Tetris N-Blox: Learn how to play the classic online game

In Tetris N-Blox The aim seems to be simple. But stack the colored bricks the game is not so easy. The pieces need to fit perfectly, otherwise the lines are not completed and are not eliminated, reaching the top of the screen and giving game over. Therefore, we have prepared some basic and useful tips to get good scores in the online game.

Tetris N-Blox is a great option for the game, is free and has 10 difficulty levels. Just click on the "Enter" and prepare to guide the pieces with the directional arrow keys.

Always start the game the easy level, so you can practice and gain experience. Do not forget to reverse the position of the pieces and see what your best fitting, for it is just press the up arrow. After that, stay tuned for the next part to determine the best position of current.

Understand the parts, each one has a special feature, for example, the piece I is useful for filling empty rows or complete four horizontal spaces at once. Have the square does not change, but it is ideal for large gaps. The piece that is shaped in L is ideal to be used for medium spaces, it can also help in the dock.

However, there are some parts that are a bit more difficult to fit. For example, those having shape S and T. They are ideal for filling small gaps. The more lines you can complete, the more points you get. Try to do more than one at a time to earn double points. Finally, have patience, you will need!