Dead Nation: Apocalypse- Tips on Weapons, Equipment, Zombie Hunting (PS4)

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition- solution including tips for combat, weapons, equipment and more: In our Dead Nation guide we offer you a few tips and tricks for Zombie Hunting. Recently released Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition for PS4 and with our solution we give you tips on the hand with which you destroy zombies. Speaking heat up: In Dead Nation you use, for example, Molotov cocktails and flamethrowers, not only to put opponents on fire, but they also slow. Then you change to a simple weapon and make wipe them out.

Do you know that you will save much time when reloading in Dead Nation? In general, you should provide a balanced team in co-op. A grenade launcher/a shotgun for each team member. The balanced mixture leads to success. In the following general tips we tell you little tricks for Dead Nation on the PS4 (and of course PS3).

Dead Nation solution - General Tips for Fighting

Use definitely the melee attacks in Dead Nation for PS4. This can easily destroy many zombies staggern on a pile a little, to free them from a close position. Collect armor in Dead Nation. Also, use the melee attack during reload! Thus, you are protected during reloading. Speaking: To reload faster you push the reload button, temporarily changes the gun back and again. This saves the longer after loading sequence because the weapon is instantly full.

Waive not on the mini sprint through the L2 button to free you from awkward situations. In the small mini boost you are momentarily protected and thus miraculously by a large number of zombies. Use small moment of invulnerability for Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition on PS4. Also use alarms of car wrecks than diversion. In case if you do not have enough ammo, you just set off a car alarm system in the area, so the zombies run all there. Try to attract zombies into narrow passages and then use Molotov cocktails. You can destroy them easily.

The nasty Springer can also create your own zombie attack. One jumper in the area show up, run away as fast as necessarily in a zombie mob, so can also eliminate opponents. Also use grenades and mines to damage lots of enemies.

Dead Nation solution - General Tips for money, med-kits and more
Most rewards bring in Dead Nation the red and golden balls that get you close to a zombie horde. You gain not only more coal but also more points by a multiplier. In blue boxes, there are ammunition, red and gold boxes contain multipliers for points as well as money for weapons and upgrades. The colors of gold and red switch. So you open depending on needs. You have med-kits left, so your excess Kits crush with R2 and get money for it.

Also, be sure that you never run out of ammo in Dead Nation. So before you worried upgrades for weapons in Dead Nation, you should stock up with ammunition. So use every opportunity to stock up with gold and more throughout the levels. Trunk of the car contains gold, as well as grave stones. Also: Off the main route, there are often crates with money or multipliers.

In Dead Nation, your energy regenerated to 20 percent as soon as you're hiding. So it saves enough medkits for the fight! Addiction in the levels and beverage dispensers to get a boost for health. Shoot in the machine; you should definitely remove them as soon as the noise attracts the zombies. Watch your stamina in Dead Nation. Addiction in the gun shop necessarily for upgrades for your armor. In addition to fire damage and poison clouds should avoid by her exploits the sprint button R2. This gets rid of the harmful things.

Dead Nation solution - The weapons in detail

Here we tell you guns in Dead Nation. Do you play in co-op mode, so take care that you equip your team members with different weapons and equipment. The following section of our Dead Nation solution we offer you information on weapons and equipment. Provides in your team for a good mix and the zombies in Dead Nation have no chance.

Rifle - standard weapon
The gun has infinite ammo and also the Power-Shot offers much effectiveness against zombie groups. The Power shot but you have to upgrade - best as early as possible. Especially in narrow corridors you reach by Power shot a good multi-kill!

Shotgun - High impact
The Boomstick offers a high damage, but the ammunition is scarce. When reloading do you use the reload trick: press Reload, switch weapon, switch back. Already'll save you the reload animation.

Submachine gun - fast rate of fire against weak zombies
Fast rate of fire for simple zombie groups. Improves weapon unless you use it, because later in the game the enemies will become stronger.

Flamethrower - brake zombies
Actually, this weapon is not as useful and should be completely gemaxed before it is useful anyway. Go with the team, so by kindling zombies slow down.

Blade Cannon - Destroy zombie hordes
This wipe zombie packs in no time and also does many Special opponents instant. However, Springer and Slasher get away with it. That's why you used the weapon on the team in combination with other reasoning amplifiers.

Grenade Launcher - High damage
Even Slasher and Springer have no chance against the grenades. You level best suited to the capacity of the weapon. After that you pay attention always to the correct distance.

Paralyze opponents - Shocker
This slows their opponent, but can also be a larger group of zombies quite simple barbecue - but only if you level up the weapon completely.

Dead Nation solution - The equipment and accessories
In addition to her med-kits also uses more equipment to lure zombies into the trap or transport the same to the afterlife.

Torch - distraction of zombies
By upgrading you increase the focal length. After her firing into the distracted crowd.

Grenade - distraction and Kill
Before the grenades explode, they flash and so attract zombies. During this time, you make yourselves from the dust, so that you do not bring the explosion in trouble.

Mine - set traps
Mines her cleverly placed and then lures the zombies into the trap. The mines do good damage, although there are special enemies. Improve by upgrading the number of mines.

Molotov Cocktail - put zombies on fire
Burning enemies will run slower. So your lights a whole horde and does this simply with the rifle or the MP.

Dynamite - damage against tough opponents
Dynamite attracted by the burning fuse as well to opponents. It makes dynamite some good damage.