MGS 5: Ground Zeroes: Find all XOF Emblems to open Secret Mission

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes has a "secret". A mission will appear with the "locked" in the selection menu. To unlock it, you need to find nine XOF badges, the army belongs to which Big Boss. They are scattered throughout the area of the main adventure game.

The DTGReviews made a list of the nine locations where you will be able to find the "patches". Get them is relatively simple, and to get them just hold the button ball (PS) or B (Xbox). but there is great difficulty in this goal: we need to collect all the same save. Can you?

Emblem 1: Soon to start the game, turn around and walk back to the edge of the cliff. Ali is the first badge. Look near the plants.

Emblem 2: Entering the big prison, go straight until you find a kind of "dump". In the waste pile next to the wall is more a badge.

Emblem 3: Follow the north, where there are some houses. When you get them in the second before the third, turn left and look for a locked location where they are "stored" three white boxes. Open the lock and check the box to the left to access the third badge.

Emblem 4: Go straight to near the administration building. Note that there are three airstrips helicopter. Search a puddle left from the middle lane to the right. Collect the fourth emblem there.

Emblem 5: At the main gate of the administration building, there is scaffolding on the right. Behind one of them there is a drain. Go down it and take another "patch".

Emblem 6: Enter the red small door next to the main gate and climb up the white building on the right. In a small chimney, the sixth badge.

Emblem 7: Leave the area of administration, pass underneath the bridge that is to the left and go in the direction of the old prison. A security booth has a badge and you can catch him climbing it.

Emblem 8: The eighth is right at the entrance of the prison where you rescue Chico. Open your door and then collect it. Without error.

Emblem 9: The last and at the same time easier and harder emblem. He is already with you, but you must take it. Track and turn from one side to the other (using the left analog stick along the crosshairs) for approximately ten seconds. An animation will appear and you will notice that a badge was in the pocket of Snake. He then is released from clothing and you can collect to unlock the mission! You can do this and collect the badge anywhere in the scene.

But do not think just collect everything, pause the game and go to the menu that she will be there unlocked, no! You must complete the objectives (rescue Chico and Peace) to be released this mission! Remember that the missions are different on each platform: "Deja Vu" and the PlayStation "Jamais Vu" on Xbox.

Only after seeing all the long and extensive animation credits at the end of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (probably not the first time) is that you can go to the mission selection menu and see that it was unlocked. Enjoy!