Final Fantasy X (FFX) HD Remaster walkthrough

Want to know how to get the legendary weapons and armor of your different characters? Looking for a technique to overcome the final boss of the game? Or know where the different quests? Well look no further, this complete walkthrough of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is for you. This will guide you throughout your adventure to help overcome the many dangers that await you. All with the ultimate goal to finish the game 100%.

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01 - Zanarkand
02 - The Ruins
03 - La Barge
04 - The island of Besaid
Quests Annexes


Objects to retrieve:

2 Potions
Long Sword (Weapon)

Once the opening cinematic is complete, you find yourself in control of Tidus who has just arrived by boat in the port city of Zanarkand. A group of fans gathered to welcome and celebrate the arrival of the star Blitzball you are. Approach the three children holding a balloon and talk to them to sign an autograph. You will have the opportunity to select the name you want to wear. Then talk to the two girls on the right to sign their balloons. After the cut-scene you'll find yourself on a road where you will find other fans.

In this area you can get your hands on 2 Potions chatting with the girl wearing a pink top and yellow tights, which is a little further to the right. When you get to the other side of the road, you will reach the entrance to the Blitzball stadium where a huge crowd of fans gathered. They are so excited to see you, they block the passage altogether. To reach the top of the ramp where the entrance of the stadium, it will take you zigzaguiez between groupies, even push a little.

Then use that Tidus to some damage to the Ems. Back to order size Auron use his special attack "Efoam" to reduce the damage that the Ems makes you suffer. Keep it struck on, paying attention to the standard of living of our two friends. If it is close to 100 points, use a Potion through the menu items. Once your enemy gave up the ghost, go around it to the left, to find the first Save Point on the right.

Take your progress along the road to start another cut-scene. When it ends you find yourself blocked by other Squamelle, which will begin to use a new attack. Luckily for you, it is very easy to anticipate because their wings begin to shine before the launch. When you see one of the monsters do, get rid of it as a priority, the risk of his attack next turn. Having eliminated three, seeing that it leads to nothing, Auron will propose a solution. Focus your attacks on the attachment of the roller, eliminating Squamelle who shine their wings.

Once you have managed to drop the trailer in a vacuum, another cutscene occurs. When finished, you find yourself floating in the sky above the city, in what looks like a dream. Do lose a little altitude to Tidus so that he can reach a platform where Auron awaits him, thus ending the first part of the game.

The Ruins

Objects to retrieve:

    5 Potions
    2 Potions +
    1 Maxipotion
    200 Gils
    1 Ether
    Silex (key item)
    Dried Flowers (key item)

When you wake up, you find yourself in the water, in an unknown location. Move to the bottom of the zone along the right side. After twenty fathoms, you stumble upon a ruin, ride on through stairs. On one of the pillars you will find a bright symbol, it is written Al Bhed.

Unfortunately you do not understand this language and will have to find Al Bhed 26 manuals that are spread in the game to learn. You will find all the information necessary for their varieties, in the "The 26 Al Bhed books" of the "Quests Schedules" section of this walkthrough. Bypass pillars of ruin by the left to find a chest containing 200 Gil. Take the steps down into the water, then head to the western sector, to reach another ruin with stairs.

Once arrived at the top of these, you will see a small blue half sphere on the ground. This is the sphere of association of Al Bhed 'manuals, which will enable you to learn this language. You can find more information about it, in the "The 26 manuals Al Bhed" in the "Notes Quests" section of this walkthrough. Mount the second set of stairs to reach another chest containing 2 Potions.

Retrace your steps to return to the water, you head to the bottom of the area and take the stairs to go into the next area. In it you'll come across a save point. Continue your progress on the stone bridge, until the path splits into two. Firstly go to the left, to reach a chest that contains 1 Potion. Retrace your steps and take the other path to launch a new cutscene. Once in the water, take a swim, to launch a new cut-scene that leads to a fight.

After eliminating two of the three sahuagin a new much more powerful enemy makes its debut. There is a boss named Geosgaeno, against which you unfortunately do not make the weight. After him by hitting a few swords, Tidus will flee and take refuge inside a ruined tower. Climb the stairs in ruins to access the main room of the tower. Our young hero is completely soaked, you'll need help fire. Start by heading to the Southwest of the room to find a save point next to a door.

Pass the doorstep, to access a small room where you can get your hands on Silex in a desk drawer. He will now have to find a few things to burn. Retrace your steps and head north-east of the room and go through the arch therein. On the other side you arrive in a stairwell, but before borrowing, move toward the camera to find a chest containing 1 Ether.

Climb the stairs to reach the first level. On the right wall you will see a vase, that contains Dried Flowers, which will be perfect for a fire. Before returning to the main room to light the fire, continue your progress and go to the next sector to recover 1 Potion + in a trunk.

Retrace your steps, but before lighting the fire, go to the eastern part, where we see another door. This unfortunately can not be opened, but you'll find a chest containing 1 Maxipotion to his right. The area being excavated completely, go to the center of the room and interact with the remains of the fire to light a. After the cutscene you'll be presented with a new type of monster called Kourik.

Attack him watching your health bar and heal yourself if it approach 150 points. After him by hitting six swords, a cut-scene will trigger and an unknown ally will join the fight. The latter has the ability to throw grenades, but also to steal items to enemies it faces. Continue the fight by hitting the monster with the sword of Tidus and grenades your sidekick, you still do not know the name. If you run out of grenades with it, using his technique "Fly" to recover the enemy. After a few exchanges of blows, you finally come to the end of Kourik, ending this part of the game

La Barge

Objects to retrieve:

    3 Potions
    1 Manual Al Bhed (key item)

Once the cutscene is finished, talk to the girl who lent you a hand during the fight, in order to learn how the Spherier. Then talk to the gunman left, so that gives you 3 Potions. Behind it you will see a save point on the left and on the right you will find 1 Manual Al Bhed. Talk back to the girl to jump into the water with it to start working. Then dive and follow the chain penetrates deeply into the direction of a submarine building.

On the way you are likely to be attacked by small groups of Piranhas, nothing very difficult to kill, these dying in one hit. When you order the girl, using his ability to steal enemies to recover grenades that will be useful later. Once inside the building, save if you die during the fight you can expect a little further, and then interact with the control panel. In this new piece, take the corridor to the east, and when you're at the end turn around immediately to face groups Piranhas.

Once the battle is over, interact with the mechanism that is on the ceiling, to restore power. Then retrace your steps through the corridor to reach the previous room where a boss battle awaits you. Name Ultros' s it is likely to kill you if you're not careful. Start throw a grenade with the girl, then hit it with Tidus. After a few attacks it will go and hide behind the central structure of the room, out of reach of your attacks.

You will be entitled to a short explanation of tricks you can use in some fights. Do not follow the instructions given to you and put you rather hold by pressing the Triangle button to reduce the damage you inflict will next attack the boss. After his attack, if your life points are close to 150, treat yourself, otherwise continue to attack. It will eventually flee again, allowing you to use a new trick. When it was the turn of Tidus attack, press left and select the trick "Circle".

The boss is caught between you two, keep him struck on his sword and throw grenades to finish once and for all with him. If you run out of ammo with the girl, using his ability to fly his enemy, to recover. Once the battle is over, go through the opening in the wall to exit the building. Follow your sidekick who still digs deeper until a cutscene occurs, thus ending this part of the game.

The island of Besaid

You will find in this part of the complete solution for Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, all the tricks and tips to overcome the difficulties that you encounter on the island of Besaid. You will also find information to get their hands on all the objects therein and to successfully cross the room to the test.

01 - On the Road to Village

Objects to retrieve:

    4 Antidotes
    5 Potions
    2 potions +
    1 Phoenix Tail
    200 Gils
    1 Lunar Symbol (key item) 

Once the cutscene is finished, you end up in the water facing the beach. Before joining the group of people that is on it, swim to the east of the area to come across a chest that contains Lunar Symbol. It will be very useful later in the adventure, for improvement of weapons of Yuna. Back in the water and this time you head to the western sector, to find another chest on the beach which contains 2 Antidotes. 

You can now approach the people who are on the beach, to start a cut-scene. Once it is completed, talk several times with different team members local Blitzball. Of the five members who train four will give you 2 Potions, 200 Gils, 3 potions and 1 Potion. When you put your hands on all these items, go to the right to start a dialogue with the captain of the team, which is called Wakka. At the end of the dialogue, you can save if you wish, before taking your new friend.

In the next area, go to the right, then approach Wakka to start a cut-scene. Once in the water, walk along the right wall to find a chest first immersed, which contains 1 Tail Phoenix. In this area you will be attacked by Piranhas benches, which should not cause you problems. A little further, always right, you'll find another chest which contains 1 Potion.

Continue your progress in the water, until the path parte north. Then you will find one last chest, right still under water, which contains 2 Antidotes. When you tighten arrived in the far north, a new cut-scene will trigger. At the end of it, continue to follow the direction indicated by the red arrow, until you finally reach the native village of Wakka. A new scene will then trigger, in which your companion will ask you if you know some prayer. The answer you give does not matter and will have no impact on the course of events.

02 - The Village Hall and Events

Objects to retrieve:

    1 Phoenix Tail
    2 Potions
    1 Potion +
    400 Gils
    1 Manual Al Bhed (key item)
    Stick Scholar (Weapon)
    Brotherhood (Weapon) 

Upon arrival at the village, Wakka will advise you to go for a ride to the village temple to better familiarize yourself with the local customs. Before you get there, enjoy your freedom to search the village. Immediately to the left you will find a chest that contains 1 Tail Phoenix. Behind the first tent on the left, you will find a hidden by ferns, which takes you to three chests which contain 2 Potions track, 400 Gils and 1 Potion. 

Retrace your steps and enter the blue tent Bannisseurs. Inside it you will find a device that will allow you to view different tutorials or glossary of the game. There is also a save point, and the two young Bannisseurs you had crossed over the road to the village. You can talk to them if you want to learn more about the origin of the organization of Bannisseurs. It is in this tent, you can get your hands on the 2nd Manual Al Bhed, which is at the counter, which is hidden behind the Banisher right.

Then exit the tent to go to the temple. If you want to know a little better the events that have passed since the first appearance of Sin, you can talk to the village elder who walks on site. Once inside the temple, approach the statues at the bottom of the room to trigger a cut-scene. At the end of it, leave the temple and enter the tent in the middle, right on the village. It is the home of Wakka, which will offer you to relax a bit, so accept his proposal.

When you wake up, go back to the temple and approach the priest and Wakka to trigger a cutscene. Once it is completed, you find inside the room of the Event. Start by looking at the symbol on the wall, to make it reveal another on the right wall. Therefore interact with it on the right wall to open a passage in the wall. Down the first set of stairs and examine the stele on the right wall for a little explanation on how this room. You also will get a Sphere Seal, which will allow you to open the door at the bottom of the second series of steps.

When it is open, before continuing your progress, get the Sphere Seal located on the right of the door leaf. A little further you will see another stone on the left wall. Post-y Sphere Seal to reveal a room that contains the Sphere Insider. Do not take it right away and continue your progress in the hallway. Once pass the corner, you will see another entry on the right wall. Examine it to create a passage in the wall, which overlooks a small room where you expect the Besaid Sphere.

Take it and drop it on the stele is on the wall in front of you when you exit the small room where you just get the ball. Once the explanations on what to do with the altar are completed, do not push it all away, but retrace your steps to recover the Sphere Insider. Then return to the room where you took the Besaid Sphere and place the Sphere Insider to destroy a wall down the hall. Appointment in the room which was unveiled by the explosion of the wall to get their hands on the Staff of scholar, one of the weapons of Yuna.

You can now return near the altar and push straight for him to reach the hole in the soil and start a new cutscene.

When it is finished, you end up in the temple. Out of it and head towards the center of the village to see the fruit of the drive Yuna. It will invoke a chimera which is called Valefore, but as the main character, you can choose to change its name. At the end of the cut-scene you can chat with members of the team Blitzball you just get to know their state of mind. You then head left the campfire, to launch a new kinematics.

In it, Wakka will ask you how you find Yuna, you decide what you want to answer. When the cut-scene ends, talk to Wakka again and accept his proposal to go to sleep. While you sleep you will be thrown into a dream where you need to talk to Yuna, who awaits you left at the end of the pontoon. When you wake up out of the tent, to trigger a cut-scene, during which Wakka will offer you a new sword is called Brotherhood. At the end of the cutscene you find yourself at the entrance of the village, ready to go to the seaport of the island. Before leaving, return to the village and enter the first tent on the left.

Talk to the seller and refuse to see his goods. The latter will then tell you that his dog found a strange thing yesterday. Exit the tent and enter the third hut on the right side of the village, which lies in the dog. Interact with it to recover what he has in his mouth and learn a new Overdrive chimera Valefore named Echo d.

03 - Head for the Seaport

Objects to retrieve:

    3 Phoenix Tail
    1 Ether
    1 Remedy
    400 Gils
    1 Steel Shield (Protection)
    1 Ring Pilgrim (Protection)

If it is not already, equip Yuna Staff of scholar that you get in the Hall Event. It has the function analysis is very useful because it will allow you to get various information about the enemies you encounter. Then leave the village and climb the hill until a fight fires. Throughout your journey to reach the seaport, you will be attacked by several types of enemies. These will allow you to learn the subtleties of fighting to best use the different abilities of your team members. Once removed Dingo, a Condor will take its place. 

As Wakka anything that flies is done to tell him, so use the ball to get rid of your enemy. The fight finished, return your progress along the coast, until a new fight fires. Physical attacks are ineffective against such enemies, Lulu will join you in battle. Flambos the water is, as its name suggests a monster water type, use black magic lightning Lulu to get rid of. Once arrived at the top of the hill, another cutscene will start. After this approach you Wakka who collects an altar. You will have the choice to pray or not to make your trip goes well.

Whatever choice you make, it having no impact on the events, take the opportunity to save before continuing your journey to the seaport. Follow the direction indicated by the red arrow to move to the next field. After traveling a few meters, a fight between you and a strange creature sounds. During this confrontation, do not ask questions and do not attacking your target. After him by hitting five or six shots, the fight will be interrupted by Wakka.

The latter will then reveal to you the true identity of your opponent, which is actually one of the guards Yuna. The cut-scene is complete, equip Tidus Shield Steel that you just get, then resume your progress towards the red arrow. A little further on a new type of enemy will attack you. This fight will allow you to use for the first time Yuna, which thanks to its power of Summoner, will call the chimera Valefore. Tell him to attack your enemy with its various capacities until his Overdrive bar is full. When done, select one of the two Overdrives on Garuda, to put an end to this conflict.

Thus ends your combat training. Then resume your route, by getting rid of the enemies you'll encounter, using different strategies you have learned. Follow the direction indicated by the red arrow, walking south until you reach the beach on which you had failed. Once in this area, follow your allies move towards the right, towards the dock. When you're there, do not get immediately on the boat, because you have the ability to retrieve multiple objects. To do this, talk to the priest who will give you the ring Pilgrim, then speak twice to the woman in the foreground, to recover 3 Phoenix Down. The man on his right, will give you 1 Ether, who has red shorts will give you 400 Gils and finally the girl in green band, will give you 1 Remedy.

Quests Annexes

You will find in this part of the complete solution for Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, all tips and tricks to complete the various quests that includes the game, but also the location of the Al Bhed 26 manuals.

26 Manuals Al Bhed
Final Fantasy in this particular language makes its appearance. This is the Al Bhed language spoken by some residents of Spira and you will find listed on some walls in the game At the start of your first game, do not know this language, you can not decrypt it. To remedy this problem you will find throughout the game, 26 manuals Al Bhed, which will allow you to learn.

When you put your hand on all the manuals, Rin will reward you by giving you 99 Eye of the Tiger. You can then start the game, this time including the language. To do this requires that you bind 26 books, interacting with a half-sphere blue. You can find the beginning of the area Ruins on one of the buildings destroyed on the left. Take the stairs on the right side of it, to access the platform where the blue sphere. You will then select the backup that you had recovered 26 manuals Al Bhed 's, for all texts written in that language, appears in French.

1 Manual:
Area where to find it: The Barge

After being kidnapped by Rikku and his minions, you wake up on a barge. You will find the first textbook on it, right from the door where your torturers came out.

2nd Manual: 
Area where to find it: The Village of the Island of Besaid

When you arrive in the village, enter in the second tent on the left, that of Bannisseurs. You can find second hand right at the counter, hidden in part by the Banisher red haired.