Thief Trophy List, Achievement, Collectibles and Tips

Here you will find the full list of Trophies, Achievements, Collectibles and Tips to unlock them in the game, Thief, for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. The title of Square Enix, which will release on February 28, offers you to as play Garrett, a master thief in the heart of The City, a large medieval city. To unlock all the trophies and success of the game, you need to avoid the rush. In addition, you must complete the adventure in Master difficulty and collect all the collectibles.

Awards & Achievements for Xbox 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4 & PC

Obsessive Compulsive - 5G
Steal all loots and collectibles.

Sleight of Hand - 20G
Making pockets 100 people in a single match.

Quickly Pick a Lucky Lock - 10G
Unlock a lock with the speed of a master.

Something to Prove - 100G
Finish the game with a difficulty of 700 points or more.

Dark Archer - 20G
Complete 10 objectives, optional flight.

Legend in Leather - 75G
Complete 25 objectives, optional flight.

Mint Condition - 10G
Complete three consecutive chapters without conceding damage.

Focus on the Tasks at Hand - 5G
Make somebody's pocket and pick a lock using the Focus ability.

A Moral Victory - 100G
Complete the game without being killed or knocked.

One Step Ahead - 20G
Ten disarm traps mechanisms.

Clear Headed - 30G
Reach the last chapter without using the Focus ability.

Hard Times - 60G
Complete the game on difficulty Master.

Modesty Denied - 30G
Make a score of 5000000 or more on a map Challenge.

Child of the Shadows - 10G
Complete a Chapter without alerting anyone.

Hail of Glass - 10G
Shooting a bottle in the air with the bow.

Health Hazard - 25G
Kill or knock 10 persons through the environment.

Priceless - 20G
Complete a set of collectibles.

What's Yours is Mine - 40G
Complete all sets of collectibles.

Hidden Agenda - 20G
15 discover secret areas.

Finders Keepers - 40G
Discover secret areas.

Cache Dispenser - 100G
Spend 40,000 gold units.

Working Overtime - 40G
Complete all customer jobs.

Dastardly Deeds - 80G
Complete all jobs Basso.

All That Glitters - 15G
Fly 5 collectibles.

Predatory Drive - 30G
Complete the game in 15 hours or more