Guns N 'Roses’ 3D film will come out in April

Soon after passing through Brazil, and just before embarking on another season in Las Vegas, the Guns n' Roses will launch their 3D film "Appetite For Democracy".

The 3D film will be showning in various cinemas around the world from April 3, before being released on DVD and Blu-ray.

"Appetite For Democracy" was recorded in November 2012 during the band's first season in Las Vegas. These shows, Guns celebrated the 25th anniversary of the classic "Appetite For Destruction" and also the four years of launch of "Chinese Democracy."

"Appetite For Democracy" will have 2 hours and 47 minutes and obviously will come packed with the band's hits. You can check out the trailer in their official movie website, see its poster and get updated about the special views it in theaters.

The Brazilian tour of Guns N 'Roses will begin in Rio de Janeiro, March 20.

The band then proceeds to Belo Horizonte (22/3), Brasilia (25/3), Sao Paulo (28/3), Curitiba (30/3), Florianópolis (1/4), Porto Alegre (3/4); Recife (4/15) and finally Fortaleza on April 17.