Saints Row 4: Cheats for players properties, vehicles and events

The Saints Row 4 cheats bring you new vehicles, affect player properties and solve funny events. For example, if switch to the correct Saints Row 4 cheat Big Head Mode in the game or you will spawn new vehicles. Also, you can use the Saints Row 4 cheats to replenish your stocks and money to repair cars instantly.

Pay attention however, once you activate Cheats in the game no Xbox 360 Achievements or PS3 Trophies are unlockable. In addition, Saints Row 4 cheat codes turn off the auto saving feature. However, manually save seems still working with powered-on Saints Row 4 cheats. To activate the Cheats in the game, pause the game and navigate in the options to "Tools".

There you can use the selection to enter the Cheats codes of Saints Row 4. "Add Cheat" simply selects and then give the codes that we list below:

All Unlockables - unlockitall
Give Cash ($ 100,000) - cheese
Weapon Set - letsrock
Vehicle No Damage - vroom
Repair current vehicle - repaircar
Clear Notoriety - goodygoody
Infinite Sprint - RunFast
Disable Warden spawns - nowardens
Instant Warden Notoriety - instant warden
Unlock Blast - super blast
Unlock Buff - SuperBuff
Unlock Death From Above - superdfa
Unlock Stomp - super stomp
Unlock Telekinesis - supertk
Disable Super Movement - nosupermove
Disable Superpowers - nosuperpowers
Spawn alien hover tank - givehovertank
Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike) - give trouble
AB Destroyer - destroyer give
Alien Hover Car - givehovercar
Alien UFO - giveufo
Attrazione - giveattrazione
Crusader - givecrusader
Monster Truck - give monster
Pony Cart - give pony
Relic - giverelic
Snipes 57 - givesnipes
Stiletto - give stiletto
Thompson - givethompson
Tornado (Assault Version) - give tornado assault
Verminator - give Verminator
VTOL - givevtol
ASCII mode - ascii
Big Head mode - bigheadmode
Disable Glitch FX - noglitchcity
Evil Cars - evil cars
Fast Forward (time speeds up) - fastforward
Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air) - fryhole
Insane City - insanecity
Mascots (mascot pedestrians) - mascot
Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians) - hohoho
Vehicle Smash (smash vehicles Easily) - isquishyou
Silverlink - free play before the first use

Golden Gun (one-hit kills) - goldengun
Rated M + + (killed everyone explodes into blood) - notrated
Slow Motion (time slows down) - slowmo
DLC Cheats - this is the "Executive Privilege Pack" requires

All Super Upgrades - dlc_sosuper
Infinite Ammo - dlc_unlimited_ammo
Infinite Clip - dlc_unlimited_clip
Infinite Mass - dlc_car_mass
Never Die - dlc_never_die
Superpower Strength 100 percent - dlc_superduper