Lego The Lord of the Rings: Cheat Codes to Unlock new Characters and Extras

In these Lego Lord of the Rings Cheats, we give you passwords to unlock new characters, characters and extras. In Lego Lord of the Rings you use - like in other Lego video games - cheats to unlock new game characters. Below we have listed for you cheat codes on Lego Lord of the Rings, "Enter Codes" in the "Tools" menu under their type.

Besides, Bilbo Baggins, among other means of Lego Lord of the Rings Cheats also Elrond or even Radagast.

Lego The Lord of the Rings - cheat codes to unlock characters

Bilbo Baggins - J4337V
Lutz - QL28WB
Denethor - RJV4KB
Disguises - MX26RJ
Elrond (Second Age) - A9FB4Q
Eomer - U47AOG
Galadriel - 7B4VWH
Gamling - AVJII1
Ringwraith White - LYQU1F
Ostling - R7XKDH
Gondor Ranger - LG5GI7
Grima - BU95CB
Hama - 73HJP6
King of the Dead - IH7E58
Lothlorien Elf - C2A58D
Madril - C19F3A
Nazgul - LYQU1F
Uruk-hai Berserker - UE5Z7H
Shagrat - PJB6MV
Radagast - 5LV6EB

Lego Lord of the Rings - Cheats - Extras

Mithril Brick Finder - B72D7E
Mithril Hearts - 2MCRDN
Mouth of Sauron - F4M7FC
Quest Finder - EY4K32
Regenerate Hearts - H5L6N6