Bound By Flame Awards & Achievements

You will find below the full list of Trophies, Achievements and Tips in the Bound by Flame on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. The game will prompt you to multiply the parties to get their hands on all the trophies. It will indeed finish this RPG several difficulties, engage in romances with different characters (which involve an Avatar male / female), and make moral choices.

Bound By Flame Awards & Achievements

Beasted - 15G
! You dominated a Juggernaut ... and this is only the beginning!

General demoted - 15G
You killed a general Deadwalker and saved the village Valvenor from massacre.

Farewell my Concubine - 15G
Your aggressive stance on polygamy has claimed its first victim in the entourage of Blackfrost.

...the harder they fall - 15G
You dominated Blacksfrost Lord himself!

The one and only Lord - 10G
You have stripped the Ice Lords of their power and taken control of Vertiel.

Purifying fire - 15G
You have decided that there was nothing left of Vertiel to save, and taken extreme measures.

Sacrifice - 15G
Your heroic actions saved Vertiel ... and you've paid your own life.

Unleash the Beast - 30G
You have decided that the power is worth the sacrifice.

Humanist - 30G
You have controlled the inner voice and taken care to preserve your humanity until the end.

Mercenary - 110G
Either for love of your fellow human or simple greed, you have completed your 20th quest Annex.

Ice breaker - 30G
You have melted Edwen's frosty facade. Or at least, she checks you out when you're not looking.

Romance with pointy ears - 30G
You beat Rhelmar at his own game

Erudite love - 30G
The lovely Sybil crush on you.

Chivalrandy - 30G
Randval has abandoned his deathwish while succumbing to your charms.

Patron - 20G
You proved yourself a guardian of the seekers of knowledge by fulfilling all of Sybil's missions.

A Fulfilled elf - 20G
You showed Rhelmar he could count on you.

Without fear, without reproach - 20G
You help Randval to solve his personal problems ... well most.

At the lady's service - 20G
You made the effort to respond to all requests for edwen. She even thanked you.

Hawk - 25G
You have reached the end of the game

Buffalo - 45G
You managed to finish Bound by Flame on difficult mode.

Captain - 110G
You managed to finish Bound by Flame in extreme mode.

Just a warm-up - 10G
You learned how to use your weapons. 25 people have already done the same before you.

Just a warning - 30G
You drew the curiosity of Ice Lords. 75 kills later, you have their attention.

Just a slaughter - 110G
With 150 victims, you are officially the scourge of Deadwalkers.

Shot your bolt - 10G
Thank to you 50 crossbow bolts have found a new home in the flesh of your opponents.

Bloody hell - 10G
You killed 50 enemies with a dagger. People often talk about you to frighten small children.

Quite a hammering - 10G
You killed over 50 enemies with a war hammer. It is rather violent.

Sword it out - 10G
50 enemies killed with a sword.

Psycho killer - 10G
You've killed enough enemies with an axe to feed urban legends for centuries to come.

It's a trap! - 10G
Like body traps. More than twenty people have already fallen to them.

I'm on fire - 10G
You've turned your enemies into flaming torches 50 times. They have probably got the message.

First come, first served - 10G
You have plundered 20 chests.

And I do not throw things away - 10G
You’ve learned to recycle objects that you no longer need, instead of throwing them away.

Craftsmanship - 10G
With all the objects you made, you could open a store.

Blacksmith - 10G
You have learned the secrets of improving weapons and armor.

Vulture - 10G
You've gotten used to search the fallen enemies. This is war for you ...

Chrysalid - 10G
You have played the poison card more than 50 times. It works all the time.

First steps - 10G
You have upgraded your first skill, and improved your chances of survival at the same time.

Master at Arms - 20G
There is no better warrior than you in all of Vertiel.

Master Ranger - 20G
The Ranger skills hold no more secrets for you.

Firestarter - 20G
You have mastered the art of playing with fire.