Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition (HD) Walkthrough, All chapters Solved

Resident Evil 4 is back in an HD version in order to (re) discover this fantastic title that marked a turning point in the license. The events take place 6 years after Resident Evil 2. You play as Leon S. Kennedy, whose mission is to find the daughter of the President of the United States, kidnapped by a cult in a European country. During its investigation, Leo discovers the threat of a new biological weapon called "Las Plagas".

To save the pretty girl hostile and leave this country, you're going to need help. That is why DTGReviews offers the complete solution for Resident Evil 4 HD. We will guide you through the five chapters that make up this game and you reveal the location of hidden treasures. In addition, those who completed the game can follow the solution scenario Separate Ways, as well as mini-game Assignment Ada. Are you ready to save the president's daughter?

Chapter 1

This section of the complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD combines all the parts of Chapter 1.

Chapter 1-1
After the cutscenes that explain a little scenario of what Resident Evil 4, you're in a hand weapon unwelcoming forest. At first, try to kill crows, especially the right one, for some objects or gold, and a treasure spinel. Head now to the hut to trigger a little scene. Enter and follow the new scene with a man ... somewhat disturbing. When you regain control, kill him, but others arrive and surround the cabin. Exit through a window and disable the new enemies, then walk along the only path available. Feel free to search the huts on the side, because they contain pesetas (game currency), ammunition and herbs. In the first, you even have a typewriter to save your game.

A little later, a wolf was caught in a leg trap. Release it, it will help you in return a little later in the game Follow the path avoiding the wolf traps and explosives to reach a guarded by two enemies bridge. Cross it and continue the path. The hut on the left contains a few items, but pay attention to the hidden enemy behind the wall. Spend finally the front door to enter the village.

Move a little and use binoculars to watch the scene. To pass, you are required to identify you. From there, two choices are available to you: either you eliminate as much as possible enemies or you survive long enough in avoiding them. If you choose to fight, know that a shotgun is in the third house on the left from the entrance. In all cases, the village bell rings and enemies leave. Take a few minutes to go around the houses to recover pesetas, ammo, herbs, ... Take the path to the left of the tower to continue the adventure. Go through the door at the end to reach a new area.

Some enemies are present here, but nothing insurmountable. Drawing, hens will lay eggs, collect them, they will give back a bit of life, which can save you in case of shortage of herbs. On the wall you can see a paper and a small blue medallion as explained in the message, you have to shoot 15 medallions, 7 here on the farm, and 8 in the cemetery, to obtain a reward. The location of these medallions is now available on your card, but you will find their site in detail in our dedicated section. Exit the area by the East door to continue.

Advancing a little, villagers will drop a large stone: get the QTE to get away. Go through the tunnel to arrive at several houses. Pay attention to the enemies swinging sticks of dynamite! Go to the rear house and make skip the lock of the door to enter. Sauté the remaining explosives remotely, then push the furniture left in the last room to find a passage. Inspect the cabinet bottom to meet Luis Sera, and the Big Boss places.

Chapter 1-2
Follow the small kinematic and pass the QTE to release you. Advancing a little in the hallway, a suspicious individual asks you to follow him: it is a seller. This is a pretty important character because it is from him that you can buy new weapons, accessories, briefcases to increase the size of your inventory, maps to more easily find treasures or first aid sprays. It also proposes to improve all your weapons. Finally, you can sell him the treasures found. Then move the double door into an area with lots of enemies.

The door at the bottom is locked: you have to find two parts emblem and assemble, then put the full emblem on the door to continue. Do not try to kill all the villagers, they are continuous. From the entrance, go up the slope and go right at the end to find a chest containing the first part of the emblem. Return to the entrance and enter the house on the left. Cross it to find a ladder. At the top, you find another chest containing the second part of the emblem. Access your inventory and combine the two pieces to get the full emblem. Place now in the door at the bottom of the box to continue.

Enter the tallest building in the next area. Progress inside then go out the window when you get stuck. Several enemies await you, some armed with dynamite. Eliminate all these people to continue, but watch out for wolf traps on the ground. Spend the next room to find yourself in the sewers. At the end, go down below to kill some fish: like chicken eggs, they will restore life. Then go up the ladder to return to the surface.

Shoot the explosives and disable traps wolf before heading to the big house. Inside, you must solve a puzzle to open the door: simply rotate the ball to the Top and Left to solve this puzzle. Collect the key in the trunk badge and go through the door to finish this chapter.

Chapter 1-3
If you return to the previous room, you'll see a character you know from Resident Evil 2. Go down the stairs down the hall to find a typewriter. Exit through the door to the left of the machine to continue. Some villagers, including one with a chainsaw, you expect. Kill them to move forward. Down the road, remove the bar that blocks the door and pass it to find yourself in the village at the beginning. The village is invaded by enemies again. Head to the church door and open it with the key to the badge previously found.

In the church, grab the ammo and save. Go through the door, open the door and get off. Go through the tunnels until you find the seller. Go shopping and take the ladder away.

You are in the cemetery. Take the opportunity to shoot the blue medallions that you lack: you help our page devoted to it. Move a little to being attacked by two villagers. Progress to the church and eliminate the other three that await you. Try to open the door to be informed that you need to pass an object. Take the path on the right of the church, walk along the wooden bridge and go to the next area.

Collect objects in the huts and then head into the small tunnel. Take a first step in the right door. At the bottom of the room, you find the seller and a typewriter. Go back to spend the second door. Search the shack right for some items and then engage yourself in the way: it is a trap and enemies are a rock fall on you. Complete the QTE to get away.

You arrive in a swamp. Advance eliminating enemies and avoiding taking you explosives. Place the big door at the end to reach a new area. Follow the path that goes straight to observe a scene that makes chilling. Go back to take the second path. Visit the hut right for some ammo, then the background color for a typewriter. Finally stand on the edge of the pontoon boat and start sailing on the lake.

Trying to reach the other side, you are attacked by the first boss of the game: Del Lago. To beat him, you must send harpoons and try to steer the boat not to take you and the tree stumps to prevent it hits you.

After a few well placed harpoons, rope wraps around your leg and you are attracted to the bottom. Complete the QTE to free yourself. At the end of the scene, you complete this chapter.

Chapter 2

This section of the complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD combines all the parts of Chapter 2.

Chapter 2-1
Collect various objects in the room and the word on the bed. If desired, repeat the boat and head to the blue lights to find the seller. Otherwise, take the front door near the house in which you woke up. Progress along the way to discover a new type of enemy. A little further on, cross the river by jumping and then use the rope to descend below. At the end of this area, pull the chains holding the case for dropping in water. Use it to cross the river. Do the same with the other two cases in order to progress. Climb the ladder on the other side and pull the lever. Back at the waterfall to take the hidden passage. Enemies will arise on every side: remove them before continuing.

Follow the tunnel and pick up the circular badge after. Move into the new passage and take the door. Get in the boat and you come back at the dealer. Make your shop, save and take the ladder to exit. Go left and get ready to face a boss: El Gigante.

To eliminate this boss, shoot him until he is on his knees. From there, approach him to climb on his back and spamming the button to send a knife to the species of parasite that leaves him back. Repeat the operation until his death. If you saved the white wolf at the beginning of the game, it comes to help you in this fight.

Take the path that is open and go through the door. Back at the cemetery and enter the church through the circular that you have recovered earlier badge. Climb the ladder on the left and jump onto the chandelier to reach the other side. Interact with the console to find a small puzzle. To solve it, turn the red stained twice, green three times and blue once. Combine the color then go through the door now accessible. You've finally found Ashley! However, this girl may be very cute but you will quickly realize that this is a real ball ... You're going at all costs to keep an eye on it because if it is captured by the enemy, the Game Over: when is the daughter of the president of the United States, a small Krav Maga would not it be luxury, right? Oh, and do not pull it especially above, even if it is tempting ... Anyway, try to leave the church to end this chapter.

Chapter 2-2
Unlock the door and exit. Many enemies await you in the cemetery. Approach the truck and pull to remove some villagers. Complete other and exit the cemetery to return to the tunnels through which you first arrived. Stop by the seller if necessary, then remove it from the other side. Back at the farm then approach the second door. Make the short scale Ashley so she opens the door and pass the.

Move a little and talk with the seller if you need it. Cross the bridge to get into the house. Angry villagers will come from all sides. Inside the house you will find Luis that will give you a hand to repel. The goal here will be to defend yourself by killing as many enemies as possible. After a moment, they will give up and leave.

Chapter 2-3
Leave the house to find the seller, some ammunition, a typewriter and a word suggesting that to choose a path. If you want to get all the treasures of the game, you will need to go through two paths: on the left you have to kill a group of villagers, including two women Chainsaw, on the left you will face a new El Gigante but if you make sure that the rock height falls on him, you will kill him easily. Choose your path through the mechanism and cross the area.

In both cases, you arrive in an area with a seller and a typewriter in a home. Go shopping, then head back to the cable car. Enemies will shoot you and will try to get on your cable: defend yourself time to return to the mainland. Go down the stairs to find the seller and a typewriter later. Once you're ready, go through the door and cross the area to reach a house. Prepare to face a boss: Mendez.

This fight takes place in two parts: in the first phase, trying to escape Mendez and pull him. During the second phase, it becomes much more mobile and therefore it is harder to hit. At his death, retrieve his glass eye out then.

Take the cable car and head towards the door with the iris recognition device. Use the glass eye Mendez to be able to pass. Move a little to see a truck darken over you. Check the driver's head to get away. Following the path, you trigger a cutscene in which you enter the castle, ending this chapter.

Chapter 3

This section of the complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD combines all the parts of Chapter 3.

Chapter 3-1
Enjoy a quiet moment to see the new items of the seller. Then climb the stairs and through the door. You will confront the monks in the area, who will use catapults to kill you. Climb at catapults and pull in red cans to kill the attackers. Go to the bottom and turn the crank to raise the barrel. Finally interact with the barrel to explode the door and be able to pass.

In the next area, take the sword on the wall plate, then climb the stairs. Eliminate the enemies and then exchange the sword with sword golden platinum. Descend to put the golden sword in its place and then take the new passage.

You can find Luis has obviously lost something important ... Take the small door and eliminate the enemies present. Later, open the chest to get the key to the castle gate. Go back and go through the big door to this key.

You are now inside the castle. Advancing a little, you have Ramon Salazar, the master of the house. The lane is blocked and you need to get three pieces of ornament to continue, but we'll see that later. For now, go through the right door, go right at the bottom and then left to be blocked by flames. Look to the right and grab the key to the prison. Go back and go through the door on the right just before returning to the room with the missing ornaments.

You're in prison. Leave Ashley in a corner and open the cell containing a mini-boss: the Garrador. This enemy is blind, he can be spotted only noise. Pull in the bells on the side to get his attention and pull her back. Do not run, simply walk quietly to target his back to inflict damage.

Pull the lever in the cell to stop the flames and get involved in this new way. Eliminate some enemies then go through the double doors at the bottom. Many monks await you here, so some with shields. Eliminate all these people then cross the room through the door. Make Ashley wait on one of the plates while you stand on the other. Walk towards the crank appeared and made it operate by Ashley while you cover. Move into the new room and wear it to go to Ashley operate a new crank: here, you have to cover the distance, throwing away your attackers. Create down then leap from platform to platform in order to pass the double doors at the bottom.

In this room you can find a typewriter, a seller and a novelty shooting training. In this room, you will be able to shoot at cardboard targets to get bottle caps with images of characters in the game Go through the hallway behind the typewriter for a cutscene: Ashley falls into a trap and you find yourself alone (finally!) for the next chapter.

Chapter 3-2
Go through the door near the trap and then down into the sewers. Invisible insects will attack you, so be very careful to cross this area. When you are stuck in the water, go around the room to access a valve. Turn it to remove the water and continue. A little further on, you come to a room with clocks. Pass them by taking your time in order to identify the best time to get started. Climb the ladder in the next area, then go through the door to return to the lobby.

Obviously, the hall also serves as a receipt for the holidays, because many monks are there, in the middle prayer. Kill all the bad guys who attack you, try to kill one particular red to retrieve a pendant Illuminados that sells very well. Then climb the stairs to find the seller and pass the red door. In this room, defeat the enemies then climb upstairs. A red priest has a key you need to recover, but the guy is trying to escape. Follow the story in and pull him over if you can. Otherwise, once it goes around the room, he will settle on a gatling and will you water. Kill him to get his key and open the door upstairs.

You are in the gallery, facing four tables ... pretty ugly. The goal here is to reclassify the works in a certain order. Make 1, 3, 2 and 4 and confirm. Go through the door to find further Ramon Salazar sent you several of his monks. Eliminate them to be a little quiet. Go upstairs and press the button next to the door to reveal a chest. Do the same with the button under the vase in the only room available.

Go get the ornament goat in the trunk, then go through the new door. Save and go through the left door to find yourself outside. Follow the road and go to the next area.

You arrive in a garden labyrinth. Engage yourself in there by eliminating dogs will attack you. Collect both parts of moonstone, assemble them and place the stone full moon in the door. Move a little to trigger a small scene that ended this chapter.

Chapter 3-3
Walk around the room to retrieve various objects, see a bit seller and save. Go through the door next to the typewriter to continue. At the bottom of the new piece, press the bell to reveal a table. Pull the bottle to open the gate. Fetching the chest you find yourself trapped with a Gannador, and priests shoot at you. However, you do not have to take it safe, but it contains a treasure sells well. Go through the door to reach a new area.

Clean up the room, then down below. Pull the lever to create a platform to a door, you need to borrow. Before moving the door, head to the left to pick up a rocket launcher in the window. Now go to the door to find the seller, a typewriter and a door to a new area. You can find Luis brings you the antidote, but is killed by Lord Saddler.

Chapter 3-4
Search the area to collect items and deliver Ashley pulling his obstacles without touching. Priests will come to capture. Kill them all, especially the red one who has a key around his neck. When everyone is dead, Ashley gets the key and fled. Now you have the control Ashley.

You have to cross the various parts turning the crank to advance. To get rid of enemies, you either run away, or you swing their lamps scattered around the room. After two pieces, take the door at the bottom right, ignore the blue door at the moment.

You find yourself in the dark. Sneak under the coffee table to the left of the entrance to press a button. Pass the gate and pick up the stone tablet. Press the button next to the entry and return. Push the cabinet to the right of the entry and press the button behind. Now go through the door at the bottom.

Cross the long corridor and interact with the console in the middle. You must repeat a shield by moving the boxes. Use the following video to see how to solve this puzzle. Place the stone tablet recovered earlier to complete the shield and then go through the door. Retrieve the Salazar family insignia of the statue, but you're trapped. Open the chest to get the blue ornament snake.

Go back to the blue door that we left earlier. Enter and place the insignia of the Salazar family in the receptacle and then turn the device to open a secret passage. Climb the ladder and cross the hall to unlock a door and find Leon.

Chapter 4

This section of the complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD combines all the parts of Chapter 4.

Chapter 4-1
At the beginning of this chapter, you can either take the door down the hall to continue the adventure, or back at the fountain Ashley opens the closed house. Inside you will find a treasure and a weapon: the Broken Butterfly. Once you're ready, go through the door to reach a new area. Save and climb the sort of platform in front to reach the other side. Finally, go through the door to continue.

You are in an area with visibly molten lava. Stone dragons you will breathe fire on the way between you and the chest containing the last ornament. Destroy dragons pulling the strings to move forward without too much trouble. At the very end, when you have eliminated the last dragon, a staircase appears. Collect ornament lion then return to Ashley.

Now that you have three ornaments, go to the right and get on the wagon. Go through the door to return to the castle entrance. Install the three ornaments in the slot and then go through the door at the bottom. Get on the new car for a stroll. Finally place the new door.

In this corridor, the room immediately to the right contains a seller and a new business training shooting. Take the gold to reach a new workpiece. Here you have three statues you can move four tiles you need to engage. Push the two statues on two slabs, Ashley install on a third and put you on the last to open a door. Upon entering, you tend Salazar a deadly trap. Pull the four red lights on the ceiling to stop its descent. Exit through the hallway where Salazar fled.

A little later, Ashley is locked on the other side of a gate and a dark craft him. Pull the two monks to open the gate. Fetch the Holy Grail of the Queen in the trunk bottom, then break the lock to return to the room with the four slabs. Back in the hallway, go straight ahead and through the door.

Cross the corridor passing the QTE before the statues and retrieve the Grail King in the back room. Several armors will attack you: attention, they are resistant. Once they are all eliminated, return to the corridor and take the last available path. Remove the host committee, then place the Grail of the Queen in the hands of the statue of a queen, and the king on the other. Go through the door and cross the corridor to enter a new room.

Pull the species of giant cocoon to drop some gems. Advancing in the middle of the room, Ashley is kidnapped (again. ..) by a bug. Get rid of the other, then move the lever to the bottom. Shoot the chains to knock the bridge and go through the door.

Watch the new offers of seller, back and cross the hallway. After the scene, head to the tower and climb to enter. Take the succession ladder to reach the top of the tower, only to realize using the lever mechanisms are blocked by pieces of wood. Shoot the 3 pieces to release the gear, then pull the lever to open the door at the bottom and move the bridge. Go through the door and continue to the bridge Salazar. In the next room, you have to fight two Garradors same time. Remember, they are sensitive to sound, then do not run. Once dead, go into the next room.

Follow the scene and then pass the QTE you do not impale. Collect objects scattered here, talk to the seller, then climb back up the ladder to exit. Proceed through the sewers to pass into the next area. Cross the corridor passing the QTE to avoid touching the monster. At the end, use the electric generator to restore power. You will be enclosed with Verdugo, a new boss.

You surely have noticed the nitrogen bottles everywhere. Use them to freeze the boss and inflict damage. At his death, the elevator arrives and you can get out of this area.

Chapter 4-2
Enjoy this quiet area to do some shopping, you try and save the new shooting range. When you're ready, go through the door to continue. Go through the tunnel and pull the lever to bring a carriage. The current jumps. Climb across to restore power and activate the first lever to retrieve dynamite. Finally, use the dynamite on the big rock to continue.

Here you have to fight El Gigante two simultaneously. You can get rid of the first easily by dropping into the lava, but you will face the second a more traditional way.

Go through the tunnel and climb the slope right by eliminating insects that attack you. Enter the cave to the right to operate a first switch. Exiting, follow the left path to reach another switch in a second cave. Go through the door newly accessible and avoid traps to get to the other side. Pull the lever on the left and continue your climb. Interact with the monument to the next chapter.

Chapter 4-3
Go to the merchant if necessary, save if it is not already, then take the right path. Cross the ruins, eliminate enemies and go through the window of the hut right. Turn the crank to open a new passage.

Here, cross the ruins paying attention to wolf traps and climb the ladder to kill a man with a chainsaw. Collect the key to mine on the pedestal. Eliminate the enemies that will come and open the back door with the key.

Progress to find yourself trapped in a room with the ceiling collapses and enemies. Shoot the red parts of the ceiling to stop its descent and eliminate the creatures that attack you. In the next room, get in the car and pull the lever for a little adventure that would not disown Indiana Jones. Get the QTE you not to eat the plates full pear and eliminate the enemies that will try to get on your car.

Once out of this hell, enter the next room to retrieve the stone of sacrifice. Exit through the passage and put the stone of sacrifice in the location of the door. Take the elevator to end this chapter.

Chapter 4-4
Save, retrieve ammunition then move on. You are in front of a giant statue of Ramon Salazar (hum. .. small complex young man, right?). Trying to leave the area to the left, you prevent priests. Climb the ladder at the entrance to the area and go hand in hand to reach the other side. Press the two levers on each side of the statue to recreate the gateway allowing you to leave. Trying to leave the area, the statue began to sue you! Complete the QTE to get away. Halfway, break the lock to continue.

You find Ramon Salazar threatens you again. After the scene and QTE, up the stairs right by avoiding taking you explosive barrels: an air of Donkey Kong, right? Turn around and pull the priest who uses the lever to stop. Climb a little and push the boxes to remove the elevator and press the button. During your ascent, enemies will land on the hoist which will make him stop. Eliminate them to progress.

When you got up, go around the outside to get on a second hoist. Talk to Seller, collect ammo, save and prepare to face Salazar in a form ... quite monstrous.

If you still have the rocket launcher you can use to kill in one hit. But for those who want to fight normally, pull the eye in front of you until Salazar is visible. From there, pull him. Repeat until his death.

Go through the door behind him to continue. Use the rope to rappel, then the elevator to find the merchant and a save point. Keep a little to meet Ada. You both embark on a boat towards the island where Ashley was taken.

Chapter 5

This section of the complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD combines all the parts of Chapter 5.

Chapter 5-1
Advance to see where you should go. Cross the tunnel to get there. After having seen Ashley be lugging in the bunker, the alarm goes off and you find yourself surrounded by enemies.

Battle your way to the entrance of the bunker and interact with the device left to reveal a laser. Vector then up at the mirrors for deflecting the laser device of the second door. The door opens, allowing you to continue.

Move a little and dodge the enemies that are rock fall. A little further on, take the ladder to the right. Cross the area by eliminating all the enemies and press the switch next to the door to open. Check out the seller, save and continue. Eliminate the enemies further and go through the door at the bottom right.

Cross the hallway to find yourself in a food reserve. Eliminate the enemy and watch out for those out of the oven in the next room. Get out of here to hear Ashley calling for help. Follow the voice to get in front of a monitor that tells you where Ashley is enclosed. Exit left to continue.

In the room to the right, you find the seller and drive a new room shooting. Further, a door will open and two enemies sway you Dynamite. The idea is to stay away and kill them. Do the same with the rafters that replace them. Then go into the next area.

Unlock the door to the left for later and go back in the room. Follow the sign "operating room" to enter into an autopsy room. Interact with the console in front of the locked door and use the colors in this order: blue, green, green, red, red, red. Enter and get the map of the cold corpse on the ground. Starting a monster approaches you. Try to damage him by taking him to the red cylinders and pulling it to explode. He fears the fire, then also use your stock incendiary grenades to get rid of. In the hallway where you come from, a second will come and join the party: kill him also to be quiet.

The two monsters removed, leaving the opposite of the operating room and use the map on the right door. Use the machine in the room on the right to reprogram the card, then turn off the cryogenics system. Fetch the infrared telescope and eliminate the enemy wakes up. Exit and turn right to open the back door with your new access card.

You're in shock. If you want some fun, use the crane to catch two enemies and throw them in the trash. Just cross this area to access the next, where you hear screaming Ashley. Follow his voice to be found in a cell. Kill the two Malabar who guard, then go through the left door. Cross the room by eliminating all opponents and take the door on the right down the stairs. Later, go through the door on the left to continue.

You are now in a laboratory. A monster will approach you, you must kill to get the key he wears. If you do not have incendiary grenades, this is where the infrared telescope will be helpful. Equip your sniper rifle to the, aim and shoot the monster creatures that are above. Collect the key and exit the area on the other side of the room. Cross the bridge, stop at the seller if you wish and take the freight elevator. Try contacting your team with the radio in the tower, but you can not do it. Then go back to Ashley and unlock his cell.

Chapter 5-2
You found Ashley. Return to the landfill, as you indicated in the message on the plane Ada paper. In the room just before enemies await you and close access. Kill them and continue to disable security. New enemies will appear. Back at the crane and down below.

Use the lever to open the gate. A monster will wake behind you. Using the gun with infrared telescope, the more explosive barrel, you can get rid of easily. Move a little and push the crate with Ashley. A second monster will happen, remove it as the first. Push the second box and get out of here.

You are expected in the next room, but not drink ... Eliminate the soldiers then engage yourself in the only possible way to reach a large room. Many enemies will land on all sides. Head to the back room and have enabled the big ball twice Ashley, while you fend off the attacks. Then take the door you just release.

In the next corridor, open the door and remove the monster behind. Go ahead and turn left at the intersection to enable the button in the next room. Return to the intersection and take the last path. Pass Ashley stuck under the flap so that it opens. On the right, you find a room with the seller and a typewriter. Then go left and press the two handles synchronizing with Ashley. Go into the next area and enter the vehicle to run away, but Ashley Driver ...

Protect the vehicle during the crossing by eliminating all the enemies that will jump on it. Eliminate as the truck bearing down on you halfway. Arriving at an elevator, the mechanism stops. Climb the ladder and quickly reactivate the mechanism . Back in the car to continue. Still defend the vehicle against the following attacks, and when Ashley cries, turn around to take in the truck and do deviate from its route. But you embed in a building. Move a little to find the seller and a save point. Exit through the door on the left to finish this chapter.

Chapter 5-3
Cross the boiler eliminating enemies and take the elevator. You will face in Krauser knife fight ... or rather QTE. Get the QTE to continue. In the next corridor, avoid lasers and press the button to the right of the door to open it. Sit on the chair Saddler ... just for fun. Get behind the chair to take an elevator.

Advance to a large door. To the right you find a seller and a typewriter. Go through the door and walk through the underground to reach a sort of large cage filled containers. Ride a bit to trigger a scene, you will have to face a very ugly and very nasty monster.

The fight will be in two parts. The first takes place in the cage and you move from one room to another by pulling on the release buttons. Pull the boss to let him go, to be quiet to find the buttons. During the second part, you'll face on the mainland. The following video shows you how to get rid of this monstrosity.

Follow the only available path and climb the two ladders to find yourself outside. Further eliminate the enemies in the camp and enter into the tent to find a passage. Out through the tunnel to the other side. In case you need it, stop with the seller and relax in the gym shooting. Otherwise, climb the ladder and go through the door.

A little further, you will face Krauser, but for real. The objective is to eliminate to get the piece of stone he has on him, but also to recover two others scattered in the area to continue. Once the three you have, place them in the mural and go through the door to end the chapter.

Chapter 5-4
Enjoy being covered by a helicopter ally to cross the area without too much worry about enemies. Eliminate those who bother you and be satisfied to operate the various switches to pass into the next area.

Climb the stairs to find yourself surrounded by enemies. Fortunately your buddy Mike is there and cleans with his helicopter. But a rocket hits the device, which exploded in midair ... Well, you'll have to find another way out of here. Cross the smoking ruins to leave the area. Down into the hole and follow the scene. Go forward a bit to find a typewriter.

Advance in the only direction possible, visit the cells for a few items and pay attention to the monster that regenerates. Go through the door from the bottom to continue. Eliminate the enemies present for a guy with a Gatling tip. Remove it and also get into the tower. Activate the mechanism, which is still more troops arrive. Kill them all to get the map of emergency locking. Put the card into the slot, then select the two locks to open the door. Take the new path to continue.

After the scene, you get Ashley. Go into the next room to find your friend the seller. Continue to meet many enemies in the basement eliminate them then go through the door behind them to finish this chapter.

Blue medallions

7 blue in the farm in chapter 1-1 medallions

- On the tree, arriving at the farm

- On the floor of the barn

- Outside the barn, at roof level

- On the floor of the second barn, before the tree that tells you this little quest

- On the tree behind the second barn

- The blades of the mill

- In the North East area, height next to the front door

8 blue in the cemetery in Chapter 1-3 medallions

- Upon entering the cemetery, just in front of you, hanging from a tree

- Hanging from a tree near the tombs

- Hangman another tree near the graves of the cemetery at the bottom.

- To the left of the church in the cemetery

- Go through the small path to the right of the church to find the medallion hanging on the roof

- Go through the rightmost path of the church to engage you on a wooden bridge. Just before the hole, look down to find a medallion

- Also on the wooden bridge, past the hole jumping to find another medallion

- The last is visible from the position of the previous

Once you have collect all 15, go back to the seller that gives you a new gun: the Punisher.


This section of the complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 HD combines all the treasures you can find in all of the five chapters of the game

Treasures of Chapter 1

Chapter 1-1:
Spinel # 1: At the very beginning of the game, the raven right.

Spinel No. 2: On the roof of the third house on the left as you enter the village. Go through the window to the floor and then walk around the house to find

Pearl Necklace: on the farm, go to the left until a well. Pull the board to close the well and on the collar to recover.

Stein (incomplete) in the farm, go upstairs of the barn, go through the window and get immediately below. The mug is in a small box. Do not sell right away, wait to get the 3 cat eyes to the compéter it will sell much more expensive!

Spinel # 3 and # 4: In the tunnel after escaping the boulder.

Red cat eye: in the nest in front of the house in which is enclosed Luis Sera.

Chapter 1-2:

Elegant Mask (incomplete): In the building of the area after finding the hexagonal emblem. Upon entering the room with water on the ground, break the wooden boards at the left window to find the mask behind. Wait until you have set with 3 gems to sell more expensive.

Pocket Watch: Leaving sewers, close the well by pulling the wooden board, then pull the watch to recover.

Chapter 1-3:

Ruby: Remove the man with the chainsaw earlier in this chapter to recover the jewels on his body.

Spinel # 1: Upon entering the church, pull the lamp to recover.

Spinel # 2 and # 3: The ceiling in the tunnels under the church, destroy the lamp to see then pull to recover.

Elegant hairstyle: the ceiling in the tunnels under the church, the same place as spinels # 2 and # 3.

Green cat eye: Go through the small path on the right of the church to the cemetery to find a device that prevents you to retrieve the treasure. Select in this order to open: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4 and 3.

Spinel # 4: In the area after the wooden bridge near the church, you will find this object on the table in a cabin.

Spinel No. 5: the area after the wooden bridge near the church, you will find this object on the slide to the left.

Spinel # 6: Just after escaping the rock, look up to find this item.

Old pipe: In a bird's nest on the tree in the middle of the marsh.

Gold Beaded Bracelet: In a bird's nest, just before the pier where you take the boat

Treasures of Chapter 2

Chapter 2-1:

Green gem: When you wake up early in the chapter, return the boat and head to the blue on the other side of the lake lights: it is one of the benchmarks merchant. Arriving, move the box to the left to climb onto the roof. Move two other funds then destroy the barrels to find this gem

Spinel # 1: After you rappel, look at the wall to find the spinel

Amber ring: On a beam at the waterfall you stop to continue the adventure

Spinel # 2 and # 3: During the fight against El Gigante, make it destroys three huts to retrieve two spinels

Chapter 2-2:

Spinel # 1: Returning from the cemetery and heading towards the village, pull the lamp from the ceiling to retrieve the object

Spinel # 2: In the village at the top of the tower

Chapter 2-3:

Spinel # 1, # 2 and # 3: If you take the right path, you will find at shacks destroyed before leaving the area

Purple Gem e: If you take the right path, you will find the gem in height

Ruby: By killing one woman Chainsaw attack you if you go through the left pat

Red gem: Taking the left path, after obtaining the key to camp on the corpse of the woman with a chainsaw

Yellow cat eye: After your descent by cable car, walk down the stairs and through the tunnel on the left. At the end you will find a chest containing this object

Blue Velvet: After firing on the truck driver, you will find this object in a barrel on the left going towards the castle

Treasures of Chapter 3

Chapter 3-1:
Blue velvet # 1: In the catapults at the gun you used to blow the door

Blue velvet # 2: In the catapults in a box inside the small building

Gold bracelet: In the catapults in a chest behind the small building

Spinel: In the swords of platinum and gold, in a small box on the shelf

Blue Velvet 3: A side of the chest in which you get the key to the gate of the castle.

Purple gem: After meeting Ramon Salazar, turn and look up to find this item.

Chapter 3-2:
Butterfly Lamp: In the trunk of the room where the valve to remove water

Pendant Illuminados: On the monk in red when you return to the lobby

Elegant Mask: When you return to the lobby where the Mass unfolds, skip chandelier chandelier to reach the chest containing the mask

Red gem: In the labyrinth garden in a box

Chapter 3-3:
Ornate mirror beads: In the cabinet next to the seller at the beginning of the chapter

Hourglass with golden decoration: In the trunk available after shooting the bottle table. Be careful, you'll be trapped to retrieve it.

Chapter 3-4:

Gold bracelet: In the room where you get the insignia of the Salazar family in a safe.

Treasures of Chapter 4

Chapter 4-1:

Beautiful bottle of perfume: At the beginning of Chapter 4-1, back at the fountain in the front garden maze Ashley and pass through the window of the locked house. Once the door is open, enter it to find the object in a box.

Pendant Iluminados: In the chest that appears when you destroy the second stone dragon

Beautiful chessboard: Just after saving Ashley from the excavation machine, you find the board in the cabinet

Spinel No. 1 and No. 2, Green and Blue Velvet Gem # 1: Of the four statues after retrieving the Grail King and Queen

Butterfly Lamp: Before entering the room with the kind of giant cocoon, go through the window and then climb the ladder to find the object in a safe

Gold bracelet: On one of the enemies out of the turn

Crown: On one of the corpses beside piles when Salazar makes you fall in a hole

Jewel in the crown: By killing the boss Vertugo

Chapter 4-2:
Royal Badge: Just before the end of the chapter

Chapter 4-3:
Royal stick: In the tomb, in the underground ruins with the wolf traps and two men with a chainsaw

Chapter 4-4:
Gold Bracelet: In a chest on the right, before taking the second hoist

Treasures of Chapter 5

Chapter 5-1:
Golden Lynx: After escaping the rock and climb the ladder, walk through the tunnel to the right. Bomb the wall pulling into the barrel to find the object in a safe behind

Red Stone of Faith: In a suitcase in the room below the monitor that lets you see where Ashley was taken

Pocket Watch: In a box beside the typewriter, before arriving in the operating room

Chapter 5-2:
Green Stone of Judgment: In the last room before leaving the chapter in a furniture loan Rating

Chapter 5-3:
Elegant hairstyle: In front of the chair Lord Saddle

Bluestone betrayal: Taking the underpass in the tent on the right side

Chapter 5-4:
Pearl pendant: After the crash of the helicopter ally, down into the hole in the next area to find this item