Batman: Arkham Knight - game world, five times big than Arkham City

Yesterday Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady announced officially the action adventure Batman: Arkham Knight for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, solid information on the final Arkham title was leaked online, also within the scope of the game world. Thus, Gotham is about five times bigger than Batman Arkham City. Game Director Sefton Hill emphasized in an interview with Game Informer, however, that it is not rock steady to the creation of the largest open-world title of all time. "We want to make sure that the world is full of interesting tasks," said Hill. Game Informer brings a world exclusive, the first cover story for Batman: Arkham Knight.

The Game Director: "We are trying the most varied, most vibrant and most dense open-world to create." In Batman: Arkham Knight The Dark Knight must first use his Batmobile. In the CGI trailer below you can see Batman with his vehicle. The hero has the Batmobile necessary because the opponent advent in Gotham to have almost quadrupled compared to Arkham City. The information about the game world size in Batman: Arkham Knight has compiled the online magazine from the latest Game Informer issue. The action adventure is expected come out this fall.

Official Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer - "Father to Son"