Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Walkthrough - solve all puzzles

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a refurbished newest Lara Croft game, released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Bringing virtually the same content as the previous version, the game adds high definition textures and several new effects to make the adventure even more lively and impressive. Need help to win the battles and puzzles in the game? Check out the full walkthrough of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

Part 1
After a mysterious shipwreck, Lara and the crew of the Endurance find themselves trapped on an island full of dangers. In the first few minutes will be needed to handle torches and escape manic caves scattered throughout the game. Be careful and alert.

Part 2
After finding Sam, Lara gets caught in a bear trap and has to use her newly learned skills with the bow to escape wild wolves. After that, the tensest battles begin to appear. Use the bow wisely to stop enemies quickly and quietly.

Part 3
After saving Roth, the time comes when you need to retrieve adventurous backpacking supplies inside a cave full of wolves. Walls for climbing are also part of the new challenges. Stay tuned to the exact timing before pressing the button. This can save you the falls, which can even be fatal.

Part 4
After the failed attempt to get help via radio, Lara will leave for the tower in an attempt to an emergency call. By the way, hordes of enemies will try to stop the advance of the heroine, who will already have some new weapons to facilitate the fighting.

Part 5
Already on land, Lara must cause a fire to become visible to the rescue plane. Even so, a tragedy waiting the young. While slide, note the parts of the plane and try to stay on the opposite side of them, preventing them get it right Lara.

Part 6
Use arrows with strings (RB or R1) to cross the great peaks, and head indicated by the pilot parachute part. Already in the tombs, use the new shotgun to kill enemies more easily. To take down gates, pull the big bells with arrows and strings and make them hit the wall hard.

Part 7
Before entering the water, ready to slip. It is important to dodge all barriers, or heroin dead end. Use the shotgun to take down small barriers along the way. You parachute, move to the sides avoiding the trees.

Part 8
Against large group of enemies, use the arrows flammable barrels to cause huge explosions. Against nearby enemies shotgun solves the problem. After the match, climb the ropes and head for the top of the scene where Grim will be fighting against another large group.

Part 9
Toward the palace, cross the bridge with the help of Roth. It is important to follow his orders, until the path is completely clean. After that, take the underground part, where more enemies await you. Be sure to buy upgrades for your weapons, as extended combs and greater capacity for bullets.

Part 10
In part of the ritual, use fire arrows in stitches with gas to cause explosions and wipe out several enemies at once. The next puzzle, create a big explosion to open the locked door, and run away and find his friends.

Part 11
Already in the palace, use the pillars as a hideout to face dozens of enemies. When the fire intensify, head to the right of the screen to exit. The enemy with a mounted machine gun, aim at the head to cause an explosion without dying many times.

Part 12
During the explosions, run by the parties with wood to keep from falling. Still need to get away from some enemies and take care of the flames. After the death of one of the characters follow the dark forest killing as many enemies with your bow. This will prevent you from being perceived.

Part 13
In the puzzle, pull the animal's body with the rope, and then jump to the piece of wood, and then to the wall. After this, follow the big lift. Get ready for more fighting in suspended boats where firearms are a great option. After that follow the ropes to meet with the group.

Part 14
Follow the rocks toward the Endurance. On the way, most well-armed enemies await, Lara. This is also a good time to improve the weapons with new unlocked parts. Give preference to bow, rifle and shotgun, they are constantly working.

Part 15
On the ship, use dodges and shotgun to defeat the big guy. After he died, he will release the tool to climb ropes and drop heavy objects. After that is the time to help Alex, who is trapped in a room. Watch the video carefully to learn how to beat the puzzle without wasting much time.

Part 16
After leaving the ship, check out the research base rising to the indicated (press L1/LB). You must use the arc to pass between the gaps and get caught on walls. In the complicated puzzle of the elevator, you must remove all the gears to access the lower floor. If you have any difficulties, watch the video.

Part 17
After finding the body of the Samurai, get ready to face a wave of enemies. Use firearms to defeat them more easily. Later, hide and follow the ritual to get to the location of Sam. It is important not to make too much noise to not draw the attention of the guards.

Part 18
Amid the strong wind, you must face strong samurai to advance. Prefer arrows in the head and shoots shotgun to not have a lot of work. In the next puzzle, climb the large cage, close the hole in the ground, pull it close to you and climb on it to reach the highest point of the scene. If you have difficulties, watch the video.

Part 19
Take the bridge to meet Mathias, who is still with Sam. After that, climb the icy palace and find stronger opponents at the top. After you beat them, collect all the ammo you can and get ready for the final boss.


In a large frozen arena, you must face a samurai. To win, use the old tactic of avoidance and shotgun. So that the head bang err, shoot at his back as often as possible. After defeating him, you still need to shoot a few times against Mathias. Sam will be delivered from the spirit of the sun goddess, and finally the crew can go home. Less Lara.