The Last of Us: Left Behind - 11 Artifact Locations, Walkthrough, Cheats

The Last of Us: Left Behind: After having amazed with The Last of Us, Naughty Dog and Sony rely covered with DLC titled Left Behind. More than just a side quest, this new venture aims to highlight some unknown aspects of the life of Ellie, particularly during the period that precedes the events of the main plot. During those few hours, the teen that will appreciate you travelers in a department store company in the sparkling Riley, and return forever changed.

Of course, this DLC brings a lot of secrets that you can discover here through our walkthrough for The Last of Us: Left Behind. You will find not only the flow of 6 chapters of the extension but also the locations of 11 artifacts hidden in order to obtain the "Spring Cleaning" Trophy. Better yet, Left Behind complete solution will get you the "Best Friends" Trophy.

Chapter 1 - I'm going super fast
Chapter 2 - Shopping Night
Chapter 3 - So close
Chapter 4 - Fun and Games
Chapter 5 - The enemy of my enemy
Chapter 6 - Escape Liberty Gardens
Guide hidden artifacts
Guide optional conversation

Chapter 1 - I'm going super fast

Outside of your stash, ride the escalator in front of you then go to the left. Down the hall, turn right to find the entrance to the pharmacy to enter, just go under the gate.

Take a small tour to find some elements of manufacturing and then go take a look behind the counter to find a note. It tells you where to find the pharmacist but also happens to be the first artifact of the game Anyway, get out now pharmacy and turn right, then you arrive at the entrance of the store, American Princess can unlock it by using the combination found on the previous note.

Once inside, head to the back of the room and loot the corpse to retrieve the key from the pharmacy. After the cutscene, consider searching the corpse a second time to get your hands on the rating of the pharmacist, the second artifact of the game Now make a U-turn and head towards the exit, at this time, you will see an infected behind portal, approach so quietly to be able to safely dispose.

Alone again, return to the pharmacy and open the locked door to discover the rather disappointing contents of the First Aid. Do not shoot so far and jump out the window, then continue your road to Pixitek store that is located on your right.

Chapter 2 - Shopping Night

The walkthrough for The Last of Us: Left Behind continues with a jump in time bringing us before the events of the main frame. After the cutscene, follow Riley in the building and then go under the boards. In the next room, go to the office located at the bottom to find the Wanted for Marlene.

Riley then continues to follow the building and climb the elements of sets to reach the floor. At the top, walk along the ledge to reach the other side and then forward a few meters, then you will see the emblem of the Fireflies on the wall to your left. Get close to it to enable an optional call.

Continue your progress along with Riley until you reach the outside of the building. There, drop down below and walk on the board right, then it will go along the glass to reach the entrance of the store.

Within the latter, go down the escalator and turn immediately right, then you will find a great post on how to enable another optional call. Now go back on your feet and move to the billboard for water guns, the latter being conducive to the activation of a new optional call.

Continue your drive and get the next escalator, down the latter, talk to Riley to activate an optional dialogue. Under the latter, enter into the tent of Winston and go search the cabinet located inside to activate another conversation. Riley will then offer to drink a little alcohol, accept to activate a new dialogue.

Now get out of the tent and near the saddle which is just before you to discover a new optional dialogue. Once it is complete, follow Riley and help her raise the car by pressing the on-screen button.

Unfortunately, the passage is blocked by the landslide suddenly several concrete blocks, it will therefore you approach the door of the store that is your right, then press Triangle to help Riley s' introduce. Inside it, approach your friend and put on the mask, you will then load the bar to roar like a real werewolf.

From there, many optional activities available to you, I invite you to consult the section "Conversations optional" in the walkthrough to see them all.

When you have finished with the costume shop, walk out the back door and wait a few moments. Riley will then propose a small brick throwing contest in which it will be destroyed as soon as possible the windows of the car assigned to you. If you do, you can ask the question of your choice to your opponent, and releasing a new optional call.

"Pro-throwing brick" trophy

Under this dialogue, give you road and down the stairs with your girlfriend. When you reach the hallway at the bottom, turn left instead of following Riley to discover the warning note on a desk. Once this item in your possession, join your girlfriend and activate the generator store. You will then have to open the door at the end of the corridor to complete this chapter of the adventure.

Inside it, turn right and go under the rubble to find a passage to the rest of the area. A little further, loot the corpse twice as you can see on the ground to grab a kit of care and rating salon. Then jump over the left column and then down the stairs, you will no longer have to jump over the railing of the stairs to put an end to this chapter.

Chapter 3 - So close

Back in snowy store, walk around the area to recover ammunition and then go take a look around carts located in front of the stairs by which you just happen to find the rating of the Atrium. This is done, follow the ground cable to the maintenance area and move to the flooded corridor.

There continue to grow until the generator room then approach the machine to find the rating of the generator. Then get a can of gasoline that is behind you then wait a few moments time infected take position in the room.

After being eliminated from the way you have considered adequate, open the gray tank truck to grab some gasoline. Then use it to restart the generator and restore power in the area.

From there, open the door which is close and then climb the ladder. The next step is to move on the ventilation ducts to reach the roof of the red truck, from this position, you can turn left to reach the ground level.

Down, open the first electric door and pull the carriage that is inside. Then go open the second door on the right and place it in the cart, so you can climb the crates and use the door as a bridge.

Back on conduits, head towards the left side of the room and then go open the door. On the other side of it there are many infected, so wait a few moments and eliminate the first Clicker patrol, then you can get rid of the Ranger isolated before proceeding to the second room.

Once all enemies eliminated, open the gate of the store and then wait a few moments. You will then get rid of two other Clickers before opening the door to the forbidden zone.

Once quiet, ride the escalator and then immediately turn left to find the Dictaphone Atrium, Then continue your journey to the snowy debris and climb them. It will do just jumping towards the helicopter to finish this chapter.

Chapter 4 - Fun and Games

Head to the carousel and ride the horse to trigger a cutscene. Under the latter, Riley will offer a collection of jokes, remove it so all jokes Book to validate all relevant optional conversations.

This fact, put your book and follow Riley to Photobooth, using it, you will unlock the optional last conversation and getting the "Best Friends" Award. When you are done with the photos, return near the carousel and search kitchens that are behind, there you will find Note the kitchen. Once the cleaned area, ride the escalator and enter the arcade.

Here, move to the back of the room and get into the game called Jak X Racing to unlock the trophy "Nobody's perfect", then join Riley for a game session rather original. It will now perform the actions shown on the screen in order to beat your imaginary opponent. If you manage to complete the "party" without a scratch, you win the "Angel Knives" Trophy.

Trophy "Nobody is perfect"

Under the part, go into the hallway and open the back door to join Riley. After the cutscene, you will attack your friends with your water gun. If the first part of the game does not really stake, this is not the case for the rest.

In fact, you'll now face Riley in a sort of game of cat and mouse with the aim and find your opponent and water. So stay attentive to the slightest noise and win at least two parts to get the "Fortiche" Trophy. Whether you win or lose, the chapter ends at the end of the game.

Chapter 5 - The enemy of my enemy

Back in the present, go to the main hallway and enter the small room to the right to find the group photo. Then continue your way down the hall to see appear in front of you a band of three armed men. Start here by getting rid of the man isolated on the right before you deal with the other two.

Once safely enter into the conduit located in the right lane and follow the trail of blood to find the Dictaphone duct, by doing this you will get the "Spring Cleaning" Trophy. On the other side of the duct, you will come across a few looters and infected group, so throw a brick or a bottle towards the bandits for the two groups happily kill.

When the area is cleared, exit the store and climb on the barricade right to enter the next section. Inside it, you will be infected and threatened by bandits again. Therefore react in the same way as before and attract the infected to the bandits before you care for survivors.

Now head up to the back of the store and climb the debris, above, open the portal store to join the starting point for your adventure. There, trying to reach the position of Joel and then hide behind the scenery when the bandits take position.

The aim here is to get rid of all enemies in the area, so start to remove the two men on the left side to neutralize the bandit right. Remove then the two thieves who attempt to open the door below. Once quiet, go to the shop door and try to open it to trigger the arrival of new enemies.

They arrive first by the store on the left, so welcome them as it should before you go to get rid of troublemakers last upstairs. When the last man falls, an infected band comes on the scene, so try to get on the ground floor and then remove them with a cocktail or a bomb. You can then open the shop door and join your friend to put an end to this fifth chapter.

Chapter 6 - Escape Liberty Gardens

Again along with Riley, run to the gate and help the girl to lift. The next step is to go below, to go get the truck that is close then place it under the gate to allow Riley to join you on the other side.

Now continue your progress through the area trying not to lose sight of your friend. When you pass under a barricade, quickly press the indicated screen to get rid of the infected that you stick to Basque button.

A little further protect your girlfriend using your knife and continue to run away. When you reach the area of the scaffolding, take a run and jump over the hole to reach the other side.

Finally, follow Riley in the work area and climb the crates to try to run away. Unfortunately, you fall on the ground and you need to defend against infection. After the death of the latter, remove the one that takes Riley to put an end to this chapter and, at the same time, the Cheats for The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Guide Hidden Artifacts

Throughout the six chapters of the game, you can get your hands on hidden artifacts. By harvesting 11 objects, you will unlock the "Clean Sweep" Trophy.

11 Hidden artifacts guide

Chapter 1
Note the combination: In the pharmacy, on the floor behind the counter. Compulsory acquisition in the plot.

Note pharmacist: American Princess In the store, after obtaining the key to the pharmacy, loot the corpse again to find the artifact.

Note the beauty salon: After getting the kit on the body care beauty salon, loot again to find this note.

Chapter 2
Wanted: At the beginning of the chapter, after passing under the barricaded door, look on the desktop at the bottom of the room to find the artifact.

Cautionary Note: After throwing contest brick, you descend into the basement. There, do not follow Riley down the hall but enter the first room on the left to find the notes on a desk.

Chapter 3
Note Atrium: At the beginning of the chapter, search the entire area to the bottom left of the atrium to find the note in a blood stain.

Note generator: In the generator room, look to the left of the machine to find the note.

Dictaphone Atrium: Ares you open the locked door of the Atrium, ride the escalator and turn left to find the object in a tent.

Chapter 4
Note the kitchen: Dig cuisine Fast Food located behind the carousel to find a note on the work plan.

Chapter 5
Group Photo: At the beginning of the chapter, head to the large hallway and enter the room on the right to find the document near a corpse.

Dictaphone duct: After removing a first group of bandits, you enter a ventilation duct. Inside of it, follow the trail of blood to find the object.

Guide optional conversations

Throughout the chapters featuring Riley, you have the opportunity to trigger optional conversations. By discovering all you will unlock the "Best Friends" Trophy.

Chapter 2
Emblem of the Fireflies: Just after crossing the hole in the ground along the ledge, look on the left into the next room to activate the conversation about fireflies.

Holiday Poster: Upon entering the department store, go down the first escalator and turn right immediately to find an advertisement for a vacation.

Advertising for Water Guns: Since the billboard before, turn around and go forward until you find a poster for water pistols on the right.

Death of Winston: Just before reaching the yellow tent Winston Riley stops in front of you and you can start the dialogue.

Photo of Winston + alcohol: In the tent Winston, search her dresser to find a picture and accept to drink alcohol.

Saddle horse Winston: Leaving Winston tent, go right to find the saddle of his horse.

Eyes in a jar: In the costume shop, go right at the bottom right and pick up the jar that sits on the shelf. Make a U-turn to activate a dialogue with Riley.

Vampire mask: Head to the vampires stand near the exit of the store and wait for Riley to take the mask to activate the dialogue.

Witch Mask: In the central radius of the store, get the witch mask to activate a new dialogue.

Mask pigeon: In the alley near the exit of the store, grab the mask pigeon to automatically activate a dialogue.

The diviner crane: Interact with the skull on the left of the entrance to the store as many times as necessary to unlock all optional conversations. In the last dialog, Riley will in turn consult the crane.

Brick throwing contest: To unlock this dialog, start by winning the competition to launch brick then ask a question Riley. You do not need to ask any questions to unlock the trophy.

Chapter 4
Collection of jokes: After breakfast carousel ride, you get a joke book. List all the jokes collection to Riley to validate all conversations.

The booth: In the carousel, Riley will offer to use the photo booth. If you have unlocked all previous conversations, it is at this point that you will get the "Best Friends" Trophy.