Sim City: Cheats for offline mode

Finally, Sim City can be played without a permanent Internet connection in the single player mode. Here it uses quite the Sim City cheat codes from the online mode - but only in sandbox games. Below we list you on the Sim City cheat codes for non-sandbox games.

We also offer you the already known from the online duty mode of Sim City cheat codes. So you added in a non-sandbox game of Sim City for example, one at a time to your 10,000 coal city budget. Those who need a lot of coal, which simply uses the Sim City cheat for 100,000 per hour for the city budget. Below the new Sim City cheats for the offline mode you will also find the already known cheats.

These cheats for Sim City uses in non-sandbox game.

Adds 10,000 to your city budget added:
Windows: CTRL + ALT + W

Adds 5,000 added per hour to your city budget
Windows: CTRL + ALT + S

Füght 100,000 per hour to your city budget should
Windows: ALT + W

Sim City cheats for the Sandbox mode (offline)

If you select the sandbox mode of Sim City, you have automatic access to cheat codes, with which you both a better understanding of the mechanisms and interactions of Sim City, as well as makes your world to your own private playground. Suppress the following key combinations to activate the cheats in SimCity: ALT + A - Air pollution is turned off with this cheat ALT + P - This cheat disables the soil pollution ALT + S - Toggle whether your Sims sewage generate ALT + F - Enables and disables fire ALT + M - Your Sims have never health complaints ALT + C - Become a hero and eliminates any crime ALT + H - homeless Sims with this cheat completely optional ALT + W - 100,000 Simoleons for your Checkout.