Rayman Legends: Solution, tips on all Teensie Locations, Trophies, Princesses, Heroes

Rayman Legends solution with tips for PS4 and Xbox One: we offer you all the bonus costumes, princess heroes and more. In Rayman Legends, you collect so many small pieces as possible throughout the levels. We also guide you how you reaps as many Lums. We also offer you advice on the basis of video and seven special trophies or achievements in Rayman Legends.

There are bargain even whopping 700 Kleinlinge (Teensies in the original English) to bag in Rayman Legends. We also give you tips for where you should look for in our small Rayman Legends Guide. In our test for Rayman Legends the game garnered a whopping 91 per cent of gameplay.

Table of Contents

1 Rayman Legends solution: Tips to Lum's Princesses and Heroes
2 Rayman Legends solution: Collect all 700 Kleinlinge / Teensies
3 Rayman Legends solution: All the costumes of the heroes gallery
4 Rayman Legends solution: video guides to seven special achievements and trophies

Rayman Legends solution - Tips to many Lums

In order to collect a lot of Lums, should reap their luck lots. In each level you managed to get a lucky ticket, if you have garnered a certain amount of Lums. The cuddly monster collects for you in the game extra Lums one.

Princesses heroes the world paintings of Rayman Legends

These princesses heroes you can unlock in Rayman Legends when you have gathered in Teensies.

Teensies are the numbers:

Barbara - 15 Teensies
Aurora - 35 Teensies
Estelia – 55 Teensies
Elysia - 60 Teensies
Ursula - 90 Teensies
Twila - 115 Teensies
Olympia – 155 Teensies
Selena - 170 Teensies
Emma - 230 Teensies
Sibylla - 290 Teensies

Rayman Legends solution - tips on all 700 Teensies / Teensies

Collect all Teensies in Rayman Legends: A total of 700 small pieces are hidden in Rayman Legends. The exact number of small pieces you can extract at the top of the painting. Most are hidden in the "normal" paintings total of 10 Teensies - next 8 Teensies you collect even the King and Queen in the levels. In the haunted paintings, you will receive three small pieces at the end - manage the levels in under 40 seconds. Pro Completely world painting, you will receive a diamond trophy. The below Youtube Video you can see the locations of all Teensies in the paintings levels of Rayman Legends.

All -ridden levels in 40 seconds you see in the following Youtube video.

Teensies in calamities - 90 Teensies

60 Teensies normal paintings
18 in the haunted paintings
6 in princess rescue
3 paintings in music
3 Boss Painting

The magic toad - 77 Teensies

50 small pieces into the normal paintings
15 in the haunted paintings
6 in princess rescue
Three paintings in Boss
Three paintings in music

Fiesta de los Muertos - 70 Teensies

40 small pieces into the normal paintings
15 in the haunted paintings
6 in the Prince's rescue
3 in the special painting
3 paintings in music
3 Boss Painting

20,000 Lums Under the Sea - 83 Teensies

50 small pieces into the normal paintings
18 in the haunted paintings
6 for the princesses Rescue
3 in the special painting
3 paintings in music
Three paintings in Boss

Olympus Maximus - 90 Teensies

60 small pieces into the normal paintings
8 in the haunted paintings
6 for the princesses Rescue
3 paintings in music
3 Boss Painting

Feast of the living dead – 21 Teensies

Back to Origins - 260 Teensies

52 Teensies in sealing end thicket
52 Teensies in the didgeridoos dunes
52 in Leckermaul country
52 in the ocean of opportunities
52 in Mysterious summit

Warning: The Hapless provide a few small pieces. This you earn when you reaps as many Lums per level.

Costumes of the Heroes gallery

Sir Rayelot - 2,000 Lums
Teensy Ray - 5,000 Lums
GlobTeen - 20,000 Lums
Raybox - 40,000 Lums
Teensy Queen - 55,000 Lums
Glombrox - 75,000 Lums
Teensy Wizard - 100,000 Lums
Raymesis - 130,000 Lums
Teensy Hermit - 170,000 Lums
Raymolk - 220,000 Lums
Ninja Teensy - 280,000 Lums
Globolk - 350,000 Lums
Flaming Teensy - 440,000 Lums
Poglox - 500,000 Lums
The first king - 750,000 Lums
Rayomz - 1,000,000 Lums

Rayman Legends solution - Special trophies in Video Guides

In the following video guides for Rayman Legends you see Tips for tricky trophies or achievements. The achievements in Rayman Legends apply to both the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game.

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement - This Ain't a Platform

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement - Axe Skater

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement – Watch Out

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement – Bouncing Island

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement - Splinter Ray

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement – Let Him Do the Job

Rayman Legend Trophy / Achievement - rubber ducks