something more lucrative for us. Around the corner invites striking paintings for inspection - and lo and behold - the way into the secret family chapel of the North Crests is found.

To reach the most valuable diamond "Heart of the Lion", you have the ornament under the lion head align it so that the image is consistent. Begin with the colorful ornament and tried to copy the same pattern on the opposite column. If in doubt, you have to play around a little here, the subsequent sight makes the effort but up for it. Take after leaving the hit of the captive bolt system into account, because right after the staircase to the rooms of the Baron waiting for you.

Of course, the cowardly nobleman has locked his door, so we have to take a little climbing around the room. Once there, we will be greeted by a gaping gap in the stairs, Garret therefore has to accept a detour on the outside of the elevator shaft, until we finally arrive at our destination.

Chapter 6: A man for # 2

Head to the ceremony chamber
Orion holds Erin caught - and we've even helped him that his plans soon become a reality. No wonder that Garret is now looking for a confrontation.

Once you also step out the door, you should turn off the soldier before you, before it can be put in motion. Turn then to the left and let the guard pass, which also comes out of the firelight. Wait patiently until the idol on the stairway turns you back and scurries with a sprint past him. Kauert quickly into the adjacent corner as you come your a soldier, what you should not notice.

After you have followed the corridor, pushes you again in one of the many niches and waits until the opponent has done the guard in front of you, and goes his way. Slip into the next room and crawl under the railing in front of you through as soon as the soldier should ever attempt at the vault.

Find the secret passage to the laboratory of Baron
Ignore the guards and looking in the rear right corner of the ceremony chamber the hidden switch that reveals a secret passage.

Embark down to the laboratory
Follow the path and do not forget the bag.

Obtain the fragment
You have no clock and no opponent in the neck, so use the time for a little breather, and explore the reactor chamber thoroughly.

In order to reach the splitter, you have to make you jump in the glass machinery advantage. First of all the lever next to the reactor, so that the space is supplied with current. The left valve it represents the height of the fragment so that it hovers behind the jump and increases the speed to the other exactly in the glass. After two repetitions of the glass and you can burst access.

Escape from the estate
When you want to draw you back to the safe ground, we are faced again the thieves capture general in the way. Fortunately, Garret can free this time from its stranglehold and reached dripping after a brief excursion into the cool water the municipal sewer system.

Exit the sewers
Battle your way through the musty haze out into the cool evening air.

Cross the bridge
Raise the rickety boat on the other side of the bridge with a (blunt) arrow from his rope and then jumps to the opposite side. Once there, you have to overcome the shaky scaffolding and fight your way through waves of fire burning adjacent house. Orient you to the rope and grating that exhibit you the way through the inferno, preserving peace.

Once you have reached the collapsing bridge, you should take the legs in hand, to avoid being buried under rubble - always thinks one step ahead, in which direction you have to orient you to not be stuck in a bad place.

Reach the cathedral in the old quarter
This time the queen of thieve has expressed understandable and the image that the record, is not hopeful - Erin dies, also dies the city! We must therefore allow, under any circumstances, that they perish at Orion ritual.

Chapter 7: The Hidden City # 1

Reach the Cathedral in the Old Quarter
Move straight and let the gloomy façade of the ruined cathedral act on you.

Enter the main hall of the cathedral

Thence up the shaft Creeps left through the gap in the wall and can climb to your right. As soon as the next idol turns away from you, you scurry into the hut. Do not be afraid to startle the bird, the main thing you remain in motion.

Cross the broken glass carefully and dip, keeping to the right you in the underpass from. With a Water Arrow wrap her surroundings next to the crossbowman in darkness and direct it thereafter with a bottle from. So you can climb the railing without risking to be discovered.

In the vestibule a chest waiting for you that you can open it before you ascend the platform and the bell brings with an arrow to ring.

Embark down into the pit
Due to the clever positioning, it is possible for us to let the incoming enemy just behind us. Follow the right gear, you overcome patient between the guards through and let you fall down to the scaffolding. To your left, you can use a small tube to avoid the patrolling idol, and finally put the lift mechanism in motion. Circle the approaching patrol again over the pipe and then squeezes you in the small supply elevator.

Find a way to top the city of the god
After your drive has an abrupt end, you will jump to the opposite wall and abseil from you at the end. Step into the back storage and crawl ducked through the shaft at the end. Then pays attention to the dangerous pressure plate on the floor, so dodge up and neutralize the threat with the wire cutter.

Follow the path through the rock and pull you with your claw in the hall to the next level. Set your path continues up over the stair section and the crate and flit on the left in the corner next to the patrolling crossbowmen. Waiting for an optimal point at which you turn your back on all three near-idol, then sprint into the rock hole and turn the guard from before you, before it turn back.

Set your path in the catacomb continue. Once you reach the stone bridge, ask yourself again the mysterious creatures from the sanatorium in the way. Therefore, stray from the path in the left direction and overcomes the abyss by rope dart to the other side. Jump up to the next rope, you sneak past the atrocities and open the door. Instead of following the waypoint you squeezed you in the adjacent area through the broken iron gate, crawl under the flamethrower over and lay around the valve, which can dry up the supply of flames. Then it go on up the ladder to the manhole.

Listening to the conversation between the two idols and unobtrusively follow the torchbearer who leads you to a gap in the wall. Slip through and open the following door.

Chapter 7: The Hidden City # 2

Enter the Rotunda
Hold on the left in the shadows, behind the bars you can expect a dealer. Sneak carefully over the broken glass and climb the stage behind the arch. Per claw it comes from the lateral niche in the corner of the hall.

Direct the guards off to yourself by separating the suspended on a cable box with an arrow from its lifeline, and dive into the side corridor to your right. Once the enemies abandon the search for you, flit by Sprint to the large, veiled box and look for the height advantage. Climb to complete the window.

In the rotunda you finally meet on Orion. As he prepares the ritual to free the elemental force of Erin's body you overtakes a new dream sequence. Let you again by the bright flowers direct it, until you are finally arrived at the "voice of the people". During this flees with Erin together before you, an old enemy enter the stage - the thieves capture general.

Defeat the thieves capture General
You have two options to end the deadly confrontation:

Option 1: fighting. The general has bothered you once too often, and now he must suffer the consequences. This option is the easier and allows you also, the room (and the body of the thief catcher) to browse in peace, that is the preferred choice for the majority represent.

To do your opponent, you have to internalize only two behaviors - to have, first in motion and secondly out of view. Instead of attacking the general head-on, you should initiate the arc by now. Aiming carefully, send your basement on the journey and brings by Sprint a few feet between you and your previous location. As long as you keep yourselves while in the shade, the mad thieves catcher beharken the position from which you have fired the shot while you make ready the second arrow. This procedure you have to repeat depending on the penetration of the arrow style, five to eight times, until your enemy seriously wounded.

Now distract him and go at him in close combat. Have you done everything right, you can turn it off with a massive blow your claw and continue your way.

Option 2: Escape. Due to the increased difficulty is not the preferred choice, but significantly more atmospheric.

Bring directly with a sprint to the right side some distance between you and your opponent. In front of you will discover a valve with which you can push back against the door the barriers. Direct the General off by her narrowly missed him with an arrow, and then use the short security to operate the valve. At this point, you should also make use of your water arrows to plunge the entire hall in the dark - you have namely the same on the other side of the room to repeat.

Have you done this, you are almost there, only a really complicated lock separate you from the secure side room yet. Make sure that does not burn the door of the adjacent torch and provide you with some valuable seconds. Sprint to the door and activate. You don’t have the ability to slow down time, can in fact almost forgotten your plans. Five bars you have to crack, keep the peace and do not be too hectic. Should you have cracked the door, you can be certain that you have mastered the most difficult point in the game.

Chapter 8: twilight

Find out where Orion Erin has brought

Pave your way through the damp caves, will seek to ensure that anomalies roam the area. As long as you behave yourself quietly and cautiously creep over to the figures, can you pass anything.

Find a way into the ship
Instead of the obvious way to go, her soaked in the small passage on the right side and climb on the outside of the device along. Make a breather in the near closet until the patrolling guard turns away from you, and it bypasses the left direction after she started her round from the front.

The idol behind the staircase is sent into the land of dreams, the two entertaining rebels ignored her and soaked them out through the tunnel on the right side.

Go on board the twilight
Let you down the hill, lays Optionally, enter a short stop at the dealer and continues your way over the scaffold.

Find Orion and Erin
Climb on the inside of the vessel along and let be the adjacent door on the left - instead follows the transition to the lower level. Maneuvering of the guard with the lamp and take the stairs to the top floor. Before you open the door, you should hatches through the keyhole to waylay the right moment for your advocacy. Opens the door as soon as the guard moves away from you, you steal behind him and turns it off. Screwed on the grid at the end of the floor and put yourself through the tunnel. To your right, you take the stairs and finally reached the elevator, which transports you into the cargo deck.

Shooter before you should turn off her and pull his body in the shadows of the elevator. Crack in the adjoining room the left door and let you on the rope in front of you down the hall. Since two opponents block the output, you put yourself through the hatch to your left down a floor and so happen to actually locked room on the page.

Consequence Erin track
The pretty cutscene initiate the final showdown. Erin eventually gained control of her powers and take revenge on Orion. Hateful and confused they can not distinguish between friend and foe. You choose to follow Erin - otherwise all efforts were in vain.

Attempt to approach you Erin
Let yourself be guided by the glowing plants around Erin and come closer to her.

Consequence Erin track
Erin does not listen to you and transforms the rigid soldiers in anomalies. Meander you used cautiously between the disfigured creatures through and make Erin.

Steal the primal force of Erin
Stay in motion and try distance between you and your former student to bring. Grab the pies after another and heals you when needed. Draw near to Erin, after you have set it back together and they finally freed of its burden.

Congratulations, you have successfully played through Thief!

Customer orders - Vittori # 1

Upstairs the tavern "The Siren's Nest", visiting her in the preparation of Chapter 5, you'll encounter the dubious fair seller Vittori, where some of his most exquisite collectible "gone missing" are. Garret agrees to procure these items back for a reasonable sum.

Search Black Market for the stolen skull
We should Vittori stolen skull which can supposedly predict to find in the future again. Take it way back to the roof of Riverside and enter the marked area.

Search for a clue to the whereabouts of the skull
Nestle you to the corner of the house before you, and listening to the conversation of the nobleman with the drunkard before you.

Open the gate for Lenny the drunkard
We want to ensure that Lenny leads us to the skull. Because of this in his intoxication but barely manage it alone, we grab something to him under the arm. Reason not swing right over the boxes in the yard and crack the door to the drunkard. Do not worry - you have yourself Lenny not hide, he will keep you up for a hallucination or such like and not betray you.

Concern that Lenny reached his hiding
Rotate the tap next to the two blaspheming guards to effectively cut off by the exiting fire. Once Lenny reached his beloved Rosie, you have to again operate a valve, which conveys the prostitute in the stinking waters of the bridge. Finally, Crack the gate, which denied the drunkard, the entrance to the house looking for.

Steal the skull
Follow Lenny into warehouse and sneak to the bandit before you pass to the upper floor - as already mentioned, you do not have sure to disappear from Lenny's field of view, the situation thus appear at first glance trickier than it is in reality .

On the upper floor you beat the guard Ko and plunder the floor until her the "talking head" is in the box.

Return To The City
Listen on your way back to the suggestions of the skull and leave the area

Customer orders - Vittori # 2

Head to the house of the collector
A collector in riverside has acquired Vittori's amazing eight-legged cat. Now it has changed your mind and wants to return the seller his beloved treasure. To do this you need an area back to the port of Riverside, from there turn left into mica Lane and go into the high Aalbeißer shack.

Steal the octopus
Climb out of the window in front of you and the skin below your socks off guard. Follow the course of the alley and pulls you then with the claw at the corresponding grid houses facade up. Turns the guard among you by jumping from the top, will seek to ensure that a second guard will see what is happening to their colleagues.

Behind the painting in the basement you can expose a safe that will open you with the code number "812" access to the secret vault of a collector. In the closet to your left the unique cat is waiting for you.

Escape from the House of collector
Leave the level.

Head to the guard station
Vittori beloved Ysabella vagrancy was accused and imprisoned in the guard station in the city. Although we really do not rescue missions, we meet the lovable rogue last wish. To guard station you come by their "way of the Barons - South" follows the road in the area and you sneaks past the guard.

Liberate Ysabella
Once in the guard house, we will once greeted by two then rotting corpses. Applies from you, and rises above the box one level up. Send a precaution the opponent to sleep on your right or you stalking directly past him into the adjoining room.

Move it there quickly in you right corner and remains in the shadows until the torch bearer has a second time crossed your path. Then it comes to him and then to the amateur burglar to the collar. Behind the door you will find the key to Ysabellas cell on the desk.

On the opposite side of the office is the staircase, which you use to reach the basement and set there Ysabella.

Escape with Ysabella from the guard station
Take the first two curious soldiers from the previous room, there opens the door to the back door and heaves Ysabella outside.

Customer orders - Ector # 1

In the section "The channel" of the Stone Markets is the entrance to the workshop of Ector, a slightly crazed mechanic whose life dream is a robot - affectionately called "metal man" - complete. We help him to get the three remaining parts.

Go to "Alfonso's clothing"
In Alfonso's Tailoring the valuable mechanical hand of the machine is kept. Leave for the store in the left direction squeezes you through the furniture in the back storage space to the street of the Baron.

Steal the mechanical hand of the automaton
Sneak past the guard as soon as it has scared the poor beggar, but take you from it in eight to step on the shards. Get out of the gutter to the upper floor of the house and follow the stairs to the basement, where the mechanical hand stores.

Escape from "Alfonso's clothing"
Leave the tailoring on the same path, even as ye are come into it.

Search the corpse of the thief for clues
Hired by Ector thief has already stolen the larynx of the machine, but was caught. We need him, willy-nilly search and find out where the hidden part. Crosses to the Stone Market and enter the path of the Baron. The hanged crook can you make out in front of you, put on an arrow and separate the lifeless body of the rope. Then her scurrying into the dark alley in front of you, and from there to the Thief.

Jump to Oxheart Perry's pawnshop
To get the larynx, you have a detour to Riverside to take you. Look into the rafters of the house for a matching pillar for attaching a rope arrow and then passes through the tranquil apartment for pawnshop.

Steal the larynx of the machine
Shimmy left out the window and turn off the guard as soon as they can wander over the water their views. Open the door - conduct yourself not so obvious that the dog will pay attention to you - and bypass the piffling guards through the grating to your right. The motion joyful soldiers you have to keep at rest before you can enter the room to the vault. Be sure that the vault is secured with traps, you should already be so injured, it is useful to first manipulate the fuse box upstairs.

Escape from the pawnshop
Leave the area carefully in order not to be discovered at the last minute.

Customer orders - Ector # 2

Embark on Clockwise home
The only thing missing for the last part - the heart of the machine. In the truest sense of the word. The mechanical heart is to be found in the apartment of the watchmaker Clockwise, from which one tells himself that he is insane. So off to Grandmauden and right of the guard station in the side street.

Steal the heart of the machine
Finally, in order to keep the heart in your hands, you have to solve three riddles. At the bottom of the cabinet who oppose comes to you after the onset, you will discover a button. Actuates and a wall of the house will shift and make you as a new part of the apartment accessible. Addiction in every newly opened space such a switch (in the last room you first need to have a bookcase with a secret switch move) and so find an elevator that transports you to the top.

In the hidden workshop of Clockwise you find a pressure surface in the wall admitted that confronts you with the second puzzle - you have to submerge any part of the symbol in the wall so that your path can continue. Ultimately, helps only the trial and error principle further, an appropriate tactic can not be recommended.

Once again you come across an elevator that takes you down deep this time. The last task is to cross the floor panels in a certain pattern, otherwise the gate closes to the heart and you must start again. These steps you must go:

Stand by the board right outside and goes a step forward. Now you turn away to the left and cross all four plates to the other side. Turn right again and to let two plates behind you. Now one step to the right and to the left and you can your fingers around the "heart of the machine" a close.

Escape from Clockwise home
Conveniently, you do not have to go back all the way, but you can easily take the ladder that will guide you through the basement of the house to the outside.