Guns N 'Roses’ Guitarist Axl Rose talks about his friend DJ Ashba

Living with Axl Rose, the controversial lead singer of Guns N 'Roses, may not seem that easy. The 41 year old guitarist, DJ Ashba sleeps with Axl since 2009, the year he joined the band.

Ashba talked to one of the Brazilian Magazines, R7, about his life with the singer who was once the most controversial figure in showbiz at the height of the Gun N 'Roses in the early 1990s. The era, in which songs like Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City Patience ruled the charts.

- We got along from the start. We spent nights talking. We talk about guitars, cars. Axl loves to tell jokes all the time. He is a normal person, a wonderful guy. Always good to have him on my side.

Back to Brazil Ashba with Guns N 'Roses for tour that will pass through eight cities (see below).

- It will be amazing, because we will make a bigger tour this time. I am very excited to return to Brazil.

Substitute a band that Slash guard, beyond the vocalist, keyboardist Dizzy Reed of classical training that conquered the world, Ashba was spending bill as the pressure of having to wear the skin of the scalp iconic guitarist hat.

- In the beginning was brutal, but you must have patience. I give 100% and I always feel in my heart that I am doing the best. It is not easy, because you will suffer criticism, but I'm sure it was not more criticized than any other guitarist who replaced Slash. Over time your skin gets thick and I know a lot of people who changed their minds after five years. I'm a guy who has a past, a story in music.

Ashba talks with property. Before entering the Guns, guitarist born in the United States had bands like Beautiful Creatures, co-produced albums by the likes of Mötley Crüe and Neil Diamond and shared a project with no less controversial bassist for Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, the band Sixx AM.

It was the time of Beautiful Creatures, in 2001, that Ashba had his first contact with the heavy metal greats.

- I played in Ozzfest [festival Ozzy Osbourne] in 2001 with my band and I was a close friend of Sharon [Osbourne, wife of Ozzy], Ozzy and their children, Kelly and Jack.

The friendship paid off almost a decade later when Sharon indicated Ashba Axl Rose and guitarist became the main figure of the Guns N 'Roses after the singer.

Fan of Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai and Elvis Presley, Ashba scared by the amount of tattoos. However, he says that times of savagery since the end of 2013, at which time he married Colombian model Natalia Henao.

- My wife eats well, is fanatic for years. I'm addicted to the gym and quit smoking.

Ashsba keep a routine of work almost 24 hours a day. Besides playing in Guns, musician maintains three production sites in the content, clothing and accessories internet. Has his exclusive Gibson guitar model and even a car that bears his signature.

My life is wonderful. From the moment you search what makes you happy and connects with the world in the clearest way possible, will have a better life.

Rio de Janeiro

Date: March 20 (Thursday) Venue: HSBC Arena (Avenida Ambassador Abelardo Bueno, 3401 - Barra da Tijuca) Time of show: 22h From: R $ 95 to R $ 520
Rating: 16 years
Tickets: / Evento.aspx id = 32022?

Belo Horizonte

Festival Planeta Brazil Date: March 22 (Saturday)
Location: Terrace Mineirão (Av. Antonio Abraham Caram, 1001 - Pampulha)
From: R $ 160 R $ 240
Gates open: 12pm
Age rating: 16 Years (Track) | 18 Years (cabin)


Date: March 25 (Tuesday)
Location: Nilson Nelson Gymnasium (RSCN Excerpt 1)
Time of show: 21h
From: $ 100 to R $ 560
Rating: 16 years
Tickets: / Evento.aspx id = 31859?

Sao Paulo

Date: March 28 (Friday)
Venue: Anhembi Park (Avenida Olavo Fontoura, 1209 - Santana)
Time of show: 22h
From: R $ 135 to R $ 580
Rating: 16 years - 16 years only Minors accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
Tickets: / Evento.aspx id = 31972?


Date: March 30 (Sunday)
Venue: Durival Brito (Street Rebougas Engineers, 1100 - Vila Capanema)
Gates open: 18h
Time of show: 21h
From: £ 160 to R $ 300
Rating: 16 years Tickets: