Zelda: A Link to the Past - Locations of all Bottles / Heart Pieces Wii U (GBA)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Tips to locations of all heart pieces and bottles, and more in VC classic game on Wii U.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is considered, by many players, one of the best installments in the series. This is not least the fact that many serial standards in the epic adventure had its first appearance. Something that already existed in the very first Zelda for the NES, returned to the drastic changes of the second part in the SNES offshoot back too: the parts of the heart.

In our tips for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, we offer you all the locations of the core components in the SNES classic. On this article you will find our list of locations of all heart pieces in Zelda: A Link to the Past. We tell you where you can find in A Link to the Past the practical life saver.

Table of Contents

1 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Tips - General Tips + Locations of all bottles
2 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Tips - Locations of all Pieces of the Heart

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Tips - General Tips + Locations of all bottles

1: Move at the beginning in any cave or mine. In it are often parts of the heart or helpful items

2: Begin with the butterfly net fairies. If you die once, the fairies can revive you. This is especially useful when the final boss battle. You get from a boy in Kakario. You should, however, be in possession of a bottle.

3: You should hollow flippers and better sign up. Since both objects during the game are very useful. The improved shield gets her at the waterfall of desires, when you throw into your old sign. The fins will get it for 500 Rupees from King Zora.

4: Talk to all the people who you meet. Most of them give you important information on side quests or dungeons. Also the talking trees in the shadows give useful information.

5: Also try to get all the bottles! Here is a list of where to find them:

First bottle

The village pub is Kakariko has a back entrance. Go inside and you'll find a chest with the first bottle.

Second bottle

The second bottle is easy to find. The traders on the marketplace in Kakariko it offers for 100 Rupees.

Third Bottle

The third bottle can be found under the bridge on the hill passage. Floats at including and talk to the sleeping man.

Fourth bottle

To get the fourth and final bottle, you have to go to the house of the blacksmith in the shadow world. There you will find a box that runs behind you. Change in the normal world and run with the box to the man in front of the desert. He will open the box for you and you get the fourth bottle.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Tips - Locations of all pieces of the heart

1 To the west of Kakariko, there is a well into which you come by her down jumps from the hill above. Inside waits a Piece of Heart for you.

2 To the west of the Cathedral lies a great stone pile, you can destroy by her other hand resting with the Pegasus boots. In the as-exposed cave a Piece of Heart waiting for you.

3 Move into the house located south of Kakariko and explodes inside the crumbling wall. Go through the resulting opening and mastering the maze mini-game within 15 seconds.

4 In the Lost Woods you discover a rectangular growing bush formation. Eliminate the average greenhouse and jump into the hole in the ground underneath.

5 In the house of the thief in Kakariko you can discover a crumbling wall in the basement. Blow up them and grab the piece of heart behind it.

6 Once you have drained the story course the water in the swamp ruins, you can discover right next to the entrance part of the heart in the now dried-up pond.

7 Once you change using the magic mirror of the shadows in the normal world, you put yourself in the shadow realm to where discovered her in Hyrule a rock in shape of a horizontal 8. Substituted by using the mirror back to the normal world and the heart part is yours.

8 Just underneath the rocks where you can find the seventh piece of heart, you have to let yourself fall down to a small ledge. Inside the cave you'll find a Piece of Heart here.

9 In the northeast of the desert, there is a cave where an old man lives. Break the brittle wall inside in the air and brings you the Piece of Heart.

10 A second output in the desert temple you come to the ledge in the western desert. Here goes along and you reach the Piece of Heart.

11 Once you have met Agahnim the first time, disappear the two lumberjacks before the entrance to the Lost Forest. Bumps into the tree with the Pegasus boots and grab the piece of heart in it.

12 Once you can swim, you follow the river below Zora's Domain to the south. Go up and you'll find the Piece of Heart.

13 On the golden pyramid in the shadow realm you find this Piece of Heart. It lies on the narrow ledge on the eastern part of the pyramid.

14 In the shadow realm you can find east of the village of the damned many wooden stakes. It appears in it with the hammer into the ground and a cave together with Piece of Heart.

15 Climb up the ladder north of the cemetery in the shadow world up. Changes to the magic mirror back to Hyrule and the heart piece is yours.

16 Near the Ice Palace in the shadow world you discover a stone circle. Use this as the magic mirror and brings you into the heart of Hyrule part.

17 Play the mini-game chests in the village of the damned. In one of the boxes you will find a Piece of Heart.

18 Where in Hyrule the maze mini-game is to find, located in the shadow world, a digging mini-game. Paddle straight until you find the heart piece.

19 At the entrance to Death Mountain in the Dark World, there is a section that you can only get with the magic cape. Use it and get you as a reward, the heart part.

20 Eliminates the power gloves the big rocks west of the turtle rock in the shadow realm, in the north-east of the map. Use inside the air-medallion and go through the invisible bridge. On the other hand you're traveling with the magic Mirror to Hyrule.

21 South of the circular tree formation on the map can be found in the shadow world, a strange grown flowerbed. Use the magic mirror and bring the heart piece of the cave.

22 In the desert the bottom of the shadow world you put yourself in the Northeast in a cave with a piece of heart in it.

23 The desert temple in the shadow world has three inputs. Go through the left and bring you the piece of heart in it.

24 In front of the turtle rock in the shadow world you have to use the magic mirror to go to a secret cave entrance.