FF13-3: Lightning Returns: Beginners guide

Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns is the third and final installment in the Final Fantasy 13 series, released for Xbox 360 and PS3. In the game, you play as a heroine Lightning, which returns the series to save the world is about to end. With a number of innovations, changes can be a bit complex for younger players and even for those who followed the first two titles in the series.

Check here for tips and learn how to play Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns

If you did not follow the first two games of the FF13, do not worry. Lightning Returns closes the trilogy explaining the latest developments in the saga. After 500 years, the Lightning heroine returns to perform the mission of saving the world. With only thirteen days, you need to fight against the clock and against various monsters to accomplish your mission before the end of the world. This tutorial teaches you the basic commands and combat system to do well in the game and not lose any minute.

How to start playing

By choosing "New Game" option you can select the difficulty level you wish to play. We recommend starting with the easy way by choosing the "easy" option. The player will receive benefits that will save you from difficult battles, facilitating character development and focus on the story.

After the initial animation, Snow Lightning needs to follow the corridors and face some monsters on the way. Pay attention to this part because it presents a short tutorial for new players, teaching the major combatant commands. At the end you will face your first boss. In this part there are not many difficulties, just follow the tutorial to knock him out and continue with the introduction of the game.

Important: Each new detail submitted during the game, you will have access to a tutorial to learn in detail each function. Read carefully the instructions that are simple and complete, excellent for any beginner.

Interface and Controls

The interface consists of a simple and practical menu, where you can access items, equipment, your progress on assignments and review tips. On the main screen, you get a mini map to be guided. Just below you can follow the clock marking the time remaining that the heroine has to save the world. Stay tuned for schedules, because you have only seven days early.

Although they look different, the commands are very similar between the versions of Lightning Returns for PS3 and Xbox 360. Lightning can run the map freely with the analog and visit different areas in search of NPCs. Use the R2 button on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 RT to run and reach different areas faster.

The combat interface consists of two bars left, showing his life, his amount of ATB and his Energy Points or EP which will be explained later on. At the right side you find your attacks, each signaled by a command control. Just squeeze it to perform the chosen Lightning attack.

Dressing with class

In Lightning Returns, fighting equipment is combined with different clothes that heroin can use. This will depend on the style of play of each, but the system has an initial tutorial that will teach you how to equip your first "Schema", an outfit with different skills. You can buy them or win them during the game and match the elements you see fit, as well as different accessories.

When you open the Schema menu, you will see different options to customize them. Lightning can use up to three different outfits with different skills. Each schema has a name, but you can rename it as you wish. To edit it, click the name of the Schema to open a menu with more options. For example, to open the Schema "Dark Muse", you will have access to six customization options:

Option Customization
Garbs Choose the model of clothes according to your style and ability
Weapon Choose to be part of the Schema edited 
Shield Choose a shield that will be part of the Schema edited
Accessory Complement your outfit with unique accessories 
Adornment Select additional accessories with bonus on status
Abilities Select the appropriate skills for your Schema during battles

Performing missions

To evolve and advance your character in the game is essential that you complete the main mission, and different extra missions (quests). The main missions advance the story of Lightning Returns, while the optional and provide bonuses improve the performance of the character. Complete them to extend the time you have left before the end of the world.

Look for NPCs with blue above their heads to make extra missions stars. You can also visit the Chocolina character, a girl dressed Bird (Chocobo) that will give you different options for extra missions. Follow the instructions or visit the Menu objectives, the Quests tab.

Combat system

The combat system is relatively simple and just move around and select the attack you want to use. With L1, R1 buttons on PS3 or LB or RB on the Xbox 360, you can switch from Schema to perform different attacks. To recall the combat options, read the interface and commands again.

His attacks consume points, called ATB or Active Time Battle. By using them, you'll notice that your bar recharges slowly. One tip is to constantly swap Schema for it recharge faster. Have EP points are used in skills during and outside of combat, as "Chronostasis" to freeze time. Use your points carefully and defend whenever you can to avoid taking high damage or be defeated.

Important: When you run away from a battle, the player will be penalized with one hour less time remaining to the end of the world. Take care when entering combat with stronger enemies. Follow the initial hint and select the easy way to not be penalized hours to escape from a battle.

Innovating in Combat

The combat system is totally revamped, with a very modified version of Synergy Command system that used the last two games. It features real-time functionality: you can dodge, move freely and combine completely new elements in combat.

Your new system is called Style-Change Active Time Battle or SATB. Well unlike the old paradigms, Lightning can now wear clothes called garbs, combining them with other equipment to form styles called Schema. They are fully modifiable, varying according to the style of the player. To modify your skills you need to edit the schema according to the attacks you want to use.

The system of "Stagger" returns from Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 13-2, now shown as a wave in the enemy's life bar. Another novelty of the system ensures that Lightning did not die in combat. When you lose a battle, you must use the "Escape" command to return. Despite the help, the system also penalizes the player with one hour less of their total time to save the world. This in normal game.

Online Services

A great feature in Lightning Returns is the incorporation of social elements. Players can post pictures and messages through social or community networks, and share pictures on Facebook or Twitter. You can also repeat the boss fights and share your score with other people of the world through Outerworld Services.

Fighting does not give XP

Lightning Returns In battle enemies do not give experience and you will find no Crystarium system. Instead, the status of Lightning is increased by the main and side missions. Additionally, the player can buy skills, equipment, spells and items. The more souls you redeem, the more powerful the character is. His other skills are associated with Garb Lightning that are currently using.

Running out of time

In this last chapter, the game uses the element of time against the player, similar to the classic Zelda: Majora's Mask. The right side of the screen, you can monitor the time Lightning still has to save the world from destruction. The player has initially seven days to explore the world. Completing quests you can extend this time by up to 13 days.