Dark Souls 2: Main Quest Walkthrough, boss fights, Locations, NPCs

Table of Content

1 General Tips and Tricks
2 FAQ: Select Basic, Gabe - Classes
3 FAQ: Combat System - the control
4 FAQ: Combat System - advanced techniques, further information
5 FAQ: Combat System - Other notable notes
6 FAQ: Estus-bottle upgrade - Estus-bottle shards, Edler bone dust
7 FAQ: Dealers and their offer / forge and their goods
8 FAQ: key and the associated locks
9 FAQ: distribute skill points again - is that possible?
10 FAQ: Oaths, and their effect
11 FAQ: Boss souls and their uses
12 FAQ: Humanity
13 FAQ: forging, improving weapons
14 The first steps in Drangleic: character creation, fire hut dwelling
15 Between: first beacon, tutorial
16 Majula: Emerald messenger, dealers and other people
17 Forest of Fallen Giants # 1
18 Forest of fallen trees # 2
19 Forest of fallen trees # 3
20 Boss: The Last Giant
21 Cardinal Storm: New Ways with the soldier-key
22 Cellar under Cardinal Storm: Ability to looting and leveling
23 Boss: The Followers
24 The Lost Fort
25 Boss: Guardian Alessia ruin, ruin Guardian Ricce and ruin Guardian Yahim
26 Moon Tower and the fight against the bell gargoyles
27 Upper Wall and the battle against the first invaders
28 Sinners hill
29 Boss: The Lost Sinner
30 Great Beacon
31 Boss: Dragon Rider
32 No one shipyard
33 Boss: Flexile Sentry
34 The Lost Fort: New Ways with the Ancient Key
35 Boss: Age Dragonslayer
36 Holy grave and fight against Royal Ratten Vanguard
37 The Hole
38 Boss: The Depraved
39 Forest of Shadows # 1
40 Forest of Shadows # 2
41 Boss: Scorpioness Najka
42 Doors of Pharros
43 Boss: Royal rats Examiner
44 Lichtenstein Bay Tseldora and fight against the marauding Magus
45 Boss: Freja, the sweetheart of the Duke
46 Hunters Grove
47 Boss: skeleton Prince
48 Hell of the undead and fight against the executioner Cart
49 Erntetal- Chapel Entrance
50 The fight against greed daemon
51 Beacon: Lower
52 Boss: Mytha, the evil Queen
53 Iron Castle # 1
54 Boss: Schmelzer daemon
55 Tower of the Sun
56 iron lock # 2
57 Boss: Old Iron King
58 Castle of Drangleic # 1
59 Castle of Drangleic # 2
60 Boss: Dragon Rider
61 Castle of Drangleic # 3 and King corridor
62 Boss: Mirror Knight
63 Shrine of Amana # 1
64 Shrine of Amana # 2
65 Shrine of Amana # 3 and the fight against Sangesdämonin
66 Shrine of Amana # 4
67 Tomb of the Undead # 1
68 Tomb of the Undead # 2
69 Boss: Velstadt, the King's Aegis
70 Aldias Fortress # 1
71 Aldias Fortress # 2
72 Aldias Fortress # 3
73 Boss: Guardian Dragon
74 Dragon Horst # 1
75 Dragon Horst # 2

General Tips and Tricks

1 No hassle! No one rushes you, no timer is ticking down mercilessly - you have all the time in the world. Everywhere wait cleverly placed traps that someone comes along and she sees in his haste. In Dark Souls 2 death lurks literally around every corner - would be silly if you should run straight from hustle and bustle in his open arms. If instead (i) always (/ i) carefully before, under surveillance every little new room and sits - in peace - a step ahead of the others. Mistrust is a virtue in the world of Dark Souls.

2 Even more than the hostile environment, you should pay the necessary respect any of your enemies. Even the most insignificant Skeleton Warriors blow you out of the chain mail, if you are fallen into hilarity. This is a lesson to learn the newcomers only laboriously (in which other game is also every opponent a potential and imminent threat to your own life?). Often it takes a while until this process occurs - at the latest if you lost all your souls to a clumsy sword swingers in a row for the fifth time, because you have judged to be too low, the threat it danger, this lesson should sit. Do yourself a favor and learn this sooner rather than later.

3 Turn around every rock, looking behind every corner. In DS2 practically comes out of no area with no hidden secrets, valuable items and helpful shortcuts. Since the game does not explain anything and never actually makes an explicit reference to exciting discoveries, creativity and curiosity is needed to fully master one section. But always remain on guard - not any hidden passage leads into a safe hiding place ...

4 The travelers who you will learn to know necessarily in your sightseeing tour of Drangleic are not very talkative. If you are not approaching them, they appreciate you not look and stare rather comfortable in the air. Do you have the first language barrier to overcome, you will see you faced with long rest periods, cryptic ramblings and opaque explanations - no really motivating outlook. If you, however, steadfast and continues to show interest in the characters around you, it is you often rewarded with useful and rare items. A high on the spoken word!

5 The beacon will soon be your closest friends, represent the literal light at the end of the tunnel. Here you can rejuvenate you, manage your inventory, practice spells. So much healing and salvation are the crackling flames also, they also bring a non-negligible curse with it - during your rest respawn all enemies, except for the very hard nut to crack of course. Did you just mastered a particularly crisp point and only briefly examined a breather, you will willy-nilly have to restart the entire passage of the front. This brings an interesting dynamic to the game - you risk your own safety became having to accomplish deeds of glory again? However, Neither be too cocky - death lurks around every corner ...

6 ... or on the ground. Do not let yourselves of the many dead bodies that will pave your way to hoodwink. No one is really dead - the majority of opponents who seem dead to lie on the ground, straighten up once you come too close to them and make a simple situation assessed a real quandary.

7 Be careful in dealing with chests. Everyone is excited about a new treasure in his inventory, but some treasure chests are secured with traps or even living creatures that try to devour you! It is always advisable that you first embark on a chest and roll away after its opening to avoid any dangers.

8 So good and important mistrust is also - does not attack blindly in everything and everyone that you see. Some NPCs see their evil counterparts similar to the confused, although they do not want you to the leather. A healthy mix of caution and forbearance makes you life easiest.

9 Should you accidentally a mishap such or similar quality have happened to, you have to learn to live with it. The autosave feature of the game does not forgive anything and lets you re right there into the world, where you have stopped previously. You have been caught at the last moment from the boss? You can deny the whole fight from the front. You have stupidly sent an important NPC into the afterlife? Have fun during the game. Dark Souls knows the word grace does not, so give good care of what you do and not unnecessarily experimenting around.

10 With the souls is such a thing. Ultimately, you are the whole game looking for them once their souls but a bunch of you together, increases with each additional minute, the chance of them because of some silly stunts to lose again. So let them off to hoard souls, as it could be many a first reflex, and invested time in your souls level climbs, equipment improvements and items.

Should you but once the happy hunting grounds bless you, the game gives a unique opportunity to the place of your death to return and bring your account balance back to the old level. Perish her on the way there, but once again, the souls are lost forever.

Tip: You will play in the ring of life assurance and find the ring of salvation, of your soul keeps them from go west at the moment of death, but breaks after one use. Should you for example have just killed a boss, it is recommended to raise this ring until you reach the saving campfire - your controller will thank you.

11 Studying in every fight the movements of your opponents. Each enemy type has different movements in stock, but follow certain patterns. In most cases the nature of the attacks are already an indication of which tags you can block and which one can flee better. Have you internalized the moveset of your opponents, you are already one step ahead of them and a step closer to victory.

12 Respect meticulously on your perseverance! Every action - whether it runs, blocks, strike rolls - reduces the green bar under the life bar a bit and is the once empty, you stand around helplessly in the area, unable to perform an action. You will die that can avert ye had many death if her character would have indulged in more of your recovery. In the end, the stamina bar is more important to you than the current state of your game character, so they treated accordingly.

13 In DS 2 you will in a sense playing taught resource management. You will collect a variety of items that no longer can you obtain them elsewhere, and which are irretrievably lost after a single use. So weigh up each time before you squandered an item, only to be noted elsewhere, could use their urgency precisely that. If you are looking for a specific item, please have a look at our FAQ: Dealers and their offer / forge and their goods to.

14 This should be familiar to some hardcore RPG fans - your equipment can break if not particularly excessive use and is unusable as a result. There is nothing more annoying to have brought as a boss almost to the track and then to see up the ghost shortly before the target's own weapon. Determine if possible the object in question as soon as a corresponding warning appears because the state of your equipment automatically regenerated with a short break at the beacon. If the value but completely fall to zero, you have the subject again until repaired at the blacksmith expensive.

15 Make sure that the game does not pause option. Should you try to escape to the safety of the trust game menus, you will quickly disabuse, the action shall run mercilessly. Small tip - to verify that you have the menu after each use also really closed. The small bar at the top of the screen, over and above the controls the individual rider, can be easily overlooked and keeps you in the open state from which to block and strike. Not so highly recommended if you run into an open skirmish.

16, you get very often given the game the opportunity to tap you meaningful abbreviations. Use these options once you meet one and save you. Consequently a lot of time and the occasional death You will frequently about the ingenious level design amazed when she suddenly also transgress after several hours of play time right next to the initial beacons of a door.

FAQ: Select Basic, Gabe - Classes

After the pompous intro, you find yourself as a blank, faceless shell in the starting area "in between" again. This condition is of course not last - after a few cautious steps you come to the hut of the three ancient fire guardians, in which you can give your hero a face.

The individual selectable classes are not linked to specific skills or restrict your actions during the game already immutable one, but your character is cast here only once in a rough form. Do you notice shortly after the beginning of the game your fascination with a different orientation, you can follow this urge. Even radical changes of direction, such as the conversion of a magician to a heavily armored brute, are possible - whether this is advisable is another matter.

The starting class determines continues, with what equipment is treading her your first way. Whether stable, but heavy armor or studded leather vest, mighty blade or bow nimble, strong shield arm or waiver of those same. Here you draw the first image of your future by heroes.

Internalize the starting values of each class and finally decides on a gut feeling, what orientation you suit you best. As mentioned earlier, your choice is not definitive and fixed, an approximate picture you should then but have in mind. As a Level with each time devouring something more souls radical changes with increasing playing time are always unattractive. However, should go wrong, you still remain an emergency exit - read more in our FAQ: distribute skill points again.

Born rounder. He brings tremendous weapons of experience with it, so impressive in melee by its high strength and skill level. His strong and agile nature makes it possible for him to use at the beginning of the journey many items and be able to interact with the majority of all NPCs. Although it may seem at the beginning no magic, with a few points invested in magic, but you can also open the warriors this path.

Starting equipment: Broken Straight Sword, iron-Parma, standard hero, Tough Leather Armor, Solid Lederstulpfen, Tough Leather Boots, Stone of Life x 10

Start Level: 12
Best compared with the roleplaying typical tank that can take a lot of damage. It has the highest start values for vitality and adaptation, so holds more than other journeymen and has bargain a longer life bar. In exchange for this, but you have to make do with a cumbersome and relatively inert character. The priorities are clearly set - instead of acrobatic feats is the focus here is clearly on a stable shield block.

Starting equipment: Falker armor, Falker gloves, Falker boots, broadsword, living stone x 10

Start Level: 13
The swordsman is (next to the beggar of course) the highest level of skill advance. He has in fact dedicated to the two-handed battle - not swinging particularly large weapons, but the result of two separate weapons at the same time. The rapid maneuvers make you indeed an excellent damage dealer, but you have to completely do away with the sign. To facilitate the use of all sorts of deadly and fast sabers, swords and cutlasses, you start with the highest possible skill.

Starting equipment: Walker Hood, Walker coat, cuffs hikers, hikers boots, Scimitar +1, Short Sword +1, Life Stone x 10

Start Level: 12
In the first part still known for its outstanding strength and knowledge of heavy weapons, sets the Bandit this time on a large arsenal of weapons and the fight from a distance. The exceptionally high load capacity makes you a dynamic switching between multiple weapons possible, while the increased mobility harmonized well with the bow. The only drawback is the unsuitability in terms of magic. To make it easier to make the bandits themselves capable of magic, you must first invest a lot of points.

Starting equipment: Bandit sting helmet, armor bandits, bandits Cuffs, bandit boots, short arc, Hand Axe, Wooden Arrows x 25 x 10 life stones

Start Level: 11
The high value of will and the included Talisman make it the cleric from the outset possible to perform miracles. The pious companions set rather supportive forces such as healing spells, or status-enhancing miracle. In addition, a given right a mace with the hand, which is to reinforce your understanding of the slower stick.

Starting equipment:

Start Level: 14
The perfect choice for any full blood mage among you. Together with a staff you have at the beginning of the game access to the exceptionally strong soul arrow, which can be fired whopping 30 times and can even penetrate through thick armor. His high intelligence and magic knowledge is thereby also the perfect introduction to the teachings of pyromancy and sorcery. The Wizard is very nimble on the road, but he has sorely needed - in the hectic and brutish melee you are hopelessly lost. You're going to feel compelled to invest a few points into strength, because you will not see a country so devoid of clever melee weapon.

Starting equipment: Black Case Magician Robe, Imported pants, Dagger, Wizard Staff, soul arrow

Start Level: 11
A similarly good all-rounder as the warrior. Just that everything he can only do so. His lack of real strengths makes the explorers but through the filled to the brim backpack up for it. He has a lot of useful items to overcome the barrier to entry for almost every situation in the luggage, which initially can help quite a. In the long run, the class loses but little of its luster because you also so sooner or later you on enough items.

Start Equipment: Hiking dealer hat, pedlars coat, pedlars gloves, hiking dealer boots, dagger, magic quartz ring, life stones x 20, magic urns x 8, aroma Schlick x 4, Prism stones x 5, Rusty coins x 2, repair powder, Pharros -Wahrheitsverk.

Start Level: 12
- Has absolutely nothing, by far the lowest values, all totally balanced, Tabula Rasa for Pros

The beggar leads absolutely nothing with him to win but his loincloth and the iron will. Without armor and with each attribute to a value of 6, it may only equal to madness, select this class, but the naked guy brings a decisive advantage - he is malleable according to your will, the Tabula Rasa for true connoisseurs. By the start of Level 1, the first level climbs go disappearing quickly out of hand, you should still leave it to you to go three times through the head before you want to shoulder the travel with the beggar.

Starting equipment: Nothing!

Start Level: 1
Is spoiled for choice decided, it is still to assign a gift your warriors. This is best compared with the starting bonuses of its predecessor, which could ye give with your character along the way. In Dark Souls 2 you can choose from seven different gifts that bring quite remarkable benefits and features with you.

Life Ring: An inconspicuous ring that your hit points (TP) increased slightly. Very helpful at the beginning, where you have to make do with very little of the red counter.

Of man: Turn up your human shell restores your life bar fills to stop and allow yourself sometimes to summon NPCs before major boss fights in this form. Sounds great, it is, but you can still find enough people pictures on your journey (and one does not so big difference).

Medicinal substances: various potions and antidotes. A nice bonus to the corresponding crisp points but you will usually also find it so.

Native bone: The bone magical places you after a short duration of action back to the last used beacon. This is helpful at the right moment to escape with your hard-won souls or just to save a long way, but can also be relatively quickly acquire in the game for little money.

Giant Tree Seed: The seed of a giant tree. Still, we can only guess what you can do, we sometimes with the small envelope.

FAQ: Combat System - the control

The combat system in Dark Souls is more complex and profound than the other genre representatives. In order to master the game could only begin, you are forced to deal with you in detail the repertoire of movement of your character. You know the difference between backstab and Backstep not, from a jump attack you have never heard of and targeting of enemy is alien to you? In Almanac of the martial art of Drangleic you learn what makes the difference between fast death and heroism.

Flip (R1 or RB)
The flick is probably the most used keys command that you will use during your game run. Per Flip you can perform a quick bat with decent damage, which is usually a two-or three-piece combo - can string together - depending on the type of weapon. Especially against fast enemies and dangerous bosses can effectively employ this attack.

Hard blow (R2 or RT)
On the heavy blow ye like to use in exceptional situations. The slower variant of the attack stands out clearly by the increased damage and usually higher range compared to the flip, however, makes you slower and more vulnerable to counterattacks. Use the hard blow against lumbering enemies, bigger groups of enemies or as an entry Slash before an enemy has become aware of you.

Block (L1 or LB)
Blocking is absolutely essential for your survival. Since generally it does not regenerate life and very limited possibilities for healing leads to you, turning away potential harm is a top priority. Depending on the hardness of the opponent's punches either completely prevents blocking the loss of life or reduces this to a minimum. An important criterion for the choice of an optimal shield represents the balance value, which determines how much you will cost the blocking of endurance.

Shield Slam (L2 or LT)
The shield bash you will use only in the rarest cases. Performs her a light shield, your character will perform with the left arm a fleet sideways movement with which you can parry their attacks (see Riposte). Per heavy shield you can go back to a powerful downward blow, which hurt opponents and can stagger, an attack with the primary weapon, but not replaced.

Roles (Circle or B)
Where block does not help or you leaving vulnerable, you should switch to an alternative movement. Especially in battles with opponents who dish out particularly massive blows, it is recommended not to intercept attacks, but to go with a roll right out of the way. In addition, the acrobatic performances are well suited to remove you from an awkward position, you should for example have been pushed against a wall or surrounded by a group of enemies.

Backstep (circle or tap B)
Typing her dodge button for a moment, do not sit on a roll, but makes a short jump backwards. Although the step back seems attractive due to the lower stamina consumption compared to the role, but rather this is not preferable due to its shorter range and more limited maneuverability.

Weapon ambidextrous carry (triangle or Y)
By pressing a button you can stow on the back and lead your equipped weapon two handed your plate. While you thereby give up defense potential by the lack of buffer, your beats are stronger and shine in most cases even with increased range. Against hard-to-hit enemies is generally not recommended against the block, you should be calm even consider the possibility into account, two hands to contest the fight - assuming the player is alert enough to dodge at the right moments can.

Object use (square or X)
There is hardly a battle pass in which you will not rely on a Helping item. The spectrum of the supporting resource is enormous - you can heal your character via Estus flacon or life stone, off enemies with fire bombs and throwing knives or distracted, strengthen your weapons with enchantments. All these commands are triggered a button on it.

Enemy target (right analog stick press)
As essential as a raised shield is the correct orientation to and a clear view of the enemy. Using the right analog stick centered your camera on an enemy, no longer can the her so lose sight - especially in fast moving and counterparty a welcome assistance. The second major advantage of targeting is that your character automatically rotates with the plate in the direction of the opponent. So you always begin blows from the direction from which they come and do not run the risk of being hit from the side or even in the back. Only with really big bosses to the need to sprint around their part, should refrain for a short time from the guided camera.

Weapons, items and spells by change (directional pad)
Use the directional pad can be pre-equipped weapons, items and spells by change. While the right and left gun arm can be modified with the appropriate directional keys, magic with the up arrow key and items are subject to change with the down. Especially often you will do the latter to select important items such as bottles or weapon enchantments as necessary.

FAQ: Combat System - advanced techniques, further information

While you have learned the basics of combat in our previous FAQ, you will find at this point techniques for advanced players. In the case of Dark Souls 2 can you but "advanced" as well by "absolute beginner knowledge" exchange. Without this maneuver you will very quickly very difficult to have in the world of Drangleic - so do not wait too long and they are suitable to you as soon as possible to. Your nerves will thank you.

Where you in the back of an opponent and fight your way to there, your character is this encounter with a short series of violent shocks, which cause critical damage and throw back your opponents. Should you observe an enemy, as he mounts a heavy blow, so it is most effective, not to go through a reverse role from him, but to walk around it in a lateral direction and to land an effective blow.

Again and again, you'll also take on the undead knight or standing around motionless in the area and you turn your back. Welcome to the counterparty in such a favorable case, at a conservative approximation phase with a corresponding attack. However, it is important to each other the correct angles of both fighters. Is it about a little to the side, takes your character does not backstab but a simple beat and you presented the tremendous advantage.

As already mentioned, it is possible for you - provided an appropriate sign - not only to block the attacks of an enemy, but also to counter when her cheer their weapon just before it reaches your body from you. This leaves the opponent stunned back and makes it possible for you to unleash the same a particularly fatal blow to the gut. However, such a parade needs a lot of exercise as well as spot-on timing and counteracts the dogma, to minimize the risk of enemy hit. In addition, particularly mighty weapons can not parry, so let above all newcomers of the game of this technique.

It may happen sometimes that you follow a level and you suddenly finds just above an opponent. Rather than simply clumsy to hop in front of the opponent and take up the fight, you can make you the element of surprise advantage - makes you fall exactly on the enemy and press the attack button. Such an unexpected string of top adds to the enemy heavy damage and defuses potential hard situations. Where did you get still often given the opportunity in Dark Souls 2 to try this even with powerful Boss opponents, but this time you will be disappointed.

FAQ: Combat System - Other notable notes

Apart from the operating instructions, there are a few helpful tips to help you make your battle so many important and you should pay attention to in each case:

Watch your load capacity - the value of the velocity
Speed is everything! If your character perform a walk more than 70 percent of its maximum load capacity, he will be able to go much slower and roll. Since especially in tricky boss battles lightning quick reactions and evasive movements, however, are needed, it is advisable to prefer light armor of the heavier variant - even if those better at first glance has values.

Study movements
Knowledge is power, this is also true in Dark Souls 2 Before you dive to a counterparty risk and thus to run into the proverbial open blade, you should definitely exercise restraint and only once explore the repertoire of movements of your opponent. Some enemies are in themselves not really powerful but come with a particularly nasty special attacks, therefore, can make impetuous stretching quickly terminates. Especially the whole thing of course applies to the numerous boss battles of the game where you do not possess the slightest chance without enough knowledge about the opponent.

Have patience
Do not get greedy! Dark Souls asks you a lot of stamina and a patience. In the bock heavy fighting may mean a small error or risky to your counter-strike end, you should therefore always remain calm and only attack if you have found a gap in the movements of your opponents. This can be a struggle ever take time, but with hectic it can not conquer the world of Drangleic.

Not permanently use sign
Pay attention even to how much slower Stamina regenerates with a raised shield. While it may be tempting to always keep his defense up, but a blow to block effectively, you need the corresponding breath. Get used to, therefore, to let sink after a shock sequence of the opponent your defense and to tear up again just before the next blow. Unlike many fights you will otherwise can not win.

Separate opponents from each other
That every single enemy in Dark Souls is a danger to you, you have already learned. Against a whole horde of enemies you want to therefore take on any case. Really, does not. DS 2 is often introduce you to tricky situations in which you have to obviously compete simultaneously against a variety of opponents, often you can but attract individually by gently tiptoe and safely disable this. Highly recommended.

Select your weapon to suit the playing style
Select your weapon wisely. Heavy weapons like the layman incomparably more powerful effect than their smaller siblings, but each weapon has its pros and cons and raison d'être. Light weapons have a relatively low base damage, but allow fast consecutive attacks, and cause you more reaction time. Larger caliber divided accordingly slower, but also have a longer range and more damage. Especially for newcomers it is more advisable to familiarize yourself with the easy and fast swords familiar as starch-based weapons to generally play harder.

FAQ: Estus-bottle upgrade - Estus-bottle shards, Edler bone dust

As in the first series offshoot waived Dark Souls 2 again on classic healing potions. Where you could still make do with the default five of Estus flacons in Dark Souls, you will receive this time only a single bottle, whereby ye once healthy can until you can fill in a safety beacon this again.

It is possible, however, the number of miracle cures at the Emerald messenger to increase in Majula in exchange for the rare Estus-bottle shards. In the early course of the game should be one of your most urgent targets to raise these shards.

Locations Estus-bottle shards
Majula: In your journey of discovery through the settlement, ye certainly will also briefly got past the small fountain in front of the reverse side with the tiny rodents. Bring the stone resting on its edge, with a bat, the laws of gravity and promotes closer so right at the beginning of the game one of the shards to light.

Majula: While in Majula, but only after a small discovery tour through the interior of the Lost Fort accessible (see FAQ: Distribute skill points again - is that possible?), Is the ominous mansion at the center of the village. In the cellar, shortly before the chest with the soul vessel rests a body with another shard in his luggage.

Forest of Fallen Giants: Have you done your very first boss, the fallen giant, the soldiers key will go in your possession. Uses these to open the door at the bottom of the stairs of the Cardinal Storm beacon and loots the local chest.

No Yard: After your tour of the shipyard Nobody you can open up a shortcut to the nearby barracks you just before reaching the huge ship. Missed at this point the opportunity, another shard behind the polls to get hold of in the house on the opposite side!

Forest of Shadows: This Estus flacon Shard you should be hard to miss. After her Pyromantin Rosabeth have freed before the entrance to the Forest of Shadows from her curse, you can stir in the next room the age coven Beacon. Just on the other side of the room you will find it again.

Forest of Shadows: Near the Shadowed ruins you can let down a pit that hides a door. The matching key droppt the petrified lion warrior on the slope behind the cave system once you have saved it and lead you as to another shard.

Lichtenstein Bay Tseldora: You have to prove anything to the spirit of discovery to get to that shard. The object of desire is located in the small rotunda opposite the Lower Lichtenstein Bay Beacon, on the roof you are greeted by a magician. From below it does not enter into it, however. So it's back to the chapel entrance, where you overcome the abyss with the first winch. Then ignore the second winch and follow the path straight to surprise the aforementioned magician from above. Now you can you condescend in the niche of you and insert the fragment.

Earthen lace: Instead of looking at the obreren climes the way to greed daemon, you should venture to the bottom of the system a detour to the toxic morass. At the very end before the grid holds a miserably perished soul the splinter in her hand.

Where did you even use fire keepers souls in the previous part, to enhance the strength of your bottles, you should this time by Noble bone dust on the lookout. Burn this subject in the distant fire of Majula, put your bottles in every sip a few more hit points here - for the rest of the game. You have no idea how helpful can be such a boost in the right moments know.

Locations Edler bone dust
Heide flame tower: This is how you can not even walk past. The second ancient knights on which you come over - he performs a powerful mace with them - dropping to his death, the dusty remnants. Then he will no longer respawn.

Sinners Hill: On the way to the lost sinner happened to her a flooded ruins, where you will receive three rather grim-faced monster. In the corner of the chamber to your left, so after the first of the three critters that you take a dead body from the bone dust.

Black Canyon: After you have completed the underground disgusting depraved, you can even a chest in front of the near-primal beacon plunder. Here you will find again.

Hell of the undead: Shortly before the Nebeltor you can make to your right a corpse behind the bars. Hidurch you do not come, you have around the outside and reach the plateau with a short hop from the suspension bridge. Now take the corpse from the bone dust.

To be continued ...

FAQ: Dealers and their offer / forge and their goods

Where can I get again those damn weapon enchants? Who had again this particularly powerful sword in the offer? So hostile and unforgiving world of the DS2 is also on your journey you will always return to more or less comical characters come across who want to enrich you in the most remote locations with their merchandise. Here is an overview of the range of all dealers.

Dealers Beautiful Shalquoir - Majula
The mysterious cat is found directly opposite the house of Armorsmith Maughlin on the right side of the settlement.

Offer: Rings:
- Ring of evil eye (4500)
- Silver cat ring (13,400)
- Red Eye Ring (6700)
- Ring with engraved name (5500)
- Ring of Whispers (5800)

Offer: Various:
- Home to bone (600)
- Prism-stone (300)
- Bait Skull (300)
- Lloyds Talisman (1600)

Dealer Hag Melentia - Forest of Fallen Giants:
This shrewd guy can be found in Cardinal storm right next to the local beacon - can not be overlooked.

Offer: Weapons:
- Broken Straight Sword (400)
- Hand Axe (700)
- Lobe (800)
- Caestus (1000)

Offer: armor:
- Pedlars Hat (850)
- Pedlars Coat (1500)
- Pedlars Gloves (1000)
- Hiking Boots Merchant (1280)

Offer: Various:
- People Picture (1500)
- Stone of Life (300)
- Yellow Herb (1600)
- Fire Bomb (200)
- Spell urn (400)
- Throwing Knives (100)
- Pharros-Wahrheitsverk. (4000)
- Lenigrasts Key (1000)

Smith Lenigrast - Majula:
Works in a hut with a yellow awning near the light fire in Majula once the lock was unlocked with Lenigrasts key, which is available at Kaufmann Hag Melentia the Cardinal rush for 1,000 souls.

Offer: Weapons:
- Long Sword (1300)
- Broadsword (1700)
- Falchion (1200)
- Estoc (1500)
- Degen (1000)
- Battle Axe (1500)
- Mace (1200)
- Spear (1400)

Offer: ammunition:
- Wooden Arrow (10)
- Iron Arrow (30)
- Wood studs (25)
- Heavy Stud (50)

Offer: Various:
- Repair Powder (2500)
- Titanitscheibe (800)

Armorsmith Maughlin - Majula:
Located in the house at the left edge in the small settlement of Majula and crouching sitting in his quarters.

Offer: Shields:
- Iron-Parma (1200)
- Silver Eagle-Dragon Shield (1500)
- Double Dragon Big Shield (2000)

Offer: armor:
- Standard Helmet (800)
- Fixed Leather Armor (1260)
- Fixed Leather Gauntlets (940)
- Tough Leather Boots (1100)
- Elite Knight Helmet (2200)
- Elite Knight Armor (4000)
- Elite Knight Gloves (2500)
- Elite Rittergamaschen (2900)
- King Soldier Helmet (1600)
- King Soldier Armor (2700)
- King Soldier Gauntlets (1900)
- King Soldier Boots (2200)
- Infantry Armor (1000)
- Infantry gloves (750)
- Infantry Boots (850)
- Falconer Helmet (900)
- Falconer Armor (1500)
- Falconer Gloves (1050)
- Falkner-Stiefenhofer (1200)

Wizards Straid from Olaphis - The Lost Fortress:
The Wizard blocked you as a stone statue of the way to the beacon "Straids cell" in the abandoned castle. You can get him with a fragrance branch back to life.

Offer: Rings:
- Ring of Knowledge (28000)
- Crest Ring Lurking Dragon (2500)

Offer: Various:
- Reddish Water (3000)

Offer: magic:
- Homing soul arrow (6500)
- Strong Spell Shield (6300)
- Ray of light (3000)
- Splendid Life (4500)
- Revelation (2200)
- Lurking Flame (6700)
- Flame path (9500)
- Dark Globe (600)
- Sinister Hagel (1500)
- Sinister Fog (5200)
- Bonding (11500)

Blacksmith master hand McDuff - Lost Fortress
On the other side of the fortress, opposite the tower where did you encounter on Lucatiel, the crazed blacksmith McDuff has pitched his camp. To buy his services, but once you have the matte glow muster in the iron lock.

Offer: Weapons
- Bastard Sword (3000)
- Uchigatana (5000)
- Great Axe (6200)
- Wing Lance (2500)
- Sense (3500)
- Longbow (2000)
- Light Crossbow (1500)
- King Dragon Shield (2400)

Offer: Muition
- Wooden Arrow (10)
- Iron Arrow (30)
- Iron Large Arrow (120)
- Wood studs (25)
- Heavy Stud (50)

Offer: Various
- Repair Powder (2500)
- Large Titanitscherbe (2500)

Cleric Licia from Lindelt:
The pious trader praying on the platform at the Beacon "flame tower".

Offer: Weapons:
- Holy Cleric Bell (1400)

Offer: Rings:
- Ring of Prayer (28000)

Offer: magic:
- Healing (1500)
- Medical Healing (3000)
- Excerpt from Big healing (4500)
- Refresher (3000)
- Splendid Life (4500)
- Flattering Prayer (2000)
- Force (1800)
- Lightning Spear (6000)
- Return (2400)
- Council (3700)

Dealer Lonely Gavlan - No one shipyard:
Empties its cozy beer tankard on the upper floor of the ruins on the cliffs, which is populated with the dark creatures. With it you can also sell excess items.

Offer: Rings:
- Ring of the Giants (5000)

Offer: ammunition:
- Poison Arrow (60)

Offer: Various:
- Poisonous Moos (1500)
- Poisonous Throwing Knives (350)
- Lazy resin (2000)

The Rat King - Holy grave:
Directly behind the room sitting on a pile of bones where you have fought against the royal Ratten Vanguard.

Offer: Various:
- Rust Urn (700)
- Jaucheküchlein (600)
- Everyday Fruit (1600)
- Red Egelpastillen (1600)
- Triclops-Schlangenpastillen (2000)

Pyromantin Rosabeth from Melfia - Forest of Shadows, then Majula:
Block as a stone statue of the entrance to the Forest of Shadows. You may be able with a scent branch rid of her spell.

Offer: Rings:
- Flame Quartz Ring (2000)
- Donner Quartz Ring (2000)
- Finster Quartz Ring (2000)

Offer: Various:
- Small blue flower (1200)
- Little Yellow Flower (1200)
- Small orange flower (1200)
- Fire Seed (8000)

Offer: magic:
- Fireball (1200)
- Fireball Orb (3400)
- Combustion (1500)
- Poison Mist (3400)
- Flash Sweet (2300)
- Iron flesh (3500)

Vengarls head - Forest of Shadows:
Resting on a heap of stones on the left side of the fog area, which you can enter her from the fork from.

Offer: Weapons:
- Claymore (4300)
- Great Sword (5000)

Offer: Rings:
- Ring of salvation (8000)
- Offer: ammunition
- Destruction large arrow (180)

Offer: Various:
- Flash urn (400)
- Gold Resin (1500)

Offer: magic:
- Spell Barrier (2700)

Priest Cromwell Begnadiger - Lichtenstein Bay Tseldora:
Links behind the chamber in which you're opposed to the Magus, a ladder leading to a loft in the Cromwell bored. He can pardon you your sins.

Offer: Armor:
- White priestly headdress (4500)
- White cassock (5000)
- White Priest Gloves (4600)
- White Priest Rock (4800)

Offer: Rings:
- Poison Bite Ring (5500)
- Blood Bite Ring (7000)
- Curse bite ring (9000)

Offer: Various:
- Dark pastilles (1200)

Offer: magic:
- Greater Heal (8000)
- Refresher (3000)
- Flattering Prayer (2000)
- Force (1800)
- Explosive force (4200)
- Heavenly Thunder (3300)
- Perseverance (3500)
- Life residues (2200)

Weaponsmith Ornifex

The feathered companion is locked up behind the pit door near the Shadowed ruins and travels after his liberation thanks back to his dwelling. You can then visit him in the chamber of the Lower Lichtenstein bay to the left of the buried poison frog and there exchanged next useful objects even your boss souls.
Offer: Weapons

- Murakumo (5800)
- Partisan (3000)
- Twin Blade (5000)
- Mixed arc (5500)
- Heavy Crossbow (4000)

Offer: ammunition
- Fire Arrow (60)
- Fire Bolt (80)

Offer: Various
- Yellow Herb (1600)
- Green Flower (1300)
- Flame Butterfly (600)

Offer: magic
- Homing soul arrow (6500)
- Homing soul mass (6000)
- Camber control (4800)

Chloanne - Erntetal, then Majula

Chloanne sitting in front of a backdrop of the windmill park on a stone. When you enter the Erntetal, you can not miss it really. After speaking with her, she will be on your way to Majula.

Offer: Various
- Asketenleuchtfeuer (7500)
- Titanitscherbe (1000)

Offer: magic
- Peace of mind (8800)
- Renewed Death (4000)

Gren the midget - Hell of the undead
Gren is waiting at the other end of the stairs after the battle against the executioner car for you.

Offer: Weapons
- Great Sense (3000)
- Priest-bell (4000)

Offer: Armor
- Bone Crown (3600)
- Bone King Robe (6000)
- Bone King sleeves (4200)
- Bone King Skirt (4800)

Offer: Rings
- Filigree band (20000)
Offer: Various

- Hexereiurne (350)
- Silver Charm (1300)
- Red Symbol Soapstone (5000)

Offer: magic
- Firestorm (4500)
- Large combustion (4800)
- Fire Whip (3800)

Head Bauer Gilligan - Irdenspitze
After you have followed the steps of the "Middle Irdenspitze" Beacon, you can cross in the left direction to strike the head of the Bauer building ledge. After your meeting of craftsmen followed the example of other characters and made her way to Majula where you can beat a ladder into the pit of the settlement with its help.

Offer: Weapons
- Reinforced leg (1600)
- Whip (1440)
- Claw (1200)
- Wooden Shield (960)

Offer: Armor
- Thieves mask (800)
- Black Leather Armor (960)
- Black leather gloves (800)
- Black Ledersteifel (880)

Offer: Various
- Bleeding Knife (280)
- Aroma-Schlick (1600)
- Bleeding serum (1600)
- Head Miniature (6399)

Treasure Hunter Magerold from Lanafir
The retailer remains in the iron castle right at the end of the hallway to the right of the entrance. Here you can put to use also your spices.

Offer: Armor
- Jester's Hat (2000)
- Fools garment (3000)
- Fools gloves (2300)
- Fools Pants (2600)

Offer: Rings
- Curse bite ring (9000)

Offer: Various
- People Picture (3000)
- Green Flower (1300) '
- Black Firebomb (300)
- Coal-like resin (1500)
- Repair Powder (2500)
- Rusty Coin (900)
- Hello Mask (2000)
- Thank you Mask (2000)
- Pardon Mask (2000)
- Very good! Mask (2000)
- Fragrance branch (7500)

Offer: magic
- Soul Arrow (1500)
- Great Soul Arrow (3000)
- Heavy Soul Arrow (2000)
- Large heavy soul arrow (4500)
- Camber control (4800)
- Sinister Hagel (1500)
- Sinister Storm (4700)

To be continued ...

FAQ: key and the associated locks

Where is the key, there is also an associated lock. Goofy just that you encounter in the vast world of Drangleic on heaps of such doors, just waiting for her real counterpart. We have grouped the localities of all keys and their correct use for you.

Lenigrast’s key
Hag Melentia sold this key in the Cardinal storm. He opens the store of Smith Lenigrast in Majula.

House key
Key to the abandoned house in Majula. You gain it by Cale the mapmaker, who dwells in a tunnel behind the farm near the Cardinal storm.

Soldiers’ key
The soldiers will receive their keys as a reward after the first boss fight. He opens to you a variety of castles in the area around the Cardinal storm:

- Door at the end of the stairway, starting from the beacon
- Door opposite the ladder down after you've crossed the Stone Arch
- Door to the right of the giant stone hand overlooking the sea; leads towards the boss

Persecutor Key
-  Mossy room's door on the left of the ladder

Fortress’ Key
In the column under the houses beacon "High Wall" of the moon tower. Opens the door next Straids cell, and the castles of the side of the fog gate to the Lost sinner.

Untotenkerker key
In the stone dome on the lower path of the gorge area in Hunters Grove. He opens the Steinverhau before the craggy area and makes you a beacon accessible.

Lichtenstein’s key
The nobleman in the private chambers of the prince drops his keys at his death. He opens the door in front of the gelatinized with cobwebs space, which led to Freya.

Tooth key
If dropped from the petrified lion warrior on the slope behind the pit of the Shadowed ruins. With it, you can open the pit door, behind which hides Ornifex

Ancient key
In a chest behind the door of the room near the beacon "The remote tower" where to meet for the first time on the dogs. He opens a wooden door on the other side of the fortress near McDuff's workshop behind a wall opening.

Rotunda’s Key
Licia from Lindelt drops upon the death of this key. With it you can open it in the catacombs of Majula the way to the hunter grove.

To be Continued ...

FAQ: distribute skill points again - is that possible?

As one of the new features in Dark Souls 2, the possibility was advertised to completely distribute the values of your character once again, which gives you the chance to counter a Verskillung or endgame again trying a completely new character class.

Quite so simple it makes you the game but then not - so that your project can succeed, you must first of all come up with the unique soul vessel - much is revealed ever - lies dormant in the basement of the ominous hut in Majula. Goofy only that exact is securely closed. But where a castle is, can also be somewhere a matching key muster ...

Cartographer Cale and house keys
You will eventually find it in the forest of fallen trees near the Cardinal storm.
Return to the open area where you have climbed the tree trunk to the upper battlements of the castle (contact of the head of the cardinal tower to the left). Instead of the natural bridge but now to follow up again, then are ye fall down into the small ruin on the left and reach the bottom of the outer region from there.

Climb the prominent wooden scaffolding that leads you to the other side of the court and done it all archers and remaining envelope soldiers who cross your path. After a daring leap onto the railing across from you, you will see a small tunnel in the walls discover in you can enter. Do not be too hasty, since a huge stone ball in the vein of Indiana Jones comes down rushing from the left side and grab at the opportunity nor the equal of man in front of you.

The right path is a dead end, you turn to the left, however, meet her on the cartographers Cale from a giant map in the ominous Villa of Majula. So you can also take a look at once he leaves you the keys to the villa. It's that simple with the charity. About the castle battlements it's quick step back to the beacon and from there off to Majula

The villa in Majula
With a reassuring click opens the gate of the mysterious building. Explored the old walls and tried himself to fathom its history. Upstairs there is to loot a chest, our object of desire, however, lies buried in deeper regions.

Pay attention to the stray skeleton warrior who accumulates you from a corner - sends him back quickly into the dust from which he has risen. The age-old chest in the chamber finally secures the powerful vessel that ye sought. In the same room, incidentally, is a rare Estus-bottle sherd, thus makes your treasure hunt perfect.

Fire keepers dwelling
Travel her now back to the cabin of the fire keepers, who welcomes you at the beginning of the game, offers you one of the old ladies to give you a fresh start. Take the chance make sense - a renewed attempt you no longer have it!

FAQ: oaths, and their effect

During the course of a game you will get every now and then of unique individuals the offer, take an oath. Sets for it such oath, you step into a thematic alliance that grants you different bonuses. In general, this is done in relation to the multi-player mode.

But be on your guard in front, lay vows on the fly, as it just fits you - you have namely expect to be punished if you break your current oath. One or the other can use your change of mind namely to take something personally and you know yes - with important NPCs should it be forfeit in any case. Gambles her online, you should at a perjury also expect to arrive at a kind of bounty list. Other players, it is then allowed to invade your world and to hunt you.

There are again confirmed nine alliances whose ranks can you deepen for special items and bonuses. You move up a rank you offer usually special items that fit thematically to the selected fret. For example, you calls the rat king to give him all the rats tails that you will receive. However, the exception proves the rule, your oath with the blue guards deepened her as with the number of eliminated intruders in your world.

In the Fine Shalquoir in Majula you can easily break your current oath and realize how deeply connected you are to your covenants.

Oath of blue Guardian
This you can you enter into the earliest in the game. Speak for the fainthearted Saulden in Majula that lingers on the obelisk in the direction of the sea. So you'll gift the Blue Seal ring obtained which your hit points increased slightly. Should you sacrifice an invasion of an opponent's goal, so you will be automatically assigned as a member of this alliance a helper who supports you in your struggle against invaders.

The oath deepened her by her invading phantoms retaliate:
Rank 1 - A Phantom defeated Gift: Blood bite ring
Rank 2 - defeated five phantoms
Rank 3 - Defeat ten phantoms
Oath of the Society of champions

Also, this oath can you make from your first visit to Majula. To arrange this, you settle down before the victor stone and you prescribe this to get the champions-board in return. Especially new players but if possible advise against this decision - although this covenant lures with powerful gifts, but makes your whole game in the style of a New Game + Option.

The oath deepened her by her sacrifices:
Rank 1 - (10 Victor’s Stones): Great Magic Weapon
Rank 2 - (25 Victor’s Stones): First Dragon Ring
Rank 3 - (50 Victor’s Stones): Vanquisher’s Seal

Oath of the rat king:
After the fight with the royal Ratten in Holy grave or alternatively the royal rats examiner in the doors of the waiting Pharros something inconspicuous to you. From him you will receive after your oath the ring arms of the rat as a dowry which you are to set up in order to enjoy the effects of the Federation can - any form of vermin makes you subsequently at rest and you are able to attack other players which cause unrest in the territory of the rat king.

The oath deepened her by her pigtails sacrifices:
Rank 1 - sacrificed 10 rat tails
Rank 2 - sacrificed 20 rat tails
Rank 3 - sacrificed 30 rat tails
Oath Keepers of the bells

If you do find among the servants' quarters of the lost fortress the apparent wall, this will lead you to the moon tower. Here you will meet a shrewd fellow who offers you to join the brotherhood of the bell keeper. By sealing the bell keeper ring you can now other players keep them from ringing the bell of the tower.

The oath deepened her by her invading players defeated:
Rank 1 - 10 players defeated
Rank 2-30 players defeated
Rank 3 - 100 players defeated

Oath of blood brotherhood
From hunter grove from a shaky suspension bridge leads to the hell of the undead, where you transgress against the executioner car. At the end of the area a staircase leads to the stocky Gren, who would introduce you into the Brotherhood of the Blood. This covenant is PvP based and goes with the Red Symbol Soapstone and Geborst. Red apples on the hunt for other players.

The oath deepened her by making her hunt for players:
Rank 1 - Kill 50 players and / or blue phantoms in invasions
Rank 2 - defeated 150 players and / or blue phantoms in invasions
Rank 3 - Defeat 500 players and / or blue phantoms in invasions

To be continued ...

FAQ: Boss souls and their uses

Every time you chop down a boss in Dark Souls 2, you will receive the soul. This particularly powerful remnants can be exchanged either for a bunch of souls to devour or in particularly powerful boss weapons. Of course, can be impossible to predict a flat rate which choice is better for you in the situation. However, a general rule: Waits once from.

It could prove to be a bitter failure, break a boss soul in a fit of lust soul immediately and thereby have a weapon that might be perfect for you, do without.

Soul of the Last Giant
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls fight the giant stone ax.

Soul of the pursuer
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the Tracker Ultra Greatsword or the Tracker Big Shield.

Dragon Rider-soul
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the dragon rider Halberd, the dragon rider twin blade, the Dragon Rider Dragon Rider sheet or large plate.

Old Dragonslayer soul
In exchange armorer Ornifex for 1,500 souls against the Dragonslayer spear

Flexile Sentry-soul
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the curvature sword Curved Sword or the spiked mace.

Ruin Guardian Soul
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the Heavy homing soul arrow.
Soul of the Tower Gargoyles

In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the Gargoyle Two Zack.

Lost sinner-soul
Still unknown.

Scorpio inner soul
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the soul rain.

Kings. Rat - soul
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the Toxic Fog.

Kings. Rats Examiner soul
In exchange Straid from Ophalis for 1,500 souls against the acid tide.

Freya Soul
Still unknown.

Depraved Soul
Still unknown.

To be continued ...

FAQ: Humanity

In Dark Souls you only have a reliable companion - death. The already you will find out very soon, over and over again. Death and decline, however, are rooted far beyond the game mechanics out in the series - you play namely no dashing hero, but be just as undead as most of your adversaries in reality. That's right, the repulsive cases soldiers have your college, your nice neighbors, friendly helper. Or something like that.

So your journey through the game world is also a search for yourself, more precisely to your humanity. Since you'll always similar with continuous playing time of a mindless shell - your hair will fall out, your face gets an unhealthy green complexion - you are always in search of the rare people pictures. These make the terrible effects of the curse that is reversed. At least until you have once again passed away.

A lone hero?
Series veterans will have already arranged in Dark Souls with their undead existence. Because a significant advantage afforded the whole - you could only invaded by other players, so be raiding, as long as you are disturbed reefs in living form through the country, as the shell you were safe from the infamous invaders.

This is in DS2 now final! Whether you want it or not, in any form, at any time, foreign attacker can creep into your world. You can imagine that such an attack may be said shortly after a boss battle with tens of thousands of souls in the luggage mildly unnerving.

But at least you are not alone. Will you be the victim of an invasion, you can now with the White Symbol Soapstone, which you get early in the game, send out a call for help, to follow the other players. Then we have to wait and hope that a helping hand reacts and supports you in your struggle. Should you take the oath of blue guards, you can even automatically hope for help from their own ranks. Charity in its purest form.

Death has never been worse
Death brings a darker but still, a lot of destructive side with them. Each virtual demise your life bar will shrink by a few millimeters. This may sound only once not so devastating, but will you even aware of the impact. "You thought the final boss was already unfair if their attendance with all his strength against him? Tried it but just continue with the half of your maximum energy! "

Does that sound a little bad? Yes? And that's it. You're going to, purify the game and the controller enough for clumsy missteps and hasty actions. But the prospect of having to take a fight with each new attempt, one can really cut off the air. Deal with it.

Hooray for humanity!
Quite so hopeless but the story is not for me. First of all, it's over 50 percent. Did you once half of your life bar lost, the whole game plays significantly liberated because you can try out more, without reckoning with even more penalties. Worse, it may eventually no longer be.

Plus it's in human form back to normal. Consumed an image of man, you can enjoy your entire life bar and experience a whole new gameplay experience by the oppressive plummeting again. At least if you stay alive. Read our complete solution carefully and you miss none of the important but rare dispersed items.

Tip: You can reasonably effective farming people pictures. In the Lower Lichtenstein bay you'll encounter creatures with pointed outgrowths seem a little like a combination of spider and shell soldier. This can be an occasional fall of man, need so desperately supplies, you should try it once here.

Finally, there's the ring of binding. The can be found in a box in front of the Blue Cathedral to the left of Heide's flame tower - so it is very early in the game accessible. This ring will alleviate the effects of the curse much, so you can no longer lose a quarter of your life. And those are times good prospects.

FAQ: forging, improving weapons

Again, it is possible to spice up his expensive-won weapons in the forge. Turn this simple to the blacksmith Lenigrast in Majula which is available to you once you have with Lenigrasts key, which is available to purchase at Hag Melentia in Cardinal storm, open his forge cabin. As the game progresses you meet in the lost fortress on another blacksmith, McDuff, who can help you with other objects.

In order to improve an article, you need first of all an appropriate weapon or piece of armor as well as a potsherd, which led then process it against a mite. Depending on the material and quality of the piece of equipment here differ according to price and applied materials.

Tip: Drangleic home to a rare species of reptiles, the crystal lizards, which immediately look on sight the length and adopt to never seeing you again in the soil after a short flight phase (or alternatively fall to their death). The shy critters reward you handsomely for their demise but with all kinds of forged materials of which you can not find some in the normal way. Blow her on one of these lizards and they escaped you, it is of great advantage to seek a resting place and a new start of the hunt. In our solution, we point out the way to all spawn points of reptiles.

Enhance equipment by up to +3. Would you like your swords, cutlasses, maces, hammers, lances, halberds, spears, bows, crossbows, shields and / or armor upgrade, ye will not come to these little wonders bags around it. Have you quickly made friends with a certain weapon, you can buy at the blacksmith Lenigrast in Majula your first Titanitscherben. If you need even more supplies, you should look around you in the Erntetal, the local bodies often carry Titanit material with him, and also the skeletons drop the small shards at regular intervals.

Dealer: Blacksmith Lenigrast, 10 pieces (800)
Dealer: Ore stone trader Chloanne, 10 pieces (1000)
Drop: worms in the Dark Canyon
Drop: Skeleton Warriors, for example, found in the Hunter grove or the Erntetal

Large Titanitscherbe
Enhance equipment by up to +6. After her a piece of equipment at three levels improved, so have invested six Titanitscherben, you must immediately raise large shards, to make further optimizations. In addition to hunting on crystal lizards that feed you quite reliably with the big Titanitscherben, the farms of the spider-like creatures in the Lower Bay Lichtenstein worth. The can also happen sometimes fall a man. Should be quite us.

Drop: spiders like creatures in the Lower Lichtenstein Bay

Enhance equipment up to +9. Although Great Titanitscherben no longer sufficient to pimp your weapons, you need the very hard nut to crack. To Titanitbrocken to be exact. Equips times the Lichtenstein Bay Tseldora a visit, here is two of the most desirable materials in the dilapidated houses. Another chunk can pick out diagonally in the Shadowed ruins of the forest shadows from the chest above the beacon.

Enhance equipment by up to +10. The counterpart to the horror of plaice DS is the absolute master class of creation, and can your weapon or armor to the final level of upgrade. Slay her prowling Magus, you will be rewarded with one of these blocks. A second you can already get very early in the game - in the vicinity of the cardinal storm did you encounter with the room with the three ballista on a Pharros mechanism. This directs you to an apparent wall behind her loots a chest with the rare material.

Glimmering titanite
Enhance equipment that can not normally be reinforced to +5. Glimmering titanite needed for their unique equipment that are already naturally pretty powerful - for example, the arms of the Black Knight or the armor of the lost sinner who Maughlin after the relevant fight in the offer has. This extremely rare shard will receive his normal only as a drop of a crystal lizard, in the light cove you can a corpse left of the first winch as well as facilitate this titanite.

Fossilized Dragon Bone
Reinforce from Boss souls made equipment. Have you Straid from Ophalim freed in the Lost Fortress of the curse, their offers you the opportunity to convert the trophies from your boss battles against particularly strong boss weapons. To improve these ancient and specially manufactured weapons is the forge masters in Drangleic possible, but they are sure to rely on the rare fossilized dragon bones. Right next Straids cell can raise one of these Drach Tight legs. Two more you can get hold of in the Shadowed ruins, on the one hand as a drop of the giant frog creature, on the other hand from the chest, which also includes a Titanitbrocken. Even a bone can be found in the sandy dunes of the Lower Lichtenstein Bay near the beacon.

To be continued...

The first steps in Drangleic: character creation, fire hut dwelling

There are strong images, which throws you From Software in the morbid adventure that Dark Souls is called 2. The remains Drangleics are the venue for an inevitable battle for the tragic fate that you can not escape. The bony, brittle voice of a woman, with the time it did not mean well, prepare yourselves for the one on which you can not prepare, try to explain why there is no explanation.

Between: Character Creation
Is the impressive sequence over and your name-as penniless character wakes up in the grass surrounded by ruins, you should take it easy. While here lurking hardly serious opponent, but this very circumstance is the best reason for the time it should take you to her.

Run a few steps, pressed a few buttons and see what happens. Get a sense of your character, for its weight and its movements - small things are like this, of which soon your life depends. What exactly causes which key, learn it in our FAQ: Combat System - the control and in a few minutes too superficial to the game.

Now run straight at the light gap "heaven," which leads you to a small clearing, which is just as overgrown with grass like the rest of the territory. Do not be afraid of the little creatures that scurry around occasionally - they are you disposed to peaceful, as long as you are there also (although the remains on the ground suggest otherwise). Ignoring for the moment the lights of the house in front of you and turn right. The small path leads under a stone construction along behind which stand a few trees - there you will find a bluish shimmering thing: your first article. Gather up the rusty coin on, trudging back and run towards the yellow-reddish shimmer.

Behind the crevice you arrive at a waterfall along with a wooden suspension bridge, which is not very reassuring. Commits the error here is not the way to your left (behind the bushes) run along, because halfway a creature waits there still no match for her long. This but we take care of later, do not worry. Instead, you cross the bridge and appeared on the other side of the bridge into the embankment on the left from. After her corpse. smooth, silky stone have wrested, endowed finally the old ladies in their wooden hut a visit.

Fire Guardian dwelling
The women are not necessarily what is called mood guns, they speak of the fate of the cursed, laughing scornfully - and ask some questions that are of great importance for you. With the first they ask for your name. Consider her something Melodious end (Fritz-Peter is rather less mystical) and confirms the choice.

As a reward you get a man. With this sculpture defines their game-deciding decision on the appearance and characteristics of your character. Take time to do absolutely nothing and crashes - at this point determines their large parts of the following game experience!
Character position

Wow, so many choices right at the start. Do you have the bony women told your names to the red robes, they let you use the image of man set your appearance. The single most important decision you make in the very first window.

Class & Gabe
Here you determine what attributes and characteristics of the hero to go out. Fairly important, especially for the first few hours. More details you read in the FAQ: classes.

Not so important as the class, but not unimportant - or will you look for the next few hours an ugly lump on the back. Nevertheless, more than cosmetic in nature are not the possibilities here. Select the sex, the body (a total of eight different ones, from asparagus to Tarzan gorilla) and the figure (hardly or very muscular).

Almost everything else that determines the appearance of the character in terms of his face shall be determined under this tab. The possibilities are very plentiful, although not on a level with individualization monsters like Skyrim. But all this is quite enough to carve a cool hero. From the following categories can choose their different characteristics: origin, style, hair color, eyebrows, eyebrow color, eye color, beard, beard color, tattoo, tattoo color, opacity. The point "Random" mixes, as the name suggests, a random combination of the various points.

Advanced Settings
Significantly more options and controls are joined to this directory to choose from. Behind the tab "overall appearance of 1" to hide some setting in terms of age, gender, shape, weight, color weight, skin color 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Under "overall appearance 2" may cheeks color, laugh lines, hairstyle and hair color can be set. However, some points doubled with already defined characteristics - a fact that is underscored by means of further options in this menu,

Play here simply at rest around, push there, draw there - the possibilities are immense and inexhaustible.

Press the start button when you are satisfied with your creation and you true breathed a life. Again, a rumble old man Lady going after the other. They talk from the curse that is upon you and it is important to break down, you advise to collect souls, but you will always lose - Optimists look different.

Between: first beacon, tutorial

And then it starts. Do not make the effort to try to find out more information from the old boxes, but instead talk with the young woman in red dress you. Milibeth tells a little about the women, if you do several times talk to. They are sisters and fire keepers. Apparently it is still somewhere be a fourth of them. In the chest, the (accessible through the narrow wooden staircase) you can find on the upper floor, there is still a man. So that you can later once again your mortal form to accept a beacon - very handy. Grab it and you leave the house, then through the door next to the fireplace.

The first beacon
Equip your weapon (if any) by pressing the right button of D-pad, zerdeppert the old car just right with a few punches and collect the soul of a ext. Undead and a torch. Now kindle your first beacon.

Explanation: Beacon basically do exactly what its name already suggests: you donate you light in the darkness, are ports of security, where you can catch. From these points of her will always start your game when you are rested there and died and goes back after a break. They act almost as a kind of checkpoints or save points. Also you can warp between various beacons - one of the most important innovations in Dark Souls 2 Lots of other stuff is also possible: call object box, burning, witchcraft mood - all the accurate information you learn in our FAQ: Beacon. Snaps to the flames to get the various options displayed here.

But now continues. Run through the narrow path to the right of beacon and resists the urge to keep you in the following way straight ahead. Do you see the various torches? This you can ignite with your own, inasmuch as you did on this beacon also inflamed. Will seek to ensure that your light is not lit dispense ever. So use it only necessary.

After a few steps left hand there is a path from a fog box. Take along your courage and passes through the opaque Wabern - behind the tutorial begins. Or at least it is called Dark Souls 2 way. As a general rule: do not be shy, any time you turn around and the last beacon to recover, if health is threatening low. Read also all stone tablets, which are regularly distributed: they explain and control various techniques that can be tried at the next opponents.

Follow the very linear path, doing what you are told, lights, where appropriate, the torches and fit out something on to keep from falling. During training, you will find among other things a dagger and a living stone, which restores a portion of lost energy. Slouches at the end by a further smokescreen transgress down the ladder and uses it immediately. The first tutorial was completed!

Do not waste time: Run in the opposite direction of the large root on the path and passes through the mist on the left. Here you learn how a gun can carry with both hands. No quite unimportant Note, can be dealt in this way with the same blade more damage than normal. Fit on leaving the circular space absolutely hellish, since you could otherwise fall into the abyss. Do not be.

Hop instead on the other side of the platform, if you have the courage to do, and collects there twice yellow herb on. Then the long ladder is climbed. Read again carefully the instructions; introduce yourself to the cliff, targeting the types among you. Drop down and press the attack button for a jump attack. But be careful: Full Runs this maneuver only if I still have half your hit points - the fall will draw your character somewhat affected. Also Take care and down over the second guy who hangs around here. Then run through the door, the item ruptured record Red Eyeball, run through the mist, where appropriate, the torch light and drop gently to the level of you. Thus, the second part would be done.

A tutorial is upon you yet. Get in the last wall of fog and immediately take the archers on the other side of the visor. Go to the tree and pushes him to the X-/A-Taste to create a sporadic bridge. After that, the shooter must believe it. Now it is a good bit downhill. However, only hops into the hole, if you still have full health - the case of damage is neat. Do immediately below the opponent and gives way to the shelling of Heini's one level above you, which you reach via the ladder.

Run through the next smokescreen behind it but not better the water. The two monsters there are equally ugly as dangerous and even a corner too strong. Stiefelt instead the narrow path to the top, throws down the tree - and that's it. Now it's always your nose until it passes through a crevice on a light-filled piece of land.

Majula: Emerald messenger, dealers and other people

The starting point for just about everything. This beautiful piece of land you will see them more often than almost any other in Dark Souls 2 - and for good reason. Here you'll find in addition to important characters like the blacksmith or the Emerald Botin also NIGHT ISSUES. But currently it is still relatively uninteresting. Follow the trail down, passes through the battered stone arch (collected from the corpse left before optionally Divine blessing on, and run right to the beacon in the small stone circle, not far in front of the stone tower on the waterfront.

Emerald messenger
Is it inflamed, you should read the eyes of a woman in a dark green robe keep them open. They should be located in the immediate vicinity of the beacon. Do you talk to them about makes you equally with the task of finding King Vendrick and your first Estus flacon, which will make this project much easier. By means of this healing items you can recharge a large portion of your energy back. The bottle itself is refilled at each beacon, so that you may be able unlimited use frequently.

Speak the Emerald messenger on a few more times until a menu opens. Here (and only here!) henceforth the possibility to exchange collected souls against the ascent of your soul level. Through this process, you will repeat the very many times, your character's abilities to rise gradually. However, the cost of one ascent always take exponentially. Paying her at initial rise less than 1,000 souls, it does not take long until you are in the five-figure problems. Ouch.

The mysterious woman also grants you the opportunity to reinforce your Estus flacons with Estus-bottle shards, which can be found occasionally in the course of the game. Very important! Take this offer as many times it goes!

But enough small talk for now. Look a little quiet in Majula to below before your trip and continues to transgress the first opponents. Immediately adjacent to the light you will find you the tabernacle of the blacksmith, who is working for you, once you unlock his hut with Lenigrast’s key. Yet this is not possible, but at least three life stones and the soul of a ext. Undead can be found right at the house.

Before the tower at the water, which also is close to the beacon, Saulden maroons. With him, you will learn the "welcome" gesture and can take the oath of the blue path. What it's all about, learn it in the FAQ: oaths, and their effect.

Links past the hut of the blacksmith you come to a simple tent, behind it you can see already the bluish shimmer of another object in another tent in front of a house wall. Destroy the crates in front of it to get to the living stone.

Immediately to the right of it is a staircase leading to a ruined archway in gloomy catacombs. Here you can not do much more than you to grab the scarlet-Parma from the troops at the foot of the spiral staircase.

Five native bone found at the end of the green path right in front of the entrance to the Catacombs, which leads up to the abyss along. At the winner stone you can afford the oath of champions, of which for the time being, however, is strongly discouraged because their opponents so that all strengthens in the style of New Game Plus.

Run down and rattles the houses on the right side of a row. In the first you find the cat Beautiful Shalquoir, not just talk with her, but even act can. Also possible: Eid revoked View Overview of the payments made oath and chat with the fur ball.

The hut to the right of the feline friend is still closed and the little side street right of it you should explore not necessarily because hang around here Little Pigs creatures that are not well-disposed towards you. Although they do not share from much damage, but they hold a lot of, because of their small size are difficult to meet and pursue their goal for some time. Pretty annoying.

Instead, you should take a closer look at the well of the house. The stone, which rests on the outer wall, a counterweight to another object inside the well, seems to form. So send this with a bat in depth and thus promotes your first Estus flacon Shard revealed! With the shard you can get another bottle of the Emerald messenger. Worth it!

In the last house takes her Maughlin, the Armorer. Yet you will hardly have money to go shopping, but at a later point, it is definitely worthwhile to return here again. The situation is similar with the gaping hole in the middle of the square. Give yourselves for now satisfied, if possible not zoom to plop. Would not a nice death.

That's about it for now. Locks in place again at the beacon and run directly on the local cliff along the slightly hidden archway (runs so that their quasi running away from the large tower on the water). Rotates inside immediately to the right and collect there the Rusty coin from the chest before it goes on. Before the narrow iron gate you turn left and actuates the mechanism before the other steel gate next door, but only for a short time stays up. So flits as quickly as possible under it to the other side.

Cross the bridge, stay left and walk carefully the wooden board to a stone in the river bed down. Inside the box there you will find a man. Now you have two options: If you are brave (and a bit tired of life) are, you take Anlauft and jumps (sprint button and left stick push in) on the other side of the body and the objects. Jumps not their precise enough, you will drown in the deep. On the other side you will find a home to bone and soul of an ext. Undead before you come into the forest of fallen giants.

Saves you the trouble but the best by her passing from the chest up and out again at the bridge. Even then you get into the forest, where you can immediately run right around the corner in a small tunnel - this is where you were after a successful jump anyway come out.

Forest of Fallen Giants # 1

The joke is: Now the first enemy lurking on you (if you do not overcome the urge to explore and has led to other paths). Be the undead here is no great problem, yet tried, she always possible to separate and disassemble individually. Get used to the typical fight sequences and get a feel for your weapon.

Beacon: The refuge of the faint-hearted
Go along the water, bludgeons down the first enemies and collect the life stone from the corpse on the other side of the river. Here also a path between two small rocks leads to a beacon. Ignites it to heal you - but bear in mind here that already defeated opponents are now back in their places.

Once you are near the tree trunks on the water, you should pay attention to the undead with a bow and arrow a little further up. Turns him even from a distance of, if you've got what the resources (for example, throwing knives), or runs gently up to him. Then follows again along the riverside down to the item and killed the undead, who rises suddenly when her past runs to him. Then go under the root scrub to the ladder and climb it (if possible, with full power up).

Now you have to be fast: Not only that, here equal to lurk several enemies at once - on top of a ledge, it also has an archer made themselves comfortable. To fight all the undead at once is really a hard nut, so let you rather directly back down the ladder. The startled enemies are now dutifully follow the rungs behind you (or optionally directly jump down), which enables you to switch off completely at rest, one after the other.

After this small success you can again reach the top right flit through the stone arch and climb the local director. On the spiral staircase you run two henchmen counter top again another, until you face the annoying archers. Bold natures also hop across the small hole and grab the well-balanced short sword and the soul of a lost undead.

Now circles the central tree, the Broken collects Just a sword. The area is almost cleaned up the mighty white knight, leaning against the tree. The colleague is not very sociable and not open to reason - we have words, deeds:

First of all, the white knight is optional, so you do not have to attack him. The fight against him is therefore worthwhile, because he dropt the heath knight sword - a strong blade that causes lightning damage. Should you your healing items already decimated or see you not yet familiar enough with the controller, turns from dear and come back at a later date, with the knight is not to be trifled with.

Have you decided to finish of the metal man's life, you should take advantage of the fact that you can land the first blow - you positioned behind him, take your weapon in both hands and let rattle a heavy blow on his armor down. Bring thereafter with a role some space between you both, as the knight otherwise an unpredictable - takes round bat, and upgraded again from your shield - and especially lethal. Your opposite is actually just a combo, with its stately sword he lines up to three, but usually two bats together.

Actually, you need not do much more than your shield to keep up and to circle the Knights behaved. He sets two blows in succession can you use in his movements and begin to attack the short break, their stands even in his back her unleashed a powerful backstab, handing out some good damage (more on the difference between backstab and Backstep you learn in our FAQ : Basics of the fight). But will merely not be too greedy - more than a bat and your body looks, sooner or later face the kiss of cold steel. If you patiently, waiting obediently on breaks in the attack patterns of the knight, you can already rejoice souls later on the heath knight sword and a bunch of short time.

By the side wall falls, so far this is all done. Falls in the new territory ahead very carefully, as it is here extremely tight and wait a few enemies on a rubdown. Do them the favor break in the next room closet, under the 20 wooden bolts are hidden and switches the stronger undead before the stairs with a little care from. On the steps you have to completely be especially vigilant! Not only that, at the end of an archer waiting to impale you - at half height is over you a stronger swordsman, hurling firebombs. Sprints ideally up the steps and turns this guy out first, or at least pushes him out of his little platform. But take care not to run in the middle of his bombs and. Then you take the other enemies on the grain and collects on the buckler before it goes up the ladder.

Run here immediately forward to the item magic urn and imposes the spearmen around the corner before he can rise above all correct. Then you come on the steel door inside the Cardinal storm to another beacon. Breather.

Forest of Fallen Trees # 2

Now there are again several ways to keep going. Ideally, you travel from this beacon back immediately after Majula and give the first collected souls for a new soul level. Then you teleport you back here and you a to the old lady, businessman Hag Melentia, with new objects. With her you will find, among other things Lenigrasts key for 1,000 souls. So you can unlock the locked cabin of the blacksmith in Majula.

Over the long head (keep the sprint button to quickly slide down) the right of the beacon it goes on. The gate on the right side is an abbreviation that is still inaccessible; keep you instead left and respects both the Spearman and the undead, who is slumped at the transition - the guy struggles to his feet as soon as you come near him. Walk over the bridge collects on the soul and do the stand-up enemy. The door here is also closed.

Therefore, it goes back and opposed by the small bridge door. Here you will find an envelope soldiers helmet and another undead that is not as dead as it seems. After you enter the fog.

Under the open sky, it suddenly goes to much more dangerous. At a glance, more opponents can be identified - some of them have a bow, so does not remain too long in one place. Across the wooden planks to the right of you come up to two opponents cause - is waiting for them, or simply runs on the vine gently upwards (who stumbles here, has it behind).

You arrive on a stone wall with two spearmen in front of you. Turns it out and fix your gaze on the corner projection of the short wall to the right of you, there is an annoying enemy who ranged attacks mastered. Ideally, it turns it off from a safe distance. Alternatively, you can also climb on the small ladder halfway up the wall - or better still remain on this and do not go all the way up. Then, you see, like a giant bird comes flying and a mighty knight settles in the middle of the area. With the guy you want you (yet) to create. Just wait for the ladder until the guy disappears. Then you can walk in peace upwards.

Is the Heini flat, you follow the other path course and switches the spearmen in the boxes. This you do not have an extra smash, as already found in them no items. Then you slide down the ladder. Caution is now more important than ever.

First of all, without much, orient: Left of you is a passage that want to go in no case was the first by her now! What lies behind it, we clarify the same. To the left of the platform on which you stand straight, you will find a green flower - this can collect their care. At the very end is a gate that closes when you have once passed through it. In itself, not the biggest problem, if you do not have some powerful undead in tow - namely those who hide behind the opening in the wall to your right.

Imagine the edge, without looking directly and rotate the camera so that you can still look into it. You see some guns that are actually manned. Do not stand in front of them as possible, otherwise the adventure is soon to end. Instead you can use for you the deadly force. Dare a few steps inside, and immediately runs back out into the open. If you are blessed with luck, the next undead will follow you and be just impaled by his colleagues.

But time to catch does not remain - the three Catapult shooters make a beeline towards you, and against such an opponent's superiority does not want to fight her alone. Pfeilschnell therefore you climb back up the ladder and wait a little. The soldiers are indeed first to persecute you under this, but dissolve after a short time and trudge back towards home affairs. The so-triggered cases can now be individually lure from the room and fight. Very nice.

No matter, as you have imposes: Go back to the room and climb the ladder diagonally behind the shot plants down after you've collected the magic power of Great Soul Arrow, the Blue wooden sign and the soul above. The chest is secured with a random event mechanism, but includes a Titanite with which can improve weapons at the blacksmith. Very handy.

Furthermore, there is a door down here, which - surprise, surprise! - Not open. On the wall to the left of it is a face-like recess. To enable this, you need a Pharros-Wahrheitsverk. This object will get it for 4,000 souls at the dealer at the Beacon in the Cardinal storm. The activated mechanism has you the way to an apparent wall whose deceit can discover it by a simple blow. In the as-exposed room you come across an extremely rare Titanite, as well as the very helpful Chloranthie ring.

Forest of Fallen Trees # 3 

Back outside you turn you to the right and walk up to the bow. Speak there a few times with Pate, who hands you, among other things, the White Item Symbol soapstone. Then you have, are so far not yet passed her two alternatives: Crossing the gate in front of you, which then closes or goes the other way towards the room in which were the guns. We decide at this point only once for the latter variant (a role played by the not anyway, since both paths lead back together.

You see a big guy in the back left area - you are approaching him in any way and also runs not in his direction, as you will otherwise be fired from above with bombs. Instead goes immediately to the right, do the play dead deputy undead and walk up to the tree, which you can examine and beyond which is a soul.

If after a goal back and up the ladder. Gather the Light Crossbow right and ignored the passage on the right side for the time being. Instead, you walk left to the broken bridge - here the two original paths find each other again. Would you have chosen the other variant, you were on the other side of the bridge came out. If you want (and you dare), you can make up for this omission now (up to three flavors silt and a few Warriors missed her there but nothing anyway).

Now you have no choice: down bounces and goes into the area opposite the catapults. Do you see the guy with the thick armor? Try it to attract them. With any luck, the soldiers firing from their elevated position at the top left explosive crates around you around and take care of him so for you. If not, it is by far the easiest method to lure him to the guns and to meet twice with them. Just be careful as always, then that should work quite well. Then you quickly scurry across the square through the door he was guarding, if you're brave, you can do it but even with the rangers take over you, guarding the chain breaker - that's up to you.

Turn around there immediately to the right, run up the few steps and each collects a life stone and bone at home before her overlooks the scenery in peace. Two undead lurking in the center of the room, but here to hide even more. But Take care first about the two. Draw near to very slowly until the passes closer to you standing to attack. With luck does not care his colleagues, which you can both turn off separately.

If you want, you can now proceeds through the fog, to have watched the two figures. It leads to the other side of the door below the cardinal Storm beacon. Hold on left, collects the ten fire arrows and closes the door on - so that you have a not insignificant abbreviation created! The wooden elevator right outside the door leading to the first boss - do you want him now but not yet meet.

Rest briefly at the beacon and run back the way. In the square box in front of the gate (where the torch is) leads another arch in an adjoining room. Done there quickly crawling cattle, from this you get lucky with two Titanite - the little lizard will burrow after a short time, so you have to react fast and do not come back. Also makes the undead cold and grab the leather label on the bottom of the stairs in the corner of the territory before her carefully to the light-filled area is also based on flat.

Remember that the two guards are back in place and lures them out. Are they on the ground, you can pass in peace. Kill the undead undead left the great sword, collect the items lying around here and taking care of you, if you want, then also to the guy at the top of the giant blade that juts out of the sea. Run once to almost half and then turns you around carefully - you see the guy above you? The jumps down when you walk closer to the top. Watch for it. But the risk is worth it - the issue of the stone blade, you will receive a great soul and a mighty halberd!

So slowly now no longer have a way around it: The first bosses are waiting to crush you. Do you feel ready (when would that be?) Lead you to the wooden elevator below the beacon in the storm Cardinal in an underpass. Pay attention to halfway up (just before the transition to the ground) at the enemy who hides in the Valley. You should pull absolutely no damage in the fight, otherwise the one still heavier chunk.

Boss: The Last Giant

That will not be easy. Before you even think it, the great beanpole confront, it is important to go through a short checklist that can do what now follows much easier fashion. The most obvious first: Have you created your best weapons and armor? Is your bottle refilled? Affect hit points to stop and then not by repeatedly dying in a row? Then that's a good start.

Even before the fight you make a major decision: Is it worth it to use for the encounter an image of humanity to face the last giants in human form? It depends on how often you're already died as a result. Do you mind not another death basically, it is (as with any boss!) Is an advantage, once to start two or three rounds in the certainty of subject anyway.

In this way you get a feel for the enemy, learn its patterns, finds gaps in coverage and you can lay out a battle plan. In this solution, we give you even though numerous, very valuable tips - the first time but a boss is thereby rarely be to defeat. Without a bit of experience on your part, the fights will be much more difficult.

Long story short: Saves you the incarnation of a serious attempt and exercise only once a few rounds against the boss, inasmuch as you are you can afford it.

Summon Phantom: Mild-Mannered Godfather
Should you the Giants are now to face as a man, you will find in front of the wall of fog an orange inscription on the floor. With this incantation characters can summon the phantom of the meek patens, which usually hangs out in front of the tower in Majula. The guy is fighting a great help to the enemy's attention draws frequently and shares also quite good. Consider, then, whether you want to use it as an aid - it may be worthwhile in any case!

The fight against the last Giant
Much to learn you do not yet have in this fight. The huge monster in front of you puts on a few attacks, all of which are easy to learn and see through - just the battle, therefore, not yet long.

Most of the time wipe the giant either with one arm across the front above the ground. Does you such a blow, is a good part of your health flutes and their lands on the seat of your pants. Dodge is hardly possible, which is why it is always best to stay behind the enemy.

This has another advantage: From there you can target one of his legs. Of course you can not simply grant the boss, but stomps on a regular basis with one leg. Immediately stop any attack as soon as he lifts his leg and waits until it is at the highest point in the air. You may roll away at the last moment - you succeed that the attack is ineffective. Avoids it too early to be "adjusted" the giant his foot again and hits exactly where back rolls her.

This evasive action must you as soon as possible go into flesh and blood, for this is your wisdom with distance to dish out the most damage. But never let you push against a wall, because there simply lacks the room to dodge. Also exaggerates it not with the number of blows to his leg, because otherwise you have very little time to dodge. A maximum of two chops enough - ye must concentrate on rolling.

If you Fortuna particularly hold, there may be a overthrow of the Bosses. If this is the case, it is important to bear any shyness: sprints immediately to him and plowed him with everything you have. He can not defend for a short time and has to laboriously get back on its wobbly legs. A better chance for dispensing you will not get it.

Were you but once taken, it is very likely already necessary to employ a Heilitem. Have always the greatest possible distance to the opponent, so you do not this takes a Armwischer the afterlife, if you are just short immobile during the ingesting of an agent. Also takes care to go as possible with almost full health in the last third of the fight.

Namely, at the giant rips out an arm and uses it to extend its reach tremendously. Is it only once so far you have barely enough time to restore your hit points, such as by an Estus-bottle or a couple living stones of which the dealer on the cardinal beacon tower for some few souls have in stock.

In general, it is now difficult to stay behind the Giants, because his movements are generally faster and less transparent. Ideally, you now doing a few throwing knives, which you can also buy from the merchants in the Cardinal storm. His stock is (in contrast to many other objects) indefinitely, so you cover a quiet tidy. From a distance, it then targets a leg and presses the "item use" button to fire the knife. Too long it should not take until the giant finally lying on the ground.

The fight is generally a lighter, if you have a few ranged weapons in luggage. Incendiary bombs, crossbows, throwing knives: Packt one thing that you can use her reasonably well and keeps its distance. Helps you meek of the Godfather, you've already more time to aim.

Are you ultimately emerged victorious from the battle, the reward is a whopping 10,000 souls who better now than the same should you redeem before they get lost you. On top there's the soul of the Last Giant, and the precious soldiers keys. With this handy piece of metal can be henceforth numerous doors open, which have so far been closed.

Cardinal Storm: New Ways with the soldier-key
Are you back at the Beacon in the Cardinal storm, can you in peace for the soul profit use. Teleport after Majula to Emerald messenger, looking at the blacksmith or invest it elsewhere - you have the choice. It is only important that they are used before her she may lose by a stupid fact.

From Beacon in the storm of her cardinal now runs the stairs on the left at the entrance up. With the soldiers key can unlock the locked door. Grab the small leather shield and repair powder from the chest, the hand ax and the Shimmering stone life behind the carts. With full bags you go through the wooden door - but not directly to the tempting chest! An Undead will surprise you from behind. Make a spanner in the works to him. Only then can you collect on the Estus-bottle sherd, which should redeem their time in Majula again, and the Little White Symbol soapstone.

More's there but again not. Fast. Go to the edge of the platform and looks down to the root of the tree: There is a bluish object. Let you fall for it and collects accurate as the Divine blessing. Go after the ladder at light fire down - the key is in fact not totally disappeared after a single application from your inventory. Run at the foot of the ladder standing to the left and over the narrow path to the other side, where you can also unlock a door. In the box behind it there is a ring of restoration, and the other torch. The inconspicuous jewelry has a terrific ability: He fills your hit points slowly again. Yay!

At mid-height the same stone path, you is you on the straight, also a few steps going from a small forecourt outdoors. Too much as you can there, however, without the king's symbol not do.

If you already have a death wish, you can plainly already marching to the next interim boss. Run it back up to the place with the big sword above the sea. There you can now unlock the door on the right side. This only leads to a small stairway with two undead, then back outside. Follow the course to the very top, brings the right of the fog of life stones and the soul of a nameless soldier from and then proceeds through the whitish Wabern where the persecutor is already waiting for his victim. We recommend that's not at the present time but.

It is better to slide down the ladder at the Beacon in the storm Cardinal to run to the left and go through the door into the little room with moss, which leads out to the large root would. Also this can be a door with the key unlock.

Cellar under Cardinal Storm: Ability to looting and leveling

It leads into a cellar. Just to the left is an undead on the ground, and shortly afterwards you can see already, like a safecracker comes running towards you. Lure him as possible outside to have a little more space - and thus with a serving of skill (let's always a shock lead nowhere, attacks etc.), these opponents was not such a big challenge. It is important that you can overcome this without major problems, because waiting in the next section a few of them to you.

Run further, collect the items, including a few powerful black fire bombs, and makes the undead cold, the people throwing fire bombs around. In the next turn is followed by another Beagle Boys. The door to the outside should you pass through careful: on the left an archer shoots you, and also a safecracker is around here.

Go for now quickly over moss-covered tree trunks, opens the opposite door and immediately makes returns on his heel to lure the bully into the dungeon, where you have more space and tranquility to afflict him. Right after you go through the newly opened door into the interior. The ladder in front of you leads to the roof, where two more of the well-armored enemies await. Saves you these colleagues better for later on, when the archer is no longer a danger.

Instead run through the door and kill the two lightly armed opponents. Much more important than these zeros, however, is the bluish shimmer in the corner behind them: There you will find the bastard sword that your strongest blade probably can certainly replace / is. Thus equipped you open the next door and you have two alternatives: either slay immediately the weak undead left behind the door or her lures the Beagle Boys before you gently inward, where it does not run with some sense of space (with his back against the wall! ) is quite good to beat.

Under the open sky you should take a guided short: Where else are enemies? Possibly comes from somewhere even just an opponent for you to? The paths of the armored chunks are not always identical, sometimes they hit a very strange routes, so you should feel never be too safe. The air seems to be reasonably pure, you can fix you grab the yellow herb and flower GREETINGS before the wooden gate opposite the door.

Would that be done, you walk through the opening in the wall to wall side of the archers. Continues to respect the great enemies and attracts them, where appropriate, once gone, to turn them off separately can.

Are only the jerks on the roof left (or maybe not even), you have a little time to take a closer look at the area. Power to you but not to find your hopes up, because too much is not here. On the large wooden structure a box with the following items waiting for you: hunting hat, leather boots, leather gloves, leather armor, great soul of a proud knight.

In the first breakthrough on the left next to it goes to the beacon soldiers rest, ye not yet should not ignite, otherwise all enemies are back to their place and significantly worse from this position cards manages to defeat it. Enables the fire so only if you want you anyway teleport from here.

Behind the last breakthrough hiding an old tree, the tree turns out to be the last giant on closer inspection. Much you can not do with him. If you want, you can now even climb onto the roof to turn the two colossi there three times and pick up the item ruptured Red apple. Utilizes possible the ladder inside, because you come only through this in the corner of the roof on the same. Prance possible around the hole, so that only one of the two opponents will pay attention to you.

That's about it for now: More you can not find here. If you killing the Beagle Boys, however, relatively slight of hand, this area is overall a very good place to gather many souls in a short time. Cleans the area quiet a few times in a row - it will pay off literally.

Before you dive again in a boss fight, you still remain one last area to explore - the courtyard in front of the Cardinal storm. So you morph back to the tower, and come out into the porch, once you have arrived for the first time. Do you see the gap in the frame of the castle? Right there you can jump down to a rickety wooden railing. Among you wait two guards, switches the first attack by jumping out of (the soldiers sightings, let go and in the air an attack run), the second string should not be long in coming to you. The railing leads you to a gap in the wall that brings you back to the stairs, you have gotten into the castle. So rather not jump into it, but let you down the next ladder. Grab the living stones in front of the rubble behind which the flames blaze out and slowly put yourself down the slope.

The hull soldiers between the petrified figures should be easy pickings for you. Is the area cleaned, it follows the course of the large branch and take it with the items. On the thin web which should run along the facade of the castle you will not let you miss the precious image of man, then take back the safe way back to the valley.

The area around the petrified figures is bordered by two tunnels. Grab first left in the envelope soldiers helmet and then take a look into the second. The tongues of flame on the ground do not charge just to enter one, bravely we venture into it but still. It quickly becomes clear what triggers the fire - a worm-like creature waiting at the end of the road for you and spits out against you hot blazing fireballs.

Fortunately, the risk is lower than it initially makes it seem as the monster only has a limited range. Stalk you with raised shield as close as possible to the sunken into the earth grid approach, without being hit by the flames. Now fast reflexes are needed - when the Beast have released again a fiery inferno on you, runs to the door, opens it and rolls you presence of mind in the chamber before you. The interval between the firing of the beast should be just enough to take this path without prejudice.

Inside a box waiting for you, which disclose the long word (fire) - a powerful blade with high fire damage, despite low demand on strength and dexterity. You could you in good stead in your next fight - a knight waiting to be killed.

Boss: The Followers

Do you remember the eagle had with the rise crossed your way to the castle? The giant bird has prep you a gift - a behemoth of a man with the tantalizing title "The Followers". And it has quite a kick.

Before you proceed through the Nebeltor, you should again examine your starting point - you have one or used on the road more Estus perfume bottles? Run back to the campfire and fills it back on, you need all the healing items you can earn. Are you already wounded? Infected you the Ring of Restoration on the finger and wait for a while until your life has regenerated.

Wasted just not on the first pass an image of man, but you is preparing to the next one, once internalize two, thirty times, the behavioral repertoire of the villains. Finally, Take all the courage and walks alone your most severe test against - to help ye can no more hope this time.

The fight against the pursuer
Before you throw your opponent against you, let you on a following tip: Infected aside your shield and two-handed fighting against the persecutors. So that's where I may sound, it is important to you to facilitate the fight and help to avoid errors - you'll learn why the same.

The knight with the eerie look comes against you on a narrow bridge, which is bordered by two ballistas. Yes, it is possible to fire them, but the process takes much too long to justify the risk, as well as the guns are after a bat anyway history.

The wide companion is characterized by its powerful blows with his mighty blade. The name says it all - the good leaves you no peace and pursues you relentlessly until exhaustion. The problem is the following - a properly-placed hit from him is enough to break your block and empty your stamina, it can be followed by two more blows, you're usually dead He also mastered a block-breaking (and in most cases) instant-kill attack, so there is only one remedy for the Great - learn to dodge and keep a healthy distance!

Most often you will get to see next move - the knight moves with raised shield and high speed for you to bring out and takes a massive blow up. Would you block this attack, you would be stunned for the following seconds and already chosen for the Game Over screen, so roll you into the moment when he swings back with his gun, to come out unscathed from the number. Once you get used to the interval that remains to you to dodge, you can also even try your counterpart in the lateral direction to escape - so you are namely close enough to it's your turn to be followed by a blow from your side and you then to remove quickly from him.

If you move close enough to the pursuer, he sometimes puts on a shield bash. To this end, he stretches his shield into the air and then leaves it to the ground thunder among them. Dodge the blow and not necessarily even think of attacking your opponent afterwards, but it fades away too quickly follow a new blow.

Dear you are waiting for his combo of sideways blow, Shield Block and then overhead strike which makes it valuable for a fraction of your attacks against vulnerable. Deviates in the first part of the pattern to the rear, as he pleased, in some cases with this one or the second beat and are thereby revealed no gap in his defense. However, if you notice, as he raises his sword over his head at the end of the combo, you move after this last bat quickly up to him, let's follow a maximum of two strokes and rolls awesome aside again.

If in the course of the struggle in a healthy distance from the metal man to just in case, quickly launch into a dual role can. The enemy comes upon you, not vice versa her to him. While your attention is already stressed enough, you do not come to help, any time an eye on your stamina to have. The many roles of drain on your constitution, that exerts you must be patient and assess at each stroke, if you then have enough power for an evasive maneuver. It is generally advisable to keep calm and carry no more than a blow by one since a single mistake in the entire fight can seal your demise.

Should you but once caught and it manages to escape you, you are allowed to interject immediately Estus flacon in any case! You have to get better or worse, wait until the tracker performs its triple-combo again, only then you can be sure not to be tackled immediately. General Estus flacons are only conditionally recommended against this fast opponent but - here you will learn to appreciate the living stones that allow you during use yet to make a few steps away from the danger.

When the situation was not already hard enough, the fellow also an ace up its sleeve: With his sword he brings to a quick blow from which breaks your block and impales you. If you are still skeptical about our entry been to the tip, you will at least after this attack begin to rethink. The whole thing is heralded by a blue glow around his blade around, if you behold these ought ye quickly roll backwards. Were you aware, you can now even be followed by an attack, if not, you are probably dead Should you lucky (or rather unlucky) have to expect this attack resist to survive, but anyway you can give up - in the sequence receives the pursuer a black aura that makes him faster and stronger and capable of black magic. Not recommended.

The effort has paid off - a whopping 17,000 souls compensate you for your suffering. Donate so that you upgrade to your victory, for example, a new armor set at Maughlin, which has now expanded its range, or let your beloved weapon at the forge using Titanite. In any case, even a few level rises should be in there. In addition, the Knights still leaves the soul of the pursuer and the ring of blades fall. The latter increases your damage output a bit so therefore you can not go far wrong.

The Lost Fort

Past the Tree sprout behind the bridge section it goes to the nest of the Giant Eagle, which continues its way with us. The journey tions lost fortress. Once you're unceremoniously landed on the floor of the facts, you lit the beacon in front of you and makes you on the way.

Tip: Before you carry you from the bird let them, you should take a cautious go down the junk. Between the rubble you will find the Drangleic set that represents the probably the strongest equipment, which you can get in the game so early. However, you must also properly what can throw on to use the kit effectively.

Beacon: The remote tower

In addition, step out of the ruined tower you will already greeted by a not very inviting journeymen and its huge sickle. Yet this can not harm you but, you left so moved carefully past him on the ledge and follows its course to the corpse, which brings you a shimmering life stone and a rare Big Titanite.

Step through the adjacent into the hall to your right and do not see the crossbowmen, who awaits you. The dog among you are not to be underestimated and will of her master (said Sickleman) supported once did you let down the stairs, she already switched on if possible so from a safe distance with a bow or throwing projectiles. Keep this in mind, these are the flammable barrels on the floor and can be triggered for example by a fire bomb. The scruffy fiend prepared according to the previous escapades no great danger more for you is to simply keep the shield up and tried to walk around him constantly.

The door on the left side of the room leads you to a chest that contains the Ancients key, as well as the Silver snake ring. Do not forget to raise the ring because it increases your soul yield slightly, and makes returns. Follow the ladder to a door, the lumber destroyed in front by a simple role and opens it eventually. In the next room you'll encounter the mysterious Lucatiel, who introduces herself as travelers from Mirrah in the Far East. She offers to help you if you are in need - we will soon return to their offering.

Continues your way through the destroyed outer wall and moves you forward it as gently as possible in order to surprise the enemies facing away from you each can from behind. To your left you will find a gold resin, which is a flash enchantment for your weapon until you finally meet in an apparent dead end. In order to continue your path, it is necessary to the barrel above the steps down crash and trigger with a fire bomb. In the as-exposed area you do once break.

Beacon: McDuff's Workshop
The slightly crazed blacksmith McDuff has pitched his camp here. You can without fear of something the chests of the forge loot before you talk to the master blacksmith. Much more than his desire for new glow you can not but elicit it - we'll have to come back later

Since we can not yet open the grating, behind which waits for another hellhound, we need to go well with us in a different direction. And lo and behold - we follow back the way we can just before the tower, waiting in the Lucatiel, discover a stone passage to a new level.

Wait behind the door all a whole horde Great words sure to surprise you. Therefore moving you into it very slowly and takes you quickly to the plateau back as soon as the three enemies come storming out of the room on the left. Remain in motion, making them one by one to finish off. Then Step into the alcove from which the horde came burst out, cleaning the adjacent room from the other swordsmen and opens the grid. Collect the items one behind the broken cell doors before you turn to the Nebeltor.

Boss: Guardian Alessia ruin, ruin Guardian Ricce and ruin Guardian Yahim

That's right. Not one, do not want in the subsequent fight to the leather two, but three bosses. Dark Souls just. Fortunately, you do not have to compete directly against the whole crew at the same time, individually set the ruin Guardian namely not such a big difficulty dar.

Before you begin the fight, you should check your inventory. At least ten living stones are recommended because you are instructed in battle mobility and a lot of healing items. Farmt in doubt a few souls and covers you in Hag Melentia at Cardinal storm with sufficient stones a.

The fight against ruin Guardian Yahim
After ye have passed through the Nebeltor, you find yourself on a narrow ledge in company with a long stretching with an exotic weapon again, reminiscent of a mixture of mace and hammer. Even if the life adds to draw attention to the bottom of the screen, the need to combat their whopping three bosses, it remains in its undisturbed in your duel with Yahim.

All three guards ruins share the same Movementset, you are so familiar, you know with Yahims attacks before, what are you then you have to admit her again. The battle rods have a very high range, but have been relatively easy to block, you call but not a heavy shield your own, you must at every stroke accept a small loss of life - this is exactly why our initial emphasis on a healthy supply of healing items.

The long beanpole, who opposes you on the ledge, will welcome you with a hard overhead chop. So Tear the sign up as soon as you have firm ground under their feet and Umlauft the big guy. If you're fast enough, you no longer meet the slow beat, and you can launch an attack. In the course of the fight you should constantly keep moving and try to get behind the knight, because especially his heavy punches pack a punch quite beautiful and press on your stamina.

The boss battle calls generally less accurate timing point, as is still the fight before, but especially good resource management from you. Your stamina bar will be heavily used by the Blocking of the many blows, just for this reason it is more effective to maintain a constant motion upright, which enable you to a repositioning. Therefore, ignore as far as possible that Yahim is always possible acts at the center of the projection and not pushed to the wall, as you otherwise does not escape around it. Furthermore, it is recommended that the shield to take down as soon as your counterpart has executed an attack, as your stamina recharges unequal slower during the blocking.

In addition to the overhead stroke following attack provides a good point of attack - Yahim stands with his staff after you, and it can be followed by a rotation with a mighty blow sideways. Surrounded the knight once you have blocked the first blow and strike back, provided your stamina is in good shape. Since Yahim with this attack covers a relatively large range, it may happen that the Great falls down into the hall. However, you should not feel safe to you because this straight back on the road makes to you, and the distance between you and the ground level to overcome with a mighty leap. Uses the time prefer to heal you, make you positioned as close as possible to the wall and wait until you can resume the struggle.

The fight against ruin Guardian Alessia and ruin Guardian Ricce
Have you Yahin conquered much time left to breathe. Did you think the hardest part is done, we have to disappoint you - now it really gets going.

Uses the short breather to heal you or enchant your weapon and rolls you down into the hall. To dwell on the elevated position is not a good idea because you see yourself now faced with ruin two guards and so have on the ledge no more freedom of movement. Instead, you should the few seconds that remain to you, to Ricce is joined by the other side of the hall to his colleague in order to weaken already Alessia with a few blows.

Power below in any case of the square of the hall and use moves you whenever possible so that you're both bosses in view - the ruins monitors are equipped with a huge range, you have so they can recognize when one of the two attaches to attack. Nevertheless, you must not you be tempted to divide your punches, it is top priority to eliminate a counterparty as soon as possible. The duel with one remaining guards then is quite simple.

To whom should concentrate your attacks you, you decide on the best in consequence of a new attack, which the ruins guard in the wake of the larger square are able to perform. It is usually Ricce who takes his shield in his hand and throws after you. The flying bullet is easy to get away with a roll and the shooter opens up to the end of the fight his defense, but that does not makes him less dangerous.

Two other attacks make you life difficult: First, there is the spin attack to call, however looks more dangerous than it is to block, to another two variations of a jump attack. The normal jump attack with the one of the two simply overcomes the distance you can, in good conscience you block, but if you notice that one of the two an ordinary sentence makes in the air, you are instructed a good second later a saving role to escape the fall of attack.

Do not lose heart, you should need many attempts, at some point you have the right mix of caution and high risk trading out and can rejoice over the second death cry. Will now just do not careless or impatient, but leading the battle against the last remaining knight ripped off at the end.

What a battle! Holt only a deep breath and rejoice over the ruins guardian soul, and all 33,000 souls! Then take the stairs to the top and rest yourselves in a nearby room at the Beacon from. The Emerald messenger would be already determined for your souls.

Moon Tower and the fight against the bell gargoyles

Should you at this time a Pharros-Wahrheitsverk. Have in your inventory, you can make you ready for a longer trip. Instead of the door at the end of the room to open, let you better store down the ladder near the beacon. Pay attention to the stray dog who hides between the crates and grab the Great lobe, which is a perfect choice for strong characters. Loot the chest to get a priest-bell over which are particularly pleased magician.

You will encounter a face-like indentation in the wall that you can activate it with the corresponding object again. She guides you for the second time to an apparent wall whose deceit by her break.

Behind the bridge waiting for a droll pipsqueak on you. With it you can take the oath of bells guardian, as a result, he asks you to ring the bell of the tower. Past the abnormal bodies pile it goes so up.

On your way you will be attacked by the ghosts of past bell keeper. Let yourselves from their unimposing exterior fool you - the kids have it pretty hard on yourself and share massive damage from. The Nebeltor on the upper floor is closed by a grid, so you have to still climb a bit higher.

On the castle battlements you have to take it with no less than five of the guards. Trying not miss the madness, to compete against all at once, but circled the room and separates the fighters on to them to make individually. The extra thick red phantom you lift you up to the end and slay the intruder ultimately. After you've opened the chest, you pull the lever and bring the bell to strike. And so, finally the grid from the ominous Nebeltor.

The fight against the Tower Gargoyles
"A Gargoyle Hazzard", so probably is an unwritten law of the Souls series. Were you the three ruins guard was not enough, so you can rejoice here (or not to) - you have to do incredible five of the wing beasts.

By Nebeltor you will reach a small roof which is lined with stylized figures. But these creatures do not stay backdrop. Suddenly catch two of the characters to touch and pounce spitting on you. The rest of the statues degenerates not to extras, three gargoyles will still encounter in the course of the struggle to do so. Although you will not come to the embarrassment faced with five enemies at once to see you - at the same time three is closing - but it should be your biggest concern, you create the first critters out of the way as quickly as possible.

Therefore it is recommended, for once, to let go the caution at the right moment and overpower an adversary in two to three long combos. Three ailing Gargoyles make you fight any easier, so you always focused on a creature, the concentrated all their attacks. Because you will inevitably collect through this reckless behavior Hits, life stones are the life saver par excellence, you will definitely need to frequently make use of them in order to emerge victorious from the battle can.

For taking the beasts are not so deadly. The sweeps with their spears you can perfectly block out on your quest for the perfect moment to strike you should therefore always the sign can be levied. Uses the space of the roof and moves you learned how to fight the ruins guard, always so that you have all Gargoyles in view. If one of the gargoyles takes to the air, you can smell an opportunity and come closer to another copy that you finally attacked as soon as a gap has been found in its attack pattern.

Now and then a Gargoyle will hurl a Flammenwoge, if you are positioned correctly, you can use it to the counter-attack and this attack. Take, however, before the second elemental force of nature stone in eight - stretched a journeyman his two-zag in the air, you should definitely remove them quickly or you will be killed by low-propelled lightning.

Do you have proven yourself worthy of examination and struck down every single Gargoyle, land fantastic 25,000 souls on your account. You also will benefit the soul of the Tower Gargoyles and can in the chest in the basement stairs on the other side of the ritual of the South band tapped. From there, you behold already the nearby beacon.

Upper Wall and the battle against the first invaders

Do you have overcome your wounds; he dares you into the gloomy house right column down the fire. Down there, waiting for a similarly tricky situation, such as the fight against goat demon in the first part. Means: You have to face a very small space very annoying opponents.

Already at the down-climbing the ladder you will unpleasant six dogs include that you wait to tear it. To top it all off yet, you suddenly get the message to have been the victim of an invasion of the sinister spirit of sinners Vorgel!

Explanation: If an invasion occurs an opponent - or its Phantom - in your world, and pursued in the following the objective to finish you off and bring to your hard-earned souls. In spiritual form it is quite near you rise from the ground and can not interact with the environment of your game, but probably with your character. Once you have received the message, he was the victim of an invasion, you should take a post in a safe place, contrary to transgress on which its finally your opponent and fights to the death of one of the two opponents - because should you do your invaders, it turns the tables and in turn get hold of the souls! In previous Dark Souls 2, a certain code of honor has developed in the community, which prohibits, for example, to heal during the fight or tackle the victims of the invasion, when it is still in the middle of battles against other beings. Ultimately, however, it is entirely up to you whether you want to defeat with nasty tricks or in an honorable duel your opponent (and can).

Finster spirit Vorgel is not a human player from the other side of the world, but an NPC, which is triggered by the game. In this respect, the fight is not quite as nerve-wracking as against a stretching of flesh and blood, if because the stupid dog would not. Get rid of as directly as possible to the bulk of the pack before making the sinner noticeable. Hints are now pushing her on the spot and let you into a corner, however, you find yourself in big trouble. Take therefore the legs in the hand and climbs the stairs on the right side to separate the dogs from their master. You should have enough time to bring the business to an end until Vorgel has reached the upper level. If in doubt, you let yourself fall again so easily and bring space between you and the Phantom.

Finally, you stand alone against the counterparty. In the fight against human players you are looking for as a rule the opportunity to land a backstab, the explorers circumnavigated therefore use and unleashes a punch in his back. Depending on the weapon ranging from one to three such blows and the invader is history.

As a reward, the wicked passage holds the Falchion (magic) and the Fortress key, with which you can still unlock some doors of the fortress. As far as you have done everything here, it goes back to the neighborhoods.

Sinners hill

After your little excursion it comes back outside where provides you a sense carrier in the way. Do not over-Behold another of the important people pictures that reveals itself through a few targeted blows to the junk in the direction of the sea. Before you take the spiral staircase to the top, you follow the path to the rooftops, where you can pick up three flames Butterflies that will allow you, your torch to ignite on its own without other sources of heat. The door at the end of the room with the barrels shelves bare only some bare bones, so we make our way through the large lattice continue.

The mummified fellows on the other side look unimposing, but can you do with only one blow finishing off - do not fit well to get caught up! Lure them in doubt back into the room a little further, but only if you have previously destroyed all the barrels that would otherwise give ideal dud against you. Remain in the next room carefully, as to hide other mummies between the vessels.

Follow the stairs to the next floor and let you the skeptics spice behind the wooden door not escape. In the inconspicuous cage to your right you also can occur, so that it descends you to a chest with wilted cabbage dusk. In the next floor to wait another deadly Mummified, the best mean of attracting her throwing knives individually and fight in the room below you. A few meters away from the nearby lighthouse you will stop by a mysterious stone statue, however. Here you can later pass. At least you can look in the adjacent cell one of the rare fossilized. Dragon bones, with which you can enhance the mighty boss weapons, and get hold of three fire bombs.

Open the grating which barred you your passage on the narrow bridge and grab yourself a whopping eight living stones that guarded a Greatswords in the corner to your right. Then it's tight pace over the bridge to avoid being caught by the crossbowmen and the Nebeltor through.

As you climb the ladder to teach the crossbowmen manners, a bloodcurdling scream is heard in the distance and you can see a winged monster on the horizon circle the towers. Well, that will probably not have been our last encounter with the beast. Makes a short rest at the Beacon and finally break again.

Beacon: The salt Fort
At the bottom of the stairs already a crossbowman waiting for you, whom you should address quickly. After you have you caught the image of man on aborted landing, it comes to it, to clean the room with the elevator by the soldiers. Take the means of transport down and makes sure you unroll the ground just before the arrival of the Boardwalk, so you can take a couple of bleeding knife in your collection.

In the flooded hall makes her acquaintance with some pretty unhealthy-looking fellows, who should lure out of the water addition to the room of your arrival you as far as possible - while her wading through water, your character will be a lot slower and thus more vulnerable. The Great leave a good number of souls fall, if you like, can relatively quickly to farm a decent amount here. In the waters you will find, among other noble bone dust, which amplifies in combustion and so especially in boss battles affects the strength of the Estus flacons extremely helpful, but also some of the dangerous mummies.

Let yourself intoxicated by the beautiful sight after you've left the dark hall behind you, and falls against your next big test.

Boss: The Lost Sinner
The tormented figure in the chamber shall you redeem them from their suffering. After the previous escapades you will feel the struggle as a relatively simple, in spite of all you should the lost sinner by no means be underestimated! In battle, they behave in fact significantly different from the bosses before her.

You have to get in the fight can rely less on enough items, but mainly on a stable shield. The Double Dragon Big Shield, which you can buy her at Maughlin for a paltry 2000 people, making miracles here - if ye has a sufficiently strong character. Even without a powerful shield is the struggle to create good, but is a bit more challenging. So According equipped it goes on in the battle.

Fighting the Lost Sinner
The sinner is so far the flinkeste boss, whom ye met her so should you completely adjust to it and do not let yourselves be guided by experience from the fighting front. After almost every combo the crouched figure overcomes an impressive range and is aimed against you from new. So you have to rethink and should not try the Good after each combo to tackle - so you give you that is a very fast nakedness.

In general, the blows of the prisoners at no very large range, so it is also possible to dodge excellent. Do you call but as recommended a decent shield your own, you should definitely leave quietly (or wood) on the stable piece of metal. This is the most common attacks the case, a sword stab, with the sinner makes a lot of room good to you, for example in a. The string can be good block without costing you a lot of perseverance, a riskier role is therefore only recommended if you want to take action against it two-handed.

The other order of moves to tackle with is you try the psychopath, is composed of two regular brushing, which occupy a lot of space. Precisely because of this pesky bats, it is advisable to act as close as possible to your opponent and - you know the game - they circumnavigate constant. So you can you roll after the first blocked blow in her back and go to the second string comfortably out of the way. Instead it now but to attack itself, you should stay alert and wait a fraction of a second, which will take the humpbacked woman next. You could be in rare cases an overhead chop follow, you should as far as possible to avoid or be removed with a jump of you - then the whole process starts again from the beginning.

Only when the shape rather than one of the maneuvers described briefly comes to a stop, you are allowed to be followed by a safe bat, without running the risk to make you vulnerable - and only then if you are positioned close enough. This allows the fight to see less than concentration, but rather describe as an exercise patience. Maintains calm and do not be tempted to risky attacks, then you will be able to triumph again sooner or later.

As a reward for your work, the mighty Lost sinner-soul waits for you, which is one of the most powerful class of souls. Well done. Nevertheless, you will receive 45,000 smaller representative of the ghostly currency, which you can invest for example in Maughlin from this point in the powerful arms of the lost sinner - the Lord has really good contacts! Behind the studded door of the chamber you finally rewarded a chest even with the mighty Heilitem Elizabeth Fungus, as well as a fragrance branch, which creates stone statues out of the way! The crumbly Lord before the bridge to the sinner hill has determined a lot to tell ...

Heide flame tower

No sooner said than done. Ignites the original beacon that guided you back to Majula and morph you from there back to the salt Fort, once you have emptied your soul account. It goes back to the floor of the mummified opposite the keep where you created the masked man from his spell.

Straid from Olaphis
The Lord turns out to be the wandering magician Straid from Olaphis before, he will teach you his thanks from now on, magic, and the "Taunt" gesture is powerful. In addition, you can here some of your boss souls against some of the most powerful weapons and equipment exchange in the game, a service to you will take joy in claim very soon. Besides the powerful dealer but there are not (yet) much more to see. We continue our quest to search for King Vendrick elsewhere continue - wait the catacombs in Majula ...

Follow the spiral staircase down again, where did you already caught the beginning of the trip, the scarlet-Parma. The iron gate that blocks your way, can be lift by the iron chain near the left torch, so that you can slip through. Collect the items behind the grille in front of you and step outside into the sunset over Heides flame tower. Let the panorama effect on you and goes slowly down the path to the cliffs. The lazy ruffian on your way should you can not stop them to achieve that played by flooding beacon to your right.

Beacon: Heide Ruin
We are now in one of the most beautiful areas of the game world, so let yourself some time to absorb you with the warm sunshine before you begin your climb to the towering flames tower.

The giant knights who pave your way to see, from imposing, as they can fight. Deviates from its languid strokes easily and they take it apart piece by piece. The body over the railing in front of the bridge section drops a precious people image behind the gate you can also discover a Lloyds Talismans. Use the lever in front of you, putting a platform in the lower part of the tower in motion and follow the path in the direction of the building.

In the hall in front of you wait all three knights on you, attracts the best middle of the hall out and finished him there to be followed, the space of the hall taking advantage of to get rid of the other two. Another switch waiting to be operated on to your right, then strike the path at that direction. After you have you rid the knight, her overcomes carefully the narrow transition to the chest that held three green flowers and then enter cheerfully through the Nebeltor.

Boss: Dragon Rider

The horned guy is so far perhaps the easiest boss, whom you against stand, and really not much more than a slightly crisper version of the wide knight that you have already beaten up on the way up to here. If you hires sent you, you come out without a scratch from the fight, so you'll have less fussy your equipment before the battle plan.

The fight against the dragon rider
As in the fight against the pursuer, it is highly recommended to place the plate aside and rely only on his reflexes and evasive maneuvers. The dragon rider performs a halberd, with an extraordinary range, but their dive down with rollers under this, you can practically wear anything. Another bonus of the two-handed battle is of course the higher damage output, which facilitates you to fight.

In general, the movements of the horned warriors strongly reminiscent of the lost sinner, except that he strikes much slower. He, too, will impale his weapon after you, is too great a distance between the counterparties should open up. Similarly, he has mastered a combo consisting of two lateral cuts, which closely resembles the Movementset the humpbacked woman - you know that is what you are prepared.

Following the experience, sensible tactics and circled the red knight during the fight throughout. Once that strikes the blow, her ducks you away with a roll under the dash and goes himself in position to attack as soon as a break creeps into the movements of the enemy. The inertia in the movements of the dragon rider enables you well and happy to be two to three shots in a row, if their rapid weapon called your own.

Faster than you are accustomed to the massive body should be in the marble floor digging among you. The lower right is also reflected in the amount of the reward again - besides the typical boss soul, namely the Dragon Rider-soul, there are just 12,000 souls to pay. While this is no small thing, but in marked contrast to the previously killed bosses.

No one shipyard

After the confrontation with the giant horned it comes only once a floor above where you doing at the Beacon rest and your soul empties into account Majula. The spiral staircase on the other side then you walk down, think it not the monastery amulet in the alcove on the left avoid the stairs. The two knights before you should turn her straight you encounter namely a true Item - next to an image of man Dark pastilles and a soul you read here also the unique Halberd of the old knight on.

On the lower level you put back some broad journeymen in the way. After you have rid yourself of this, you meet finally on an iron elevator that transports you even deeper into the earth. Makes a short detour to the reverse side of you, where you can find the knight set in a chest, and then follows the wall opening on the opposite side of the hallway where you have earned a rest in a cave.

Beacon: Hidden Path to Heide
In the glow of the warm flames you meet an old friend - Lucatiel. Listening to their stories and gain in appreciation of her a man. Set your path into the rock eventually progresses when did you sufficiently rested and inflamed best your torch to be better prepared for the darkness before you.

The No yard is a bleak and gloomy cave full of nondescript abysses. So be careful while you put one foot before the other, and pays attention to ambushes of soldiers shell and deep slopes. Put yourself first and foremost in the hut to your left, store, among other things Titanite and a soul in the upstairs. Then it's the annoying archers to the collar. On the left side you should the items be left unnoticed, among others, can be found here Dark resin that your weapon enchanted with a darkness effect.

It is the stairs to the top where you rais a number of soldiers in the way. Give yourselves no nakedness and cleans the cave of their existence. Power halfway a detour to the right in the barracks and makes you there the bandits set in the chest to own, upstairs there are still looting a Titanite. Opposite the barracks you can optionally set a Pharros-Aparatur in motion that illuminates much of the area on a permanent basis - the prerequisite is again owning a Pharros-Wahrheitsverk.

In the ruins of houses on the cliff you will find three dark creatures whose attacks cause bleed damage - the bar fills up, you have to properly insert damage. Therefore goes very careful against the beasts and makes you in awe of fire with your torch advantage. Wait behind the door for another four beasts upon you, but the risk is worth it - in the upper part of the house keep chests the very powerful large sword and two silver talismans, also you will meet the Lone Gavlan, the rare poison objects has on offer and you unnecessary goods decreases! An absolute rarity in Drangleic.

Finally leave the house, take the corpse before you cast the spell Explosive force from and climb the scaffolding on your left. Once at the top you ring the bell, which can create a ghostly ship. How to find our next destination? Let that stand on the cold stone down and cleans the sunken room of darkspawn.

Once back on the lower level, you should enter the apartment to your right and activate the local acronym first and foremost. Then it goes into the house on the other side, where behind the nightcaps hides a precious Estus flacon Shard! Pay attention, however, that the urns are filled with poisonous gas - broke this either from a distance or sacrificing one to two life stones for your physical well-being.

Let you in shallow water not surprised by the two beasts and increase your store of life stones and pictures of people at the beached rowing boat on something. Follow the right dock and you will meet Carhillion that can only talk to but if you possess a certain magic level.

Finally, you enter the boat. Cleans the deck of any enemy presence and dares you down into the bow of the ship.

Boss: Flexile Sentry

This comical companion is similar to the dragon rider not very hard to beat, but has some pretty nasty tricks. So you should not underestimate him.

Ensures before the fight, that your life bar at a stop, and have not exhausted her on the arduous to ship all your Estus flacons. Otherwise, you should definitely beamed by homecoming bone back to the campfire and cope with the passage again - do not worry, the abbreviation did you tapped into the barracks, the path is shortened significantly.

The fight against Flexile Sentry
The twin nature is very flexible due to its different weapons in his arms possible attacks and attacks you - whichever grimace just look at her face - either with massive and unwieldy club beats or with rapid and far-reaching eddies his saber.

However, the unusual physique of the creature also harbors a weak point that you can make you advantage, Go ye side of, as long as you are safe from their blows until the essence has readjusted and looks you in the eye again. For this reason you should always in the lateral direction by the two heads around prancing, to protect you from their attacks and can fall into the vulnerable flank itself.

However, Will not cocky and tries as possible to move you in accordance with the club-oscillating part of the boss. In general, this is namely after a vigorous blow an overhead swing by, you can dodge the excellent and opens you valuable fractions of a second to attack.

Generally you should prefer to leave you on roles because your counterpart with every stroke, even each blocked off, bleed hands out. Until the corresponding bar has filled up, though it requires a lot of punches, despite everything, you should not you at risk like that. The creature has as well some pretty vile attack on camp - with its sabers they can impale you in spite of raised shield and spank you properly again in the air. This attack is not to be underestimated and blows you faster off the lights, as is dear to you, so let of risky behavior from when you see confronted with the long blades you.

Should you have been of even such attack taken or suffered by other errors regular bleed, you can take advantage of the architecture of the ship's bow to you relatively invulnerable to heal for Flexile Sentry. Move it so, simply so that the mast of the boat is an obstacle between you and your opponent and then quickly grabs to the helping vial.

Are you eventually emerged victorious from the battle, waving ordinary 14,000 souls as a reward. In addition, you will receive more personal soul of the boss, the Flexile Sentry soul. In the room behind the Flexile Sentry you discover a strange golden apparatus, which should examine her. So it triggers the ship's bell, whereupon the vehicle starts to move again and breaks up with you together in uncharted waters ...

The Lost Fort: New Ways with the Ancient Key

The ship transports you to a dark stretch of coastline, which turns out after a short time as an entrance to the dungeons of the Lost Fort. Beat a path to the cave before you, and embark in the metal cage elevator. Before ye when warming beacon behind the archway that leads to the fortress, let down, you should search behind the cracked metal grids for items of the cells.

Beacon: Exiles cells
Before the broken bridge section, we meet again on a white knight. This journeyman leads this time no sword with him, but a mighty spear, the heathen spear. Who wants to include it in his collection, should dare to fight against the stretching, the battle should get you far less difficult according to your travel experience rich, than that in the forest of fallen giants.

The ladder down it goes into the narrow courtyard where you meet once again on a carrier sense and his pets will after some time. Turn to the left and finally opens the screen in front of McDuff's workshop, which we could not pass through on our first visit of the fortress. Do you have this done, you cross the yard and destroys the slats that prevent the passage into the interior of the castle, on the other side. Inside you will surprise by a Greatswords, who is hiding behind one of the planks. After you have cleaned behind him of mummies the cell you open the wooden door with the help of the Ancients key.

Blow it the rocks on the edge of the fountain built with a powerful blow your guard from the edge, he will unearth a cage with three mummified. One of them finally dropt upon the death of the hikers set, you should therefore consider quietly if you do not want to take the additional risk. Rather then to open the door before you, and to fall into a trap, you better climb the ladder on the right of the building and switches the crossbowmen on the gallery face to face out.

In the small chamber behind this you will the Draken robe and can collect the Draken Shield before her past continue your way to the Pharros mechanism. Do not let yourselves the bone rod, the Main Gauche, and the twin blade missed, spit out the chests of the room and follows the course of the hallways until you go out tumbles back to the castle section before McDuff's forge. So much for our little trip.

After we lost the fortress now almost fully explored, it goes again to Heide's ruin. In the great hall with the three knights, we passed on our way to the flame tower, we have omitted the left path. Beat her this now a discovered her guarded by two other monsters a strong divine blessing on the landing towards the sea, as well as a powerful bridge to the Blue Cathedral, which can let down her by levers and cross.

Before Nebeltor you allude you shimmering the elderly. Living stone, the ring of Bindes - of your life minimizes loss as a shell, very helpful! - And a whopping five people pictures. You will need them.

Boss: Age Dragonslayer

Connoisseurs of the first part will be the next boss very surprised - you step apparently Dragonslayer Ornstein, the leader of the four knights of Gwyn, contrary! At least, similar equipment, attack behavior and name of good to very to allow different conclusions. But what should Ornstein have lost in Drangleic? With these questions in mind, we must oppose the legendary warrior.

After comparatively undemanding boss battles you will again considerably more demands. Without proper equipment you come here not far, especially important is again a stable shield, since the fight otherwise really extreme concentration and precise roles provides.

The fight against the old dragon slayer
Against a spear carrier we had until now not yet received the honor. The knight can use his mighty lance strike fast and hard and covers plus a decent room from. With a neat block most of his attacks but lose much of its horror. Nevertheless, you should remain flexible and be prepared to have some roles perform.

So you go to the dragon slayer for example frequently with a brisk jump attack on, you should definitely pull back too far from him, the hops can but dodge pleasant. Similarly, it is to be able to make with a pike attack in your direction a lot of space well. Again, you should prefer the acrobatic version, since you can grab with a little luck of the warriors and spears - despite a raised shield.

Otherwise, you come with your shield but excellent from the numerous spear bats in the horizontal can practically blocked you harm. Seeking therefore to be close to your opponent, because he is then amplified to resort to the low-risk sideways blows and will not attack you by hops or plunge. Between his blows gape relatively large breaks, so you can relatively safely attach two blows in succession, if time permits.

Is the Good but crouch down and it forms a crackling dark aura around his body, you should quickly look into the distance. Shortly after, the knight raises namely off the ground and beats it kravtfoll with a dangerous aura in a marble. As soon as you notice the magic attack, you should take a retreat with raised shield and accompany the shock attack with a roll back. So you can hardly happen.

The Dragonslayer has another trick up his sleeve - he charmed his spear with black flames and sends some fireballs on the way to you. Blocks this away in doubt, you can react fast enough to dodge roll provides a somewhat more like.

Should you in a careless moment but once taken, the pillars of the hall can be used intelligently to give you the all-important fraction of a second more time to heal. Especially the pike attack of the warrior is effectively interrupted by the stone helpers.

After the nerve-wracking battle in the marble halls you will be rewarded with rich 20,000 souls, the ring of the old lion, and the obligatory Old Dragonslayer soul. Wait a few Geborst in two chests on the balcony behind the Arena. Blue eyeballs, the heath knight iron mask and a tower shield on you. The mysterious paladin who stares thoughtfully towards the horizon but can not listen to reason - we'll have to come back later. After you have followed the steps and the beacon: have ignited the blue cathedral, it goes back to Majula.

Holy grave and fight against the royal Rat

As far as we are disposed of each possible route and are still not met, despite everything on King Vendrick, we eventually have to venture into the pit in Majula us. In order to survive the fall, you need at least one life bar of 1000 TP, as well as the silver cat ring, which you have to purchase at the beautiful Shalquoir for 13400 souls. Pretty expensive such a small thing - use in the optimal case, the souls that you have taken out of your struggle in the blue cathedral.

Finally you approach cautiously the gaping hole depends you out so that comes sure to stand her on the top slats and rolls you down like an angel. After you've swallowed a Estus flacon, the journey goes down further. Let's possible none of the items are on your way - you want the whole thing does not need to repeat. Scare away the idea that you could actually wear thin pieces of wood in the middle of the pit. They will give way under you. You must at the third "stage" overcome the chasm to the other side so with a daring leap. So you finally reached the holy grave.

Beacon: Harvals resting place
Before you explore the grave, we should complete our descent into the ditch. Travels so far back to the fire, jumps back into the deep abyss, back to the point where you have responded to the cave entrance and let yourself this time a platform deeper down. So you encounter even the mighty ring of evil eye +1, which is afford you more good services on your journey.

Then Step through the scary gaping mouth of the skull and work your way into the interior of the tomb. You will encounter some giant rats, which appear individually not particularly dangerous, fast trigger in the mass but lethal poisoning. So beware not to be careless. After you've climbed the ladder at the end of the corridor, you access the sinister spirit of Rhoy to the explorers.

Let's definitely upon the phantom on the upper level counter, as their short time later will also be addressed from three rats. Dear you take back down the ladder, where you can unsubscribe your duel undisturbed. Try if possible to circumnavigate the explorer and to fall in the back, as their inflicts devastating damage with a backstab. But remain wary of the immense damage the circulation of inconspicuous invader hands out also by a block of time. Finally, it goes up again, where her before Nebeltor down the hall once again looking for some peace and quiet.

The fight against the royal Rat
Behind the undulating wall, you expect a boss battle, which plays entirely differently than previous battles in this class and is actually not much more than a battle against a veritable horde of lower opponents. Once you have entered in the grave, masses will gush of giant rats from the grave dents that you must fend off her.

The aim of the struggle is ultimately to sacrifice a certain number of rats a higher court, but it is not enough to simply indiscriminately beat around, you are instead forced to present the rats body in the middle of the hall near the central statue.

You should you your increased mobility compared to the rodents take advantage and run the edge of the room along to fibres and separate the ground. Once you have unraveled in rats something the ball, you can carefully address individual rodents and then quickly remove you back from the oncoming mass.

On much more it is actually to ignore, but you should definitely take very front of the toxic effect of the opposing jaw in eight. Rein in doubt in the alcove at the end of the room and throws a healing potion, the inertia of the mass leaves you plenty of time for that.

Silk escape it the death trap, you will receive a rat tail, the Kings. Rat-soul, and finally 10,000 souls in addition to those that you have already beat off the rats anyway. A good catch.

The Gerbil King
Behind the tomb chamber is perched on a mountain of bones of something inconspicuous rat king. With it you can take the oath of the rat king affords the chosen you to the hunter other grave robber, you should wear the ring "coat of arms of the rat".

Follows after the royal residence the passageway and let you the hole under the coffin down where her. Onto another important Pharros-Wahrheitsverk good cheer. Then you have to let you further down the catacombs, shall, during your descent again meticulously on land cleanly on the various stages in order not to fall into the abyss. In addition to a bleeding stone and ash knuckle ring, which once Rhoy belonged to the explorer, you will be on your way and meet again on one of the rare critters that can fall at his death two Titanite, a large Titanite and a midnight stone - will not leave you these important materials missed!

On the bottom of the pit you fall on Mummified that pass by their characteristic plunge in a flaming explosion. Pushes the thought aside, going to attack them and focus only on avoiding them - the mummies commit suicide in their attack.

One of the two paths in the stone directs you to the powerful spell Greater Heal, follows the other and you reach a wobbly railing that leads deeper down. On the rickety construct can be found among others a man.

An inconspicuous path in the rock surrounds you at last, accompanied by the sound of your queasy throbbing heart, with complete darkness.

The hole

Preliminary - The following section is pretty nasty. Besides impenetrable darkness you see yourself confronted with spitting venom stone statues. These are their toxic heart always unload on you if you cross her outside, so avoiding a frontal approach and destroyed the effigies from a lateral direction, once you have discovered one. Visited in doubt before traveling through the hole the lonely Gavlan in the yard and nobody covers you there with an antidote. To facilitate the orientation in the all-encompassing darkness, you also should in any case have your torch ignited (simply use a flame-butterfly). Mages can take a light spell to help.

Rolls you as soon as you discover the stone statues on the slope and thus circumvents the deadly poison waves, with people coming roars of both. You will not plunge to certain death - do not worry - but lands gently on a wooden scaffold. Let yourself through the hole in the design a little deeper down and moves you towards the dark abyss before you. As a result, you break the ground out from under your feet and you come to a slightly wider platform to stand on the will discover her a familiar light source.

Beacon: Top hole
With the torch at the ready it goes to the exploration of the cave system. Ignites on your way all the fires that you discover, to understand how your chosen path after eventual demise can. Cross the bridge in front of you and you will meet on rotten wood again. After the rough landing you have to take on zombies that not much endure luckily. After you have re-kindled a fire, a daring leap from the Sprint is needed to overcome the chasm to the platform below you. Take the torchbearers be light and then climb the ladder in front of you.

In the cave you disassembled the annoying statues that could cause you other problems, however, have to stop at the imposing gate. We still come here not pass. So take back the path and instead it uses continue your way on the adjacent platform. Before the room with the dog-like creature, you should destroy the vases to the right of you - otherwise you miss the Sinister Pyromantieflamme, by means of their work can Pyromancy spells!

It goes across two suspension bridges before you see facing a nasty situation to you. You have to reach a platform with a wide hop that is peppered with a variety of cursed statues. Try as far as possible to land outside the art zerdeppert then from the safe lateral direction and you have made the first part of the cave expedition. Breather.

If you go once but will blown the light of life, at least you can fall back on a little shortcut. Starting from the beacon you treat the hole behind the bridge and fight the beast on the platform in front of you. Roll you down there a deeper platform and lands so directly before the first suspension bridge.

Tip: The game will reward you by the way, should you all the way again to take you. Do not fall this time after crossing the second bridge, one level down, but sets your path continues straight ahead. So you will meet a sealed chest which contains the majority sign of the evil eye - a sign, which like the same ring for each completed opponents back gives you some life. Very, very helpful.

Beacon: Middle hole
Located next to a stone statue in the middle of the platform allows the planks smashed.
In the next room you should well pay attention to where you set your feet, because the whole floor is full of paths to the bottom of the cave. That we follow but only the same.

Behind the Nebeltor you surprised once one of the dog beasts. Done this before and dares you into the cave at the end of the railing. Here you oppose strange mushrooms, but must quickly end up on the floor of the facts. Take then the huge cattle behind it - it will not fight back, so just the rest.

After you beat the way a further down. At the bottom arrived, you can get hold of some of the vases, among others, the magic Sinister fog, and a whopping twenty living stones. The objects with the excesses block our way forward, you are allowed to this, however, under no circumstances up close - they melt your equipment that you must then fix their sometimes very costly at the blacksmith in Majula. So take rather a bomb at hand and let yourself through the gap a bit further down. Right next to your landing site you can remove a corpse a rare fragrance branch - we will know these well use in the not too distant future. Finally Come Through the wall of fog in front of you, and warm yourselves at the beacon in the cave to your left.
Black Canyon

It goes down further, while her clean the greenish shimmering cave of the bonded sculptures. Twist, similar to hand away worms that destroy to curious travelers at lightning speed, are excelled dig out of the black holes, so be prepared and completed the breed with a respectful distance.

The Kuhle to your left lies a chest with the scimitar Shotel and the spell Great magic weapon. Do you have looted this, we continue along the main path where you suddenly throw at a couple of huge worms. Pressed you just as far left on the wall, then you do not reach the attacks of beasts and you can turn it off on your part.

In the vast cave that connects to the narrow path, you come back lots of "living hand" against. Step into but not yet the Nebeltor, you should have cleaned the hall, but follows the inconspicuous footpath at the gaping abyss of the right side in a peaceful cave where you can rest at the beacon again. Receiving strange moaning noise you also transgress against the next boss.

Boss: The Depraved

One thing we can tell you - the subsequent battle scratches quite at the limit nausea. Bodies held under a cast iron cage, stand against us in the form of the depraved. And the whole still in the middle of a blazing inferno, so we feel like in hell itself.

Just like the lost sinner is this boss also support a particularly large and powerful soul, according to you is the struggle you demand a lot. However, particularly starch-based characters that rely on heavy weapons, and ranged DPS can well affectionately called "butcher" baptized guy made against me.
The fight against the depraved

Before it goes to the actual tactics, a short analysis of the situation. You find yourself in a brightly lit hell from its base at many places licking flames. You happen to be in one of the fire places, you can expect the death after a few seconds, you must therefore, avoid it at all costs. Since the Depraved is itself immune to the fire, it is useful to lead the fight in the middle of the hall, where you have several feet in any direction space.

Therefore, the butcher comes to his name, since he in his right hand wields a mighty cleaver with courageously. It is not recommended to try to parry the massive shock when you will be attacked by up most of the time and so your block is simply gone out of the way. Rely instead more than ever on your dodge ability - you will need them bitter.

Although the fat man does not really come up with a swift stroke sequence, almost everyone is different of his attacks in the temporal execution. In other words - you can not you rely on a timing rolls away, but must realize any attack shortly before his execution, and act accordingly. Call on the duration of quite a concentration and frustration resistance because you sure will need more than one start.

The most common attack, with which you will see you facing is a hack combo. One, two, sometimes three bats can butcher fall on you, with the simple approach may be to escape shortly before the execution. Set the fat man to more than one stroke, you should respond quickly and roll aside - but it pays, which breaks out a possible third strike out of the scheme and a touch can be longer in coming.

Just pay attention you have to be at the dangerous side-swipe. The meat package brings briefly in one direction and then balanced the cleaver to the other side. But are you set at this moment on a hack-attack, I will you often too early to roll aside and be fully caught. Even more dangerous is the whole fact that you will be catapulted a few feet back - in an unfavorable position, you will now be flamed by the flames and the game is over.

The third standard attacks with which you will attack the Depraved, is a grip of his hand to you. That interpretation can escape relatively easily, you should, however, be caught by the claw dripping with a little luck, you pressed the iron devil out like a wet towel and lets you carelessly drop it.

Ranged DPS will not have to deal with many of these attacks. Since the boss is moving incredibly slowly, they can harassing him without major problems remotely and exploit its slow pace. Rather, it is the greater difficulty for them to be sent to meander around the fires. As a melee you can at least make the inertia of the opponent's advantage to be able to safely heal before counterattacks can.

In addition to the normal movement repertoire of the fat bag you will also be able to observe some special attacks. For once there is a slow attack to call, in which the lost can come down both arms sideways. However, you are the attack a lot of time during which you loose the double blow in the back of the monster can land. On the other side of the demon masters a whole series of attacks with shadow magic.

Trying to you spit with dark energies, acts as yet relatively cute and poses little risk potential, but the butcher is also capable of a shadow explosion, which you can by the emergence of a dark corona foresee in its center, and you then as far as possible away to the rear - However, as it respects the flames in your back. Also an overhead chop and a subsequent discharge of dark magic forward is possible and very dangerous.

Intrepid warriors can try by the way, the fat man to separate his weapon arm, which provides for a short time a huge advantage in battle and the butcher takes much of its terror until his arm is regrown you. To do this you need only a few well-placed blows landing on his wrist, but this is a little riskier than the monster sure to attack in his back. Decide for yourself whether you want to make the attempt.

Are you eventually emerged victorious from the hell of a fight, the giant depraved and soul of the entire 47,000 souls waiting for you. But that's not enough. Behind a fire area you can still fire a seed (a quick hop over the flames is most recommended) and in a chest behind the complex tap a noble bone dust. Finally, the journey goes beyond the original beacon back to Majula.

Forest of Shadows # 1

As announced, there is a good use for the scent branch, we have found underground. Come to Majula in the path towards tutorial level and turn right into the inconspicuous rock path. This leads you to a worn ruin before the input of a knight with a remarkable blade bored. He is depressed because the gate is blocked inside the empty building of a stone statue - well fortunately we are on the spot.

Pay attention to the unsavory creatures in the side niches of the building and finally redeemed the fair maiden from her spell. The woman introduces herself as Rosabeth and gives you immediately from Thanks a prism stone. Since she is ashamed of something ragged for her looks, she asks you pleadingly, if you can spare some clothes for them. Give her a cheap outfit and they shall arise after Majula grateful. There you can buy from the trained Pyromantin spells and can strengthen your Pyromantieflamme. You turn again to the resting Knight, shows this is whether your help, kind, tells you his name - Bernhart from Jugo - and promises to come to you in a tricky situation to help. Well if that's not even an offer. In addition, you will learn the "joy" gesture from him.

However, after the cozy Plauschen it's back to work - open the door and rid you of the sudden onslaught of enemy masses. In the chest right of the stairway, you should as far as possible take up the Estus-bottle sherd and immediately redeem them from the opposite beacon from.

Beacon: Age coven
The first official act of the steps you should dive from the left on the first floor because there wait a soul and a human image on you. Then you dare you into the forest shadows. Complete all of the creatures who stand in your way while you paves your way through the crumbling ruins. So you come to another fireplace.

Beacon: Destroyed fork
From the crossroads of you are open to three different paths. Beat first the northern one and can be found lying on the ground the red tear stone ring. Eventually you the way of a grand gate is locked, that can be opened only with the king's symbol. So we have to come back later and turn off.

This time we go to the Western way. Under the towering bridge, it goes through before it even left engages the ring of life assurance. The squiggly path following, you will meet in front of the archway to a less dangerous variant of Flexile Sentry that upon the death of the very rare Glittering titanite let fall that requires her to improve unique equipment. The creature guarded the Golden Falcon Shield and the Dragon Slayer Halbmondaxt which engages her you and then returns to the crotch. Only one way is now to tread yet.

Dare you sign with raised before in the treacherous fog of the eastern path. After a short distance you will eventually attacked by invisible mist figures whose silhouettes are different from the tree skeletons look very closely. Maintains peace and smite after feeling around you, until one of the attackers revealed through his life bar. Stay tuned after the battle left at the zone level, thus achieving another corpse with a man and the warrior Vengarl gets rid of his body only as head resting on a pile of stones. From it you can get some powerful weapons and the "head off" learn gesture - macabre, macabre.

Forest of Shadows # 2

Oriented you are then returned back to the mouth of the her and gropes you, this time at the level cap clockwise before. You will, a keen eye provided meet between the tree trunks to a total of three boxes - one includes the very helpful Chloranthie ring +1, the other two the ring of the old sun and the clear blue stone ring +1. However, pay attention to the striking about ghosts that can surprise you from every direction. Eventually, you will find a way out of the forest beyond (approximately opposite the bifurcation), which you follow to some moss-covered ruins.

Beacon: Shadowed ruins
In the ruins you have to take you in particular before the vessels in eight that have a grimace on its outer side. Tarried too long in the vicinity thereof, ye cursed. Therefore possible Destroys all vessels that get to see it - so similar so as in the hole.

Cross the construction area and step out into the open. Watch out for the ax-wielding warriors in eight lions that come to mashed you and turn you most directly to the left where you have more space to fight. After your victory you immersed in the shadow of the adjacent ruins, and put yourself on the floor below. Behind one of waist-high walls hiding another crawling beasts that should facilitate its definitely his two Titanitscherben, the Titanite and Blitzstein. Also manage to get you the Sense (darkness) from the adjacent chest before it attempts to address the scorpion warrior. He is, however, no sound - we need to come back later.

In the dilapidated room of you expects you a particularly strong lion warrior, but can not keep from your way out you. There we blocked once more a stone statue the way - we know what we can use up our next scent branch.

Go back the way you went to, and dare you approach the giant frog. Waiting for his Poison Cloud, attacked him once and then pulls you back - you do not want to be caught by its paws. Have you done the monster, you can watch a rare fossilized. Dragon Bone pleased. In the walls on the left side there are three whole people pictures and bleeding serum pick up where you can behind the dead beast you also enrich still. Turn also through the archway towards the beacon. After a jump over the gap in the ceiling of the building you reach a chest with a Titanite and even a fossilized. Dragon bones.

Then it goes further wars lions to the collar. However, be careful because the ground gives way under the vase just before the walk ahead under a heavy body, attracts the best one of the warriors into the abyss. Finally sets your path continues underground and escape the trap of poison frogs gather around you, as soon as you reach the ground. In the cave from which the creatures have come bound finds its your second Glitzernes titanite.

Since the door is locked, you choose the other direction. Winds you past the yellow liquid, as this brings your equipment to corrode. Leave the cave and meet again on a stone figure. Even these poor fellows we will be able to recover soon. Locks in place for the last time at the beacon and then follow the path behind the tower ruin the next big battle.

Boss: Scorpionin Najka

That should be the next boss? That's right, do not be fooled by the unassuming appearance of the nymph-like being. The true horror lies dormant beneath the surface - in the truest sense of the word. After several seconds, the beast will rise and set its hidden in the sand bodies on display. The mixture of woman and Scorpio frapide similar to Chaos Witch Queelag from the first series spin-off, but can still fight clearly different.

You will have to move you in the fight against Scorpionin much and needs a proper breath. Although you are also dependent on a sign, but must always catching just one or two lighter attacks one after the other - upgraded in exchange for a heavy shield rather have a decent armor or a strong weapon.

The fight against Scorpioness Najka
Everything on top again. Once you have pass the Nebeltor, you come to a sandy and expansive cave. Two withered trees and a last rebellious part of a nearly sunken building project from the dunes. In the middle of a somewhat misplaced blue-skinned woman who starts at your sight, chasing you spell. Runs past her and let them work their magic to end. That was the beginning.

When the wife disappears in the desert sand, should enjoy their healthy distance from it. Suddenly she shoots out and bares a disgusting scorpion body. That would have been too easy. Before Najka know how you done her palms to her and lands two, three hits before you withdraw quickly. The fight can begin.

Two serious advice that will make a pretty nasty fight a very tolerable hurdle. First: Attack the Scorpionin to under no circumstances from behind. The Good mastered extremely common attacks with its two tails, which you can neither block nor clever dodge them well. Therefore do not seek confrontation face to face and makes you life easier. Second: Get used to a clever flow from the forward and backward movements. The plays are as follows - with a raised shield you seek the proximity of the bulky body, waits for a response and then pulls you right back. You want wegblocken no combo, but were on a given attack your opponent, which makes you a perfect chance to strike back.

To the whole time to specify something - from time to time Najka is a moment, lean back and then impale with their spines after you. Block you can not do the attack and should it be taken, you are also poisoned even fatal. The spit attack comes in two variants, in which they either simultaneously or one after the other stands with two tails after you. However, you can escape by a simple backward roll and then lam into a few seconds on your female opponent until it has caught up again.

Besides this attack can be virtually no gap in their movements find the remaining attacks, it is therefore avoid - and which she still has some in store.

By default, the Scorpionin will strike next to their tails with their spear or their pincers after you. Blocks the first blow of such a combo off and then puts some space between you and your opponent, then Catch all the games from scratch (go near her again and hope for the described spit attack).

However, from time to time, the creature disappears again in the sand and go on the hunt for you. The inconspicuous swirl-tell you their current location and cause you to plan ahead a little. Fortunately, you have but do not let you on a hunt - ye enter the stone strips can you Najka absolutely no harm and will break something out of the ground in front of you (they receive with a few strokes). In the meantime, you can heal you without problems or use items.

But do not underestimate the good. Starts namely it again to weave its magic, it's getting pretty hairy. Normally, it conjures up around five spheres around, they consecutively firing at a short distance on you. Do you see the tree stump near, ye may save you behind those where it will intercept the first two floors for you. The remaining three but you have to dodge itself, which is not so easy.

Dare ye not to or are you in the wrong part of the cave, let you easily get from the first impact. So you get still the least harm, as the other projectiles dissipate unused near you. Particularly dangerous is slightly stronger variant in which Najka a whole raft of homing projectiles will send out to you. With precise timing but you can also escape the attack by a precise role.

For those who are interested: Yes, you can chop off the Scorpionin her two tails. However, the fight in the episode made no easier, quite the opposite. Now they will leave you no peace and pursue diligently with their claws and spear combos. Once the first tail gives way beneath your blows, you should place all the blows to her body, to still take the fight clean across the stage therefore.

Done! Proclaim the death cry from the end of the unspeakable creature, you ordinary 23,000 souls, as well as the Scorpio inner soul will be credited to your account. Uses a best home bones and returned to Majula before you go back into the cave and continue your way through the old tunnel in front of you.

Doors of Pharros

Note: The following area is relatively well arranged and provides an excellent place to farm souls that make the few strong opponents fall in ordinary quantities. Furthermore, drop the local opponent one of the best heavy armor in the game (Gyrms Warriors set - so it pays to spend some time in the stone chambers.

Follow the path through the old walls. Have you reached the huge hall, you will already from a distance a giant halberdiers with tusks, a mastodon, can account for. Instead of this fight under difficult conditions in the water, you can lure him back to the passage by which he will not fit through. For some distance or with well-timed attacks the rest is a breeze. The guy with the hammer (a Gyrm) is comparable easy to do by its shorter range and smaller life bar, grab yourself after the ten-prism stones in the water.

However, do not be tempted to open the chest! The fact is in truth a facial expression, a bizarre creature that disguises merely as inconspicuous chest and devours to curious individuals with a bite. Surprised the essence, therefore, with a powerful blow and brings up the unequal struggle quickly to an end. The essence will make and the Black Scorpion engraver) fall, assessed your new equipment at a rest stop in the cave behind it.

Beacon: Gyrms period
Through the throat in the rocks you come into another huge cave. Shortly after its occurrence, you will receive the message, he was the victim of an invasion of the sinister spirit of Archer Guthry. Do not worry, the rangers will spawn at the other end of the hall and only play against you if you come near him. So Do at rest the Hellebardier before you, and pays attention to the rat that comes assailed from the side. The beast can you poisoned with only two hits and is also capable of bleeding, therefore prioritized the death of the creature.

After the short battle, it goes to battle with the invader. The fight should be easy for you, the crossbow bolt can easily block and not even addressed to high damage. Finally, you can better take a little in inspection the hall. You will find a lot Pharros-mechanisms which make most but only a new space with a simple opponent accessible. Really worthwhile is just to open the large door on the right side, behind the guarded a Mastodon Satiers spear. After you have picked up on the projection to your left the Gyrm-ax, you will continue your way into the adjoining hall.

Kill the invading rats and climb the rungs to the Gyrm warriors. Eliminate these and pays attention to the spike-studded sidewall that paves your way. Are you reached the floor of the cave, you will see a whole bunch of Pharros-dents can discover. Sets her Pharros mechanisms in motion, you will start the defense of old machinery, but what you do not playful provides added value. Instead, you open the door on the left edge, which leads you to another beacon and, an optional boss.

Boss: Royal rat Examiner

Sooner or later it was bound to happen to the fight against a giant rat. Let you once more not be fooled by the unassuming backdrop and prepare yourself for a challenging fight.

The Royal rats auditor bored on the hillside behind the rat pack, with enough distance and a keen eye you can see out hatches its sovereign hump over the stone monument. As soon as you come into the vicinity of the vermin, the big guy falls down the cliff and takes up the fight with you.

The fight against the royal rat Examiner
The fight stands and falls with the first seconds. Can you manage not to you get rid of the little sisters of the rat examiner before it can tackle you can already make her the white flag handy. The beasts are, as already mentioned on the last page, able to poison you kill with two hits and is it once so far you can not heal you if the rapid pace of movements of the boss. It is most recommended to approach from the right side of the rats to get maximum space between you and the examiner. Once you have lured the brood, you have this in a time window of just 5 seconds do (area attacks are most effective) and you can then focus entirely on the large chunks

As such, the rat examiner ruled little more than two attack patterns that he will run over and over again. If he at some distance to the beast, which can happen quite often by its frequent jumps, it brings with his head out, rushes approach and tries to cast you away. The high precision of the attack makes virtually impossible to dodge, you will therefore have to rely on your shield. Do not worry though, the attack empties your entire stamina bar and stuns you for a second, but you have to have enough time to recover you until the next blow.

As a rule now follows if the near distance a double blow with the two paws, which you can dodge excellent. Just wait until just before impact and rolls you about it in a lateral direction. Exactly this attack makes you a fraction of a second time to afterwards to land a hit on the front leg of the creature. Are you aware, however, that will respond to the examiner then rats with a masher - so make sure you only land a punch, if you then still has enough power for a backward roll.

Addiction necessarily the vicinity of the giant rat. Since you possess against the shock attack no effective antidote, your only option is to counterattack the movement just described. Tried in the optimal case for hind leg of the creature to get, because if you land a hit here, you have not even expect a counterattack.

After a clean running battle you will with 14,000 souls, a rat tail and the Kings. Rats Examiner soul rewarded. Behind the chamber once again awaits the king rat on you, which you provided, you've sworn allegiance to him, the tail can sacrifice immediately.

Through the wall opening her plumst finally flame lit staircase, could you see this when you arrive in the area .. On the right side you can surprise another Gyrm, the crawling around in front of a chest with a dragon amulet, then sets your path continues and climbs the old walls. Shortly after the axe throwing Gyrm you can already spot a crawling beasts that should concern you with a quick sprint and kill them before throwing it down the throat. Three Great Titanite and a stone Kruder make your efforts paid off. Does your path continue upwards through the countless steps until you behold the light again.

Lichtenstein Bay Tseldora and fight against the marauding Magus

Accustomed your eyes to the new light conditions and fill your lungs with the fresh air before you explore the campground. Be careful, because three cases soldiers hiding waiting under the fabric on you and surprise too hasty fellows are. Have you breastfed your urge to discover, you can you settle in the largest of the tents and catch a while.

Beacon: bearing the Royal Army
Go slowly along the slope and ensures that soldiers will encounter down the two large stones on the hillside, once you get into their vicinity. A role and you are out of the danger zone. Do not overlook the Great Titanite on the slope behind the mouth in the rock. Opens the door with the spinning ornaments and crosses the stone halls under the echo of your own footsteps. Once you open the chest in the chambers, you will surround by numerous spiders, to decide whether the risk is worth 20 Heavy bolts you. Behind the fogged door awaits you another boss battle of a special kind.

The fight against the marauding Magus and the Assembly:
Just as in the battle against the royal Rat the difficulty of this struggle lies not in defeating a single strong opponent, but the confrontation with a whole bunch in itself weak enemies. Here, the battle is still a bit nastier than its counterpart, because you have to compete in a smaller space against a broader range of enemy variations.

Without attacks with splash damage this battle could be significantly Bucky, as it must be. Any type of greatsword, halberd, etc. is thus to favor ever clear hapless individuals are having to resort to bombs or area spells like fireball at the beginning of the fight.

Actually, you do not have to do much more than to keep them in the crowd and hand out land damage - after you have turned off the side of the Magus, the two white-robed mage. These nasty fellows act namely as a healer and spice if necessary, the entire Horde again to their initial thickness. Not very nice. Look away best on the Magus in the end, as the vain fellow moves the least, with its pressure wave but the greatest threat.

The shuffling quantity can be easily outmaneuvered, so stay mobile and you oriented along the walls to provide a minimal attack surface. Since the time for a Estus flacon but something is scarce, you should take a left on life stones that her passing can bring to bear.

After you have defeated the mob and the magician, hiking 7,000 souls and a rare Titanitscholle in your inventory. Let the chamber behind you and ignites the fire in the rock alcove.

Beacon: chapel access
Before you continue your path, returns once more to the chamber in which you have asked the Magus. On its right outside of a ladder leading to the Cromwell Begnadiger which your sins (for example, killing an NPC) can forgive you.

After you have left to you one floor down, you are vibrating you winched to the other side of the area. Oriented left around you where you can expose to a Titanitbrocken a hidden tunnel behind the furniture. In the other direction you take again the service of a winch to complete, and put yourself quickly into the interior of the nearby building - safe from the spells the mage on the other side. Cleans the interior, but without falling into the gaping gap, and locks on the lower level of the warm flames.

Tip: Before you continue exploring the Lichtenstein bay, you should definitely morph again to Kamp Elle access. Do not let ye namely the first winch down, but you rolled to the left, you will meet on a crawling beasts that a Titanitbrocken and a fossilized. Drops dragon bones, one level below a corpse carries Glitzerndes titanite. But that's not all - ignored her the second winch and jumps from the roof with the magician in front of you in the back storage underneath, you discover a precious Estus flacon Shard in the rubble!

Beacon: Lower Lichtenstein Bay
Step out into the sand dunes, runs to the fossilized. Dragon bones on the left side and pulls you back to the safe house. Kill the spiders persecutors and circled cautiously this time the quicksand in the left direction, where it unlocks the great gate, and in the neighboring room picks up another Titanitbrocken. Cleans the yard and take the stairs of the house opposite to the top. From the terrace you can make a dark phantom behind the gate that you can easily take care from afar with a bow. Optional jumps off it and not do the villain in a duel at close underestimated its strong attacks.

Now crossed the wobbly way over the pin field and again opens a rich ornament Gate (obsolete carefully the two creatures above with an arrow or bolt down). Are you aware of the spiders that dangle over your heads, and then climb the ladder behind the left door. The giant cobwebs that clog the space in front of you, do not just invite you to go on, are still man enough to continue your path. You must willy-nilly cross the networks to go down, at least the spider-infested place holds some nice items.

What might be hidden well behind the Nebeltor? We have since a certain idea ...

Boss: Freja, the sweetheart of the Duke

You can say what you want - the Duke has a somewhat extravagant taste. As suspected you step namely contrary not a very pretty lady, but a strange giant spider that is swarmed by many of their younger siblings.

Simply ensures that you are wearing the best armor and the most powerful weapon which you are strong before it progresses into battle - you will not need a good shield or perfect dodge skills to the against the numerous one-hit-kill attacks to insist giant spider, but only good crisis management.

Summon Phantom: Ash Knight Boyd
In human form you can behind one of the pillars in the bonded hall before the fight, a white call symbol on the floor discover. With this incantation characters, the Phantom of ash Boyd Knights can summon a knight in armor noble who supports you with his sword. As always, also makes this guy in the fight great work by presenting a useful distraction, handing out relatively decent damage and - most importantly - conveys the annoying little spiders to the afterlife.

The fight against Freja, the sweetheart of the Duke
Freja is a pretty tough cookie. In the truest sense of the word, the Beast has namely such a hard exoskeleton that all your beats bounce off contemptuously on her body. The only way to wound the giant spider, bats are targeted in one of her soft, lined with teeth mouths - Goofy only that the good goes with it properly bite.

The second difficulty is a bunch of smaller conspecifics join her mother that can make you life pretty hard the page. Before you begin ever so Freja tackle, you should definitely the brats create from the neck, which can be quite dangerous to you otherwise - here is ash Knight Boyd a successful Help dar. Feel but not too sure (who did that already), if you finally are alone with the Great, they can once again 'cause spit "after some time help.

Due to the enormous size of the monster, the fight somewhat unusual demands on you. Neither a strong shield arm, yet spot-on roles of you is required. The body of the giant spider only comes once in motion, you will simply be crushed without the correct positioning, as usually also helps saving role no more. Since your opponent has no weak back and you know how to attack in any direction with their huge legs, you should first time on automatic target help and would rather renounce him playing cameraman to follow the events clever can. Imagine this time rather a lot of running around on than on acrobatic evasive maneuvers.

Once you passed through the Nebeltor, you should direct your legs take in hand and bring some space between you and the entrance, you will namely mostly received from an absolutely deadly powerful energy beam that covers the Freja about 90 ° of the room before her. Instead of starting an escape attempt, are you running in this attack just about your life and tries to escape from the danger zone.

Have you recommended as the disturbing Spider-divided rid - always with a view to the huge lady - can you finally venture near them. The spider will try to keep you updated with mashed attacks her limbs from his body, but have a limited range and can be good with a sprint. Try by such a movement simply in Hit & Run style against one of its two gargoyles to get it once short and fast again to look into the distance.

Sometimes it happens that quite beside him gets the good, such as wild stomps around and it is nauseating acid by itself. Although it may seem absurd at first glance, this is the best moment by one to two more hits to land. Stalks you diagonally to one of their heads and zoom moves you always exactly where one of her legs has just placed on the floor - the giant spider will land the next blow elsewhere. Are you zoom gets fast enough to one of their mouths, you wait until they are a load of foul secretion of himself, beat too fast and you away from her again. Well done.

Tarried too long before their ghastly grimace, can you Freja sometimes observe how they tear open their mouth to a silent scream. Addiction is quickly into the distance, as the spider shortly afterwards heave in such monitoring their fat body like a pendulum back and let then fast forward. Between this battering ram and the hard rock wall, it is not very comfortable. Ehrlich.

Done! Phew. Holt only a deep breath and toying with the fresh 31,500 points on your account, and soul of the well-earned soul of Freya, the loved one. At the end of the hall under the dragon skull you will a mysterious light on the ground hear that represents a contact point to the power of a great soul (NIGHT TOWER). Later, a strange crystal will grow out of the ground at this point. Something rummages through then we enter the path on the right side of the rock.

Private apartments of Prince
The path behind the boss area leads us into the personal chambers of the corrupted princes Tseldora, who was ruler of the Lichtenstein bay before spinning attack. But the good thing is only a shadow of himself and is one to two blows on the ground. The nobleman leaves a scent of the important branches, and the Finster Quartz Ring +1 fall, the darkness increases your defense significantly. His Lichtenstein key opens you the door in his spider-infested hall, where you can you take possession of a fire seeds, the powerful Pyromancy 
Great Fireball and Great sword of the Black Knight.

In addition to the original beacon that leads you back to Majula, bored an even headless swordsman, who turns out to be remnants of the mighty fighter Vengarl. Grab Vengarls armor set that will surpass most likely your current armor in essential values.

Hunters Grove

A last path have yet to follow until we have everything in hand to meet the king. Since we apparently grazed everything forces us the game at this point at a slightly lower rabia approach - we need to do from the pious Licia Lindelt, which guards an object of our desire. Still grasped in prayer, the cleric bored at the foot of the flame tower. But what must be, must be. Approaching her from behind and gets you off to a massive stroke. In her surprise, you can still give to the woman equal to a couple of blows, if it has because once taken, the priestess is to get through their healing spells hardly death. If in doubt, you encounter them in the cold waters of you that items that you need, you also avoids lost. Collect on as the image-bell and, more importantly, the rotunda- Herald of the truth.

So it goes back to Majula where you can use the Herald in the symbol that adorns the front of the column, Catacomb entrance. The whole room will now be briefly put in motion and make a previously hidden way free. Grab also the reddish water on the cold floor and crosses the secure part of the cave. Before you leave the darkness and the service warming flames take to complete, you'll encounter an isolated magician who does not want to talk to you (REDRESS).

Beacon: Undead refuge
After Paeusschen it's back again in the stifling confines of the rock. Never mind, finally the weather has indeed not much taste for more. Past the poison spores of the local crop you beat your way through the cave and eventually transgress into the walls to your right one.

Complete all of the devious characters who try to surprise you and read the borst. Red Eyeball on the outside wall of the building. Turn off the ladder, starting to the left and inflames the local little fire.

Beacon: bridge access
Before ye trust in the dark forest into it, it was laid upon your minds, knocking down the tree stump to the left of the fire in order to get the benefit of a small abbreviation for a return visit. Take every zombie due in reception, as well as the ruffian with the sickle that is waiting for you behind the stone bridge. Empowered you the Morning Star under the stone hood and dares you up the slope to your right. In the building on the cliff you can press a lever which descends the stone bridge in front of you. Uses previously have the option to get hold of the soul spear, which can be found in a rotunda that you reach only from above the slope, and finally crossed the gaping abyss.

An iron grating denied you the passage to the crackling flames in reach so we will need only the corresponding key. Perhaps we find this in the near crevice. Kill the approaching skeletal warriors and engages you the Mace (magic). You will need to realize that the warrior but soon rise again, so be quick and you a little further into the interior of the cave and settled by the local necromancer. Now take the path in the rugged canyon area and follow the lower path to another Steinverhau where you will eventually find it - with the Untotenkerker key in the luggage you, nothing stands in the way.

Beacon: Untotenkerker
In the prison a man sits and looks morose from the laundry. His name is Creighton from Mirrah and he threatens you with another traveler, "Godfather with the strange ring", which betrayed him, and that he had set a trap in the Untotenkerker, until he himself fell into it. As we will remember his words. Let him teach you more of the "Yeah" gesture and then get down again on the way.

Exits the same path as before and follows after Steinverhau the rock. Shortly before abandoned the narrow degree you will be attacked by the Merciless Roenna whose slow attacks with the sickle but should not pose a big problem for you. Do you feel you not prepared to confront her so close to the abyss, you can lure them into the rotunda and you duel in a secure way with her.

Before her walks through the Nebeltor behind the waterfall, you take back the way into the stone. Here again ask you some skeleton warrior and a wizard meet, but do not be carried away to the venture to overcome the abyss to the necromancer you, but does it better from a distance. Open yourselves to the quick path to the lighthouse and grab the pyromancy still burning and the three Titanitscherben at the end of the other tunnel.

It's also worth the plateau on the other side of the gorge to tread - a crystal lizard waiting to be killed it and paid you handsomely with the full repertoire of Titanitmaterialien.

Boss: skeleton Prince

Behind the Nebeltor you can expect a hell of bones and darkness, which is illuminated by the burning remains of hapless predecessor. Here wait three terrible prince of undeath and their servants to seeing you in half to rip, crush and pulverize.

So grim struggle forms, almost overly demanding the battle inspired not in the dark grave chamber. If you could not demand a lot of the fight against Magus in the Lichtenstein bay, you should not get a big trouble here.

Fight against the skeleton prince

Basically, the battle can be divided into three distinct phases that require a high degree of flexibility in your combat style of you.

You shall receive from the eponymous skeleton princes, three in number. The bony fellows will slowly rise from the ground and offer you here a lot of time to three to unleash four blows to the central magician. Fortunately play the princes their numerical superiority barely out - while you with his scythe or his staff attacked a necromancer in the melee, keep the others in the background and fire slow moving fireballs off against you, which you can but escape readily. The bats in melee can fend off with ease, inasmuch as you should, the trio have quickly reduced by one.

Go then afloat in the coming prince, but the skin as possible, avoid the leader (with the pompous rod) from the slippers, because you see otherwise directly confronted with the full diversity of the subsequent second wave you.

Instead, as only simple skeleton warriors different styles will crawl out of the ground and slowly shuffle to you. Power of the size of the room and your superior condition and use lures the warriors like the Perl consecutively away in your blade. The surviving skeleton prince will continue to stand covered and be ye separate, and afterwards to send a ball of flames billowing - his fault, because as soon as you have rid of the new tracker, it is now even him to the collar.

Once the bone pile is collapsed in on itself, breaking the last wave of enemies out of the ground - death wheels, have learned a mixture of wheel and skeleton, the fans of the predecessor, already know. Takes advantage of the architecture (if you want to call it so) and let bounce off the deadly onslaught of the bone towers to repel your part. In general, the skeleton wheels are not quite as common as he were in, you can also parry their attacks without major problems.

Should you get an unlucky blow in the course of the fight, you can like in the last third of the fight your benefits from the massive bone towers pull at the outer edges of the cave and look for the natural protection to interject a healing potion in peace. In general, you should reach your goal but also with a few life stones.

Is the cave cleaned and the light of life the princes went out once and for all, patter 15,000 meter on your account and the skeleton prince-soul passes into your possession. Not much, but something. Then let the bridge down behind the site and trots through the ashen landscape towards the ruined tower on the horizon. The entrance of the cave contemplative, in which the flames crackle of a beacon, is lined with heavy and toxic morass that you have to get only one of your legs until you are safe from the poisoning effect. Not cool.

Hell of the undead and fight against the executioner Cart

Before you dare you into the Erntetal, you should still ruin the arena on the horizon of the bridge access pay a visit. Travels so back into the forest and crossed this time the second bridge, instead climb the slope. The path leads you to a spiked whip and past bloodthirsty gladiators to a rickety wooden bridge against the backdrop of a menacing Coliseum.

Before you cross the bridge, you let yourself fall on the ruins below, and collect there, the sign of fidelity and the Pharros Wahrheitsverk. Then follow the tunnel to the monastery amulet and jumps into the hall among you. Here you could open a secret passage that leads you by cage elevator on the other side of the old building by a pressure. Great discoveries do not make it here, however, that transgressed the route again from the beginning.

On the other side you will taken from a red phantom with a rather handsome blade in reception. This concurs with the reasoning of the Knights of neat, but you should be able to escape the attacks and your hand to strike back with a backstab. Before you turn to the Nebeltor, but you should in any case the Noble bone dust and fire seeds next to the bridge to take.

The fight against the executioner Cart

The fight against executioner car offers game mechanically to date freshest boss battle you have to lead. In a circular course you will face a crazed executioner on a chariot, whose sound-studded wheels are pulled by two bony stallions with ghostly fluttering manes.

It is only once you not possible to add the rider in any way damage. During the cozy makes his rounds and over every few moments to you (or less well - in you) rushes, you have once you work your way to pass without being caught by the blows of the car. You play it at the right moment in one of the numerous niches, you are safe from the deadly gallop. Almost at least.

To spoil you your projects a bit, wait a few slain skeleton in the tunnel for you. It goes without saying that to get up naturally after a short time and make back on the way to you. For this reason, you should ignore all the skeletons, if possible, put back a few feet and throw you with a raised shield in one of the apses. The somewhat silly skeletons are from the chariot simply by surprise and have to once again raise - precious seconds that you can use it to progress further.

After two to three round trips you should have internalized and know when you have to count again with the hangman the interval. Be still not too squeamish, but still have in mind that their fractions of a second are stunned, but should you get one of the undead. While you ignore the glittering objects on your way, should be followed by two necromancers who are hiding in two niches and call the skeletons back to life her out.

With the right mix of agility and caution you finally should have crossed and on the left side of the aisle spot a lever the entire length of the room. Once the you done with the car, you shall submit to these and watch as the grid descends in front of you. Take a little distance and hugs you to the wall to be able to watch gleefully as the Hangman car with full force into crashing into the obstacle and shattered the rider.

Confused and taken with regard to the two remaining stallions set up and get ready to sell their lives dearly. Beware of the ferocity of the creatures, the animals will come with their hooves after you and come back and stormed to you again. They are also able to blow through their nostrils ghostly smoke, the added you. Attacks the beasts in their vulnerable flank and always keep the shield at hand, then her last hour should have beaten soon.

After the helluva ride her be with 19,000 souls, and rewarded the Hangman car soul. Now go again all the way off and grab the souls who have skipped her before you follow the curve of the staircase to the upper floor. Here you will meet the limits pipsqueak, who pays tribute to the god of war and blood Nahr Alma and in which you can swear allegiance to the blood brotherhood. Make yourself comfortable and then at the Beacon morphs you again for Erntetal.

Erntetal- Chapel Entrance

A tip before you dare you back to the poisonous fumes: In Ernetal even the landscape conspires against you - you have to cross a toxic swamp which will steadily eat into your life bar. The poison bite ring that you can buy the Begnadiger for 5500 souls in Cromwell, proves itself as a true gift from the gods, therefore, necessarily equips the gracious priest at the chapel entrance a visit. In addition, you need a healthy supply of living stones, in the event that you will yet again poisoned.

Set against the backdrop of a wind farm you meet the Chloanne. Do you still need a few Titanitscherben, it is next to the blacksmith Leningrast, whose daughter she is by the way, your second point. After you have you go down the hill, a swamp level opens up before you, which also keeps its promises. Dozens of bodies have fallen victim to the poison and tickle the collective urge in you high. But all in good time. First Kill the skeleton warriors on the plateau next to you and turn you then the swamp giants. As soon as you come near him, the bombard you with huge balls of dark magic that tuck neatly, but fortunately very slowly on the move. Decide for yourself if you take apart the stretching from a distance or with a Hit & Run technology, but makes sure you do not stop too long in the swamp.

After the ruffian's done, you should definitely scour the entire level, you encounter here on all kinds of Titanitscherben and other useful materials. Loot one corpse and brings out as soon as possible safe ground beneath your feet to avoid poisoning. Alternatively you can just use a few life stones for the procedure sacrifice.

You should definitely pass through the stone arch that opens up in the field. Here you can a dead body a scent branch decrease - so easy we had it until now never - in addition, you will meet again on the lonely Gavlan which decreases you your surplus items! Loot the chest next to him to go to a crude stone, hidden in the toxic haze below the natural cave also still supports a box with a fire seeds and a divine blessing.

Now head you in the direction of the wind mills. The ladder to your right leads you to ten Hexereiurnen that ye should not miss. Do not fear the two titans in front of you, as long as you do not behave aggressively, they will not attack you. So you can unmolested the second circuit climb up and open the wooden gate. Turns off the giants of your superior position or dives per jump attack in the battle - the exact procedure you will leave. In the tunnel you can once raced.

Beacon: The mines
On the other hand a few tunnels lead into the tainted soil. Let's rather from having to jump into the pits, except for a few ridiculous souls and a simpleton spice you can expect nothing but death. Instead, you beat a path to the left, he will guide you to a poison rotten stone and resin. Through the fog, or alternatively with a home bone you come back again. From the same path nor a branch goes off which leads you into a small valley, where you will encircled by four reapers her. Can you manage yet to be overcome with enough patience and the resistance movement, you can loot a true Itemgrab - next Titanitscherben and life stones you can also smell another branch in your collection record!

On the other side of the valley to wait two more giants on you. It's worth one more time to do this and loot the green illuminated level - in addition Titanitscherben of different sizes, there is also an image of man and the magic to discover chameleon. Go over the bridge and past the Hammerwielders it gets inside.

The fight against greed daemon

Before you follow the proper way up, a short detour into the deeper, muddy plains is recommended. At the end of the long corridor a corpse carries a Estus flacon Shard, in the neighboring room, which is populated by spore-spewing mushrooms, you can by Pharros mechanism uncover an apparent wall behind which her once again finds the poison bite ring, you should it to you have not yet risen. 

After the trip it's finally up. After you've cleared of any enemy presence, the floor, you can reach the ledge in front of the barred room with the correct startup. Here you can see yourself confronted with nasty assassins strike quickly and cause bleeding - caution! The arduous road does, however, also paid for - among other Titanitscherben you will be rewarded with a heavy crossbow +3 and 15 associated pins.

The fight against greed daemon

"Food is love. This demon was full of love, and so it ate everything his heart desired. "So much for the history of the giant mole-rat. Apparently we have you kindled the desire in the heart of the demon, namely, does everything to crush us and get into his mouth.

Due to its enormous mass of Greed demon is very slow and cumbersome, so you can outmaneuver him with ease. Circles the meatball constantly and you should avoid any danger.

The commuter belt aware of his qualities and uses them accordingly. With its vestigial claws of the demon gets only rarely from a blow, instead he balanced preferably with his full weight in your direction or rolled around a bit, hoping to catch you. In similarity to Freya, these attacks difficult or impossible to block, so stay mobile and to clarify the situation if necessary by a roller. If the Big Once on the page, sometimes he tries you like a rubber ball to jump after him - although the comparison with a rubber ball in this specimen is perhaps a little high.

Do you consider yourself successful behind the walrus, he will go back to powerful blows with its tail. However, the leave you much time to strike and therefore do not act very scary.

Thus the struggle made very easy - if it was not a pretty common move. Gets you the greed demon-namely one to grab, you do with its gigantic acquaintance. Spits out the wolverine from you then, are you your entire equipment disposed of! Do not worry, all your items are still in your inventory, but so entirely without weapon and armor is fighting it did not seem so clever. So you are forced to once play cat and mouse with the Beast and slow but steady way back to your old form. No easy task, but you have only one survived the attack, you know what you need better brace yourselves next time.

Do you have the Riesennacktmull dirty his meal tidy, land of 13,000 souls and the Greed demon soul on your account. Behind the archway you can only catch once, but you should not miss the opportunity to speak with Lucatiel who will thank you for your attention with the fantastic hard steel ring +1. 

Beacon: Lower 
Where to greenish hazy mist, we dedicate ourselves to the advancement of the tower. We are again expected of Assassins, which are by their speed to not despicable changes along the way. Will you come into the hall with the powerful gear to, you should definitely before the archers take to your right and turn this into eight possible directly, because you a grave guard is shortly after take of the front of the gun. The transition towards the right leads you to a Pike, makes after the impasse around and climb the ladder. The fog can pass through their good cheer, behind which no trap, but a resting place hides. 

Beacon: Medium 
It goes up further. Upstairs you can glean among others, three black fire bombs, which are defended by other males. Outside, you should follow in the left direction, where you'll encounter the volatile Gilligan, who sell yourselves for 2000 people a ladder to the ledge. From him you get further knowledge about the "genuflection" gesture. Now climb down the newly created path and will for your investment with sparkling titanite and a Pharros-Wahrheitsverk. rewarded.

Run then and sets your path continues upwards. Taking her to the lever, which is recessed into the wall, then the platform up ahead of you and places a divine protection free. However, does not dwell too long on the stone floor, but move swiftly to the circuit, as ye are slain from the back down roaring platform otherwise.

Law of the narrow hallway to a small vault does on where to meet an old friend - the meek godfather. It makes you aware of a treasure in the area, but does not have to be to reach safely. Then the door in front of you but does not open, it goes past the grave guard on.

On the new floor you two can Pyromantinnen and another guard from behind surprise them with a backstab before you overcome the chasm in front of you with a pike jump far left. Should you make the leap that is messing up so bad, you come a few meters further down back down and you can try again.

After you have assassinated a few more guards of the fire, you will meet behind flanked by torches passage to a room full of urns and poisonous mushrooms, which should destroy her gently without being poisoned. The chest you are allowed to open any case, since you're confronted with another expression that the work of hooks and the Finster tulips droppt at his death. In the opposite direction you must prepare yourselves for a fight against a red phantom with a mighty scythe, then it goes down and the toxic morass. Kill the two guards grave, once again tightens the straps of your armor and proceeds contrary to the next battle.

Boss: Mytha, the evil Queen

This will really nasty. Seriously. Mytha turns out to be terrible Medusa, which is not quite as accurate takes the saga around Perseus and her head on her shoulders instead prefer to lead a walk in her hand. 

The problem is not so much the fight itself, but the peculiar environment in which you have to lead the fight - the hall, the you enter is waist-deep filled with toxic sludge. And that is just as mean as it sounds. There is no way out, no safe island to which you can save to regenerate you. You have the whole fight with a constantly leaking life bar get along, while the blows of the snake woman fall on you.

So you can even see a bit of country, you are confined to a blazing Backpack: A bunch of life stones will alleviate the greatest effect of the poison, a decent stock of Estus flasks heal-the most serious wounds. Divine blessing here are a true life saver, since they negate the poison effect while you regenerate at the same time, however, did you encounter only a handful during your journey and you have to very careful with them. Let from the idea to take Poisonous moss with in the fight, as their fraction of a second you will have to fight again later with the poison effect. The keyword here is prevention - destroyed an everyday fruit and touches you on the poison bite ring in order to get a few more seconds regeneration time for you after poison.
The fight against Mytha, the evil Queen

As you were not already busy enough to defend yourself against the toxic environment, are you still at the same time forced to fend off the attacks you the Medusa. It is important to keep the following fact in mind - will have to use up their the longer the battle lasts, the more of your valuable items. Since Dark Souls 2 faced you with a permanent shortage of resources, you're forced to take the fight behind you as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you see after too many failed attempts, no more land.

Fortunately, you has the evil queen from her Bewegunspatterns relatively large amount of space to strike, rather you should one or the other minor hits from your opponent plug it in, if you committed two regular beats more you can get out. As I said - Speed is everything in this struggle, patiently waiting and slamming, as it was called in the fight against the lost sinner is in this situation of absolute capital error.

Makes the first five, ten times that you throw yourself into the fray, only use of Estus flacons to squander not groundless important items. You must first of all get of how much you have to suffer from the poison and the parallel blows a feeling. After a few attempts, you understand, in which moments preventively a bottle, even though you have not lost much life you really want it namely a life-saving response. Do you feel good, then go for heaven's sake not be stingy with your healing items and prefer to throw a healing stone a more than is necessary, but at the same time trying to find the right balance to less successful attempts.

Once you understand the resource management, the real fight is the slightest hurdle. Mytha will try most of the time to catch you with their spear. The you can reasonably effectively block, in case of emergency but rather recommends the saving role to the rear. After a triple combo or their pike attack, it offers you a wonderful space to strike, but always meticulously weigh on whether a bottle or a new life stone is not worth more in the light of your hit points.

After a successful blow a result you have to quickly decamp - not least to heal you, but also because Mytha increases bold stretching in a headlock and squeezes you like a lemon, if you are not careful. If her at a distance, throws off the monster and the short time goes to her head to you later in an ordinary explosion. Again, we recommend again the pause in her movements systematically exploit.

For your suffering, you will receive a surprisingly small settlement - "only" 20,000 souls and the evil queens-soul go over in your possession, but at least you have made a little bit nicer the world. Sets the barred elevator behind the deadly site in movement and amazed at the gigantic outlook, which opens up before you - you enter a stone bridge, surrounded by a sea of red-hot magma. Cleans you on the beacon to your left from the dirt and grime of the previous escapades and get ready to conquer a castle. 

Iron Castle # 1

Before we venture in the interior of the parties, to offer the opportunity to bring our fragrance branches at the man. Near the ruins of the Shadow Forest three lion warriors waiting to be freed from their stone spell.

The first of the trio you stop below the scorpion warrior to a stone archway. In contrast to the previous curse victims, we can expect no thanks from him. But also thank Na. At the end of the newly accessible area can be overcome, on the other side waiting for the powerful halberd of the Black Knight, a narrow gap. Your second fragrance branch you can get on the other side of the area for use - between waist-high houses skeletons blocked another lion warrior the way to a box. The Lion mage set is complemented by a fresh scent branch, so that we can devote ourselves to the last companions. Await us at the other end of the cave section in which we pass through the pit and drop the tooth key to his demise. Commits all the way again and closes the door at the beginning of the pit with the new piece of metal on - on the other side we meet next to a Estus flacon Shard on the feathered armorer Ornifex, the us as a thank you from now on in the Lower Lichtenstein Bay will bequeath rare boss weapons. Very useful!

Beacon: Border Bridge
Strengthened we get back to the Iron Castle. Cross the bridge and take it with both Alonne-knights on before you. Are you worth defying death, you can still try to catch you in the magma - but the task requires an extremely high fire defense. After watching the Knights have beaten off in the entrance hall, you follow the hallway to the right where you welcome Magerold from Lanafir. With him you can get your spices to bring into action, also the dealer has a scent branch in the inventory. Grab after the chat Pharros-Wahrheitsverk at the end of the nearby staircase and progresses further into the interior.

In the next room you have you fend off two knights, who are flanked by a further stretching with a rather large bow. The Silver Knight of Dark Souls are greeting. Attracted both in doubt from the room and then take care of you for the rangers. Finally, you come to an open courtyard, only that the ground have said goodbye to the Lavaschmelze so you have to take good care where their sets your feet.

When the danger was not already big enough, you will quickly with a few archers make acquaintance that you stock up on long distance with their giant arrows. So is constantly in motion and keep the shield hand. To your right, you can make a lever next to a door. The door you should not open because you will be greeted by a Flammenwoge, instead placed around the lever and put yourself to the foot of the refocused bridge. During her off the knight in front of you (easily into the glowing soup come among you), you should definitely be aware of the right side of the onrushing arrows. So quickly jumping to the valve down and take as the fire inferno in the room before you the dynamite. Now you can open the aforementioned door.

The central room holds among the charred remains of earlier travelers two Large Titanitscherbe and a fossilized. Dragon bones. Have you taken the, you should venture a short detour to the higher regions. Climb the ladder and provides you the wide warriors on the narrow ledge. Let's not get caught by the arrows of the neighboring archer you, nor a level rises higher and finally gets rid of annoying you also journeymen. In the chest you come across the life ring +1 and a rare glittering titanite.

Finally, it comes back out back to the bridge that you have aligned with the lever, and from there with a hop on the opposite side. After you've done before Nebeltor the knight, you grab against the two-handed sword from chest. Before ye turn provides the next boss, you should definitely take the risk and overcome the abyss to the room of you - on the ledge you come across the mat glow that you paid for the services of the blacksmith McDuff. But more on that later.

Boss: Smelter Demon

In the middle of the rotunda a rigid cast iron statue waiting for you. Suddenly a jolt through the figure and the vitality of the demon trapped inside is awakened when boiling magma flows in the veins of the creature.

Although the big guy has an impressive appearance and an impressive blade leads, you will be disillusioned his weak attacks relatively quickly. Not make the mistake to weigh you now in safety - the changing furnace far is in full swing.

The fight against Smelter daemon
As already mentioned, the Horned does not have much on the box - apparently. All of his attacks can be surprisingly easy to block, and cause you a lot of time to hit back. However, do not let the cover fall, the guy can cheer his flaming combustion two more times, and is astonishingly powerful in the last phase.

You will receive with a few quick combos inscrutable. In general, the demon tries to catch you with two massive blows in the horizontal plane, which can be blocked without much effort. Even more useful it is but to circle the enemy, so you can dodge the blows without any major problems and go into their own initiative. Also, the second technique, your opponent, a quick stab with a remarkable range, it is best done by a few quick steps out of the way.

In Eight assume you have before you the rare jump attacks of weighty iron man. Roll you back quickly once the broad Recke leaves the ground to escape the subsequent impact. You should not be tempted to then to run to the demon - if you have bad luck, the action follows a crackling explosion that lifts you off your feet.

From time to time the melter daemon gets off to a powerful overhead stroke, the you should avoid in the lateral direction using a roller. Although actually you can also use your shield again, but the attack skin already felt more pure and takes in the course of the struggle still significantly in strength.

After the Horned has plugged a few hits, it will bring a quick jump backwards out of reach and rekindle his spirits again. The animation leaves you time for two, three attacks, even if her hands out less damage in this short period of time than normal. As of now the demon is wrapped with a flaming aura that deprives you in its immediate vicinity life. His attacks are increasing in force, yet you come but pretty good.

Really dangerous it is, after he has nearly to half of his life bar lost a third. Again, the current oven to jump backwards, back, rams his sword into his breast glowing and ignited his mighty blade. Entering the new phase should reply you in any case with a series of punches before ye quickly removed.

Now show yourselves to the demon all his power - his attacks are now extremely powerful and pull with a stable block tidy living from. You must therefore adapt your tactics quickly and move to well-timed dodge rolls. Especially watch out you have now in the overhead blow with which the smelter daemon in the last phase unleashed a powerful Flammenwoge. So you're having a reverse role no longer safe, here it means that the exercise from the first part of the fight from. It is worth noting, moreover, that the creature on the sideways blows now sometimes also takes a jump or Smite.

You will probably be a few times in this last third of the fight fail, until you find the right timing for rolls and counterattacks. Give the courage not to, sooner or later you also crack the tank this boss.

As a reward for the torment of hell waiting whopping 32,000 meter, and the Smelter demon soul to you. Equip necessarily Maughlin in the near future a visit that leads namely from that moment on the set of the demons that, while incredibly difficult, but also offers unparalleled protection. Take the pig sign at the end of the staircase and let you down at the leaping flames.

Sun Tower

After you've opened the door close, you find yourself on the higher plateau above the disturbing archer again. Killed the captain before you and then turn you to the right. On the platform there is a reunion with the Beagle Boys from near the Cardinal storm, only have increased considerably these fellows. Completed the first on the central plate, to prevent the risk of slipping and then follows the second, her best yet defeated in the archway.

Behind the magma pit you already expect lots of knights on a scaffold, best you flee once in the back storage space behind the door to your left and activate the Pharros mechanism. Penetrates the apparent wall he has you, and climbs the ladder. In addition to the Donner Quartz Ring +1 awaits another beacon here.

Beacon: Sun Tower Access
It goes even further upwards. Here you will meet again on the comical bell guard who is offering you to watch the local bell of the Prince. Follows his reputation or not, after it goes through the Nebeltor before you.

Have you already climbed the moon tower, you are already well prepared for what awaits you behind the fog. Again, you have to place yourself against black phantoms of past bell guardian to defend and bring the bell of the tower to sound. Besides the small gnomes but you can expect a magician, and a heavily armored swordsman, you outmaneuvered the best, rather than their tackle head-on.

At the end of the area you discover a lever, which finally brings the bell of the tower to the blade. Because apparently nothing happens, you will continue your way and put yourself on the roofs of the system where you provide a crossbowman in the way. Again, this is over quickly, so you can ask yourselves the guardians on the other side.

In the tower you will find the magic of self-immolation. Put yourself down then collects on the human image and the pills and ended your little odyssey.

Iron Castle # 2

Your first order of business before entering the scaffold should be to flip the lever before the rising. So you dipped the plate with the two Beagle Boys in the glowing magma and gets rid of you without major problems of these two fellows. Put on the platform again and put yourself on the rickety iron. Be careful of the pressure plates in eight mounted between the individual platforms because you as you otherwise is faster dear, will sink into the fiery floods. However, we can exploit the mechanism also fantastic to convey the main men in the depths without getting your hands dirty.

Do you have the skeleton left behind you, palms at the right moment by the flames waves of the bull skull and passes through the Nebeltor. In the magma pit you surprised an Alonne Knight from above, rid yourselves of the journeyman and progresses down the steps. In the adjacent gear you need to get in touch with a boor it in a confined space, behind the opposite corner waits another metal man.

In the adjacent cage you have to continue to prove sharp senses and you roll through the flames billows of the frescoes. However, rather than to face the Beagle Boys on the other end, you should climb up on the right side of the cage that could be quickly overlooked once the sprouts. Have you finally completed your ascension, opens up to you raced another option. You will also find here a lever that turns off all the flames mechanisms of the castle - fantastic! Now it is possible to let you go with the iron key under the bull's head at the entrance of the fortress.

Beacon: Eygils Idol
You take back the ladders down to where you can now devote Clubswinger you without major problems. Then it goes down into the lava lake. From the side you can already discover that only a small plateau is waiting for you behind the Nebeltor, so we have to expect it to have to take up with a being from the lava lake. As always, great views ...

Boss: Old Iron King

Ach. You. Shit. Our prospects have come true. From the depths of the earth of iron dipped king up, a demonic creature that could easily pass as a half-brother of the Balrog from the Lord of the Rings.

So terrifying the demon may seem, with good reflexes you are able to the monster amazingly well to deal with. Before her advances in the fight, you should inspect your equipment again. It should go without saying that you will not get very far with firearms or magic here, is equally a high fire defense a huge help. Take in any case before the fight the services of Pyromantin Rosabeth in claim and buys you the flames quartz ring, which makes you less susceptible to fire.

The fight against the old iron king
First of all - in the middle of a small island in a lava lake Fighting is not so excellent. Since you can not intercept with the shield the blows of the iron king, ye shall be on alternate roles have to leave in a confined space. Even if you could feel the urge at the mighty blows of the monster to flee backwards, sideways rolls are only possible - the small platform has a gap into which you could slide in such a maneuver. And lava is not very friendly to life.

Had we cleared that up, we can start immediately - in general, the opponents only two types of maneuvers. Either he will chase after you with his fiery breath or try to catch you with its paws. In maneuvers can be exploited well for counter-attacks.

Speit the iron king fire that happens in two different ways - forward or even over the entire platform. He turns his head rigidly forward out, you can quickly run for their side around and two or three decent hits land on one of its horns. So easy it makes it to you in the second alternative does not. Here you should refrain from retaliation and you rather quickly to the back of the platform, next to the second Nebeltor, remove, where you can not touch the flames.

Refit the demon with his claws out, you should take a roll away just before impact in the lateral direction and then wait for a while if he takes another blow. After completion of the movement, he remains a moment what you is the possibility of bashing a few times on the arm. A little more caution, he should wrap during this maneuver his fist into flames. He skin purely not only more but also radiates a Flammenwoge forward out. Ducks you again at the right moment away to the side and you can pass anything.

Cross of the Iron King his arms in front of the body, you quickly should dare a few quick steps backwards. Are you not to lagsam, you may receive the following pressure wave harm and you can resume the struggle.

From time to time it can happen that your opponent disappears into the fiery depths. Have no fear of a counter-attack, more than spectacular to rise from the waters, the demon can not. Rather uses the rest to heal you or to provide otherwise.

Do you have the iron king sent back into the depths from which he has risen, you can rejoice in crisp 48,000 souls. In addition, you will receive the mighty soul of the Old Iron King, the last one that you have been wanting for your transition to the king. Do not over-Behold the noble bone dust in the chest behind the small area and let yourself be transported by the primal beacon after Majula.

Castle of Drangleic # 1

We have ignited all four primal beacon and kill the associated powerful creatures. This helps bring together enough power to open the gate of the shrine of winter, we have discovered at the end of the western path from the Ruined bifurcation of the shadow forest. Morphs you so back to the forest, follow the path up to the mighty stone gate, and cast it on. On the other side waiting for us on a harm HYDRAULIC rotunda with a snake statue, in which we wind our past and continue our journey to the castle of the king.

Cache of Winter
Before you move on the beaten path, you should insert a short detour to the right, here you encounter the helpful repair spell. In the other direction you can a Divine blessing in your collection take before you discover a third White Knights. Let him feel your steel and grabs you his heath-lance, just outside the village of confrontation you encounter even a man.

Full of energy you traverse the stone underpass, to be greeted on the other side of a stormy downpour. Get rid of the envelope soldiers and take the last few steps, until the full extent of Vendricks castle opens up before you.

The castle of the king
Before you cower a crystal lizard drops upon the death of all three Titanitbrocken and a Titanitscholle. Slay the nature and rises to the pompous bridge up. Here you will meet the Emerald messenger that you in your plans to enter the castle, encouraged.

At the other end of the bridge you have to first of all put all your skills to the test in order to obtain admission to the castle. The giant mastodon stone statue will in fact rise from their slumber as soon as you come near her. Before ye devoted to the gatekeepers, you should sprint to the gate and the sheath soldiers do, who will try to flank you quickly. Then lures the giant guard near the gate and destroy them, always remaining in motion in order to open the huge gate.

Falls in the marble halls and climb the stairs to the phantom over you. He introduces himself as chancellor Wellager and is apparently not aware of the fact that he is only a phantom. Listening to his stories about the building of castles and let you teach "A round! Gesture" the.

Since the throne room behind the chancellor, for obvious reasons is empty, you put yourself back down the stairs and explored the ground floor of the festivities. It will make you loyal to the king in the way, should confidant of the king with excellent equipment you attract possible individually and do. The richly ornamented and imposing gates behind the entrance hall remain closed for the time being, which is why her down the ladder you behind the door to your left let.

Move it reached the bottom of the tree statues gear (do not worry, they are not exceptionally time you apply), and opens the stainless door. Right of the fork in the road leads the way to a third gate that can only be opened with the symbol of the king, behind the gate opposite, you should only catch once and fortify you for your further way.

Castle of Drangleic # 2

Note: The hall, which opens in front of the lighthouse, you offer a very good way to farm souls. This is less the stone spearmen worth mentioning but the ruin guards who hide behind the gates. Makes a few runs down the hall and rejoice in the fast growing soul counter.

If under any circumstances the venture, just to strut in the middle of the hall and try your luck against the odds of resurrecting statues. Instead, you always stalking you on to a duo and directly handled one during the slow awakening. Defeat her a spear carrier in the vicinity of the gates will bring the next door in motion and behind reveal a ruin guard the volatile soul force. That's right, exactly. Yahim of the variety as, Ricce and Alessia We welcome the opportunity to put your skills to the test and is amazed how much stronger you have become in the course of your journey. Despite all the guards are of course still stately counterparty and let whopping 2500 souls fall at her death.

Cleans so slowly but surely the hall and opens every possible reverse side. In addition to the Mastodon Greatsword you can find here also the ring of royal soldiers +1, which is a true gift from the gods. Start from the beacon leading the first door on the right on eventually. Take the soul of a hero and the old life stones, just like the darkness 15 arrows, with and climbs the stairs.

Do you want the Elizabeth-fungal and rust urns glean in the acid pond, you should definitely before all the equipment (and rings!) Discard because they are rapidly destroyed rapidly in the soup and then first need to be repaired expensive until they are available again - After a short detour to the outside of the castle you step into a room. Just like the statues in the hole, these works use up toxic arrows, you roll you gently through the room, but also can you get away without poisoning. It is worthwhile to take the risk to get to the body - it holds a glittering titanite.

At the other end of the door to wait three royal knight on you, but which one can you with some caution and use of the space after the other slain. As soon as ye also transgress again in the sparkling rain her invadet Usurper of the sinister spirit of the Nameless. Quickly runs back inside and settled there the little remarkable attacker.

Get rid of after the battle of crossbowmen outdoors and let yourselves after a detour to the soldiers among you pay with the hunter-black bow. At the end of the climb you catch a glimpse of the Queen of Drangleic, Nash Andra, which gives you the right to come forward to King Vendrick. We are almost there.

Boss: Dragon Rider

Pretty much the same fight that we had to carry the flame tower already. Only this time with two of these fellows. While you tried to ruin with his halberd the day of the already well-known red devils, he is supported by his colleague, standing on a ledge in the left rear corner of the room, with a giant bow from a distance.

Power not worry too much, the fight should you relatively easily go out of hand, if you still have the fallback timing in the blood you - and if you keep to the correct target priority.

Fighting the Dragon Rider
Your goal should be, namely, to you get rid of the first rangers instead of the halberd carrier. While it is equally possible only once to face the Red Knight, and to come to terms during which the constant hail of arrows - because the blue journeyman but down go after some time, and in the hall plus less endures as his partner, the first way clearly preferable. You know, two wounded opponents are still stronger than a single, fitter.

There are two different ways to entice the blue guy from his pedestal.

Verdrescht her the melee down to half its original life bar, remembers his partner that it is getting tight, lays aside his bow and mixes with another halberd tidy with. Not so voluntarily the journeyman falls down into the hall, when his colleague accidentally broken the gallery with a neat string into its basic building blocks. The rangers then slips off and will continue after a brief irritation so that you all take a bow and arrow on the grain - only that it is now available for you.

The ensuing tactic is relatively easy to internalize: You turn a cozy round the hall and thus attracts the halberdiers something out of the reach of his colleagues. Then take out the legs in his hand, landing one, two hits on the archers (preferably not just when he already has an arrow at the ready) and start again a round trip. Do you follow this recommendation, you will not get problems with the melee and be on your part to be able to peel the blue boys slowly but surely from his armor.

Sooner or later it comes but then the inevitable situation - the knight in cold colors puts his bow and pulls himself a halberd. With the proper groundwork you need now but only a few hits and their faces only a counterparty.

All in all, even this hairy situation to cope easily with your previous battle experience. Always stays in motion and directed from you as possible so that the two interfere with each other. Once the warriors leave at the same time imagine a break in their movements, you can put a few quick strokes and then take a safe distance. Alternatively, now is the perfect opportunity to ranged weapons or destructive magic to bring used.

Is the Blue Knight Once done, you stands before the same struggle as you have already beaten once already. Not a big deal then.

For your efforts you will be rewarded with 26,000 souls. In addition, you will receive again a Dragon Rider-soul, so you might even attract a new visit to Straid into account, where you can redeem the souls vs. Super Boss equipment. Do you have your equipment cleaned by the blood of your enemies, you let the chamber behind you and locks after a conversation with Bernhart from Jugo in the central part of the castle.

Castle of Drangleic # 3 and King corridor

From the castle middle of two possible ways to do to us. Follow it to the right, you will once again out in the rainy exterior area of the plant where provides you a king spreader in the way. The is done quickly, beware you have to you instead before the three archers that you take some of the adjoining houses roof targeted. The stairway leads to a barred door, here we do not come so anyway on.

Instead, it returns to Lauchtfeuer and strike one the other possible path. We arrive in about a show hall of mirrors, with a richly ornamented door at the end. Neither we can, however, tap it still throw the switch in the left corner, the only walk-way leads the rungs of the ladder.

At the top we get into a small hall, the outer sides are lined by four spearmen statues. Individually we can not bring it to life, with a little luck rises equal one page at a time. Uses here in any case, the possibility and rid you of the last remaining warrior near the Golem statue that will sit in motion and then the switch gets to grip on. Somewhere there is a mechanism set in motion and we look back, we can perceive that a platform from a great height to bottom screwed to the hall of mirrors. We have developed a lift.

Step into the adjoining room and loot the two chests that may involve a Caitha-bell, the hammer of the Old Knight and the magic Soul Greatsword in itself. About the adjoining door you come into a room similar to the foyer, which is flanked by dozens Mastodonstatuen - luckily the scenery remain, their words do not have to adjust to a fight against such a superior force you. Nevertheless vigilant and let Remains from which to attack the gatekeepers, as four archers have arrived on the railing above you. Sprints up the steps and rid you of the persecutors, let you for that reward you with ten major fire arrows and the effective Pyromancy firestorm in the boxes.

Falls after the purge slowly to the passage to and you should mastodon can attract to you individually, so is your opponent not such a big problem represents the two remaining royalists are characterized by their spears, whose long range pose a potentially serious hazard . With calm but can also overcome this stronghold.

Behind the gate you can expect a further Tusk fighters, but you can get around and beat well on the wide ledge. The right door seems to be one of the two that we could not open already when we arrived at the castle, and now we exposing an abbreviation is denied. In the absence of options you put yourself down the stairs in the armory of the festivals. The chest contains a Estuts flacon Shard, a precious find! After you've flipped the switch will open the grid and we arrive at the door, we could not open in the first option.

Lured by here the Golden Knights in the interior - otherwise meet you the big arrows of the archers in the vulnerable back and runs down to the lighthouse, where you once the Emerald messenger visits and then take the elevator now achievable in operation. After a felt endless path to the top of the fortress itself offers you a bizarre image: A Maid crouches locked up in a cast iron cage in the center of the room. The entrance of the enclosure is from one in chains form blocks that has warped his mouth in a silent scream - without the Embedded keys we come here only once no further.

So beware of the three chests in the room. In addition to the strong magic spell shield, a soul vessel and a fire seeds you will find the King corridor-key, which we immediately put on the bottom of the elevator to use to unlock the gate to the King corridor.
King corridor

Even after you've opened the door, you can a jiggling Nebeltor on the other side of the corridor discover - it leads you to your next boss fight. The road up there is only blocked you from a golden knight. Of course, here again appearances are deceptive - a total of four of the Spearman statues are set up as soon as you traverse the course and not leave you with their demonic glowing eyes out of sight. The warriors themselves are not really hard, but you should definitely fast the first two near you discard, so that the crew can not prove its majority. After you have also the Knights defeated, you should once again survey the corridor, here you will still on a soul, a living stone and a glittering titanite encounter.

Take up all your courage and proceeds against the unknown, as soon as you feel ready.

Boss: Mirror Knight

Pouring rain dashing in your face when you transgress against the magnificent phenomenon called "Mirror Knight" in a ruined round arena. As lightning flashes through the air, this is reflected in the eerily expressionless mask struggle the silvered warrior and bathes the surroundings in a blinding light.

The fellow should be familiar to you. Who has led to heart detail trailers and game footage before release of the game, is also well remember the Mirror Knight, which is a tribute to the Old Monk from Demon's Souls because it linked boss fight with multiplayer component. The Royal Knights is in fact able to summon other players through its gigantic mirror shield. Auweiah.

The battle against the Mirror Knight
The fighter in the silver armor is similar to the tracker to hard, albeit slowly blows of the sword in the situation. A few strokes with its blade sufficient to break your shield block, so leave you prefer fully on your responsiveness and agility to put the plate aside and two hands to stride into battle, this is not such a bad idea.

This aggravating circumstance, the Mirror Shield provides your opponent a perfect, impenetrable defense, you have no chance to get at him with attacks on his shield arm affected: Before we look at the various maneuvers of your opponents, you had an immensely important note given along the way. Your whole combat tactics. Since attacks on the right flank of the knight are blocked so no ifs and buts, you should go around your opponent at any time in the left direction and always perform sideways rolls to the left, there you are to bring into the situation blows.

After that would be clarified, now to the actual combat action: Welcoming you is the mirror Knights equal with one of his strongest moves. With great force he pushes himself off the ground and jumping with raised sword upon you to. Deviates simply just before impact, to the side and you should anything happen, alternatively you can also selflessly forward rush, so your opponent with luck jumping beyond you.

In addition to a random attack, under you can really ducking wonderful, the warrior has two long combos in stock, but very similar. Either he gets off to a powerful overhead swing, which he immediately a horizontal stroke takes - just do not hit back before - or he performs two blows sideways, to which he sometimes still ranhangt a debris attack. Give yourselves for the beginning content to escape with a reverse role from the danger zone, with a little practice you should even be able to get at the attacks at close range.

Reverence should get it, if the warrior raises his sword into the air and suddenly go down, tons of lightning in his blade. Power as far as possible from the dust, as the Knights shortly after striking out to you with its electrified blade to a sweeping blow that could cost you quite a bit of life.

Have you successfully resists you the soldiers and robbed in a good third of his life, finally the announced multiplayer component comes into play. With a huge Shield Slam the mirror Knight rams his shield into the ground and you can see in the mirror suddenly a man who seems to be caught in the shield and desperately hammering against the barrier. It is a follow, two cracks in the glass and suddenly storms the prisoner into the middle of the boss fight, challenging opponents in the following pages. During mirror-knight sets off again in your direction. Same time. Well wonderful. The best is still here - you play the title in the online mode, so there is a good chance that the prisoner is a real player who throws at you is with human sophistication. You see the following section therefore no land, it is recommended that, for once, to deny the fight offline.

At best you'll get from the incantation but not much with, since you take the chance and met the knight during the brief respite with a series of punches. Ye shall indeed dish out less damage than normal, but better than nothing. Once the phantom has burst in your world, the two enemies must raise once cumbersome, here it is of great importance to them over to the contributors of the boss directly critical damage with two, three strokes in a row. That makes you the next part a lot easier.

Before you continue the mirror knights dedicated to you, you should now take advantage of the whole space of the arena and the phantom lure of his buddy and do individually. Fortunately, the dark knight holds out very little and should be after a few more painting history. But assures you in any case that the boss does not just mounts a jump attack or the like before you give her a nakedness. A human opponent will be, of course, much more difficult to attract, here weigh risk against return and rid you of the attacker in doubt with some risky attacks.

Have successfully averted her danger, but there is no time to breathe, the mirror-Ritter namely learned in the meantime. His two long combos he now mostly finished with a final stitch that you should overlook any circumstances. Especially critical are now but the lightning attacks.

Instead of a round bat he now relies on lightning attacks with surface damage, he has two new variants in stock. Most often he now collects flash strength he sent distributed over its entire front in countless ball lightning. With a little luck you caught the second attack in which he swings back to an overhead blow and then you meet sends a raging lightning. Since you barely dodge the two maneuvers, let the blocks can, should quickly adapt to the new circumstances and now seek proximity of the warrior, as soon as he stretches his sword skyward her your behavior. Are you on your feet can be nimbly outmaneuver the enemy without a risk for you to present.

Followed her all the clues and leads the fight wise, so you can be master of the danger. Shortly before his death, the Knights will once again call for help, let yourselves therefore not killed at the last minute, because you wanted only short "close the bag," but leading the battle patiently to the end. Finally, this stronghold will fall beneath your blows.

The fight on Weathertop given you 34,000 new souls, and the mirror-Knight Soul of the Bosses. Looks great with these essential times in Maughlin over, who has now taken the iconic armor your opponent in its range - it is about as powerful as the armor of the Smelter demons. Before you dare you on the platform, you should still take the chest behind the field in inspection, in order not to miss the soul of lightning, three Asketenleuchtfeuer and the magic crystal ring +2.

Do you have looted the area, you adopt the seal and put yourself down the castle. Falls into the tunnel from which tendrils as agonizing arms addition, wind, smash right of the torch the vines, behind which lies a green flower, and ultimately a breather at the beacon on the big lake.

Shrine of Amana # 1

A little seems to the following area as the Great Void and the connected Aschesee in the first part. Accompanied by a melodious female voice you come to a forgotten lake under a canopy of tree roots. Take the peaceful atmosphere on while she still endures - this area is one of the hardest in the whole game - and then below the stairs beside the fire down.

On the lower floor you should take a short detour through the wooden door. In the branches of a dead body, but here is unattainable for you depends. Therefore equips a long blade and cuts the body from the tree, as seen later named after him. Follow the narrow cliff section up to a chamber full of junk over there not see the poison mushroom and put the herbs from the chest one, then it goes back again.

In the flooded ruins on the ground floor a golden cloud of dust attracted your attention. If the case is not on the glue, a deviant Something is fast out of the water and try to get hold of you. Kill the creature, grab yourself the soul under the stairs, and then proceeds to the outside.

Once you have left behind you the walls, a well-armed knights you will incur from the side which gives you a good fight. At his death the warrior Glitzerndes titanite drops. Have we found about a way to farm the rare material?

Away from the you should definitely geared to the stone towers to your right and the body, which we had previously cut from the tree, snatch their items - another glittering stone underneath. Generally should keep the water but relatively short, since after a few meters, an abyss waiting to go down mercilessly your trips.

Stay tuned as possible on the sunken stone path because off the hard ground lurk more unspeakable creatures. After you have entered before you poop, will introduce you to the woman as a Milfanito and accompanied by some cryptic hints, a class Smooth, give silky stone. Since there is not more to discover here, you leave the hut through the back door and grab yourself while still the Red water out of the box behind the building.

Even from afar, you can discover that you can already beharken from a safe distance with the bow three more Erzdraken Knight. Whatever you are leading the battle, you are victorious, you grab the souls lying around on the plateau. After the battle, kindled your torch to the fireplace and enter the cave in front of you.

In addition to the fungal plant a cave of four of the water creatures is under siege. Smokes from the chamber and grab as well as other silky stones the Glittering titanite from the chest. Full of energy you will join eventually by the next Nebeltor behind which opens a wonderfully lit cave.

As beautiful as the scenery and forms, almost the hall is one of the deadliest areas of Drangleic. In fact, you expect silent wizard that bombard you with homing soul arrows, which cause much damage frightening. Before you continue, however, overextend yourself in the enlightened realms, you should enter to your right and light the beacon the ruins. 

On the lower floor you should take a short detour through the wooden door. In the branches of a dead body, but here is unattainable for you depends. Therefore equips a long blade and cuts the body from the tree, as seen later named after him. Follow the narrow cliff section up to a chamber full of junk over there not see the poison mushroom and put the herbs from the chest one, then it goes back again.

In the flooded ruins on the ground floor a golden cloud of dust attracted your attention. If the case is not on the glue, a deviant Something is fast out of the water and try to get hold of you. Kill the creature, grab yourself the soul under the stairs, and then proceeds to the outside.

Once you have left behind you the walls, a well-armed knights you will incur from the side which gives you a good fight. At his death the warrior Glitzerndes titanite drops. Have we found about a way to farm the rare material?

Away from the you should definitely geared to the stone towers to your right and the body, which we had previously cut from the tree, snatch their items - another glittering stone underneath. Generally should keep the water but relatively short, since after a few meters, an abyss waiting to go down mercilessly your trips.

Stay tuned as possible on the sunken stone path because off the hard ground lurk more unspeakable creatures. After you have entered before you poop, will introduce you to the woman as a Milfanito and accompanied by some cryptic hints, a class Smooth, give silky stone. Since there is not more to discover here, you leave the hut through the back door and grab yourself while still the Red water out of the box behind the building.

Even from afar, you can discover that you can already beharken from a safe distance with the bow three more Erzdraken Knight. Whatever you are leading the battle, you are victorious, you grab the souls lying around on the plateau. After the battle, kindled your torch to the fireplace and enter the cave in front of you.

In addition to the fungal plant a cave of four of the water creatures is under siege. Smokes from the chamber and grab as well as other silky stones the Glittering titanite from the chest. Full of energy you will join eventually by the next Nebeltor behind which opens a wonderfully lit cave.

As beautiful as the scenery and forms, almost the hall is one of the deadliest areas of Drangleic. In fact, you expect silent wizard that bombard you with homing soul arrows, which cause much damage frightening. Before you continue, however, overextend yourself in the enlightened realms, you should enter to your right and light the beacon the ruins. 

Shrine of Amana # 2

The following section promises to be really hard, from a death trap you get into the next. To the soul arrows oppose halfway something can - block can be the parts only with difficulty - should you definitely the magic crystal ring +2, which you have aufgeklaubt after the battle against the Mirror Knight, strip about one of your fingers. Grieve not, you should here a lot of start-ups need, with each death you will finally a bit smarter. 

Complete first of all the monsters that crawl around in the water front of the ruins and see you in the shelter of the ruins to the right by. There, waiting for a magician who hunt you soul arrows around the ears, as soon as he became aware of you. With a quick sprint you come back on dry ground and moves you to the wizard. The soul arrows is actually very good dodge, exercises in doubt a few times from a distance and then regenerates you on beacon. Once you have overcome the sorcerer half the distance, it is considered to be fast, because you now have another enemy near the columns in the view. Kill the wizard and take a hit in this necessary purchase, and then you make the second journeyman.

Is the danger averted for the time being, you should go to the columns beside the stone arch you. Here you can discover the exhibits you the way to the helix-halberd a Pharros Dent. Keep yourselves in front of the lighted passage to the left and you've got one more enemy can surprise from behind with ranged weapons. Then falls through the stone pillars and read the fire seeds on the ground.

Once you have reached the other side of the cave, you will follow from afar with his attacks attentive magician. Sprints once quickly on the larger island in front of you, stand down so that the arrows are blocked by the pillars in front of you eyes and the surrounding area. On the left side a Nebeltor forms the output level, the right of the magical savvy, you discover one of the Cyclops, of which you already what could you examine in the tutorial level.

Since there is no way to circumnavigate the wizard, you should definitely move up close to the protected column and then make you ready for a frontal assault. Sprints forward, but attacks the sorcerer once not to, the attack is just a creature in the water near your nemesis. With this in tow it draws you back to the column and settled them there. Have you regenerated you, the magician finally becomes due. Sprints again to him and makes him off.

Now follows the far greater danger - the Cyclops makes on its way to you. Since the tutorial the Great have lost none of its horrors and knock you still one to two blows your socks off. Let you in any case of the beast get his hands on - it destroyed you in one piece. So you have to act with extreme caution, it seems almost the most sense to do the albino with a lot of patience and spit from a distance, so it makes you his clumsiness advantage.

You can indeed make a difference in the Big Calm and flee towards Nebeltor, but he also guarded the way to another Estus flacon Shard. Orient to you at the number of columns behind the beast that are linked together by an absurdly narrow ledge and become two new magicians ready to collect. Ideally, it progresses from column to column and sends the guys with a match to their doom. At the very end of the path of the stored object of your desire. Besides, you also get more the magic of sunlight sword out of the chest a little further back.

Do you have the explosive situation mugged, you must not unfortunately hope of improvement. Once you have crossed the hut, a knight will fall with mace on you, you should as far as possible the slain inside. Outside, namely to wait another two sorcerers, who are supported by other individuals before Nebeltor. It is advisable here to consume a hefty life stone to counteract any hits before ye quickly the two close magician looks a lot like one after the other. Once these are done, you should take a quick retreat behind a column and you regenerate once.

The last major examination is waiting - in seemingly endless distance wait three mages and once again a duo of Erzdraken Knights out to spoil you life. An open frontal attack drives you here only to certain death, you have to work your way so you piece by piece.

Ebbs the hail of bullets from magic, you should whip out your bow and to catch a glimpse of the cover first. Directly to the left of the column you free field of view is offered on a mage, so use your chance and do the journeyman already from far away. On the way to the second mage a water beast waiting under the surface, which may surprise you angry, so sprints up to the reeds, the monster entices and draws you as quickly as possible behind the secure columns back once you have done it .

Finally, there is the sorcerer on the collar - concentrated upon it, dodge all of his attacks with a well-timed roll, and keep yourselves as possible a piece left dry soil, so you will not trigger the trio before Nebeltor. If even this fellow on the ground you've almost made it. The two knights are supported by a Amana leader, although not doing anything to you, but her two colleagues heals when needed. Lured with missiles the knights as possible individually to you and you can soon breathe more easily.

Before her travels the last few meters to the nearby rest area, you should definitely tap right on the rock wall nor the bait skull on the left side, and the soul of a hero and the Divine blessing. Fits but while collecting the latter belonging to the corpse, which carries the two objects is dangerously close to the precipice and you will not after this tricky point to perish so ridiculous way - in case of doubt later restored here.

To complete the journey you traverse now the smoke screen and does the mushroom men before you. The are fortunately far as non-hazardous and corrosive acid from steam only. A few feet in front of you, you see, finally, the saving flames. 

Shrine of Amana # 3 and the fight against Sangesdamonin

Before continuing, it is only once a fungal plague to destroy. Hacked only the individuals on the right side in quick succession and then turn away the big mushroom on the other side. In close combat you come here not far away, exposing a greater risk without your equipment, thus increases to throwing knives or arrows around.

Outside the cave you will be indulged no pause, again you expect several magicians who persecute you mercilessly with their soul arrows. Before their eyes the situation, it therefore should you save before you behind the secure stone monument. Everywhere rising gold dust clouds indicate a horde of water monsters to tackle in close combat, the Sorcerer is therefore not such a good idea. So ideally once again pulls out your bow and done, the two companions from afar without you expose greater risks.

Before you clean the stone circle and you dedicated the items lying around, you should also move to the left outside the third mage that can be easily overlooked and understands it very annoying. Then you have free course, you moded the beasts - you think.

Have you reached about the middle of the stone circle, is the sinister spirit Strangely Kindalur oppose you, which is a much bigger test for your skills as a former invaders. The magician is able to throw balls of dark magic against you, which cost quite a bit of life to you, as particularly dangerous, however, turns the crystalline soul arrow out, he came out against you sent with a murder rate. Rather than face him in an open fight, there is here a rather simple approach to control of the situation. Rennt this back to the pillar with the fire pit as soon as the Phantom rises from the soil and attracts the magician on the narrow rocky section before the cave exit. At the right time you now have to drive him toward the abyss with two, three strikes and you can rejoice when the invader is sinking into the dark depths. That was easy.

Now you really have but the rest to clean the area before you and all items. You can find here souls, a fossilized. Dragon Bone, a skeptic spice, the haematite-twin blade and on the outer edge of the area, the strong homing crystal soul mass. While the song continues to swell, you meet another, slumped Milfanito that frees her with one touch. It is time to find out who sings so as to himself ...

The fight against Sangesdämonin
With this sight you have now is not really expected. A giant toad sitting in the middle of a round grotto and whispers to himself. When the creature is aware of us, she strips her skull tank back like a hood and bared a bony grimace with long, thin arms under the dark armor.

What the phenomenon seems to betray the very first sight, confirmed after the first blow - the hard armor can not be cracked, and your opponent has an impenetrable defense, which he pulls up again after each movement. So it remains only a short time window to the logical weak point, the eerie grimace - or better yet - to catch the two outstanding limbs. However, the latter also form a not to be underestimated offensive power, so you have to be on guard.

Despite the inconspicuous appearance of this hew namely pure neat if the demon she claps on the ground to catch you. Even with a raised shield you get here from damage, best, therefore, to seek a healthy distance from the creature, is not to go only to the immediate reach of the attacks and exploit only the breaks between maneuvers to strike back. Be especially attentive to this standard maneuver the giant frog, the two sweep attacks attaches also like the two debris blows over its full front, where you can escape only in rare cases.

The most catastrophic attack the Sangesdämonin is also equal to the most impressive. The creature is directed to his full height and while you are still amazed how long are the comical legs in truth, the living anvil already comes to a hurtling. It should require no further explanation, that you should avoid such a hit as far as possible, so you move immediately to the rear and rolls you just before impact backwards away.

The toad is also reflected in a further maneuver their massive shell advantage - as soon as a slightly greater distance, often caused by a backward jump in turn, has opened up between the two rivals, she pushes herself hard with her frog legs off the ground and resting upon you to . Here you can the idea of a shield block and have to give up can leave you entirely on your ability to react. Important above all, the attack is recognized in its beginning - the demon hops with included face short up and down, you can make you ready for the next plunge.

Especially take heed you should definitely last before the obligatory grip of the monster. Gets you  one to grasp, it draws you like a doll long three times in rapid succession on the ground. Usually it was then.

Could you despite all attempts to demons spoon out of his shell, wait 26,000 souls and the Embedded keys on you. Should you not find them in your inventory to the key, do not worry - in fact it uses the key as a weapon to the Embedded above the King corridor to "liberate" - more on that later. Cross the attached stone cave and follows the natural way to an ornate gate, goes behind your journey to the next station. First of all, we should have but the area fully explored, so turn right, grab the 20 magic arrows in the chest in the water and make yourselves by the fire in the tower cozy. 

Shrine of Amana # 4

The spiral staircase leads you to a door behind you some Kriechzombies, as you have already experienced in the fight against Magus and the Assembly expect. Follow the behind extending clip section and you meet even once on just those Magus, of whom you already have a vanquished in the Lichtenstein bay. Alone, the magician, however, no challenge, and after you kill him, he is finally erased from the world.

In the adjoining tower room is an altar built, before praying a third Milfanito. There you have silenced the damn song of Sangesdämonin, you thank the wonderful shape with a divine blessing. "We wretch" also still get paid a smooth, silky stone. Since when praying at the altar (still) nothing happens, we return the lady to her back and proceeds down the ornate staircase. Before you leave the ground floor, you should still take the fireseeds behind the wall opening, then again wading in shallow water. The slender projection leads apparently to nothing, looking for her careful though the outside of the bends from, discovered her on one side of a chest with the man-slayer, a poisoned katana, on the other hand, a Asketenleuchtfeuer. There is nothing more to get here, so it goes back to the beacon, where we finally want to bring into action the Embedded-Key.

The Embedded
Morphs transport you back into the center of the castle of Drangleic and let you back to the elevator to the top. The item description of the key (stored as a weapon) points us to our next step: "Blow ye the key into the Embedded to prepare a terrific end to his fate." So it happens and after the atrocity will give us the way to the Maid in the cage finally freed. The prisoner turns out to be the last Milfanito and leaves us at their liberation the ring of death returned, the envelope itself as the benefits of humanity lets us be given - except for the refreshed life bar.

Accompanied by the iconic song you travel down again and let's reward you for your deed with another fire seeds at the altar in Amana. Now you have done everything and can return to the gate in front of the tower. An elevator will take you through a cloud gloomy haze deep down into the earth and to the tomb of the undead. Here we are finally able to bring our trip to the King to an end before it is but as ever the beacon on the left side of the stairway to kindle. 

Tomb of the Undead # 1

The stairs lead you into an oppressive arch, where a vain torchbearers makes his rounds. Of course, the fellow does not represent the smallest challenge for you, in the adjoining room your skills are already much more demanded.

Here you will find three Nekromantinnen who persecute you with their soul and their magic spells flames - which comes to us already known from the previous area before. Pay attention to the stray undead, and stay near the pillars that will deflect the spells powerless. Do you have problems with the Sorceresses you can take individually with a bow from the game the trio.

Once you have reached the next room, a voice out of the darkness will suddenly turn on you. It invites you to use "no light" and perhaps it is better first of all to adhere to the rules of this place - therefore deletes your flame or light magic that you had kindled on the road to her.

And lo and behold - respected her wish of the unknown can be the grave guard onto the patio to your right from attacking and you are allowed unmolested to Agdayne, the guardians of the tomb step forward. He thanks you for your understanding, not to startle the dead, and tells you the story of the place. In addition to the "mercy!" Gesture of grave guard also has an extensive inventory.

Is your urge satisfied by the Enlightenment, their progresses further into the darkness. This raises you two royalists in the way that you can easily take care of her but she hinabstoßt the abyss before you. Right of the bridge crossing leads a ladder along the wall, using a prism-stone will be confirmed to you that the jump is not too deep fails. In addition to a spice and a lost envelope here waiting for the soul of a great hero to you. Now take the sprouts up, picks up the fire seeds and the ruptured eyeball and let yourself fall back to the original level.

After you have crossed the junction and crossed the Nebeltor, you come into a grave chamber from their local graves at once some undead and deadly hooded men raise that seek you as an intruder after life. Destroy the grave stones for more space and attracts the avenging spirits addition, in case of problems in order to do individually. To be the plague Lord you have to destroy all the grave stones, but at least the statues, as these represent a catalyst for the hooded men.

Then you can enrich yourselves at the two bodies in space, the right is wearing a Titanitbrocken and a fossilized. Dragon bones, from the other you get a spice and a black fire bomb. Locks in place only once a beacon in the alcove on the left side and sets your path continued thereafter. 

Tomb of the Undead # 2

Before you enter the next room, you should climb up the ladder on the right of passage. Up here you can defeat a Finsternismagierin that you otherwise could quite annoying. The box next to it offers quite rare treasures - Dried finger, a Asketenleuchtfeuer and a glittering titanite.

Through the archways it goes down easily, where her again zerdeppert the avenging spirits statues before ye Strengthen the ends knuckle ring +2 snaps lying around in the alcove on the ground.

Ye enter the adjoining room, re-emerged on the sinister spirit nameless usurper who has since your last encounter but not learned and is still fairly easy to kill. Pay attention in the room just that spirits will burst forth from the walls and try to scare you quite a shock. Do you have averted the risk, you read first the Divine blessing and soul of a hero, and then look at the wall to your right a little closer. After pressing the action key to a secret door slides to the side, which makes the path to the special crossbow Avelyn and 15 Heavy bolt free. The ranged weapon is to shoot in a position three bolts in rapid succession - you remember still the invader in the doors of the Pharros? Then you should have an idea of the power of the device.

The tunnel is lined with further heavy chair that turns off their best right before ye dare to question the barrier in front of you. The wall can target itself, which can not bode well. Sly stretching fire a shot from the obstacle and thus reveal its true form - two broad Knights have formed the blockade and drag with nothing more than ever a big sign on each hand in the fight. But harmless are the fighters not at all, quite the contrary: With its sturdy shield beats it can cause you serious injury. Pull up on the best slow but determined previously to get back and tried in the vulnerable back of the warriors in the room.

Are you emerged victorious from the battle, it finally passes through the tunnel in its full length and let yourself fall down the connected pit where you can expect a pretty tough fight. If ye can you afford, you should before jumping a secondary weapon or repair powder equip because your blade will be quickly worn down there.

You'll land in again in a small chamber, which is lined with countless grave stones. While some undead rise from their graves, someone is ringing a bell in the side aisle, all Leydia phantoms calls suddenly in the vicinity of the plan. Because from all sides rushes new gain, big guns and area spells are recommended in order to keep you from the pack neck. Before you undertake any other action (preferably before ye devoted to the opponents), you should now once you smash monuments to interrupt the influx of hooded men.

Do you have the hardest part over and you have to grapple only with a few disturbing cases that come creeping out in time, you can leave her your surroundings. Here you can find useful materials, the Mace of the arrogant and next to one of the corridors also a secret passage, which connects to a Pharros-notch. Do you have such a stone in the luggage, appeared on a blue glowing grimace on the near wall, behind which Olenfords rod and the miracle Great Lightning Spear hide.

At the other end of the broad Ganges first of all you should take a left turn around and activate the lever a shortcut. So no more you have to all the way to the plate over and knights into committing in the event of death and saves you a lot of time and frustration. Before you turning in on the course to your right, you still opens the chest and take a magic stone, and a stone at midnight in your inventory.

The long corridor in front of you is empty, except for a abgespieltes Team Golden Knights before the Nebeltor. But once again, appearances are deceptive, under the stairs awaits a shell soldier your arrival and bring a bell to sound, which conjures new hooded men, once you have you ventured something. Therefore falls immediately ahead, but moving into one of the niches at the side of the stairs and slay the appearance - without the bell to touch, of course. Even if it does bring the heavy construction for blade by mistake, this is not a big problem. Most of the spirits can attract you individually and ask before ye turn to the human warriors.

Attracted the royalists with some skill individually or in pairs just to you and take the fight. You should not get too many problems if you notice that the situation is tight, it pulls you back just until the pursuers leave you alone and tried it again. The Knight in the immediate vicinity of the fog gate let deviates little from its place, with a little patience you crack but their defense and moves forward to the next boss. 

Boss: Velstadt, the King's Aegis

Velstadt. The personal bodyguard of the king. The magnificent appearance looks after all the death and depravity that you have to expose ourselves in the tomb of the undead, oddly misplaced. But his presence also provides an unshakable fact clear - we are in the immediate vicinity of the king. It only remains to overcome this last bulwark. 

Summon Phantom: grave guard Agadyne
If you do not have you previously forfeited to the guardians of the tomb, you can avail the services Agadynes in the subsequent battle. In sight of the fog gate behind the penultimate monument on the left side the relevant call symbol is embedded in the ground, evoking the kind of stretching with a truly remarkable Greatsword. All in all, the helper doing a good job to draw the attention of the king-Aegis up and add him with sword and shadow magic. So take the help of the quiet grave guard to complete if you can afford the sacrifice of a human image. 

The fight against Velstadt, the king-Aegis
Although Velstadt looks with its enormous leg, as if he could smash each of your bones with a single blow, his chops can be astonishingly block halfway okay. Although you should not try to insert each of his maneuvers with raised shield, but at least it's helpful to know that you can insert a single punch in a hopeless situation with a block.

In a few boss battles, the circling and the proximity to the counterparty was as important as here. The attacks the bodyguard take to the front a large space and prevent counter-attacks to secure the front of your opponent. Instead, you are forced to leave as little space between you two and always give way laterally to bring no more distance between you and your opponents.

The attacks of the Aegis themselves are relatively easy to understand and will surprise you not great. The simplest attack represents a double blow in the horizontal plane, which can be block with the easiest. Despite everything, you need a whole already decent breath, if you want to plug in behind the other two strokes without stagger, so dive if possible away already at the first blow of the mace.

A very effective opportunity to counterattack offers the pike attack the knight, which can be well seen in its early days, when he withdraws his gun slightly. Shortly after the massive guy fast nimbly forward and tried to push away you - gives way to the attack with a sideways movement and strike back on your part.

In an attack Velstadt plays but then the full force of his massive weapons. He tears his mace with both hands up and let it full force come down on you. Block is really not recommended, you rolled away just before impact, and uses the pause in his movements mercilessly. Particularly unpleasant is the debris attack, if you do not linger in the immediate vicinity of stretching - then the knight runs on you, but beats you down at the last moment, so you are allowed to get scared and have to dodge, if it has reached you.

At about the mid-term of the struggle attracts the King's Aegis his last (or only) trumps. He braces his club straight down at the ground and goes into a crouch. Darker steam enveloped him and ritual symbols on the floor doing the magical nature of Summoning unmistakably clear. Since the cast it some needed, you should make good use to heal you, to enhance your weapon or just to place a few extra blows to your opponent the break. Once caught the warrior again you strengthen the vaunted aura makes her something stronger, but mainly increases his defense immensely.

More you have no need to fear, to a new and rather strong attack magical nature. He will wag his mace around a few times, then go back to his knees and throw you against a flood of shadow spheres that neither block still can dodge. Ouch. Fortunately, the attack can quite easily go out of the way, if you as described above, always nice to stick to Verstadt remains. Once announces the ritual, her sprints to him and rolls you behind him when the ritual symbol appears on the ground. More can not be observed.

Cancels the King's Aegis finally together, you will receive his Velstadt-soul and a fat supplement of 50,000 souls. , More importantly, what's behind the gear waiting for you ...

The King
Crossed with anticipation the last few meters to the other side of the arena and finally sees the magnificent King Vendrick - or rather what is left of him. The gigantic body is sunken and doomed to turn to eternity his rounds in the darkness of the catacombs. Not a nice fate. The King takes you once not true and even if you attacked him, not much happens. This is the way, not because he is so absent, but because its so incredibly little damage handing out - a maximum of 10 damage per hit. So it saves you the trouble once and picks the king ring from the corpse in front of you on. Leave her the Arena, the Emerald messenger you already expect and confirm that you can now unlock the three mighty king goals in the world. Our trip is coming to an end 

Aldias Fortress # 1

With the symbol of the king in possession, we can finally explore the last three paths that have been with us still locked. The first makes the gate in the forest of fallen giants, which closed the courtyard on the other side of the head of the Cardinal storm. 

The unknown location

Once you pulls on the ring, the seal will begin to move, and how in awe of your royal authority drifting the massive stone slabs apart. In addition to a beacon, you stumbled here only on a overgrown Giant, but with which we can not interact - the good start. As a consolation to wait two piece Glittering titanite on the edge of the scaffold among you, there is more here but not yet done.

Behind the second door you can but you expect more, so move to destroy crossroads of the Shadow Forest and completes this time the northern route. Behind the massive walls is a small, autumnal valley opens up, perched behind the Aldias fortress.

Before you seek the protection of the warm flames under the wooden roof, you should scan and you besides souls and also a fossilized skulls lure the yard. Dragon Bone secure. However, pay attention to the crowd cats being in the tall grass, which can quickly become dangerous despite their unimpressive stature in mass by their bleed damage. Before you finally sparked the roost, it is still a mimic chest in the back left corner of the outdoor area to destroy, which rounds to the sinister mask the darkness set plus delivers the Abendrotstab.

Beacon: front yard
Surrounds the staircase on the right hand and you come across a new fire seeds. The fountain behind it casts a shimmering stone from life, take this gift to you and enter the fortress.

Once you have made your first steps on the bars over, introduce yourself Vile Spirit of Aslatiel from Mirrah in the way. It takes no great feats, to conclude to that this is the lost brother of our friend Lucatiel. Accordingly, the warrior behaves well - he's just like his sister a good fencer and harassed you on the narrow ledge. The time for a bottle-use he will not grant you, so leave you completely on your martial arts and wrestling down the attacker.

Past a scary jiggling coffin it goes to a cast-iron gate. Blow it up and amazed at the sight that offers itself to you behind. In the entrance hall of the castle you will receive from a truly impressive dragon skeleton, which protrudes from behind the stairs until shortly before you. Have you made some steps to the monster, a murmur goes through the creature and the panic vibrate your controller should unequivocally make it clear that you are in great danger. Sprints under the body of the zombie dragon, which will shortly with full force fast towards the entrance. There is growing so fast no grass. 

Aldias Fortress # 2

Before her now rises the mighty stairs, you should inspect the two side gears below first. On the right side you can expect swirling mist, but the shapes no Nebeltor, but a magical barrier, behind which a figure is being detained. Your name you do not learn, it offers you the unique possibility to assassinate various NPCs in the world for them and lures with huge rewards. Take the order to calm worries to you best but only shortly before the end of the contract killing series. 

Links you will inform by a variety of online news it just not to follow the path before you. "Do not you dare!" To pull the lever at the end, says a font Feild, bad things could happen. Why Bother? Because you are so mysterious assassin freed on the other side. Thinks he is now seeking a new target - reckons that he has it in for you, so it can not be highly recommended to free him.

So there you have insofar grazed the ground floor, it goes up to the first floor. Let the giant dragon skeleton once lie to the left and crosses the pillars in front of you, which lead into a room with some mirrors. As usual from the fight against the mirror-knight, dark phantoms are included in three levels, but represent individually a big problem. Surprised the fighters after their eruption simply from behind and you have to fight almost won. On the other side of the room can be the ritual belt of the North +2 and a fossilized. Dragon Bone aufklauben, so far everything here would be done. Before her now dares the passage under the towering dragon bones, you still follows the passage on the left and take the enhanced magic barrier in your inventory on.

At the other end you can expect a petrified Cyclops, whom you can raise them out of his sleep by using a scent branch. It should be clear that you can expect no assistance from the monster, instead it will attack you at once. From a distance, the albino can destroy quite excellent, because he does not trust himself down the stairs. If the fight is not so quiet out of the way and rejoice over the Drachenakolythen mask, which remains as a drop.

On the upper floor you will find a huge Basilisk frog, but which is enclosed in a cage and can not move. Picks so in peace for the Red Water and the two Asketenleuchtfeuer in the chest of the side gear on and imagine then the creature. As might be expected can be the monster does not simply do without resistance, but shredded the iron brackets with ease as soon as you provoked it. The fight should but do not be overly difficult with your current equipment, so that their short time later, a magic stone can aufklauben from the ground.

Once you have drawn on the tongue of the underlying dragon statue, the gate opens and you can continue your way. With a queasy feeling you come into a dark and gloomy corridor from the ceiling countless torture cages dangle. The Pharros mechanism gives you some light, so that their soon discovered the imprisoned Cyclops before you.

But the monsters are not the only danger that lies before you. Beat the painting during suspended in half, behind Drachenakolythen come to light, the neat thing to endure with their strong armor. With some surprise, you will shortly find out that the Zykoplen not throw on you if you cross their cages. As the beasts also drop any special items, you can unmolested march past them and enter the green-lit laboratory left of you.

Grab the Pharros-Wahrheitsverk. Behind the pretty nearby cabinets and passes through the adjacent staircase to a kennel full of corrosive acid. Attracted the two mutants best with throwing knives or similar thrown objects, before ye rid of your entire equipment and objects - the Aldia key, rust urns, a fossilized. 

Dragon bones and the magic Seelengeysir 

Before you enter back into the hallway, you should not remove the hidden beacon behind a hidden door on the half-staircase overlooked - you do not want all the way once again working up to this point. 

Aldias Fortress # 3

More cages cross your path. On the opposite side of the output already fits the new found key which exposes you a shortcut to the next boss. Take this service but only later to complete and proceeds forward. 

Behind the iron bars of a monster from the depths of sinners hill is trapped and can break out in comparison to its other counterparts not easy. So take all the time in the world and chop the beast in repose small. Since the left Situated door is blocked by massive chains, we squeeze past us on the grid and be surprised by an extremely aggressive Cyclops, who shredded the iron barrier on sight and opposes you. In his rage he will simply destroy the cage behind you, you have so the sinner hill beast not previously switched off, you now need two opponents face. Not so optimal. The Great best in the side passage with the locked door and slay him with something pleasant circumstances.

Before you look at the wall you break through in more detail, you should open the door to your left. Behind it is a mountain of giant corpses and a passage to the acid bath that you have already explored, so here there's nothing to get.

Behind the Zyklopenleiche you have two options. Fall first in the torture chamber (or armory?) Right,  and imposes the imprisoned giant mushroom from a distance. After you have picked up the souls, you will notice that this is the space that the Aldia key've cleared to escape a good shortcut to the Cyclops.

But do not rejoice too soon. Just when you want to push open the other door, another Cyclops comes came rushing up, with which you must catch it. Lure him best back to the torture chamber, through the framework it does not fit. So you make yourselves the whole thing easier.

Do you have the killer freed from his magical prison, you will notice directly what you blooms for you. As Finster spirit king magician Navlaan he haunts you, and can take you with powerful spells to sweat. Attack him as soon as possible, since he has nothing to report in melee against you.

Well, after you've braved all dangers, you grab the spices from the floor and step outside on a bridge over a light-flooded forest, which is broken by lofty stone pillars. Truly a fascinating sight were it not for the Nebeltor that you already welcomed ... 

Boss: Guardian Dragon

In the wooden tower a rotgeschuppter Fire Wyvern holds his nap. As soon as you enter, the majestic creatures will rise and make its full size on display. Get ready to compete against the flaming wrath of the lizard. 

Dragon - which means fire in most cases. Before their falls in the battle you should infect you definitely flames quartz ring that you had you bought from the struggle against the old iron king at Pyromantin Rosabeth from Melfia. Check if your armor halfway against fire is immune and squashed before the fight best yet a little orange blossom.

In addition, you should start the fight with a good portion Estus flacons. Do you have your reserves already been used up against the ugly but very strong Cyclops, the retreat is recommended for beacon from which it starts again.

The fight against the Guardian Dragon
You will be in the next fight, especially a need to do - run, run, run. The dragon is with fire waves meet you without pausing, the rule can not be block and cover too large a space as you dodge them. Freya hats already shown us.

After ye have passed through the Nebeltor, you make yourselves about it no thought. The dragon needs a little time to notice you and pull herself, so use directly the chance runs to him and gives him a whole series of blows to get a good start in the fight.

Usually it starts quite harmless. How to make sure whether you are worth the effort, grabs a Wyvern twice after you, what can block without major problems. Did you try something crafty to boot directly approached you and the dragon from behind, you will see you probably faced with a wiping his tail. Not so fine, since this is difficult to avoid and also falls blocking something serious. Drawn directly from a lesson and see them off, you continue to approach the animal from behind.

Once the dragon has a little warmed up, the hell begins. The lizard takes advantage of their air superiority and most of the time the battle will be moving at dizzying heights. Although it might be tempting for rangers to include it in this pairing with the beast, you should as far as possible to wait until the beast has shown what it does on the box.

The guard dragon draws breath and sends you receive the flaming heat of its interior. The Flammenwoge may directly act still quite small at the beginning of their execution, but shows her enormous splash damage once it hits the ground. Best attaches already while the dragon to attack should take in hand and as fast as we humanly possible sprint to level edge to escape the conflagration you your legs. Anders you can not escape. No role goes far enough to catapult you at the last moment from the danger zone, no block can generate an effective heat shield. Are you close enough to the flying monsters off, can you dive you right under the body where you will certainly not happen - pays just be careful not to stand directly under the boss, he should step down thunder again.

A second maneuver that performs like the lizard is in the air, contrary to send you a compressed ball boiling death. The ball may look pretty harmless and it would probably be, they would not pass away a short time later in a crackling explosion. You are doing once the error to underestimate the scope of the attack, then you know the need to flee her before the attack, just as before the normal Flammenwoge. Finished your obstacle course insert in doubt with a pike jump you also to really know in safety.

You've already read correctly if this far spoken by any chance to strike back. It already takes enough attention and perseverance to complete the attacks listed to escape at all. But do not worry - you'll get your chance.

Every now and then crosses the Wyvern nosedive the arena and clings to the side struts fixed. From here he takes you back under fire and as ever you should circulate the impacting flames spacious. After he has but the attack is executed, it pushes off from the wall and wags a bit with the wings, which gives you the chance to approach him sideways. While he can be down on the floor, its wings far on both sides of what you provides the ideal surface for a good two strokes.

And then the good guy spits you so every now and then on the floor heißten against death. This promises to be relatively transparent, so you immediately go near the dragon from the side. While he performs his attack, you loose the Kamerazentrierung and have the opportunity to loose hew 4 times on the head and neck of the dragon. Down your attack focused because dragon similar to the rats auditor stomps after you, if you should aim at his legs. The can indeed be easy to dodge, so you have also lost precious time to strike back.

Stay patient, only attack if it is really safe and running for your life. This allows the battle summarize quite accurate.

Have you beaten back the guardian dragon, soothing trickle 37,000 counter to your account. In addition, the Dragon Keeper Soul of the lizard goes on in your possession and the other way is clear. Merely Do not overlook the rare dragon scale behind the site, let yourself be lulled by the gigantic views and then enters the cage elevator that takes you to an even loftier heights. 

Dragon Horst # 1

Note: In the following field you bump next to monstrous fire spouts on tons of crystal lizards. Do you still need forged materials and do not want to farm or buy expensive this, you should come over here and keep your eyes open. 

By craggy rocks whose peaks are buzzing around other winged lizards, she finally reaches a small plateau. The view from here is superb - a alabaster white castle opens up in the distance and a whole dozen majestic dragon great wandering around in the air. Just a shame that we probably need to make sooner or later ...

The Emerald messenger is waiting for you already and you submit in mysterious tones that you are the one who "liberate" could. At the other end expecting us an ancient dragon, for us going forward, they presented us with the old spring, which transported us to the last beacon, unlike a native bone but does not break when we use it.

Swings to the conversation left the footpath and succeeded over the suspension bridge for the first - and only - Beacon of the area. 

Beacon: Dragon Horst
Yes, quite right part - there is only a single beacon in the Dragon Horst, you must find your all the way up to the castle do without save points. This of course requires a lot of stamina - a lot of lives and stones as possible to the ten-Estus flasks should you have at it.

Thread you up the hill adjacent to the first suspension bridge. An oncoming Mummified should really not be a problem for you, it is only dangerous because he can carry you down the endless depths.

In the cave system that opens up before you, three possible paths are treading. Destroy first of all the dragon eggs in front of you, behind which hides a Titanitechse. In the narrow space is you can not escape practically, they therefore relieved of their rare materials.

The tunnel next to it runs past more eggs on an opposite cliff, but he leads the same, together with the way over you - so it goes up. There, you finally opposes one of the Wyvern. Just as well the guardian dragon is a majestic sight and similar strongly built. The journeyman but is made easier that it stands out much less often - if you not let him. Skin always beautiful in its limbs and await the subsequent ramming attacks, so it employs the lizard continuously. The only care you need from the many mines have in the floor through which you can quickly drop down into his death. 

Dragon Horst # 2

You killed the monster, hiking fantastic 4000 souls on your account and you can pattern the level accurately. In addition to a midnight stone and a lightning stone here can pick up the incredibly powerful dragon tooth for her but also requires incredible strength to lift 50. 

Before you continue your path, it uses ideally directly the old spring, slotted into the beacon and return back here. What do you have that is completely overlooked in the heated battle, are all four crystal lizards, frolicking on the plane. The right path leading to a further Krabbelviech.

The nearby bridge following, you come to the other side (the item on the boss of you, we reach later) where you greeted by another mummy. Do this without being swooped with caution and grab the old life stone. The indentation in the rock is actually the output of the lower bridge that can take ye had to avoid the fight with the dragon. Passing further conductors and undead it goes up more and more.

Finally, it again reaches the sleeping place of a dragon. Falls not pass directly under the stone arch, but take the path to your right, do not miss the fossilized. Dragon bones in the egg formation and imagine the lizard finally from the small gallery from. Move it always nice between the legs of the beast, and pays attention to the snap and ramming attacks, then you can not actually happen.

Have you struck down the beast, you can pick up at your leisure, the two great souls. Again, it is advisable to travel back to the fire and make the three nachspawnenden crawling critters finished off. Before you do this, you should still jump down to the projection of the left path and there the soul and the Pharros-Wahrheitsverk. take - from here you come back anyway just with the old spring.

Instead the same way but then to follow the next dragon fight, you'd better turn right into the rocks occur as you reach an elevated position here, which gives you the chance to jump a devastating attack on the lizard. Since you but aware that you die in such an experiment without the silver cat ring in all likelihood, would rather use your advantage to pelt the dragon with arrows - takes a while, but he absolutely can not do anything about.

If the biped history you can cozy the soul of a great hero, the ring of evil eye +1, a fire Drakenstein and a dragon amulet to include in your possession. A single bridge has you the way and leads you straight into the arms of sinister spirit king magician Navlaan - where did you release him.

If the attacker is defeated, you turn first of all to the winch next to you and overcomes the abyss where you can open a direct shortcut to the beacon on a hill - very nice! From up there you can re-insert a glissade that brings you to your last visited point. Tip: With a little courage can ye deign of the winch on the thus far inaccessible rocks (jumps off once you have crossed the suspension bridge) and even a soul of a great hero pick. Then it goes back to the fire and all the way to over there.

It is only the eternally long bridge now still to cross, until you reach the lofty castle. Let the impressive mood affect you and ultimately bends to the fire in the ruins in front of you a - the dragon shrine is reached. 


The Rise of the Castle will you demand a lot more time and these are not just empty words. Once you reach the first plateau arises against you a Titan of a man and tried to cut in half you. This Drake overseer is strongly reminiscent of the old knight in the ruins of Heide's flame tower, but is more agile and holds course anymore. At the same time you will be badgered by a cleric who opposes sends you lightning spell during the fight from afar - brings the fight therefore quickly to an end. 

In the ruins to your right you will find three Asketenleuchtfeuer, also looks under the junk below of the east - a Pharros mechanism can here an apparent bare wall behind which the whiteness rod and the judgment set hide - ideal for clerics.

Above the staircase you receive another guard. He performs a similar mace as Velstadt, the King's Aegis, making it extremely brutal plus hand out quick bats in the situation. Lay hold on him only after the powerful blow debris on all other attacks carried out too fast. Do you get any difficulties (for example, by the Wizard, who was still bombarded you) should seek their behind the adjacent columns protection - here the iron man not fit through.

From here, it goes directly up on. Let the knight once directly unnoticed and sprint to the other side of the bridge to mercilessly send the mage into oblivion. Take then the Drake overseer before, guarding a chest with sparkling titanite.

About the Tower of the cleric and past a stone you can reach, store in their chest, and associated Drake overseer Big Shield a small platform.

From there you can follow on a terrace where you have to pick it up immediately with a Duo Drake overseer the stairs. Separates definitely the swordsman of his more dangerous colleagues in doubt also receive some hits, and ripped off leads the fight against the club veterans to an end.

But now put yourself directly into the fortress - you can miss a whole section that leads you to a hidden alliance! Behind the destructible crates and barrels you come namely in a small courtyard, where you will find two chests. The left can be opened easily, and makes you richer by a Titanitscholle, the right box represents the fifth facial expressions, upon which ye are made during your journey. Sends the abomination to where they came from and picks the fossilized. Dragon bones, as well as the ingenious Nodachi on from the remains of the creature.

Behind the adjacent aisle, you expect a monitor with truly desirable equipment - a pity that he will use them against us. Slay the monster, nor read the herbs on the reverse side and transgress the green tarnished gate is crowned by an elaborate ornament with a dragon.

Once you touches the chest with the fantastic Third Dragon Ring, you will receive the message of Dragon Tooth Villard being attacked. However, you have all the time in the world to grab once the precious treasure and then the spiral staircase up to the dragon shrine. The dragon tooth is a worthy opponent, but ultimately the you must admit defeat.

Take out of the ornate altar, the Fossilized egg, which you need in order to join the oath of dragon remains. You will also find at this point the guardian dragon-Parma / b] in a back storage and crystal magic weapon on the ledge, which returns you back to the terrace.

Finally, it goes up towards the inner sanctum of the dragon shrine and the grand staircases. This raises you again dragon overseer with gigantic blades contrary, the most easily when she lures her to the narrow doorway behind you. Theoretically, you can also just drop by Sprint on them, which is not highly recommended but due to the upcoming opponent.

Although the wild dragon warrior in golden armor behind it look inconspicuous, but are perhaps the biggest test, which you have seen over you. Their enormous agility combined with the extreme defense you require from everything you should, the duo is therefore essential to pull apart Us duel you individually with the fighters.

Other notable guards stand on the top of the east in the way, but you are unstoppable. Through the gate falls and comes to the Father of Dragons, a beast of enormous dimensions. After a short discussion of the ancient dragon handed you the heart of the ash mist, a magical artifact that you can dive into the past. What is meant? Soon you learn it.

To be continued ...