PvZ: Garden Warfare - solution with tips for beginners

In our little Plants vs. Zombies solution we offer you some tips for Popcap shooter game. The game features cool shooter action in between the sympathetic Plants Vs. Zombies style. The first tip to the game, we recommend you the classes pea gun and soldier. Both classes shooting gameplay. Also, you should try to start to fulfill Challenges for classes to improve your skills in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare or unlockables.

The following Garden Warfare tips we offer you a small entry aid into play. We recommend to you, for example, prefer to save on the 10,000-coin packs, instead of your money to invest in 1000 packs. Why, that you learn in our Tips for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare below.

For entry into Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, we recommend the classes soldier or peas cannon. You bang at the beginning of Garden Warfare with the two classes around a bit and thus accustomed you to the enemy and the gameplay of the game. Should you ever be encircled, you jump into the air and look at the level and the opponents. For one, you created thus a balanced team, on the other hand you rid yourself of the often used and annoying Chomper. These have the ability to instant kill. Simply change the class to Cactus and rid you of Chomper from an elevated point. Also Do not forget to place mines or Tall-Nuts! One or the other can kill.

Means challenges in Plants vs.. Zombies: Garden Warfare unlocks their new skills. Also new, useful modifications are accessible in the later stages of Garden Warfare. So it's worth, unlock all challenges for each class and often to change class. Use also in Plants vs.. Zombies Garden Warfare the Boss mode. So you heal your teammates or ensure a rain of bombs. But do not forget to you also focus on the conventional game and deny yourself with your fellow players. Must also be cured with the sunflower, which also can neat dish out damage. Team healing is important in Plants vs.. Zombies Garden Warfare.

What's worth more? A Pack with 10,000 coins or ten packs of 1,000 coins? The 10,000-coin packs often offer new characters. In addition, 10,000 coins in Plants vs.. Zombies Garden Warfare fast. You Should use the Chomper plants in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, so dig some places to act in secret. In addition, you should not camp with the class, because will be discovered - escape is too slow. On top of that you should search a companion, otherwise you are with the Chompern too easy cannon fodder. With the scientist his beaming you through the level. Neat damage you share with the, if you are come close enough to the opponent. What makes the class valuable is the healing of teammates on a given area. So Move it near your team and heal your buddies over again.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare walkthrough video