Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - All Chapters Walkthrough Solution, Collectibles

(Castlevania: LoS 2) - Gabriel Belmont is back - and how! Even as a vampire has one but it is not easier, and our "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2" walkthrough provide complete solution for a comprehensive guide, with which you can join the battle in the bloody adventure without fear of holy water and garlic.

It is an unreal experience, the leap from the Middle Ages to the present. With Lords of Shadow 2, the Castlevania series is aware of new ways, without, entirely cut off old habits. The later successor of the great reboots the series remains true to the virtues of its predecessor in many parts.

Of course there are also lots of new hazards, traps and monsters who seek your life. However, for such opportunities are as bad as possible, you will find at this point a few general tips and tricks for survival.

1 General Tips, Tricks and Hints
2 FAQ: collectibles - What it is and where can I find them? (Location)
3 FAQ: Travel Diary - What is it and why do I need it?
4 Chapter 1, Castle Siege: Tutorial
5 Chapter 1, Castle Siege: the battle against the Golden Paladin
6 Chapter 2, Company: The Awakening
7 Chapter 2 Company: Spy Bioquimek, find Empty Sword
8 Chapter 2 Company: Fight against Stone Golem
9 Chapter 2 Company: find Trevor
10 Boss: Raisa Volkova
11 Chapter 3 The three Gorgons: Fight against jailer Lava climbing
12 Chapter 3 The three Gorgons: free Chupacabra
13 Boss: Gorgon
14 Chapter 3 The three Gorgons: Blades of Chaos, Chupacabras shop
15 Chapter 4 The antidote: Demons in the present, sanatorium
16 Chapter 4 The antidote: First meeting with the riot police
17 Chapter 4 The antidote: Sewer
18 Chapter 5, Castlevania: Underground, Bioquimeks secret facility
19 Chapter 5, Castlevania: A train ride that is cunning a

General Tips, Tricks and Hints

1 As in the previous game, in Lords of Shadow 2 also you will face tons of quick-time events. The developers again have placed the keys to press the controller layout according to the screen. Must be about the circle / B button is pressed on the PS3/360-Controller (located to the right), this message appears at the right edge of the screen. In this way you do not have to frantically on the specific button but watch only the approximate direction.

2 Should you nevertheless the constant impressions can not get anything, the quick-time events that can easily be disabled in the menu.

Let 3 times really whoop! In the world of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 there are lots of items that glorious burst in thousands of parts, if you plowed them with your weapons. This is not only a lot of fun, but has casually even a positive side effect. Occasionally, the developers have hidden a few collectible items such as picture material "in" barrels, wooden benches and such stuff. So quietly dismantled everything into kindling.

4 Without skillful dodging you will not get far. The combat system in Vampire game is with all its mechanisms, although a quite complex, turns in the core but always to the skillful rolling, ducks and jump. Make the L2/LT-Taste from the beginning to your best friend! Only if you deliberately evade and go over this behavior in flesh and blood, you have a fighting chance, Castlevania: LoS 2 to end on a higher difficulty.

5 Explore every corner and cranny of the game world. The extensive adventure is crammed with etlichem Sammelkram. You can find emptiness stones, images, Kleidos nails, life stones, and much more stuff that is worth to put yourself. Do not run straight through the game, but look calm around the corner and go back there with open eye through the area.

FAQ: collectibles - What it is and where can I find them?

"Replete" is not the word for what the hard-working developers of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 have made with their baby. Almost on every corner of the lush game world, large and small secrets are hidden whose benefit is completely different.

While objects such as living stones and empty blocks that extend your energy or magic in the long term, the numerous diaries of fallen soldiers make rather represents a kind of extended history, the background light and create atmosphere. Moreover, things are different in the nature of their findability: While most are always in a fixed place, some find such relics "accidentally" in the area. To find them, you have to beat everything possible to mash what you spotted in your area.

However any purpose fulfilled each collection object - it would be a shame to let it lie wantonly. That you still retain track of all the various secrets, you'll find below a list of all collection items, which are available in Castlevania: LoS 2 is to find.

Pain applicators: Life stones, stones emptiness, chaos stones

Probably the most important stuff that you can find - especially on the higher difficulty levels. Throughout the game the floating cube with gold rings and a bluish glow are (usually pretty good) hidden. Each applicator contains either a living stone, stone emptiness or chaos stone. From these you have to collect, so that your total energy, magic or your chaos points increase.

Do you want to play Castlevania 2 completely, so 110 percent (!) Reach, you have to track down all the pain applicators. In addition, the small Chupacabra offers this for every 5,000 experience points in his shop as soon as he opened this again. At least one stone from each specimen you have there, willy-nilly acquire, if you want to maximize all values Gabriel. Moreover, you can use their Dodo eggs that you can assist in tracking down the pain applicators (more on that below).

Dungeon Key

The dropped by jailers circuits fit into special locks that are spread everywhere and behind which to hide 2,000 experience points. Chupacabra sells these circuits for 800 points in his shop and takes you with it at least some of the annoying search from. Do you want to completely exit the game, you will find all the dungeon-locks (help Dodos), since they are among the secrets.

Relics act as auxiliary items and below are selectable, can be activated by holding R2/RT about keeping control pad. You can find these items at random in the game world, so can not do targeted hunting of these, but at least buy in Chupacabras store. The capabilities range from the healing of your energy to amplify Dracula attacks. But for a perfect score, they play no role.

Victim shrines: Kleidos and Kleidos nails

Victim certificates function principally similar pain applicators, even if their benefit is different. The containers in the form of a vase are firmly tucked into the environment and grant you normally Kleidos a nail (the Shouted in the city of the damned, however, involves Klados) when you activate them. Kleidos nails needed her for the challenges we treat separately. Occasionally we find such items that increase your maximum carrying volume of a relic. Victims shrines are among the secrets and thus flows into the overall rating of the game progress.


Skulls are currency and experience points at the same time. A single skull is worth 50 points, three at once bring equal to 500 meters on your account. You can find them randomly in your environment. So Zerdeppert diligently everything you find.

Diaries of fallen soldiers

A total of 24 fallen soldiers of the Brotherhood can you find all over LoS 2. Each of the poor guys carrying a personal diary with him that shed light on the events often closer and sometimes even include valuable tips against certain opponents. They also flow with in the statistics.

City Monuments

These are virtually the diaries of the city. The 29 is scattered city monuments can extract all sorts of interesting information about the history, places and people. A concrete benefit has read but not - at least if you're not keen on a perfect score. The monuments include namely also to the mysteries.

Whopping 400 some very respectable images (concept art, render images, etc.) can be found randomly in the game world. Destroy everything you come to you before the whip to possible to miss no images - just as they are part of the mysteries and are needed for a game completion of 110 percent. Chupacabra hawked in his shop also pictures packages for every 100 points that included seven pictures.

Dodo Egg

From the little eggs hatch on command little Dodo that will help you in the search for treasures. For 90 seconds to run the spring critters like bitten by a tarantula through the area, getting to the next secret. On the minimap you can always track your bird. Eggs found her by chance in the area. Also, some enemies drop them. Very high is the probability of defeated Harpies and Dark monks. Alternatively, you can buy it even at Chupacabra for 1,000 points.

FAQ: Travel Diary - What is it and why do I need it?

With this tome you can find everything about the world of Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 and Gabriel Belmont in his pocket. No matter what information you are looking for, whether you buy a skill for Dracula or simply want to browse only a bit: In the travel diary you will find everything you are looking for.

Below we provide an overview of the different sides (from "left to right"), explain exactly what you can find on them and what they are actually useful.

NOTE: The travel diary does not include the options and game settings. These calls her on the Start button.


On these two pages you can look at all the skills you have already learned it in the course of your adventure. Three different types are distinguished here: the basic actions, secondary weapon and vampiric powers. Each of these points you can select individually and you look closer, following one of the associated skills on the right page. There you will find a detailed explanation, a chic visualization as well as the keys to press combination to unleash the particular attack. Very helpful if you have ever forgotten an attack and you want to look up quickly.

More important than these three riders, however, are the three icons of your different weapons. Shadow Whip, Blank sword and chaos claws are immortalized in this book. Click on one of the icons to go to their abilities page. There you can invest in new maneuvers and increase the mastery level of the corresponding weapon their accumulated experience points. Shipyard here every now and then a look inside, so Gabriel's arms are always as sharp as possible.


With a look at the map you can see instantly where you find yourself exactly. While each area is listed on the left, you will find the right name of the current territory, as well as the various missions, between which their change and their goals can mark their. Pressing square / X to go to the world map. On this screen you can see the overall game progress in visualized form and can take a look at all the stations that have already visited her. In this way you learn immediately whether you've already done everything in a certain area.


What relics I have just about as many stones emptiness I am missing to upgrade, what exactly was once more this subject? In the inventory you'll find a very brief overview of essential objects that just so leads her with you. This of course includes your three main weapons, among other things, all sorts of relics. The latter are not always clearly identified and can, as they are not too often used, fast times confusing. Selects here simply to learn at a glance how much you what it did and what it is good actually.


The last pages of the book take by far the most of the space in the travel diary. All background information on every conceivable place, any person, objects, etc. pp. hide behind the vague "lessons" concept. You can learn all sorts of exciting things about Gabriel Belmont, about his family, you can read, to inform you about opponents and more the collected diaries of fallen soldiers. It is important, however, that this information is not available from the start, but will only gradually enter. What it has, for example, Boss XY on yourself, learn it, of course, only if you're already met him.

Chapter 1, castle siege: Tutorial

It is a tough draw, with Dracula, or better: Gabriel Belmont is beaten. Each of you who have not played the grandiose predecessor of Lords of Shadow 2 is gespoilert violently at the start of the successor. The hero of the first album is at the end itself become the creature he originally fought with all his might and ekes out a sad existence since as Dracula himself.

Castle Siege

Now you start, after surprisingly few things, as Dracula himself. And so begins Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 in order, so a game in 2014 apparently simply must begin. The ...


On the left side of basic commands that you must complete the appearance. Instant thunders a pretty decorated battering ram through your nice front door - visitors! A few knights, as you have much more scared of you in front of them, confront you. Really confident, however, do not see the guys from necessarily. Justifiably, as we will see in a few moments.

The game explains quite clearly how the combat system works. Basically you have to do nothing more than to follow the text panels that interrupt the action again and again abruptly. It starts with the Dodge through L2/LT. You have to do this at the right moment and then press on the direct attack button (Square / X), the protagonist starts a counterattack. Follow the instructions quite simply, take dazed enemies with circle / B and drink her blood, you can feast on excellent.

After the first wave appear two more opponents - and now there is something more exciting. With L1/LB enabled her your sword. This can not only be excellent opponents beat up, it heals you also, if you successfully hit lands with it. Healing in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is thus a paradox: In order to do this, you have to go straight into the attack with this shapely blade. Press it not only blindly, but deviates possibly also a few attacks from. Totally useless the enemies are not, even if this is just a tutorial.

Following a stout knight appears on the scene with a big sign. Enabled with R1/RB your chaos claws, with which it is possible to smash shields like this. Give it a try the same times from: Chop down neatly on the guy, until he can no longer hide behind the steel. A few more blows, and he is not much left.

A final wave of enemies appear, attack to find out new combos. If manage Dracula pushes back the ram and leaves his room. Keep going.

Tappert a few steps, look at the short sequence and jump left to the bars where hanging around the bat heap. The little critters have frequently from now on the way. Should you this, nevertheless once found, shows a pressure on the L2/LT-Taste where it goes. Scrambles around, jumping over the small chasm, the quick-time event completed (wait for it to superimpose both circles and press any key simply), which can exhibit their menu also and still runs a bit when her again are on the ground.

Dracula appears outside - and not believe his eyes completely. His castle is under attack from all sides. Just as he did to the giant robot on his doorstep, he can not escape, then follows a great knight with gold armor. To these colleagues you have you already take care of itself.

Chapter 1, castle siege: the battle against the golden Paladin

Do not take this lightly; early as the second difficulty mode shows Castlevania that it is not just a self-runner. Your opposite is handing out good, but with your sword can brush up quite well again and again their lost health. Since the use is not limited and is being charged quickly, allow the blade almost permanent use. This, together with a good eye and fast reflexes while dodging the wings are the Paladin quickly trimmed.

At least until he flees to the robot. Dracula jump afterwards, but since even wait a few pawn to him, while the real enemy flees. Take care of her, while also the coward turns up again. May appear more opponents. Dracula can just hold it in - his opponents who are less fortunate. Withstand the quick-time events, and then climbs up the arm. After a short time the Paladin appears and fires at you. Marking show what he is aiming. Climb to the golden-yellow screws at the top. Bring him to shoot.

Scramble under further fire continuously upwards, but make sure always jump at the right moment by the brief opening that are created by the rotating gears. With the X / A button you short distance, which makes things much easier jump.

On a wooden platform arrived, shows a short tracking shot continue to be destroyed bolts. Direct the attack of the paladin to this while you take care of the other opponents. Tear down the metal cover away with griffins and goes by the new path. On the big wheel you let yourself fall towards the left - Dracula holds himself or herself as fixed, do not worry. Climb but only to about half the height and from there further to the left on the wood surface. It goes on another platform to the long golden ornament and there upwards. Phew, that's a wrap.

Here are more enemies, bolts, steel plate - you know the game. After that, well, "pukes" Dracula a gush of blood on the drive core of the robot, whereupon it collapses. After a short cutscene, you stand then compared to the Paladin. This is your chance.

Second Battle against the Paladin

For now, only little changes, and even the energy bar of the opponent remains unchanged. Shortly thereafter, the paladin but jumps away and throws his weapon at you - either you have to jump over or dodge to the side. Depending on how he throws (horizontal or vertical). You can also block it dominates suddenly. Follow the instructions of the game, the key for direct attack hold down and press it then. Maybe it does not happen the first time. Be persistent and then just tried it again.

In addition, the enemy throws every now and then firebombs down from heaven, which you can on the basis of marks but very good dodge. Is also pierced his defense, you can also back your heavy use to you to heal a little. Much thereafter no longer changes. Keep your tactics at, is always neat and do not be cocky. Also uses your sword periodically so that your energy is never dangerous to the end is drawing to.

Chapter 2 Company: The Awakening

Once the paladin done, followed by a long sequence. You see, like Gabriel so destroyed pretty much everything. Follow by a discussion of the events of the first Lords of Shadow, the 3DS offshoot Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate and other small items. You can learn from Gabriel, who once took off against the vampires and even his son Trevor, the same fate befell and from then swore revenge as Alucard. He also fathered another son, Simon, who is also the fight Dracula ansagte. There both wearing each other again, without knowing who have in front of them. They defeated Dracula.

So it seemed. A clearly distressed Gabriel wakes dazed in his castle, remembers a confrontation with Zobek next Carmilla and Cronell one of the founders of the Brotherhood of Light and occurs on the streets - the present. Hello, what a surprise!

Run the leisurely stages on down the road and you see a short flashback. Schick. Then follow the girl along the streets, then after a short time followed by another sequence. Not a very nice, unfortunately. A ferocious monster just mangled the remains of an unfortunate being.

Make yourself in the ensuing battle no hope: You can not win it. In a short video Dracula is rescued by a mysterious knight with a thick blade. At an unknown place you come back to you.

Stagger forward, do the poor wretch and then sucks the woman. Pretty hard scenes. After all, Gabriel comes back to forces and a new sequence begins. A long as enlightening: In Zobeks Castle of Dracula now much more vital lolling around as the smoking man begins with his explanation.

He blackmailed Gabriel with the only weapon that allows one to end his endless life for all. To get the, but it must Satan and his "servant" stop that want to resurrect their masters. However, to do that, they must first plunge into chaos the world. If it's nothing more ...

You take a look at the room in which her terrible deed you just accomplished, learn that your Saviour from before actually Zobeks bodyguard and snaps else a few interesting facts on. Listen up - this is where your task is pressed for the entire game in a few minutes.

After an eternity it finally starts. Gabriel stands in the streets of present and obtained just before you may venture to lay hand to the pad, also its cool jacket again.

Chapter 2 Company: spy Bioquimek, find Empty Sword

Here you will find your skills to the world map, the inventory, a mission overview and the lessons page on the lot of valuable information are noted.

Without the cool design from the tutorial you start your tour. Zerkloppt quietly put up a few objects. Behind some experience points to hide. Go to the wall of the building to the corner and collects there, the city Monument: Chronicles of the Old light on. Also behind the barrels in the opposite corner finds its imagery for viewing in the extras.

Open after the metal gate on the side wall of the building and throw the blocks at the next gate with your shadow daggers via R2/RT from, and it requires the game. Behind it lurks a Golgoth-guard, but would have no chance against her. Go to the rat infestation right of you and pushes Circle / B to be even a rat.

In this form it flits swiftly past the guard on the other side in the darkness, when you will human again - or whatever Gabriel is. Now sneak up behind the enemy. Press again circle / B. You take the massive body, with the door open to let the left. Shortly thereafter, the guard dies. Enable the switch in the gap and open the next gate.

Suppress the next room-pad right to select the bat swarm. Rush face on the guy's neck and move swiftly to the head, while his colleague goes to him. Shimmy up there along, go to the ladder back down and follows the steel structure. The mysterious girl appears again. Follow her until the scene changes.

I need to find the emptiness sword

Grab the diary of a soldier follow the path and heal you at the source of blood - or not. Really necessary for that is probably not. These statues your energy can henceforth but keep topping it up, so look out for them diligently. Run right past it to the junk, where it and it will find the first living stone pain applicator. Five of which increase your health. Climb then to the wooden beams and inside the narrow tower up on the platform - back to the beginning.

Run across the balcony again to the inside and activate the switch. The mechanism jammed - resolves it with the shadow daggers, whereupon the door opens into the next area. Jump over the chandeliers that oscillate back and when you walk on them, to the other side to the boy.

Follow the passage to the high clearance. Do you go straight ahead on the bar and jumps right to the stairs. Collect the diary of soldier and goes along the long corridor. Again a sequence. Sigh.

After all: The Empty Sword stands before you. And the ground breaks apart. Dopey. Take the legs in the hand and always keep an eye on your surroundings. Try to anticipate where it could go. Basically, this is not so hard here. Twice you have a dip in the venture "unknown" because the ground has already yielded half. Gabriel but hold on to the projection, then you can climb up. Finally, the emptiness sword is yours again.

Would that be done, you stand with the sword before emptying an intermediate opponent.

Chapter 2 company: Fight against Stone Golem

Place a few punches until the energy is emptied. Now you have to focus on these recharge. Land for as many hits and avoid, in turn, being hit. Fill the display on the bottom of the screen, so that the enemy throws off blood spheres. This he does, as long as you hit him with full focus - so it pays to get this as long as possible upright. Dracula absorbs the spheres, which gives it energy for the emptiness sword again.

During the first phase, you can easily evade the normal melee attack golem. Also jump over the waves. After a few hits you can take him and rammed his sword into his body, then phase 2 starts.

Now it's getting a bit more crisp. Lubricate you from first, the golem immediately attack from the front - that no longer works. Attack instead always slightly obliquely from the front, as it is otherwise no longer hurting. Dracula opposite has now also some new attack on camp as an Eisschuss that lets you freeze on the ground briefly. Hammer in this case simply the circle / B button.

He is hammering his arm on the ground, you should pay attention to whether there of a blood line draws its track. This can jump easily through and escape into the air. In general, you should find much in the air.

Raked the stone golem continuously and use your sword to refresh your energy and then. If the opponent is close to collapse, press quickly the button displayed in the quick-time event. A little tip: Do not look exactly on the button itself, but to the area of the screen where it is displayed. This corresponds to the layout of the pads, so that the top button on the screen corresponds to its upper counterpart to the controller.

After a successful Smite can invest in a first new ability you your accumulated experience points. Follow the instructions until the shadow whip and searches you here a new skill from. The two left outer, already activated you can upgrade for only 200 points. A preview of all you can see by her selects this once. Only on the next screen you will meet your final purchase decision.

The Urleere stone is dropped from the blood statue. Now you can use its freeze power.

Run into the small side room to the right where you can brush up your magic and energy. Then it's off in the direction of the yellow cross on the mini map where you pick up the original stone from the eye of the Golem - which immediately comes to use.

Enabled with L1/LB Empty your ability and freezes the waterfall. This is only for a short time in the rigid, so hurry up a little in high Scrambling. Above you can find the relic Holy tears, be selected via the control pad down, can use with R2/RT and Dracula's energy once completely fill and entertaining whole is increased. Cool thing.

Chapter 2 company: find Trevor

Now run not to the left toward the minimap arrow, but follows the path before you. After a short climb you think the first void stone in their hands. These function like living stones: five in number increase Dracula's total magic capacity.

Now run into the ankle-high water, and stay after the small turning left immediately straight towards the light to already find the second void stone in the right corner at the end of the aisle. Then the minimap leads to a large square. Smash the barrel in front of you for a picture material and collect the diary of the knight who. Before the waterfall behind the pillar and the ruins.

I need to spy on the Bioquimek company

The climb begins at the front right wooden beams and hop on the rings top. Go there to the left, opposite in direction to the minimap battered along the way, at the end again find a void stone. Follow now the radar until the next video.

You now alway fighting against a group of two disgraced vampires who were converted before your eyes almost. Occasionally one of them grabs Trevor - then scurries quickly to the center of the square and slaps at him until he frees your son. All in all the fight is not a big challenge. Following Dracula gets the amulet white wolf of his own flesh and blood. This amulet is the embodiment of Gabriel's memories of his son.

Utilize the new object in bluish glowing circle in the middle of the Rauns. A white wolf appears - your gate between the worlds. Climb up at him and follows him into the unknown. In the mist of her own memories goes to the four-legged friend behind in the real world.

Back in the real world

Jump down to where you can absorb a few empty spheres when needed. Saves you the benefit of the amulet but repeated in the light circuit, it would not cause the wolf only once - but you do not want the time being back in the other world. Rather, hopping through the small gap to the bottom. A disgraced vampire wants them to you "convince" to return to the castle. Show him your powerful arguments against it.

Run in front of the locked gate and put your sword Empty the waterfall right next to it to freeze these and to be able to climb up it. Heals you on the other side if necessary to the statue and freezes the air flow on the left next to a. To the left you can look in the dark turn into a rat, in the shape it is possible to slip through under the ice gate.

Crawling through the ventilation shafts, bouncing over the fireplaces and walk carefully (preferably the left stick slightly forward and strike with the right draw) on the power cables along. The first branch there ultimately leads back outside where you can store this form in the second to hide a few experience points and dead ends.

Stay on the other side of the same rat and scurries into the bay in front of the keeper. Jumps sent over the back and herflatternde power cable and the gnawed on the wall behind it, so the Colossus calling a technician. Transforms you into a vampire back then, rushing the guard your bats on the neck and creeps while the giant is distracted from the rear to the technician, to help it take over his body. Activates the laser eye on the right side of the gate and is progressing.

Your cover has been served and before your eyes the pitiable scientists turn into ugly demons. Make short work of them.

Boss: Raisa Volkova

No sooner is the first danger has passed, the head of the research department shows again that was responsible for the terrible destructiveness of their transformations. Raisa Volkova shows her true lizard-like I - and wants to trouble. Can they have.

The good thing is clearly too fast, even for your sharp vampire eyes. In the normal way you have no chance against them. Therefore Immediately turns your Empty Sword with L1/LB and selects the ice spell out. Keep this constantly ready and shoots so on Volkova as soon as they show up. It is not too impressed, but at least it brings the fight to a new phase.

Your opponent is in the middle of the complex, tears out a few power cables and waving it around. Fairly effective because it hunts tidy electricity into the ground. Pay attention to the little lightning balls that are now distributed throughout, and deviates from them. Is actually not overly difficult.

For the actual fight, it is advisable to approach no closer than necessary to the scientist because, like you, has a whip that can properly bridge distance. Too often it is not this one, but if you are too close to her, you have little chance to escape these attacks. Skin therefore some distance on them, pay attention to the announcement unblockbarer attacks and deviates always nice hardworking. This phase is not too crunchy and very soon over when you have a little nibble on the energy bar Volkovas, after phase 2 of the fight begins.

Now the boss opponent does something very stupid - she rushes you some smaller enemies on the neck. With these you can watch not only effective cure (plow to unconsciousness, grab them and suck the blood), but also build up your focus. Do this, because after you've done quite a few smaller adversary, you have the Fury, as early as the beginning of the fight, freeze.

Now repeat itself basically just the previous part of the fight. So look again at the many little balls of energy, cleverly dodges out of their attacks and tilled the pretty one, until they no longer can. Much more does not happen anymore.

Is the battle won, Zobek opens a portal and bring Gabriel so again in his castle. Run there, the perfectly waxed hallways until, once again, a sequence begins. Trevor shows up and talks to his father. And the next chapter begins.

Chapter 3 The three Gorgons: Fight against jailer Lava climbing

Grab the diary of the fallen soldiers and pull the lever to the left in the circular room, which turns out to be the elevator. Are you reached the bottom, you compels Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 again a cutscene. The well know someone does not know when it's too much of a good thing. In the best The Ring manner you make the movable Euryale, but which is just as quickly away as they came.

Behind the big horse statue behind you will find a diary again, close to the lava a stage in front of an empty stone. Follow the minimap a few feet into the castle. What comes up? A short video interruption. After all, you go on neatly from the fight against the jailer and his little minions. Turn quietly put up a few of them out and stay away from the giant. But ensure that they can protect themselves with their annoying carapace. Only when he runs like a bull through the area and into a wall, you should beharken him with everything. Do you want it still attack before, aiming sideways on his arms. From the front it is too heavily armored.

Did flattened her jailer, you will receive a dungeon key. Try the good piece equal time to the mechanism and opens the door with a couple of quick-time events. Go through a lava field. Here you have two ways to do this - for now she meets you with the right. Jump from the beam butt on the big chain and climb up quickly, so you can draw on the left side of the first ring. Are you not fast enough, the chain takes up so much drive that you do not continue to come up and it threatens to crush you.

Scramble in this way always chain to the next ring on the long column and from this to the other chain. At this her jumps about halfway up to the left. Climb up there to the three chains. You must at the leftmost top and from there to the next platform. Always jumps back and forth in order to avoid excessive speed picks up, then that is good at creating.

Jump The next thing Gabriel sent via narrow chimney-like protrusions. Wait and see the lava fountains and falling fire, then jumps to the other end. Stay tuned for it, break the rock pillars after a short time, if you stand on them.

On the other hand you make the crazed Euryale again, then it's the nose straight. Jumps at the end of the path is not equal down, but left half way around the corner for a living stone. Jumps down and then take it up with the prison guards. If their poison breath away, then the fight is over quickly.

Climb on the other side up, collect the diary of the soldiers there and watched the camera pan across the area - it shows you some important points. On the control unit you can now create platforms. This seems like something complicated, but it is not. Creates simple three extensions to the front, run the erschafften way along and learn Chupacabra know. He wants Gabriel again raise his chaos power and arrange a meeting with Medusa, if you freed the guy since.

Chapter 3 The three Gorgons: free Chupacabra

Run down to the console and extended here the way forward three times. At the other controller you are creating a platform to the right and two straight. In order to get hold of here, another void stone, it comes once to the left and two to the rear. The short walk will take you back again. Back at the unit, it creates two way to the right and one to the left.

Again with a secure grip under the feet you activate the device on the right side, causing the prison of your future companions shuts down. Now his cell only needs to be cracked.

For ye turn back to the control unit on its back plane and creates a platform to under his cage. He is now literally right at you, pushes in three times forward to another console and from there, once to the left and to the rear. The bolt breaker freed the guy finally finally out of his prison. It shows at once grateful, opens the door to the next section and announces plans to open his shop again. Good thing.

In search of the Chaos Power

Now run to the lava and offers your blood, which is a bridge mechanism in motion. Sprints over and follow the path outside, where Dracula is taken from a harpy depth in reception. Negates the attack with a short quick-time event and switches the feathered beasts in a fight from. Can you already tearing enemies with your whip to the ground, is it all much faster and easier.

Climb after recovering from conflict the remains of the building up, collect the diary of a soldier (another you will find when you walk in the square to the right and climb up there) and walk across the bridge. What a sight.

Over you go against three other harpies, then left through the broken railing on the stone pillar (if ye put on the pain-an eye applicator: This you can not reach at the present time). Jumps perk up to the balcony on the left side, on which you confront two jailers. Each of them has a dungeon key. Makes them cold and uses one of the key equal to the left of the gate mechanism.

Activate the angel sword in the hall behind it. A mechanism consists in motion, which turned into the outer ring to a staircase. Run down, collect the diary and goes to the soldiers over your destiny meet or better before. Still through the hole in the wall Do you still have a dungeon key in store, you can sometimes just casually collect 2,000 experience points.

Boss: Gorgon

Finally Gabriel regains his chaos force - the little guy has so do not lie. And the meeting with Medusa nothing stands in the way, with her sister Stheno and Euryale are also on site. Not good, because with Medusa seems to be something wrong. It injects a her two sisters and challenges you as Gorgo to fight. Well thank you very much also.

First of all, the brand new Chaos claws are used. Enable with R1/RB (Empty as your sword) and thus zerdeppert the generous barrier in front of you. Let yourself meanwhile not take from the heat waves that pass through under the stone wall. After a few strokes the claws have done their work and the way to the opponent is free.

Phase 1

Stay away immediately from the rear area of the arena. The tentacles here you want to add anything good and you instantly deal damage to. Go instead directly to the attack, will return to your shadows whip and thus attacked the three ugly faces. You can normally calmly three, placing four hits before Gorgo goes to counterattack. Ranging from a large area wipe from right to left (backwards dodge) until stamping and firing with small projectiles. Each attack is in principle not too dangerous, inasmuch as you are not still standing directly in front of the trigger. So always lands a few punches, going to some distance, giving way, and repeats this pattern until about half of the first health bar is weggeprügelt.

Now interrupts a Quick Time Event the fight, the better should not versieben her because Gorgos energy otherwise something is refreshed bargain, and may ran her again. Do you have your reactions proved the monster slams a paw on the ground. Deviates from the thing and freezes instantly with your empty sword on the ground firmly (R2/RT). Climb up the arm and goes to the gills to the side so you do not become swept away by the hand. Shimmy prior to the head, swallows you the same times. Hammers then fix on the displayed button and Gabriel draws from his show. At the end you have yet again hit on the head on the ground and the Beast is just the two. Or alone together. You know.

Phase 2

Now the game starts going again under slightly more stringent conditions. Gordo now dominates among other things, a new attack in which he / she / it wants to take a bead on you with a kind of light. Just stay on the move to avoid being hit by the poison beam which is ultimately shot out. The rest works as before, except that the beast is now generally more aggressive and you are no longer as many punches as you can before landing one after the other.

If the first quarter of the second bar has been beaten down, again follows the number by hand. Have you iced it immediately switches to the Blades of Chaos to wegzuprügeln the scales on the arm. Only then you can climb up. Then climb back to the head, hops started to notice this when it shows in your direction and there is a quick-time event. The rest is a breeze.

Phase 3

As might be expected, changes even now not much. Very annoying is now, however, the rain of fire Gorgos, with whom he eindeckt the field spread out. Observed, where the flames go down, not to be taken as. Apart from that you should make absolutely sure when leaning back the cattle, and want to spit fire: Are you fast enough at this moment and shoots ice with the empty projection into the jaws of the beast, this is now history. So you can spare you a lot of work.

What happens then, can be described only as "bold". Geiler shit.

Chapter 3 The three Gorgons: Blades of Chaos, Chupacabras shop

Collect after the successful fight the primeval chaos stone in front of you. Thus, it is Dracula now possible to break down orange marked objects with the power of chaos. Give it a try regardless of times. Enables makes and shoots with R2/RT a chaos bomb on the structure above you up.

The outer right paw of the fossilized Gorgo yourselves therefore serves as a starting point for climbing. Gotta up and run to the chaos magic-container. On these you can henceforth absorb by pressing the right stick blood spheres. Going even verge through the arch in the wall to the left and grab the first Chaos Stone in pain applicator. Now run past the tank and climb through the chaos created by the bomb hole. Activate the angel sword, making you come down. Outside the building, it's time to stage another fight against jailers and keepers. With the dungeon-found keys you open the next gate. Provides behind it is your blood so that it can continue.

Chupacabras shop

A short video and an elevator ride later you come for the first time in Chupacabra store. Look around you in peace and seeks you out of something beautiful, if you want. Are you sure you do not, just have a glance at our FAQ: collectibles. The mirror down here you can use only when you are in possession of Kleidos and at least one nail. At least that Kleidos itself can be found in the sacrifice shrine as soon as you are driven back up.

After the shopping trip you will Chupacabra again run to meet, if you just want to re-enter the elevator. The little one throws you to the Talisman of the Dragon. While the lift is in motion, Gabriel says to figure out what to do next: visit Zobek.

Grab now the Kleidos the victim shrine. Directly opposite you will find also another diary.

Now it's up to you, unless you simply want to just quickly move forward in action, jump directly to the last paragraph on this page. However, before that, we clarify yet, as you come to two other pain applicators.

Collect two pain applicators

Run, if you stand with his back to the elevator, the stairs diagonally right in front of you. There you get into the card room, which you activated with a presentation of your blood. Select here Bernard wings and teleport you there.

Run through the door and snapped immediately to the diary on the left side of the aisle to. The site should now be familiar to you. Fires a chaos bomb on the chain that have already seen it at least twice. Three chandeliers come down. Jumping to the first and to the right to pick up therefrom an empty block.

Now go into the room beyond. Do you see the waterfall? Need to freeze it and then climb over the wooden structure there. The ice does not last particularly long, you should be the fastest possible artist. Go the distance quietly once before as an exercise from, that you then just know where you have to jump.

Can climb on icy waterfall upward and jumping from the upper right side. Once at the top you will find a living stone. About the hole in the ground you land in front of the card room, which you travel back to the city of the damned.

Stand on the altar and use the Amulet of the wolf, then you follow the return to the city of the present. Fills "over there" on the container your energies on, zerdeppert in the garage right in front of you a few items and then transgress in the opposite elevator. Once at the top, start a conversation with Zobek and thus a new sequence.

After the television broadcast, which has reported the outbreak of demons, Gabriel and his colleague standing in front of Raisa Volkova. You palaver a little, until it comes to Inspiration: There has to be an antidote. With not much more than a hunch you make yourselves finally back on track.

Chapter 4 The antidote: Demons in the present, sanatorium

No plead fatigue: Run according to minimap through the corridors to the elevator that takes you back to the parking garage. In the meantime, here but the demons raged neat. Buttoned yourselves before the critters on the right side and makes use of the quiet surprise which you have on your side.

At the end of the corridor makes Gabriel opens the way to a chaos bomb at the door, then it changes to its emptiness projection, with her sprinkler system freezes before the passage. The overpressure the pipes to burst in and put out the flames, which can not be put entirely to suffocation by ice. Then you can go to the elevator and go down.

Outdoors you will witness a plane crash and everything else goes wrong. The demons people button before on the streets, feast on their innards. Not a pretty sight. Get rid of Beasts (area attacks are an advantage), hops onto the narrow street in front of you and do the same there.

Climb to the rear end up for a chaos stone and goes back to the shutters under the light letters. About the burning car you can get inside. Transforms you into a rat there and climbs before, not behind the counter in the ventilation shaft. In the next room you take on Gabriel's shape and goes over the fallen shelf to top and from there to the outside.

Jump down and turn right after you left - in the corner stands a monument. Then follow the path. The armed opponent blocks use a lot of your attacks - use your Chaos claw if necessary, to break his cover. At the next edge you jump into the deep. Turn around immediately to the wall, is already where to find the next monument. The waterfall you just need to freeze if you want to back up.

It is now, however, not necessary. Instead run the road to the fountain, where you are greeted on the right by some demons. Take care not to let you surround, and switches them one by one. Activates after Gabriel's shadow dagger shoots and thus on the power box on the right above the alternator on the same page, after which you can climb on the wall with the containers to the top.

Jump on the other side of the pipe is not directly in the open area, but only once to the bottom where you will find a monument among others. Only then you jump through the hole in the wall and viewed a short video.
Mental home

Run through the open door and straight into the next room. There, too, follows her your nose. Do you recognize the very cracked door in front of you? After a few strokes she is after. Here you can climb in a padded cell. In the darkness, you will for rat. In this form it flits continues through the plant (ignoring the pain applicator for now - yet you can not reach him), until you fall into the basement to the demons. Right turns her back to you, then it's because ugly freaks to the collar. In the room opposite you fill necessarily on your spheres on the container - you need them the same.

Jump down and after a few steps dive two dishonored vampires with a thick shield out of nowhere. With your Chaos claw but you can smash this - that's why the spheres. With the empty vials you stop the fire around the corner and grab the underlying Empty Stone.

The spinning wheel now you can relatively easily be overlooked - even though it depends directly on the wall next to you at the huge green generator. Rotate it to stop, then run back to the other end of the room and activates the machine. The door next to you opens - flits through. Run through the hole in the wall, climb up and turns to you there immediately, otherwise you will miss the chaos stone at the end of the aisle.

A few meters in the right direction and it is in a sort of foyer. The fight against the three vampires can be quite nerve-wracking, because the camera happy times makes you a spanner in the works and all that is abundant hectic anyway. Tried always the three to keep an eye on so that you perform them as quickly as possible.

Trudge after the stairs to the very top, because otherwise you miss a memorial. Only after that you go the way on the first floor along which leads you back to where all the fun started in the hospital. This time you can but the passage on the left of you walk along - that did not work the first time you enter through the showers.

Make short work of the two demoniac, grab yourself the monument as well as the chaos stone. Now you just need to hop in the elevator and the portion would be managed.

Chapter 4, The antidote: First meeting with the riot police

The path that you ride the elevator to the top, you jump back down post haste if you have arrived and jumps through the grating on the big square to bottom. With the few possessed you have an easy time, as more than enough space to separate the enemies and dodging is available.

Are a few flattened, bounce four soldiers riot police in strange suits brought with gas masks. From the specific Invite a commanding tone will quickly quickly becomes a fight. Was clear. Quite easily which is not now, namely the colleagues have two strong shields that can be destroyed only with difficulty. Lands her two hits (three are to smash required) with your chaos claws, they quickly jump back into the air. Now you do not have much time to place the decisive blow before their shields no longer glow and the games starts from the beginning.

Tries possible to use the entire space of the area you focus on a soldier and attacks, if that does not want to just work really with the shield of the page. Deviates much from, and often changes position, so it makes it difficult to make it not only the opponents, Gabriel, but also increases your chance to hit a sensitive spot. Try also to make the enemies while they are shooting at Dracula, as they neglect their criminally coverage in these moments. But pays attention to the jump attacks riot police. Not only the landing eats away at your powers, even in the subsequent shock wave you do not want to run.

If the group once only of two men, the rest of the fight is much easier and fast. Run to the dispute directly through the hole in the wall in front of you and to the right. When you climbing up there on the damaged ladder in the grid, you will find a sacrificial shrine.

Then follow the minimap into the building and activated with the switch, the power supply, then open the next door. Enjoy the beautiful view behind it briefly, then it jumps to the wall on the right the different platform continues down until she finally stands on the street.

Kill the two soldiers riot police (if you're fast, they are major also a few undead around) and run at the "crossroads" to the left in the small tunnel, jumping over the wall and activated the monument. Runs on the road then straight ahead and to the left by the destroyed grid. Well, you come here the familiar? Exactly, this is where your journey has taken its beginning among other things, after you were picked up from Zobek. Go behind the grille right up the driveway and through the zerdepperte goal. The hatch will eventually lead you into drains.

Chapter 4 The antidote: Sewer

Luckily, there's still no smell television. Creeps short by the claustrophobic hallways until two other soldiers on a larger space associates. Kill them, enabled the monument in one of the corners, climbs up the ladder into the next area and upload your Spähren on the container.

The following staircase you could theoretically go straight up through the lock, but the steps lead down to the place where you have processed the first boss to a pulp. Here wait a few demons with mortars on you, with which you can earn a few extra experience points. Can you take times. Alternatively, you can immediately run up and jump there in the direction opposite the minimap down in the area where Raisa Volkova raged a few hours of play. Here also wait a few demons and you also passes through the zerdepperte by Gabriel windows to their colleagues who might otherwise have been accessible via the stairs.

But enough of the time Vertreiberer: Run into the icy path and zerdeppert the pins with your chaos bomb. Pulls in the lever and the decontamination chamber is activated. Behind her bounces a steel platform to the next and collect on the second the immense chaos stone. Just a little, then you come to a fork where you welcome four Taken. Since they are armed and you have only very little space, caution is advised. Let's just not encircle you about them!

Then go to the first road left (the separate, not the left of the two that are right next to each other), jump over the small hole and collects another chaos stone. Meanwhile, your capacity should have increased. Then follow the minimap to the high room. On the pipes there you climb up, always on the gas heeding the entsprömt occasionally. This sounds easier than it is, because it's just hard to see sometimes and you do not know at what points you are safe.

At the top of their surrounds the hole in the center, from which you are just climbed and take a look down. You should quickly can make a pain-applicator. With a targeted set their reach in directly from here and clawing you the chaos stone. The ladder on the right leads you then back up.

Now jump onto the metal platform and climbs from there on steel struts, half-destroyed ladders and stuff up on the bridge. The noise from there you hear already halfway, but now you can see the cause and you can tear them the butt. You also can just wait at the top until the undead soldiers and riot police have even decimated a little. Do things at least a little easier.

If the first bridge section cleaned her jumps during the fire breaks the other jerks on the opposite side. Meet you in the air, the chance to be shot in depth, not just low. Makes the two soldiers flat, round the impressive statue in the middle of the square and walk to one of the two flights of stairs to the void stone. Then Invite your spheres on the container on behind it. Run right away through the narrow passage to a monument. With the chaos bomb on each of the two tiger heads you can get inside and to the freight elevator.

Chapter 5, Castlevania: Underground, Bioquimeks secret facility

The freight elevator brings Gabriel directly under the city Castlevania days. Do not wait for long and jumps directly to one of the passing container. Do not climb up immediately, but wait for it until you have passed the first Electric gate (it roasts you, you should stand up). When the upper container line parallel to the bottom, it jumps with good timing on a passing among you metalpiece because you will not get much further with the current.

Also Now jump back to the front or rear edge, then you will put into the next area. Admire the architecture here not too long, but jumps immediately on leaving the small tunnel to the left of the steel bars, where you climb up to the monument. From there, you let yourself fall to another container and jump at the end of the ride left on the stone platform, to where even find the next monument.

The ladder next to the semi-circular passage you just need to climb upwards when you want to go back to the entrance of the area again, which makes the present time but little sense. Go straight ahead instead and let yourself fall in the floor down. Jump one more time down to where you open the round steel door by turning the red wheel. Again you let yourself fall again.

The shadow portal at this point can you studiously ignore for now. Sneak instead as Dracula in the boxes zoom and rushes of the standing Golgoth guard your bats on the neck. His colleague patrolling rushes to his aid - sneak up to him and take over the Brocken. With it, you come through the lock.

In the depths of Bioquimek system

Deep in the secret Bioquimek system you can ride through the camera a good overview of the local area of the science quarter catch. Then you sit once again Gabriel bats against another Golgoth guard and uses in the meantime the ladder. Crawls over to this yellow tube. The guard follows you, alarmed as he is. Within the next area Turn around at the gap in the pipe to the right and jump to the ladder and climb into the column to life stone.

Jumps back to the tube and goes to the other end to the ladder. Now, timing is crucial: Do not jump the same down, but waits until the guard has gone part of the round and about is among you. Once one of you is looking in the other direction, ie, away, let her fall on you and take the guy. With it, you activate the network scanner to the next area, then it bursts. Stupid for him.

In the next area you has a discreet Tracking your goal: A small gap between two guards. Since you have nothing to oppose them in this form, you walk back to the beginning of the area, where you have disturbed the first Guardian, and transforms you into the darkness before the lock in a rat. As rodents fit her through the small gap and into the train. Inside her waddles to the left past the scientists and will again to Gabriel, then starts a short sequence showing how the Express starts to move.

Chapter 5, Castlevania: A train ride that is cunning

However, a major problem is not the guy. It's best to bypass its usable as a shield during a sound unblockable attack. Dodges and attacks him immediately to it when he has his guard down. Pay attention, however, on his ramming attack he announces the lifting of a leg. If he is dazed, you just have to grab him and do - it seems. The fight is not believed already won an unexpected turn when the soldier of Satan teleports behind Dracula and hurls him into the next car

Before you now is just a Golgoth guard, so wasted no time and immediately jumps through the window on the right side to the outside. The guy bangs immediately on the walls, so hurry up, jump up and to the orange tabs right to the next ladder, about these on the roof of the car. Runs from here to the back (rear facing) and the game starts again almost from the beginning.

You stand again on the wagon with Satan's henchmen, but now also the guardian has dazugesellt, the ballert diligently on the connector of the car. Deviates from the first attack of the soldiers and then ignored him, while her rushing the guard your bat swarm on the neck. In the following sequence, both opponents are swept away and you also put neatly in trouble.

Climb immediately right back up on the roof and bouncing in front of the tunnel to the car in front of you. No sooner has banned the first danger, immediately follows the next. Take again the legs in the hand and runs to the ladder on the left, not to be made shorter by a head-in spotlights. Climbs and descends to the right in order to pass through a further window in the interior of the car.

If cover immediately, so you do not guardians of the life ausknipst lights. If he turns his back to Dracula, you assume it activates the gate and you are greeted by an old friend there. His attacks are the same and otherwise changes to the stunning scenery in the background is not much. Hands out a little and after a short time crumbles the coward, which he kindly Gabriel instigated a soldier on the neck.

Rushes the guy immediately your bats on the neck and climbs on the right side of the train again on the roof. Gabriel clings itself and you have to dodge the ceiling lights on the side. The whole thing is not a problem because you can only escape in "steps" to the left or right anyway, and the gap in the radiators already recognizable from afar. Following the soldier makes Satan again stress.

Alternatively, you can immediately run up and jump there in the direction opposite the minimap down in the area where Raisa Volkova raged a few hours of play. Here also wait a few demons and you also passes through the zerdepperte by Gabriel windows to their colleagues who might otherwise have been accessible via the stairs.

But enough of the time Vertreiberer: Run into the icy path and zerdeppert the pins with your chaos bomb. Pull in the lever and the decontamination chamber is activated. Behind her bounces a steel platform to the next and collect on the second the immense chaos stone. Just a little, then you come to a fork where you welcome four Taken. Since they are armed and you have only very little space, caution is advised. Let's just not encircle you about them!

Then go to the first road left (the separate, not the left of the two that are right next to each other), jump over the small hole and collects another chaos stone. Meanwhile, your capacity should have increased. Then follow the minimap to the high room. On the pipes there you climb up, always on the gas heeding the entsprömt occasionally. This sounds easier than it is, because it's just hard to see sometimes and you do not know at what points you are safe.

At the top of their surrounds the hole in the center, from which you are just climbed and take a look down. You should quickly make a pain-applicator. With a targeted set their reach in directly from here and clawing you the chaos stone. The ladder on the right leads you then back up.

Now jump onto the metal platform and climbs from there on steel struts, half-destroyed ladders and stuff up on the bridge. The noise from there you hear already halfway, but now you can see the cause and you can tear them the butt. You also can just wait at the top until the undead soldiers and riot police have even decimated a little. Do things at least a little easier.

If the first bridge section cleaned her jumps during the fire breaks the other jerks on the opposite side. Meet you in the air, the chance to be shot in depth, not just low. Make the two soldiers flat, round the impressive statue in the middle of the square and walk to one of the two flights of stairs to the void stone. Then Invite your spheres on the container on behind it. Run right away through the narrow passage to a monument. With the chaos bomb on each of the two tiger heads you can get inside and to the freight elevator.