Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville – Useful Tips

The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville is a game based on the new design of The Powerpuff Girls, where the heroines forget how to use their powers thanks to the villain Mojo Jojo and need to recover them. Check out some useful tips for playing the game release for PC, Mac and Linux.


The beginning of the adventure is a bit confusing, putting the player in control of one of the girls, Buttercup, powerless, without a jump button or any explanation of how the game works. At this time control it with the arrow keys and just go forward where getting.

Eventually you will find icons with a blue arrow pointing up, the power-ups. Begin to acquire them to regain some of the basic functions, such as attacking and fly. Below is a list of controls, however you must purchase these power-ups before you can use them.


Move - Directional arrows

Attack (right) - D
Attack (left) - The
Impulse - S
Exchanging power - Spacebar
Change the character - Q and E

Exploring the scenario

The game features an embodiment similar to classic games like Metroid and Castlevania exploration, where the player will entering rooms with multiple paths and exits, obtaining powers that allow access increasingly local time.

After purchasing the upgrade to map room, in the early moments of the game, press Esc to open the map and see where you've explored. Rooms marked with an exclamation point "!" Indicate places where there are important items to be obtained.

Most paths are protected by blocks that can only be broken by specific powers. Some of these powers are exclusive of certain girls, then the role of Sweetie you need to explore and also redeem your sisters, Buttercup and Bubbles.

Saving the game

Some of the rooms allow players to save the progress of your adventure. They are marked on the map with icons of disks, which also appear on the doors that give access to these rooms. Once in them, there is a yellow icon with a floppy, simply touch it to save the game and regain your energy.

Upgrades and reinforcements

In addition to the Power-Ups you will also find items to upgrade, as modules of energy or power, which have the appearance of stars or hearts. By accumulating these 4 modules, increase your energy or power permanently. Another type of item that can be found are the ribs.

When purchasing a booster you can equip it through the game menu. Press ESC to open the menu, then the Q and E keys to navigate through the tabs and select the last right: Reinforcements. Find your desired strengthening the list and press Enter to equip it or shut it down.