Infamous: Second Son (PS4) - Complete solution, All Quests, Collectible Locations

InFamous: Second Son is an action-adventure open world video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Exclusively for PlayStation 4 and released on March 20, 2014 in Europe, this game is meant to be originally a cross-over from the original series. You will have the opportunity to walk the streets of this new game with our complete guide, allowing you to finish all the quests and objectives sought.

This walkthrough will help you see all the choices that will affect Karmic inFamous: Second Son, the location of all the collectibles and see a list of all the spells available in the game, whether you're a "hero" or well a "infamous". Let us guide you through the streets of Seattle in the complete walkthrough of inFamous: Second Son!

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- Main Quest

- Quests

- Collectibles

- List of powers Deslin

Table of contents

Welcome to Seattle
Catching smoke
The Gauntlet
Attracted by the light
Fetch lightning
Refuse disposal
Down intolerant
The fan
Reggie takes off
Heaven's Hellfire
From zero to hero
Angelic Flight
Hunt hunters
Smoke and mirrors


From the beginning of the game you need to use the Six-axis on your controller by first moving your joystick left then shaking to subsequently use your bomb. Then press the action button while choosing the direction of the bomb still using the Six-axis. After completing painting advertising, a cutscene will show you Betty. Listen to it and exit through the exit "Exit". Once outside the store, go to the left and take the ladder located on the huge red platform.

Then continue on your right, jumping the gaps between the bridge. Once arrived at the far end of the bridge, you have to jump on the wall to hang the crevices of the wall. Then continue on your left, drop down and go back to your rat race to the right. Finally, go to the end of the road. You will then you grab the wall and keep moving to the right. Then go up on the ledge head up towards the house on your right.

Then go up on the ledge head up towards the house on your right. You will then use the touchpad on the controller to open the door to trigger another cutscene introducing your brother Reggie. Once the drive is completed, look for survivors on the right side of the car. You will then enter in "collision" with the prisoner and his powers will absorb.

You just get your first power, load Smoke: press [○] to transform into cloud ultra fast smoke. This technique allows to approach lone enemies or flee the battle to recover. You can also cross fences and other obstacles. So use your new power on the tree located in front of you. Then use the keypad lever to release your brother's car that will be dropped above.

After Deslin is regained consciousness and has realized his new powers, follow your brother to the warehouse. You will then again use your dependents smoke to pass the fence. Then use in load at the conduit vent conduit to directly climbing on the roof. Load leads: Perform a smoke charge [○] in a red led to take a shortcut to the rooftops. So you can escape your attackers or win heights. Once on the roof, again use the vent in front of you to climb up the warehouse and descend directly into the building.

Here you are in front of a dam, use your Charge smoke against the dam for you to realize that it is impossible to pass. You will then retrieve a weapon chain. Press the [□] button to blows in the chain plates and fire out of the way. Once at the far end of the corridor, use your Charge smoke on the door to gain access to a new kinematics.

It will then have to run after you prisoner by hitting it with your chain and avoiding as possible ranged attack and body-to-body. Do not worry because you can not lose this fight. Once the battle is over, continue the fugitive to the exit door where another cutscene will take place. You will then have to choose the more difficult the game ..

Engage / Tribute tribe:
At the end of the prologue, you will have the choice to save your skin or admit the truth to Augustine. This will switch you to the path of the hero or infamous. Note that you will then continue in this direction to save Karma to increase the level of your character.

Engage - Protector: you are committed towards heroes. BA will boost your level, but the harm cancel your progress. "Risking your freedom to protect Betty is the first step towards becoming a hero."

Sacrificing tribe - Thug: you are committed towards infamous. Harm will boost your level, but BA cancel your progress. "Putting others in danger to protect yourself is the first step towards the infamous status."

Welcome to Seattle

After the end of the prologue, you chose to support your tribe or not, you arrive in a converted into an infirmary room for the occasion, browse the corridors until you find Betty congratulate you or not your choice. Then you ask your brother to drive you up Seattle where you wait for a dam. Once outside the vehicle, you will drive straight ahead until you reach the relay nucleus.

After interacting with the relay, you will get the skill: Shooting smoke. The Smoke Shooting allows you to launch a smoke attack medium range by pressing the trigger [R2]. You can subsequently improve to spend 25% less energy on each of your shots. So use this new skill on the drone stealing over you. Then go to him and use the keypad to absorb the fragment. Fragment will help you get as well as increase the power of your skills.

Continue your journey to the right to find two new drones flying. Shoot the enemies move with the trigger [R2] then retrieve the fragments. The last drone will be on the opposite. You never run out of "smoke", you will find a car and destroy interact with to fill the energy level of smoke at the bottom left of your screen. Any source of smoke may be recovered by Delsin.

Once the four fragments in your possession, keep moving until it fell in front of the bus in which your brother. Then pull your trigger on debris located in front of the bus. You will notice that it is impossible to destroy them! So go to options then "Genome Analysis: Powers". This is where you can learn new skills to your character. Choose Explosion ash you buy through 4 fragments.

To use this new power, you need to press the trigger [R2] then release to cause a powerful beam of smoke. This attack will allow you to destroy enemy vehicles and equipment but consume a lot of energy. Get out of options and use your new skill on the debris to destroy them. Keep it up completely clear the road. Once past the cutscene, you'll find yourself alone with a tunnel. You will notice that now you have a small map showing your position and goals to achieve, go straight ahead.

In the tunnel, you'll be attacked by bandits. Use your attack in hand-to-hand smoke through your load [□] key with [○] to avoid tires enemies hide to take over your life and the trigger [R2] to attack your enemies from a distance. Once the battle is over, you will have to "run" or "control" your enemy. If you chose the evil karma, you must run using the [□] button, otherwise, have mastered it with the [△] button. This will increase your karma to increase the level of Delsin.

Once your choice is made, out of the tunnel to find yourself facing a dilapidated bridge. Relay shown by a blue light nucleus and interact with the approach you using the numeric keypad. So you get the skill: Propulsion from a car. Jump [×] when you're on the roof of a car to ignite the exhaust gases and propel you into the air. Use your new skill to jump from platform to platform on the bridge.

A little later, you will once again interact with a relay nucleus to learn to Levitate. Simply hold the [×] button to levitate after a jump or during a fall. This will allow you firstly to jump from platform to platform without touching the water will kill you instantly and then combine Propulsion with Levitate to reach the latter parts of the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, you will find Reggie before saving. Follow it until then police roadblock. Take your hero to the point of detection and use the keypad on your controller to identify your footprints. The alarm then will ring and you will defeat all enemies in the area. Remember to use first trigger [R2] to shoot the enemies away from your melee attacks to hide the body and to get your life.

To finish this first main quest, you will need to free the "Queen Anne" area. Go to the hazardous area indicated by a red square on your card. Then you have to use your charge in the vent until the overhang area and thus identify the vehicle you speak your brother. Before accessing the central part of the area, you will gradually overcome all enemies and destroy the cameras to not being detected.

After defeating the enemies, go to the center of the area and then drag your missiles on the panels of the van. You will then climb onto the vehicle and perform the requested QTE. This will destroy the van and a special unit will arrive as reinforcements in the area! First fight normal soldiers by hiding cleverly then get ready to conquer the armed soldier of his sulfateuse.

The body-to-body against this unit will be almost useless, use a priority your tires with the trigger [R2] and use your charge now trigger [R2] that will inflict a lot of damage. Once the battle is finished, run the master or target and then use the keypad on your controller to end the first chapter. Note that destroying the mobile station control, you will release at the same time the district of "Queen Anne" where you can now move freely.

Catching smoke

In this new chapter, you will have to acquire new powers allowing you later to face Augustine. You will find below the location of the three relays as well as the easiest way to get there. Note that if you're a hero, you will not have the same improvements if you are a villain.

Queen Anne:
The first relay nucleus is located to the right of Queen Anne, symbolized by a star on the map. To get there, the easiest is to use ventilation ducts. Once at the top, fight the soldiers will between you and your improvement and tap on the relay to reveal. Then use the keypad on your controller to get your first improvement.

Seattle Center:
The second will be able to recover the east of Seattle Center, near the outpost guard. Climb the building and shoot the guards away to be safe. Do not hesitate to use your load to avoid the bullets and hide if necessary. Then go near the nucleus, pull to reveal and get your second lot will be different if you chose the path of the hero or infamous.

Neighborhood Dealer:
Note that you can retrieve the credentials in the order you wish. Finally, go to the shopping district at the top right of the area. Then climb on the building and scan below to see two guards. You can just shoot them with your trigger [R2] to quickly end the fight. Let you fall and then get your last power, at the same time putting an end to the chapter: "Catch the smoke".

The Gauntlet

To begin this new main quest, you will first need to get to the center of the area: Seattle Center. Once in front of the Space Needle, accept the main quest. You'll have to climb this huge tower, it may seem easy enough, but you should use all your powers to jump from platform to platform until its top. Climb the first ladder on your left and then use the vent to reach the "Department of unified protection" platform.

Then climb the wall to reach a second vent. You will then jump up to reach the ladder at the top right of the box, (Continue to climb small symbolized by yellow and black lines platforms. The third "stage", you will climb a ladder and jump on your left to reach a rope leading up even higher. An elevator will fall on you but do not worry, it will not affect you.

Then jump on the platform on the left and make a jump with levitation to reach the platform on the far left of your position. You will then reach the metal platform on the left. Take the opportunity to admire the scenery while Reggie will explain the sequence of events. Now, turn on your right and then jump by activating your levitation spell to reach the yellow scale on the right of the tower.

Continue your journey by jumping on the left scale then you grab the rope leading to a vent. Performing a load above, you arrive at the penultimate stage of the Space Needle. On this floor, face guards that await you then use again your load on the vent to reach the top of this huge tower.

No time to admire the view, a special soldier freezera you and you should expect to have free legs to hide behind the barricades. Face priority soldiers who will over you while remaining covered. Do not forget to use your smoke burden to avoid the bullets and OCWA soldier can immobilize you. Once defeated soldiers, attack the soldier should not ask too much resistance with your divine powers.

Once the battle is over, the relay will close and draw your new skill: Orbital Strike. Once the full chain of karma, press the bottom button on the directional pad to propel you into the air before falling in an explosion of smoke destructive energy. Note that you can head with the left joystick during the descent. Master or run ground enemies to have your karma gauge fills then use your new power on the huge string. Finally, choose the tag you want to put on the flag of the Space Needle to complete this new chapter.

Attracted by the light

Before you start this mission, you will release Pioneer Square in destroying the mobile control. As in the mission "Welcome to Seattle" you must defeat all the enemies in the area and destroy the plates of the van before destroying the power core that will aim to liberate the area. Once liberated zone, you will see the location of the fragments of the area on your map and you can continue your main quest. Go to the bottom left of Pioneer Square indicated by a star on the map.

Then go to the crime scene as you indicate on your map Reggie. You will see many police now crisscross the area, do not pay attention to these individuals and take a mouth ventilation to climb on the roofs of the area. You will then go to the center thereof to discover the victim.

The scene will be quite simple to find, just follow the purple lights of "neon" type until you reach a cul-de-sac between the buildings. You will see in front of you a victim hanging by the feet. Take your camera by pressing the top of the cross and shoot you then send to your brother. After a brief speech, leave the area to see many vans move to the next scene of the crime ...

In the manner of a mobile control, once the second scene of the crime, you will face all enemies. The fight will be quite dangerous and we encourage you to recover fragments in the eastern part of the city to add enhancements to your powers. Then battle the enemies of the second crime scene until the area is cleared. Once the carnage ended, take a picture of the victim and send it to your brother.

Then go to your right and use the keypad on your controller to delve into the affairs of the victim. It is at this point that the "Killer neon" will attack you. Take the vent on your right to climb on top of the building and use your charge to avoid smoke his tires. Hide yourself then between the decorative elements to arrive in front of the Slayer which starts running.

Try to pursue the murderer you will end up losing anyway seen. Then go back to its hiding place and inspect it to find new clues. You will photograph the following four elements for Reggie:

"Brent" box on the left
"Clothing" on the rope in front of you
"Shoes" in the bottom left
"The Book" at the bottom right

With these clues you will be the killer is a woman.

Then go to the bottom of the stash and pull out your camera. Reggie then discover the identity of "Brent", go to the new location indicated by a star on your card. Upon your arrival, you will find many bandits and soldiers. You are free to do housework or to remain stealthy not trigger new fighting.

Then use your dependents smoke to pass the door closed. Inside this place, you have to take three new photos:

"Black hole" in the center of the altar
"Photo" at the left of the altar
"Brent" behind the altar

After photographing these three indices, it put an end to this new mission.

Fetch lightning

As in the previous mission, you will first need to secure the area before starting "Fetch as lightning." So go to the bottom right of the area and destroy the merchant symbolized by a huge armored truck mobile control. After shooting the lights of the truck, destroy his heart to secure the area. Then go to the top of the building symbolized by a star on the map and accept the new main quest.

Then get in the building to see an anti-body combination. Feel free to master if you're a hero or eliminate if you're infamous. Behind you find a neon sign indicating "Olaf's sea shack". Climb on the roof of the building and use the keypad on the controller to hide in cardboard boxes. Kinematics will make you wait all day...

After the long wait ... you will come across Fetch that you will receive in order to obtain his powers. You will now have to run after Fetch with your neon power. To follow throughout the city, you should use: Speed light. Hold [○] to turn you into a ball of pure neon. You can cross the city or flee the battle to recover. Allow you to run over obstacles and even on the walls. So follow Fletch to track otherwise you will have to start the mission.

After completing Fetch through the trail, you arrive in a small area where you will confront. Before that, you have to go around all the neon lights of the room and absorb their energy so that Fletch can no longer use. Once the part is completely in the dark, you will have access to a new power: neon Ray. Press [R2] to launch a long-range attack neon. So stay away from the enemy and shoot him when it will freeze to deal with them.

Corrupt Fetch / Rehabilitate Fetch:
Rehabilitate Fetch: "Teach him to control himself by working to dismantle the illegal drug trafficking in Seattle"

Fetch corrupt: "Make it a killer without a thank you and drop it onto the anti-Bearers activists."

As before, choosing the path of the hero or infamous, you will unlock new skills in the tree "Neon" custom.


As in the quest: "Catching smoke", you have to find the relay points scattered throughout the city in order to obtain new powers. First Listen Reggie give you any indications he has obtained by the police and then go directly to the requested location, symbolized by a star on the map. You will find Fetch near a nucleus. Destroy the core and get your new power will be different if you chose to be a hero or a villain.

You will then follow the neon Fetch until the next kernel. First of all, get in the lane to the right of the bar as shown in the picture. Then go straight, turn left and go up having to turn right. The guidance will be given by the neon lights throughout your journey. Note that if you are a hero, Fetch kill police and if you are an infamous anti-holders in different places of the city.

Then you will find Fetch on a roof trying to tackle dealers. You are free to end the massacre or to let it fun while you're trying to absorb your new power. The kernel is on the right of the area, near the docks. As before, once the power obtained, you must follow Fetch with neon it has positioned throughout the city.

Fetch will be located at the top right of the map of Seattle. Pull the ring with [R2] in order not to lose life with the explosion of it hand-to-body and get your penultimate power of this mission. Fetch will then ask you to follow for the last time and you'll tackle a huge militia under your eyes. As for the dealers, you can help or not in its manhunt.

Recover your last power as shown in the image and use it on the enemies that come your way. This put an end to this quest "tutorial" requiring you to collect new powers and especially use. Delsin is now ready to continue his journey through the streets of Seattle!

Refuse disposal

If you chose to rehabilitate Fetch in the chapter: "Fetch as lightning," you will make you near Seattle waterfront as shown by the blue star on the map. You will then receive a phone call asking you to Fetch search houseboats will be symbolized by white circles. Go to these areas while taking care of the bandits.

Location of houses to search: 
Once the back of a house, you will find a bag of drugs that you must search with the numeric keypad on your controller. Then go outside the house and tag it so that Fetch can recognize. You will then search the other two houses from the back of them, looking sachets of powder and then tag the front of houseboats.

After tagged your homes, you will hear a noise in the house. Go to the right of them and open the doors to free hostages. Once all the houses tagged, return near the warehouse where many enemies await you. Use all of your powers to overcome all enemies.

After completing this tedious battle, return Fetch that found at the top of the building to the rear of the docks. Fetch will then use his powers to destroy all the targeted houses. You will then follow the van drug to its destination. To avoid being seen, simply follow Fetch the Seattle skyline until eventually arriving at unloading.

Once on the scene, try to get through all enemies. You can also let Fetch will be a very good ally, if you take too much damage. Then go to the back of the van and open the keypad lever to release the hostages. This will put an end to the main quest of the next hero.

Down Intolerant

If you chose to corrupt Fetch in the main quest: "Fetch as lightning", you will have access to the main quest symbolized by the red star on the map. See you at this point then press the top of the directional pad to accept this mission. You will then take to the streets, accompanied by Fetch and destroy the anti-aircraft.

Once the massacre ended, you must go to the three points symbolized by stars on the map. The first will be just west of Seattle Center, the second west of Georgetown and the last at the bottom right of the shopping district. You have to always eradicate anti-holders and troops DUP who will join the party. Once the three security areas, you'll join Abigail Walker aka "Fetch" tunnel near Georgetown.

This sequence will be quite difficult to pass. You will cross the entire tunnel fighting all enemies in front of you. Do not forget to use all your spells at your disposal. Once at the end of this bridge, a new brigade will be waiting. Eradicate the DUP zone to start the drive end of the main quest of the infamous side.


As usual, at the beginning of the mission you will listen and Reggie Fetch your brother asks you to go over the bridge at the very bottom right corner of Seattle. Upon your arrival, you will see a huge cement slab prevents you spend ... though? Use your power of neon to run against the wall and go through it! You will then disable many turrets without dying. Watch the video above to see how you move without dying.

After destroying all guns, continue your progress on the bridge until you see two guards on the barricades. Use your smoke jumping on the red car to the left of your position in order to successfully jump to the second section of the bridge. Then confront the two guards and the new enemies of DUP with an armored armor.

The agent of the DUP:
You will then come before the Boss area: agent DUP. This consists entirely of cement enemy will almost invulnerable to your attacks smoke. Firstly avoid his attacks by putting you behind the cement columns. Then suck the power of Neon to recharge your batteries.

Then dodge attacks like homing missile and launched rocks with your super-speed. Attacks the body-to-body does not work against the Boss, so you will need to overcome distance by firing beams of neon above. After the fierce battle, a cutscene will take you directly to the roof of a building, Lantern District.

The fan

Now that you're Lantern District, you must destroy the advanced area in order to recover the main quest InFamous post: Second Son. As indicated on the map, the van will be located at the top right of the zone. Then go to the bottom left of Lantern District where you had to have an appointment with your fan that will give new insights to follow.

Then go under the bridge where you have to divert vans DUP. Then use your tires smoke and / or neon using the trigger [R2] on the powders to make the bridge unstable. Kinematics will then show you the bridge collapse when the DUP will arrive in the area. You will have to face the soldiers who try to end your days.

After defeating all the enemies, loot the first van with the keypad lever. You will then have to climb high on the buildings and take out your cell phone to locate other vans in nature. The first is found at the bottom right of the area.

Once on the scene, go near the van and search the vehicle only to realize it was a trap! Two new enemies will appear then. As usual, use all your powers to overcome the much more powerful than the previous and do not hesitate to flee the battle to regain your energy on pain of having to restart the mission. Enemies

 As before, back to the top of a roof and capture the new signal that will take you into the park at the bottom right of Rainier. Delve into the new van that will be empty again. We take the same and again, back at the top of a building and capture the last signal that takes you on the top left of Lantern District, as shown on the map. 

Once on the scene, you will see "angels" fighting against the DUP. Let them face up to what the angels have finished the massacre or help them finish this fight can be quite long. After that, the angels disappear and it will do more than search the last van to stop the main quest.

Reggie takes off

And now what do we do? Go near the toilet as show the card. You will then delve into these toilets for clues. Then go look in all toilets. You will eventually find the fugitive will be captured by an angel. Try to continue to be even if you lose.

Then go to the specified research area of the fugitive. Eventually you will find the trace of the fugitive who found near the construction site. Rather than linger to defeat all the enemies in the area, mount directly on the visible red crane far to trace the fugitive who is on the right of the crane. At the time of retrieving a new angel to monopolize.

Appointment now in the toilet that will tell Reggie. You will then find your brother, disguised as a fugitive. Then you have to follow pretending to chase. After a little while, Reggie will be caught by an angel and you will just have to follow the trace, symbolized by a white star on the map.

You are now facing many screens! It will do more than recover energy neon around then take first on the angel protecting the screen and then the screen itself until finally destroys. After destroying all screens, return to Reggie to stop "Reggie takes off".

Heaven's Hellfire

To begin this new mission, you must enter the lair indicated by a white star near the screens where angels came. Within this frame, you will search the premises. Going around screens, and you will land in a "fictional" world buried by lava. First use any blue light that you will achieve the height.

You will then face Eugene, the person who helped you in previous quests. Under the guise of an angel, you will first need to avoid his attacks by positioning yourself behind the walls. Warning: the walls will eventually destroy them, so use your smoke charge and neon to avoid his attacks. Then hit his armor in order to weaken.

Note that you can find refills neon and smoke on the platforms. These points of refills can be used repeatedly over time. Once the Boss weakened, it will turn into many angels that you must hit with your breast. This will effectively remove a lot of life. Finally, the Boss will protect with the help of his angels. First pull all of the angels who surround and finish it.

Rehabilitate Eugene / Eugene Bribe:

Rehabilitate Eugene: "Let him take courage by working side by side to protect the weak."

Eugene corrupt "Free him of his fear of gross making him aware of his strength."

After defeating Eugene in his world, you will face a new dilemma, help to become a good student or release the beast within him.

From zero to hero

After defeating Eugene, you need to get all your new powers. First try in the street to use your powers to realize that you will not have any jurisdiction. Then go up to the right of Seattle as indicated on the map to find Reggie. It will help you get your first core giving you the invisibility spell. Perfect to escape enemies or surprise. You need to press the trigger [R1] to use this power.

Follow Reggie top left Lantern District, near the docks. You will find the second relay which will give you the basic attack. It is at this point that several soldiers DUP will attack you. So use your invisibility spell and your attack to get around fairly quickly.

You will then sow Reggie. Use again your invisibility spell with [R1] and run until it eventually lose your trace. Eugene will then give you the location of a new kernel that is found in an alley in the bottom left of your position. First exterminate the enemies around and get your power that lets you fly! Then snipers DUP will bore you, kill them to continue the main quest.

Then go to the new relay indicated on the map by a white star. Several angels will lend you a hand so you can get your umpteenth power safely. Then use your "swords" on helicopters that try to harm you. The new kernel will be located at the far left of the map and will be guarded by many enemies of the DUP.

As before, you should listen to Eugene which will indicate the position of the last two powers on the map. Fight the enemies first and then retrieve all of your powers before using the new enemy wave will happen after the absorption of your new skill. Once complete main quest, your next quest will change if you chose to rehabilitate Eugene or release the beast within him.

Angelic Flight

If you have decided to rehabilitate Eugene, you have access to the quest: "Flight angelic". Return to first in Eugene hideout you will see for the first time outside. Then go to the place indicated by a white star on your map. This is the site where many bandits you wait. Make clean before continue your main quest.

After fighting the bandits, you will find three "boxes" marked by a red cross. Hit the boxes and inspect elevators to realize that nothing is suspect. Eugene will ask you to go on the roof, helping to neutralize his angels helicopters.

Back outside, you will see the angels Eugene currently neutralize helicopters. Jump on the cargo ship each helicopter and then pull the center thereof as shown in the picture. This will make them fall. You will jump height in order to successfully land on all shipments and thus complete the mission you have asked Eugene.

Then go to the center of the area indicated on your map. You will discover many agents DUP that you must neutralize with the help of angels Eugene. Once the massacre ended, you will see two special agents near DUP to do battle with Delsin. The easiest way for you will be using your "ultimate" power with the high key of the directional pad to end this fight quickly. Once defeated enemies, Eugene will lend you a hand and finish to complete agents. This will end this mission at the same time.

Hunt hunters

To start the main quest, you must have chosen the alternative nasty Eugene. Then go back to his lair for he asks you to go on the site at the bottom left of your position. Once on site, you have to fight all enemies in the area. Tip: If you ever have trouble getting rid of the bandits, climb on the roof to be helped by demons Eugene.

After defeating all enemies in the area, go to the top of a building. You will then follow up given by Eugene cache bandits close to a bar like the image shows signal. Fight your opponents then turn on the roofs of buildings in search of the next signal given by Eugene.

The next signal will take you on top of a roof near a greenhouse where you will once again destroy all life. Eugene will then give you the last signal leading to a crowded area DUP agents. Use all your skills with precision and do not hesitate to hide to regain life and let the demons come support you in this great battle.

After fighting all enemies in the area, two special agents will end your days. The easiest for you is to use your super attack to quickly end the fight. After that, Eugene Angel materialize in front of you and participate in the carnage until there is no longer any enemy in the area. After the battle at the same time will end this chapter.


To start the main quest, you will first need to go to the building indicated by a white star in the center of Denny Park. Once near the antenna, turn the quest. You must go to a devastated to find clues area. First check the scene to see that several officers were attacked DUP.

Then take the picture of the dead body of the agent on your right with the directional pad up and press [R2] to send the photo to your brother Reggie. You will then be attacked by new soldiers and you will defeat them quickly enough before they find clues before you.

Then go to the center of the area and take the helmet of the agent DUP with the numeric keypad on your controller. Listening to the discussion, you learn a little more about Hank, the fugitive who gave you your powers of smoke. It was then that many troops DUP will fight for you. Use your super-priority attacks to destroy the trucks quickly. If you ever do not have enough energy, stay hidden time regain strength and fight gradually units present in the area.

Then go into the alley to the right of the box, take out your camera with the top button of your directional pad and send the photo to your brother through the trigger [R2]. You will then go to West Seattle, in the residential district. Fetch you find that you indicate a position where helicopters are attacking a carrier.

Go to the designated area, fight helicopters and soldiers reduce DUP in smoke. You will then visit the small market area where you already have pursued a fugitive. You will then find that you need Hank to continue through the ventilation ducts of the city. Do not worry, you have the power to neon, video, or smoke, the race will be slow enough that you can get out. At the end of this course, you will Hank contact on your phone.

Smoke and mirrors

Before starting the main quest, you will firstly release the Downtown destroying the checkpoint that will be at the center of the area. Then destroy the plates as shown in the image below then go near the generator and use your trackpad to destroy. Once the massacre ended, go start your main quest.

After listening to Reggie on the phone, you'll find on the docks after a quick cutscene with your brother and Hank. Follow Hank with the help of your government to the right. Then it will approach a huge red hose that destroy. Take the fate of smoke on your left and enter the vent that takes you to the floating fortress conduit.

In this new area, you will need to follow Hank and destroy the pillars with your keypad. Then kill all the enemies in the area and continue to follow with the help of the vent that will open. Continue to follow, fight enemies, destroy the pillars and near the relay core to make room for a cutscene that will make you understand that Hank laughed at you!

And now? You will run to Reggie avoiding somehow firing machine guns. So you hide behind the barricades to regain your health then run continuing to avoid the shots. Once in the huge area, Reggie help you kill all the enemies and then a cutscene you free hands ... Pull this with your powers on the "handcuffs" Eugene and Fetch until a new kinematic come to end the life of your brother.

Here you are now facing Augustine. To beat her, you will first need to avoid his attacks by putting you behind the stone blocks as shown in the image below. You will then take her shots concentrated leaving pressed the trigger [R2] then releasing on Augustine. Note that if you do not have to smoke, you can refuel with chimneys located on the boulders.

After touching several times, you can inflict damage to Augustine. After three blows, then you can run it. After the first run, you'll have to defeat his minions who will enter the battlefield and repeat the same operation to put a definitive end to the life of the Boss. Then you will find all Delsin west of Seattle. Fight first of all the enemies that you will face.

Then stand on the roofs of apartments and follow the GPS signal with your phone. This will take you first to a place completely devastated by Hank. Kill all the soldiers of the DUP on the scene and then return a final height to locate Hank, it will be located near the waterfront as shown in the image below.

Saving Hank / Hank Kill:
You have now the choice between letting Hank live or kill. This choice does not take other story missions later but if Delsin is a "hero", you denoncerez Augustine in the final chapter of the game and on the contrary, if your character is bad, you kill in cold blood.

- Hank Eparger: increase the heroic side of Delsin.

- Kill Hank: increase the infamous side Delsin. 


You are now about to start the last mission of the game First go in front of the building of the DUP as shown in the image below. If you chose to be a hero, then you reveal to the world of Augustine's intentions, otherwise you kill in cold blood. Once the mission is accepted, go near the fuses and disconnect electricity.

Then go near the building entrance, draw smoke and teleport using the vent which will be released. At the top of the building, you will find Fetch that will give you a hand to defeat the guards that you expect but also releasing a new vent that will allow you to jump higher to reach a ladder leading to the next stage.

Continue to climb the building, defeat the enemies in your way and use Fetch shortcuts will bring in its wake. You will eventually reach the penultimate floor of the building where helicopters will try to destroy you. Fortunately, Eugene materialize angel and destroy the helicopter flies as vulgar. Keep climbing until you reach the roof of the DUP.

At the top of the roof, fight agents DUP then wait Fetch ends cut area. You will then use the dish with your video load to enter directly into the building where you wait Augustine. As a first step, you will draw swords [R1] on Augustine to destroy his shield then shoot him a second time over with [R2]. To recharge your batteries, many screens are available.

Having struck the first form of the Boss, you will get this cement his power. Then you have to wait Eugene sends you nuclei to obtain all the necessary skills to defeat the Boss. You will run until the room avoiding his attacks rolls, bombs and its crushing. Finally, you will use your load and avoid his attacks then hit with your attacks [R1] and [R2] which will recharge over time. Once the boss defeated, you can freely enjoy the end of inFamous before returning on the map of Seattle in free mode.