Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD: Complete Solution

Final Fantasy 10 HD walkthrough with tips to Ultimate Weapon, Airship passwords and more: Our Final Fantasy 10 solution, we offer you great advice to the new edition for PS3. We are starting with general advice sphere board, the characters and the features such as mini-map, the optimal use of memory points and more. Also tips on using ecstasy capability for your crew can be found in our Final Fantasy 10 HD walkthrough.

According to the general tips and the introduction of all characters and our Final Fantasy 10 walkthrough, we offer you the first part of the puzzle missions, including sections in the halls of the tests. Our Final Fantasy 10 solution is provided in the coming days with updates. In addition, we add the tips to the Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy 10 HD added.

Table of Contents

1 Final Fantasy 10 HD walkthrough - General Tips
2 Final Fantasy 10 HD: Complete solution - The characters in detail
3 Final Fantasy 10 HD: the complete solution - from Zanarkand to Besaid
4 Final Fantasy 10 HD: the complete solution - from the harbor to the temple of Kilika
5 Final Fantasy 10 HD: Complete solution - By Luca to the temple of Djose
6 Final Fantasy 10 HD: Complete solution - From Illuminum to the temple of Macalania
7 Final Fantasy 10 HD: walkthrough - Escape to the airship

Final Fantasy 10 HD - Walkthrough - General Tips

Our Final Fantasy 10 HD complete solution for remake begins with general tips on the features in the game. After that, we guide you through the adventure in Spira.

The Mini Map
The small map that is displayed during the game in the upper right corner, facilitate you in the game. White squares mark savepoints, green show you the inputs and outputs and the yellow triangle represents Tidus Represents the red triangle shows you the direction in which you should move away. With these tools you find yourself quickly become accustomed to new areas and do not miss any input or output, as well as branches.

Advantage of the storage points
Use any save point in the game, because apart from the normal memory function regenerate here the overall health and magical energy of your team. Hold on the mini-map by white squares out. After fighting to save in Final Fantasy 10 HD so neat healing items.

Thinking outside the box
Wallet you do not rush in record time the final credits, it is advisable to take all branches and buildings under the microscope. Even if the red arrow on the mini-map in a different direction, it is worthwhile to deviate from the actual course. Often you will be rewarded with items for your effort. In addition, you'll get many people with whom you fight your way, paid little attention.

Tips for first character appreciation
On the spheres board you should try first to occupy each field with a sphere, so that all characters at least learn basic skills. Spheres you will receive from defeated enemies while you earn the spheres Level Points by combat experience. If your character moves on the Sphere Grid, you must not forget that it also the fields immediately adjacent to the field in which you find yourselves, can occupy.

Experience points for all heroes
Change during a fight by your characters, so that each fighter performs at least one attack or action. Now get ALL party members experience points and can be developed faster on the Sphere Grid.

The ecstasy-ability
Bar of the fighters - With every military action the "ecstasy" increases. If it is filled, Tidus and Co. can perform special attacks, which weaken most opponents enormous. Some fighters like Wakka, Auron, Tidus and Lulu the strength of these attacks from small mini-games depends on which their dispute shortly before the attack. For Auron ecstasy attack you need as quickly as possible a given key combination to enter, while "slot machine game" contests at Wakka. Lulu's "ecstasy" attack is the stronger, the more often you have rotated the right analog stick in a circle. Especially many revolutions reaches for you, when you put your palm on the stick and your entire hand rapidly revolve let. Do you want to run as much as possible the ecstasy attack Tidus, you will stop as soon as possible, a back and forth frenzied point on a line in a given area.

Final Fantasy 10 HD: the complete solution - from Zanarkand to Besaid

Before the actual game starts, you have the choice between the standard or the professional Sphere Grid. Since we also want to reach Final Fantasy 10 beginners with this complete solution, we opted for the standard system. But even for the experts among you we have some tips that may be transmitted to the professional system. The gameplay remains the same in both modes.

1 Zanarkand 
After Zanarkand was destroyed by Sin, you sit on the side of Auron against some monsters to fight back. For this range normal attack. Shortly after you have cleared away the beasts, you come across a scale of Sin. Let Auron off with his "ecstasy" out the small enemies and then you take care of the dandruff. Follow the course of the road, until you surrounded again by a variety of monsters. Concentrate your attacks on the machine.

2 The sea ruins
Look in this area in more detail in order that you may find useful items like potions, Gil and part of the Al-Bhed lexicon place. Then you follow the red arrow on your mini-map. Attack by fish. Do this with normal attacks until you have to compete against Geosgaeno. Set a standard attack and freshen your health when needed with potions on. In the hall you grab the flints from the south side room and go through the corridor to the north. Take the Hi-Potion, the airwaves and the faded flowers and returns to the hall where you are allowed to start a warming fire. The idyll is short-lived and compete against the monsters you have to Klikk. During the battle, Tidus let her perform normal attacks. Once the girl is fighting on your side, do you use their grenades to stop the hustle and bustle of the monster stop. Is Rikkus grenades stock depleted, it uses Rikkus ability to steal items from enemies and covers you as one with grenades.

3 The salvage vessel
On the deck of the ship you discover another part of the Al-Bhed lexicon. Let you tell the girl the Sphere Grid, and then dive along the chain down. After you have completed the first school of fish with normal attacks, it is recommended that the many fish that attack you then to eliminate with a grenade. Examines nor the entity at the end of the corridor before you return to the surface. On the way you will poly, an octopus attacked. During the battle, the octopus is at a distance, so that it is not in the range of your weapons. If Tros attacks you from a safe distance, it selects the protective attitude. Once the octopus Tidus and Rikku approaches again, you attack the beast. Repeat the process until the monster is turned off.

4 Besaid
Grab the Lunar brand in the box on the left side of the beach and follow Wakka. In the small lake you done a few fish-monster. After a short walk you reach the village of Besaid. Buy yourself some potions in the front left building and then goes to the tavern on the left side, where except the militia is still a very useful apparatus, which explains you basics of the game. In the north you will find the temple. Step into it, and is heading towards the northwestern exit. Talk to the priest and returns to the main room. After a priest you have prevented the steps to climb, return to Wakka in the middle house on the right side of the village back and make there a nap. Good recovery route back to the temple.

Puzzle section - The hall of the audit
First touch the symbol on the north wall, and then the next right. In grades you touch the next symbol and grab the spheroids, which you used on the bottom of the door. The next spheroids can be found in a secret area behind a symbol on the wall. Sets it to the base with respect to the socket and pushes the push switch. If you want to reap the hidden bonus, you have to back to the door and there you catch the spheroids. Set it at the wall and take the Fractura spheroids from the secret room. Set it in the room with the blue lights and grab at the end of the aisle the item in the treasure chest. 

Final Fantasy 10 HD: the complete solution - from the harbor to the temple of Kilika

At this point, our Final Fantasy 10 HD solution, we accompany you from the harbor up to the Temple of Kilika.

5 The way to the port
On the way to the port you encounter some enemies and become consecrated by Lulu in the element spells. After you have eliminated the easily beating opponents, raises you a big cat-like creature in the way. Use normal attacks against this allege opponent. During the next two fights you let Yuna Bestia compete against a monster. Use normal attacks until the "ecstasy" - has indicator charged and switched on the beast from it. The next time you encounter enemies with her about Wakka let the bird, Lulu the water monster and Tidus the four-legged friends. This division is based on the different abilities of your group members and should always be handled that way.

6 The journey to Porta Kilika 
On the boat you will join in for the first time against Sin. First Complete all of the small scales remains of Sin down to one and then let Wakka and Lulu Sin attack. Yuna should also take part in the fight, so that they can heal their party members as needed. Your Bestia Sin can distribute with an "ecstasy" attack. Shortly thereafter, Tidus and Wakka expected another fight. Here, Tidus should take care of the boss enemies while Wakka it picks up with the small scales residues. Do not hesitate to use potions. Your "ecstasy" - capability facilitates the fight.

7 Porta Kilika
In the forest of Kilika you meet for the first time on an enemy whom you can not defeat easily. Therefore, you should absolutely your previously collected spheres and spheroids level points on the spheres board in features and capabilities to convert. How did it best to proceed, you can extract that little extra box. Now you compete against kiss. Firstly let Yuna Bestia the tree with fire spells and a "ecstasy" - attack attack until their energy is depleted. After that you should only use Yuna to heal the characters. Meet Lulu's fire spells and normal attacks of the strong characters in order to put an end bustle.

8 Temple of Kilika
Before you enter the temple, you have a scale of Sin render them harmless. Concentrate your attacks first on the tentacles behind your squad. Set Lulus an effective fire spell. Once the tentacles are defeated, Yuna Bestia Valfaris let loose on the scale. If Valfaris has not defeated the scale, still uses some strong physical or magical attacks. In the temple, you have to join Wakka and say a prayer.

Puzzles Section 2 - The halls of the audit
In the first room you grab the Kilika spheroids from the torch and put him at the door before you take him back to you. In the next room is the Kilika spheroids on the north wall and puts it into one of the holes on the side walls. Grab the Insignia spheroids from the socket and puts it in the other free hole on the wall. Now you touch the icon and go to the third room. There you introduce yourself first on the flashing on the right side in front of the edge. Shift the base of the shimmering light. Now you grab the Kilika spheroids at the wall and put it on the pedestal. Set the Insignia spheroids one on the wall in the last room. Go down nehmr the Kilika spheroids and puts him at the door on the other side of a third space. Go back to the secret room, grab yourself the fracture of spheroids and puts him down. Once you have looted the treasure chest, take the spheroids at the last door and leave the halls of the test. 

Final Fantasy 10 HD: Complete solution - By Luca to the temple of Djose

About Luca up to the temple of Djose we guide you in this part of our Final Fantasy 10 HD solution.

9 The trip to Luca
After you've overheard on deck the conversation between Lulu and Wakka, refresh its EUR blitzball arts. Follow these instructions to learn the Jecht-Special Shot. Should you not have it done right away, you can search on the ship after the ball and try again.

10 Luca 
After Yuna has been kidnapped in the cafe of the Al Bhed Psyches, you have to turn off some machines opponents. For this purpose, it is best to use Lulu's current spell. On the Al Bhed ship you compete against a huge machine. Let Tidus Anfeuerungs a special - and if possible a haste spell - perform on Lulu. Then Lulu cares with lightning attacks therefore, that the crane is activated next to the machine. Last let her Tidus take the crane control. After the Blitz Ball Tournament you can expect another fight against a flying monster that easily defeated her thanks Auron physical strength.

11 The trip to Djose
Keep yourselves in this section with each person running you over the way. Almost always you will be rewarded with more or less precious items. Move calls Belgmene Yuna out to a competition between the Bestias of the two media. Do you follow the instructions of the other medium, this fight you will not be too difficult. Until you get to the next save point, you have to face some serious challenges. Uses items from your inventory and evaluate your characters on the spheres board to make it easier to have it. In the Al Bhed shop you should definitely follow the tutorial carefully. Also, your characters with important items such as Potions or Phoenix Downs can stock up. Then you compete against the Chocobo Eater: Let Tidus first strengthen the squad with haste before Wakka that blinds the Beast with a blind bat. After their attacks the monster with Yuna at both Bestias and tried to apply the ideas of ecstasy Bestias. If the chocobo eater have you pushed to the brink, you have to attack until he falls on his back and then have to work on him with attacks, so that it is pushed back.

12 The offensive
Here you get to do it with a huge scale Sins. The Beast protects its main target area, the torso, with his two arms. As long as they are not destroyed, you can only attack with magic attacks the torso. Unfortunately, the arms regenerate after a short time. Let Wakka shoot as long on the upper head, until it can not be selected as a target. Use Yuna Bestias and let the girl then only heal her companions. In the second part of the battle you will join with Yuna, Seymour and Auron again against the scale. Thanks to the strong magical abilities of Seymour this fight is not as stressful as the fight before by far. Let Auron and Yuna heal while Seymour will do the rest.

13 The way to the temple of Djose
Here you expect more random battles. After you have defeated Sins scale during the offensive, these attackers are likely to really not be a problem for your squad. But take it to heal your fighters after the offensive by their stores or items applies.

14 The temple of Djose
Puzzles Section 3 - The halls of the examination

In the first room you take the two spheroids from the wall and places them at the door. In the second room you placed the two spheroids that you discovered in the holes on the right side next to the door. Then you push the base as far to the right until it activates an energy beam. Set the brightly shining spheroids right next to the door. Sets the other two spheroids on the socket and push it through the door in the energy beams. On the other hand it pushes the socket in the wall and then returns to the room with the icon. Touched the shimmering spot on the left side and then sets the bright shining spheroids one on the left side of the door. Completing the icon by her, using the two spheroids that are currently on the pedestal in the first room. Take the now brightly shining spheroids and places it on the left next to the door. Touching the icon on the wall beside the shimmering point, take the fracture of spheroids and ride to the top. Here it pushes all five sockets in the wall in order to open the exit. Do you have the Fractura spheroids, puts him on the pedestal newly created and discovered a secret room. 

Final Fantasy 10 HD: Complete solution - From Illuminum to the temple of Macalania

With new Bestia for Yuna takes on the Illuminum about Guadosalam to the temple of Macalania.

15 The Illuminum
Move can try on several kisses her opponents Yuna's new Aeon Ixion. Shortly after you meet Belle mine, Yuna challenge again for a competition between the Bestias. Struggling with Valfaris and Ifrit. To win, you get two dragon scales and a medium-soul. During the training Ritts Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed. Frees the girl, by destroying the Al-Bhed-catcher. Set Tidus' Do and a cheering spell. As soon as the machine floats up and wants to run the mine attack, let Wakka and Tidus attack continuously until the machine falls again. This enables you to free Yuna. After her your journey on the schools have finished, go first to the west and then north.

16 Guadosalam 
In the city of the Guado, you should first take the interior of all buildings more closely, because there you will discover a lot of items. Then the house Seymors Step into. After Seymore Yuna has made a request, it continues in a northeasterly direction until it enters the Farplane. Abandon then Guadosalam about the thunder stairs.

17 The thunder stairs
On the thunder stairs you should definitely make sure to mention tips did you get at the beginning of this section, hold. However, you may discover useful items off the beaten track in the small blind alleys. Cover you in a store with potions, since you can use this good for the rest of the way to the thunder stairs. If you meet the strong iron giants, it falls back on Yuna's Bestias.

18 The forest of Macalania
Here you expect a number of random battles. Save and develop your characters further on the Sphere Grid. In the forest you decide for the top way to discover there in a box 2000 Gil. In addition, you'll encounter a shape that you explained the butterfly hunt. As Auron will give you the source, arise in the spheroids show, you will be attacked by the Spherimorph. This boss takes you on with various spells. Pay attention to which he attack you last and apply the equivalent spell. If you have been attacked with a flash. The ideal candidate for this fight is: Yuna heals and ailing group members, Lulu is responsible for spells and Auron attack the opponent with blows of the sword. Of course, Yuna's aeons can be used to defeat the ground. If the girl is kidnapped again, you have to assert yourself against an AB projectile unit and an AB-sealing unit of the Al Bhed. Let Wakka destroy the small probe, so that your party can cast spells again. Either you can now edit the projectile unit with Lulu's lightning spells or attack you let Yuna's Ixion Bestia with Thundara attack. Performs a fully charged Ixion "ecstasy" attack.

19 The temple of Macalania
Here you compete against Seymour. First Rikku steal the potion of the two bodyguards, so they can not be replenished. In the meantime, you Yuna let a fire, water, ice and lightning protection on the group pronounce. While two strong fighters (best Kimahri and Auron) Seymour, Yuna ensures the health of the fellow combatants. If Seymore's oath of Bestia Aenima, it is time to use that Ilfrit and Valfaris. Look away Ixion so long until Seymour recalls his Bestia. Once you have your last Bestia depleted, it takes much fewer hits to put an end Seymors bustle. Pay attention during the entire fight that Yuna constantly heals or potions and Phoenix feathers used if their physical or magical energy is scarce.

Puzzle section - The halls of the audit
First you push the base towards the small icebergs. Then you grab the green spheroids Insignia, which you discovered on the column and going down. There you set the spheroids in the alcove on the far left and grab up the Macalania spheroids, which is located on the far right. Set it down on a pedestal, which you then push to the right. Above, you can now grab the leftmost Macalania spheroids and places it below the column. Now take the last Macalania spheroids in the small ramp that leads down and puts him on the column where you have taken the first spheroids Insignia. Now you can cross the bridge. Imagine the top of the gear on the shimmering field and take the spheroids from the socket before you missed him a nudge. Set the spheroid down on the middle level on the far right, and then goes upward again, where do you imagine back on the field. Grab the fracture of the spheroids, and cast the socket down. Set the Fractura spheroids very briefly left and employs the spheroids from the middle column at the ramp. Imagine the shimmering field of middle level and pushes the altar down. There you use the fracture of spheroids on the wall and bring your reward for the effort. Still employ a blue spheroids into the base at the lowest level, and pushes the socket to the right. On the middle level it brings you the spheroids at the ramp and puts him in the middle column. Now Leave the temple of the tests on the ice bridge. 

Final Fantasy 10 HD: walkthrough - Escape to the airship

The flight across the desert Sanubia and more to the airship, we describe you at this point of our Final Fantasy 10 HD walkthrough.

20 The Escape
After you've solved the problem Seymour, you have to escape from the temple before the Guado guards. Wasted on the path no time when your opponent things stick to your heels. During the fighting, it is important that you Rikku the Potion of Guado guards let steal because Seymors trailer otherwise constantly heal. Just as you have at the beginning of the next boss fight against Wendigo proceed. Kill the two guards quickly, so they can not strengthen by magic the snow monster. Already a hit by Wendigo enough to carry one of your characters to the afterlife. Therefore, Make sure that you have enough Phoenix Downs in the luggage or that Yuna revived their companions during the fight. After a number of physical attacks that let you run of strong fighters like Kimahri or Auron best, even this enemy is defeated.

21 The Sanubia desert 
After the group is made below the lake on Sin and its venom comes in contact Tidus obtained at the beach and out of consciousness. After a few steps, it gets Tidus with the huge Flattermann Montisaurus. After a few strokes Lulu and Auron appear to support Tidus in the fight against Monti. With the help of this giant bird is easy to defeat. After the battle, you will search the environment to find the other group members. About Let Rikku in the coming battles, the small machinas, their claws capability switches the opponent out in a jiffy. Against the giant sandworm blind attacks are effective. Against the seed spitting herb helps just a lot of patience and a lot of Phoenix Downs and Potions. In the desert iht can discover many useful items. However, you have to expect while wandering with many random battles.

22 The home of the Al Bhed
By now you should develop your characters on the Sphere Grid, as before many grueling battles in the Al Bhed city. Before you venture further into the interior, you should take a look right in the atrium. You can find a part of the Al-Bhed Potion lexicon and in the remains of Al-Bhed-fighter. In the Al-Bhed hideout you will find bombers and twin horns, which are supported by Guados attacked. Always taken the Guado guards before you care about the other enemies. Destroy them, so that they can say no more magic against your crew. In the main passage point right through the door to the left of the save point. Behind it you have to assert yourself against two chimaeras that are supported by a Guado guard with magic. Provide first with silent spells that you will no longer be attacked with magic and then finished the beasts with physical attacks your strongest fighters. Grab the two Spherimorphs in the box before you enter the exile of the media.

Bonus - Mystery Solved - The code for the treasure chest
In the main room of the home of the Al Bhed it brings you out of the room right part of the Al-Bhed lexicon. After fighting two more chimaeras, you will receive a special spheroids. Set a silent spell and threat to help you fight against the two giants. For the treasure chest you need a code. The password consists of four numbers. The numbers you get after short computing tasks. The table below will help you to solve these puzzles, even if you have found only a few parts of the Al Bhed lexicon.

A: digit: 2 plus 1 = 3
B: Tens digit: 3 times 1 = 3
C: Hundreds digit: 7 minus 1 = 6
D: thousands digit: 4 plus 1 = 5

Result: Code = 5633
23 The airship

Once you're in control of Tidus again, let him speak briefly with attendees and save the game. Then leave the cockpit and check out to get aboard the ship. You will meet Rin, in which you fill your inventory. Buy especially Potions and Phoenix Downs. At the end of your little tour of the ship returns to the cockpit and talk to the pilot. After the attack by the monster Efrye you should first improve your characters before you fight on the upper deck. Buy directly before the fight again at Rin one. There are two ways to deny the fight. You can attack with physically strong fighters the flying monster from close range. The alternative is ranged. Start playing characters whose spells and weapons have a long reach. With Tidus and Rikku you can direct the flying ship, so that it is either close next to the beast, or keeps distance. Let Tidus at all events through every fighter pronounce and use in an emergency Rikku that can heal the group with the Al Bhed medicine. Use blind attacks, so that the airplane meets monster worse. If you decide for a fight at a distance, which is the safer but longer route. In the melee werder you need a lot of potions and Phoenix feathers. Decide for yourself, how you want to put the hustle and bustle of the flight Monsters to an end. 

Some of your fighters can see through opponents. This ability can be both learned as also caused by items. If one of your fighters, equipped with the see through capability, an enemy targeted, a text that gives you tips and information about your opponent appears in the upper part of the screen. Weaknesses and dangerous attacks are mentioned what you relieved the fight. The increase of these is Kimahri analysis capability that gives you more detailed information and advice. Use looking through analysis and as often as possible in order to more target against enemies.

The Al Bhed Dictionary
The parts of the Al-Bhed lexicon are located throughout Spira. Try to find as many parts as possible in order to understand the language of Al Bhed. In this language, some letters have been replaced by others. The more pieces you have discovered, the better you can understand the Al Bhed. So keep your eyes open for the small lexicons to expand your foreign language skills. At some points in the game, especially in taverns, you can collect the parts to combine a dictionary.

Under the menu item "Conversion" equips her with your weapons Abilities that enhance your attacks or improve your defensive ability. In addition, their weapon builds so that the fighter is immune to the modified weapon against certain state changes. Particularly useful are Abilities such as counter or auto-cure, as you thus often save a turn. Each weapon can be upgraded differently. This depends on how many Abilities can be coupled to the respective gun. Beware before, expensive upgrade weapons that can be coupled to only one or two Abilities. It's best to look for you a weapon that is already coupled with a good capacity and expanding this. For the tuning you need a lot of items. The easiest way to quickly get to many items: Let your opponent Rikku steal from.

Bestia Tuning
In the menu you can strengthen monster under "Bestias" Yuna and change their properties and abilities. Primarily you should here HP, attack power and defense increase. The purchase of other Abilities you have to proceed carefully considered if you increase the various status values of your Bestias because you need a lot of spheroids. Only if you have enough spheroids left, you should increase less important status values such as reflex and skill.

Ecstasy boost for the whole team
Especially on the fight against stronger opponents - such as Seymour - you must be well prepared. This means that all characters get a full "ecstasy" bar, should you deny some fights where you take quite in buy to get hurt. Keep yourself up always in the vicinity of a memory point, that you heal your fighter by saving and so do not constantly have to loot your inventory. So you fill the "ecstasy" bar of your fighter fastest. In the same way it also prepares your Bestias to difficult fights. In addition, there is a positive side effect is that your troop collects in the individual battles experience points, Gil and equipment.

The Monster institution
To the east of the Calm Lands you'll find the Monster institution. Unfortunately, the owner of the training camps have escaped all monsters, so he asks you to help him capture. However, their special weapons that you have to purchase for cash, but only at the coach. Buy the tamer sword for Tidus, Wakka and the offside trap for the demons banner for Auron. Now you can go through the level and catch the monster. Make sure that you always an opponent with a character that has a special weapon off. After you have captured the nine different opponents, you will be returned to the coach and bring your reward. In addition, your team gathers experience points that you convert to the Sphere Grid in abilities and characteristics.