South Park The Stick of Truth Complete Solution, Collectibles

South Park: The Stick of Truth is an RPG-type developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, originally scheduled for March 5, 2013, is postponed to an unknown date in the wake of financial problems THQ. After acquiring the title, Ubisoft will eventually give the final date out the game: March 6, 2014 in Europe.

We offer you a complete walkthrough to all the quests in the game, recovering 30 Chinpokomon, make friends with the entire city and retrieve many objects allowing you to defeat the hardest boss of the game!

Table of Contents

The new city
Hello to the flag
The bard
It is late
Alien abduction
Win new allies
Go home
Defeat the robbers underpants gnomes
Formation of Alliances
Clyde thrash!
Betrayal from Within
The Chinpokomon
Map of South Park
List of Boss

The new city

Here you are in the town of South Park, ready to fight with waves whole elves, but before that you'll need to customize your avatar:

Skin color
Choosing clothes

Once the character design is complete, you will find your parents to your image that you speak in your bedroom, the game finally begins. Note that you can change appearance throughout the game through many items to collect: wigs, clothes, makeup, etc..

At first, you have to leave your home and sympathize with the children of South Park. But before that, you have several things to do in your home. On your right is your "toy box" set as your reserve to accumulate a maximum of objects. Then go to your left and open your closet to find money and baseball cards. Most of the objects that you will get will primarily intended to be sold to make money that will allow you to buy better weapons and armor to help you in your future fights.

Then leave your room, you can glean a few dollars in the bathroom on your left then down the stairs to find yourself face to face with your father asking you to leave the house. If you're fast enough, you can still take the money located in the kitchen and in the buffet on the right of your father. Otherwise, you can return to your home after the first chapter of the story.

Once outside, open the garage of your home and then climb the stairs to get money wig and a surfer. Then continue your journey on the right until you see Butters, your future companion. Hit the person who is attacking him and then follow him to the house of Cartman.

Once at Cartman, you will have access to "Kupa Keep", the village in the garden of Cartman. Before you go talk to him, get to know Scott Malkinson in the sandbox. Then talk to Clyde, the arms dealer on your right you will also realize the quest Annex "Flower for a Princess" by simply giving a daffodil Kenny. You will now four friends! Friends are very important because you will obtain new skills and talk to new people.

Then talk to Cartman who will ask for your name. Anyway, you will inevitably called Git, choosing "yes" twice, you will unlock at the same time a success / trophy. You must then choose the class of your character.


Back then speak to Clyde then buy him a weapon for your class. This is also in the same store that you can purchase supplies, equipment as well as servants to change the design of your avatar objects. Then go into your inventory, equip the weapon you purchased.

Then you will face your first enemy of the game, Clyde. It will be really a great tutorial to make you understand the mechanics of each fight. First, use all your basic attack and press at the right time during your attack to make a perfect combo. You will then keep right time to dodge the attack Clyde then launch your special attack to control all moves of your character.

Follow Cartman in his tent, it will teach you more about the Staff of Truth. You will then be attacked by the army Elf Chris Donnelly! You put an end to this first chapter, you will have three fights. Face first enemy that attacks the poor cat on your left, the one who strikes Scott Malkinson and him who knocks Butters. During these battles, you learn to use your potions, face an enemy with a shield and an enemy retaliate.

Hello to the flag

After completing "The new town", you see a horn on your group bonded to a metal bar. It will allow you to teleport to a specific location on the map using the cart Timmy, the disabled South Park. The Annex quest "The Timmy Express" is to find the twelve points teleportation South Park. Then go back in the house Cartman. You can retrieve the key to the garage Cartman rummaging through the chest just to the left of the front door.

Then talk to the mother of Cartman located in the kitchen to get a new girlfriend. Mount the first floor of the house then delve into the dresser right of the parents room Cartman to find a slip. You will find five briefs to solve another mystery secondary. In the buffet left you will find the purple dye, allowing you to change the color of your outfits.

Descend to the ground floor and out of the house Cartman. Then use the recovered a few minutes earlier key to open the garage Cartman. You will find your first Chinpokomon: Penguin, you will indeed recover 30 Chinpokomons in South Park.

Walk to the left until now to meet Dougie, a redhead! But fear not, red are human beings after all. Talking to him, you get a new friend, allowing you to increase your skills. Then enter the house directly behind Dougie. Tell Mrs. Stotch located on the sofa for a new friendship.

Then go to the left of the house and talk to Mr. Stotch, getting enough friends so you can talk to some people who would not speak to you before. Mount the first floor of the house Stotch then enter her room. Inside, search the shelf to the right of the bed to retrieve the Key of Chaos mark.

In continant explore the chamber Stotch, you will get the second game Chinpokomon: Oursimien.

Then go to the parents' room Stotch and delve into the right cabinet to retrieve the key garage Stotch. Get out of the house and open the garage to get gloves that you can not druid equipment that was level 4.

Continuing on the left you will see a Chinpokomon stuck up a tree. Take your crossbow and shoot the object to bring it down and get the greatest of ease. You just get the third game Chinpokomon: Chu Chu Nezumi. Continue on the left to find your home and knock on the poster blocking your way to continue your journey to the left.

Tip: by returning to your home, talk to your mother to unlock a new "friend" in your database.

And you arrive at the bus shelter in South Park while releasing a new station Timmy. Before you venture a little more to the left, make sure you have your weapons and armor equipped. You will be attacked by four elves. To finish as quickly as possible the first real fight, you will hit primarily the healer of the group. To do this, use your weapon at the enemy at the bottom right of the battlefield. Dodge the same time the attacks of your enemies to take no damage.

During this battle, you will learn skills to handle your teammate: Butters. You can initially use "Healing Touch", allowing you to treat your companions. Butters then also two special moves requiring a lot of damage to your opponents:

Hammer of Justice: Butters starts his hammer towards the target individual body-to-body, making Véner. Outstanding against armor.

Hammer of thunderstorms: Butters punish all enemies in a row with massive lightning damage.

Please note that you may impose your enemies "Bleeding", use a healing potion on your character to stop the bleeding and not lose life points during each turn.

You will then perform quests "Through walls", "Hot Coffee" and "Stuck" then return to Cartman. It call you "Sir a**hole" and you will learn the fate of flatulence ending this part of the main quest.

Hot coffee
After starting the main quest "Hi to the flag," you need to talk to the three protagonists so they join the band. In this section, you will ask for help to Tweek. First go to Tweek Bros. Coffee. By entering, talk to Mr. Tweak which will ask you to go into the back room to find Tweek.

Go to the back room Tweek Bros. Coffee on the right of establishment and talk to Tweek asking you to retrieve delivery. You will then go straight to the southeast of the map. Knock on the door of the house to retrieve the key to the garage McCormick.

Then open the garage to the right of the house and open the door to the garage. Then you will come across people with delivery. No luck, they'll think you're the police! Then you have to defeat these enemies with your special attacks and countermeasures in order to lose the least amount of life.

Once the battle is over, climb the ladder at the bottom of the garage. Then pull out your bow and pull the board to open the passage. You will then get the bag. Back then see Tweek to complete the first part of the main quest, Tweek join your group!

Through walls

Before you make grippe near the house Token directly go near the city of South Park and confront the "little girls" are taking Annie. After defeating these enemies, you become get a new friend request.

Then go to the very top right of the map to find yourself near the warehouse. Take out your bow and shoot the scale. Climb the ladder, go left and then downwards. You can open the warehouse door entering the room left. Then go into the recess on the right and use the key lair Chaos who was in the room Butters. Entering inside, you can retrieve a Chinpokomon well as get the friendship of General Desolation.

Then go all the way north of the city, where a screened house. Speaking to guard it you Gazera while refusing to let you pass. Looking on your "wall" in your options, you'll find Jimbo sells gas masks in his shop.

Visit the trade Jimbo's Guns. Inside, buy a gas mask through $ 5.00. Equip yourself then the mask and return to the guard will attack you. Use precisely your defense and your special attacks to easily overcome this enemy. You will then have free access to the house Token.

Then open the garage Token and go upstairs to retrieve a religious headdress. It will do more than open the door Token and ask you to join your group. Back then see Cartman who realizes it lacks a team member.

In this third part, first of all talk to Kelly Gardner located on the left street leading to the school of South Park. Then open the garage located on the left and then pull out your bow and shoot the scale. Then climb the ladder and talk to the person in the garage to make friends with Pete. The more you have friends in South Park and you will have talent points to disperse in many combat bonuses. You can at the same time recover "Cap druid" in the trunk, on the left of Pete.

Then knock the door of the house on the left: 1010. You'll find Craig's father saying that it was glued. Before we go into school South Park, go to his office. Climb to the first floor and then pull your bow to pull the shelf. Then climb the crates and destroy the vent.

Note that you will get "patches" throughout the game, especially in the police records. To equip it, you will select your armor then "edit" and then add improvements on the empty slot. In addition, you can select the "dye" option to change the color of your suit, you can buy dyes and find throughout the game by opening the last record of the police station, you will get the cell key. Then go to the basement of the police station and use your key on the right cell and talk to the prisoner to become friends with: Crush-shit.

After completing the quest "Hot Coffee" and "through walls", return to Cartman that will teach you your first magic spell. Then go to the school grounds or a cutscene, you will learn more about the course of history.

Inside the school, go to the right and battle the red that gets in your way. You will arrive in one of the many corridors of the school. Shoot with your bow on electric son and fart right after to create an explosion releasing the passage. Note that you gain experience by defeating enemies even without combat phase.

Go down the hall and to your left to find another enemy to face. The easiest for you is to pull on the electric son in the ceiling to defeat without any combat phase. Continue on your left and then south to get in front of a fence ... Can not move! Take Kenny as a companion and use the expertise of Kenny on the enemy. The enemy will then open the gate, freeing you pass.

Then battle the enemies on your right to recover the copper key. Use the key on the door down the hall. Inside, you will need to use your new pet to set fire to barricades and continue your journey. Engage the enemy in your way until you get in front of the "victim". Take Butters in companion and use its special skill to heal. So you get the silver key.

Exit this room and enter the room on your right with the annotation: Counselor. Take out your bow and shoot the golden key then pick it up. You will then retrace your steps and try to open the cafeteria up being attacked by the Boss level: Hallway monitor Boss (Boss supervisors corridor).

The Boss will be able to focus and then you launch a powerful attack. When you see the focus, use the Dragon Shout it to stop its devastating attack. As regard the rest of the fight: put your guard when his minions attack you and use your special attacks priority to overcome the red surrounding the Boss. Once the battle is finished, open the classroom to recruit Craig. It will do more than speak one last time Cartman to end this part of the main quest.

The bard
After talking to Cartman and learned the fate of flatulence, the quest "The Bard" will be added to your list. Before leaving the house Cartman, do not forget to buy new equipment KKK to increase your stats. Leaving the house Cartman, you arrive directly in the basement of Jimmy aka the Bard. Go left until you find a battle against elves you must defeat.

After beating the elves, you must use your power of flatulence on the candle on your right to unlock the passage. A new battle against elves will be waiting. After the fight, take out your bow and shoot the window. Craig then arrives in the basement of the house of Jimmy.

Then ask Craig Butters treat that will be electrocuted and exit the basement taking the door at the top of the stairs. Then go left, in the kitchen or Jimmy will wait another battle. Listen Cartman then you will be asked to help Princess Kenny about to be raped. Get out of the kitchen.

Use your spell again flatulence on the barricade and right on the door. Then your allies will come to your rescue by opening the door. Shoot with your bow on the barricades then battle the enemies on your left. Climb the stairs and open the chest to the left of the room with parents bard to recover the key to the garage Jimmy.

Once in the room with parents, use your bow to the statue, trinkets then the chandelier. You will then just use the rope leading to the parents' bed Bard to save Princess Kenny. Once this sequence is completed, get out of the room and ask Kenny to draw elf at the top right of the room. This will have access to the attic of the house.

In the attic, use your spell flatulence to destroy the barricade and the enemies on the right. Then use the door on the far right of the room to go down and find yourself face to face with the boss of this level! Jimmy aka the Bard. Attack at first the rats he has relied to find yourself alone with the Boss.

The Boss then try to sleep, pound your action key so as not to fall asleep. Then use your special powers to add penalties to Boss: bleeding, lowering his defense, etc.. Once the Boss defeated, talk to Cartman to return to his house.

It is late
After defeating the Bard, you will return home Cartman. Cartman's mother will ask you to go home because it's getting late. Come out of the house of Cartman and return directly to your home or loot the city until your parents eventually end up. It will do so just to sleep in your bed to end the first day in South Park. You will then kidnapped by aliens!

Alien abduction

Upon arrival on the alien ship, you will pound the action shown on the screen so you do not ... Sodomy by a giant god touch! Then you will find Mr. Marsh that will tell you a little more about the alien ship. Exit the room and go to the right of the ship where aliens await you.

Before you continue your progress, do not forget to replace your equipment or you would not be able to defeat the aliens. Then use your bow on the wire at the top right of the box to avoid the fight against the aliens. Then, take the parable to teleport to the right of the area. Finally, use your new antenna on the door to activate and move to the next zone.

Once in the new area, teleport down with your dish. Then turn the fan switch to kill the alien left and right switch to bring down the alien right in the pipe. By going to your right, you will need to activate the dashboard that will ask you to press a variety of colors to unlock more levels.

Then go to the top of the area you teleport with your dish. You will fall again several aliens that you can overcome with the decor or in combat. Go to the center of the corridor and activate the panel that will effectively open the room on the left. Again, you must activate the switch by pressing a variety of colors.

Then return to the center of the room and go left. Several aliens await you! Use your bow and pull the cables up to defeat the aliens. However, if you miss your shot, you will face the leader of the alien security you will have the ability to throw grenades space. Dodge his attacks and use your special skills to deal with them quickly.

Then press the mechanism left. Return to Mr. Marsh and activate the switch located in front of him. After successful code, you will get crystal white power. Get out of the room and go left. Use the crystal recovered on the door then your dish to open and have access to the last part of the vessel.

In this last room, you'll find yourself facing the Boss end level. Attack priority matrix alien defense lying between the two aliens so they can no longer have shields. Then keep their attacks and then use your spell flatulence to significantly reduce the number of hitpoints aliens. Once the battle is over, you will be in your bed.

Win new allies

After getting out of bed, turn on the ground floor of your home. Cartman will ask you to make a pact with the Gothic. You will then perform the search: "Recruit Gothic" and "Problems of the EPA". Once you completed these quests, you will know the third power of your character: sly hissing. Once these two quests completed, you can choose between helping Cartman or Kyle.

If you choose to help Kyle, you should go to the tree on your left and then use your phone. Otherwise, climb the tower as shown in the picture and use your phone. This will establish a cutscene where you will then conquer School South Park.

Go to the back of the school and use the power of Jimmy if you're in the camp of elves to open the "disabled" part. If you chose to help Cartman, you should ask Butters treat Gothic so that they open the door leading to the rear of the school. Then enter therein and continue your journey to the left.

In this new room, you will first of all take out your bow and shoot the electrical cable as the picture shows. After electrocuted guard north, use your arrow to stun the person who blocked the road with his hose and then confront these enemies in order to continue your progress. You will then use your pet leaves to burn the barricade, note that you will be able to go through the left pipe to break down the vent on the head of the enemy.

In the hallway on your left, you will once again pull out your bow, shoot the fire extinguisher and use your pet to destroy the barricade. Then hit it to unlock the passage. Fight the enemies and go down to the basement of the school to find yourself face to face with Nazi Zombies ... Roux!

After massacring zombies, climb the ladder and shoot with your bow on the pipe to stop the flow. You can then use the vent on the right and shoot the electrical cables to ignite zombies. Return to the beginning of the area, hit the pipe and continue your progress.

Then hit the barricade in front of the door and turn off the electricity. Then take the stairs to return to the ground floor of the school and take the corridor to the right to return to the lobby. At this time, you will teleport with your dish on the first floor to go through the right side of Hall.

Then take the rope down to the floor and wait for the enemies you throw flaming balls in order to blow up the barricades and unblock the passage. After defeating the enemies, you should use the catapult and farting on the entrance to the school to let your allies.

If you are with Kyle, you face Butters.
If you are with Cartman, Stan you face and his dog Sparky.

Continue your journey by climbing the stairs on your left and then take the left door to activate a cutscene featuring Cartman and Kyle. You will then make your choice on the Boss that you will face. the fight will end in a QTE requires you to produce a devastating pet:


Recruit Gothic
After talking with Cartman, go directly to the back of the school and talk to the Gothic. You will then retrieve multiple objects they want to join your team. Will initially see the tramp near the U-sor-it. Then buy the following items:

    Emo wig: $ 2.00
    Gothic Gloves: $ 3.00
    Gothic cap: $ 5.00
    Gothic Costume: $ 8.00

Then go to the cafeteria at South Park: Tweek Bros. Coffee. Talk to Seller then buy him a Tweek Bros.. Roasted Black against $ 1.00. When leaving the hotel, you will be attacked by elves! The outcome is unfortunately inevitable, whether you decide to confront them or you go, elves kidnapper you in the same manner.

Once in front of Kyle, go to your left to enable the latter to teleport the city and thus complete the quest Annex: "Timmy The Express". Then talk to Jason, the seller of the base to make a new friend then head shop Jimbo at the very top left of the map.

Then attack the thugs in the street to get a pack of cigarettes you had asked Gothic. Return to the Gothic that they require you to photograph you with a sign. Then you get the quest "Problems of the EPA" that you must do before you finish it.

EPA issues
After rising in the quest Gothic, go to the community center right next to the school. Then talk to Mr. Marsh who will ask you to follow in the men's room. Once in the bathroom, Mr. Marsh will teach your third spell: the sly hissing. With this method, you can diversions with enemies.

Then go to the top of the map where is crashed UFO, a cutscene will fall into place and you will advance to dodge the guards at the entrance. To do this, use your cunning to the left or right of the entrance to the guards move and go without being detected hissing. In the second area, use again your devious hissing then teleport using your satellite dish on the roof of the facility. It will do more than enter through the mouth ventilation to continue your journey.

Upon your arrival, you will face a Nazi zombie! Depending on the class you made at the beginning of the game, you will have many ways to win, including using your invocations, the debuff "bleeding" and your attacks Special may end the fight very quickly. Then loot the corpse of the guards to get the complete outfit SWAT.

Then go to the meeting room and retrieve the record. Then return to the community center and talk to Mr. Marsh to give him the record. After a brief cutscene, you get the picture you want and it will do more than talk back to Gothic. After a phase in the "Rock Band", Gothic willing to join you.

Go home
As for the quest "It's late", you can simply return to your home and to bed to complete this quest and at the same time your second day in South Park. You can also try to run away rummaging around until your parents eventually find yourself.

Defeat the robbers underpants gnomes
During the night, you are going to wake up by thieves underpants gnomes. First battle will then take place but will also end soon he starts, because of the small size of your enemies. After a short cutscene, you will become smaller and also a new fight will take place. As usual dodge enemy attacks with dexterity and manage your attacks perfectly. Finally, do not hesitate to use your potions will be purchasable later the merchant.

Then enter into the hole in the wall, as shown in the image. Inside, you should avoid the trap rats through the south and face the rat waiting for you on the left. You will arrive in a ventilation when your parents talk about your powers conduit. Get out and climb the wire upwards.

Dodging the electric trap on your left after destroying the wall, you get a piece of equipment gnome. Then go to the right and battle the three rats that await you. Climb to the wire and get out of the area by crossing the "door." You will then go to the right to start a new battle against the thieves underpants gnomes.

After this new struggle, get off the dresser using the rope. You will find yourself facing the Boss of this level. The best thing to do in order to overcome quickly will impose jurisdiction "bleeding" which once combined will lose a lot of life points to your opponent. Finally, do not miss the QTE to avoid the balls of your father ... What poetry!  And you'll find in your bed for the last day in the town of South Park.

Formation of Alliances

In this section, you will see all the quests needed to meet the group of girls who come into your alliance. You will be required to have those allies in order to defeat the army of Clyde. Once all the quests Canada completed, return to the HQ girls who will join you then talk to Kyle to begin the last chapter of South Park: Stick to the truth.

Do you go for the boyfriend of Bebe
This quest will be very quick to make. Will first of all see that Annie is in front of the Town Hall. You will then go to the park as the image shows. It was then that Monica's boyfriend will attack you!

If you have invocations, we advise you to quickly move this fight. It is also essential for the sequel you've unlocked several invocations to quickly move combat phases that could last you a long time if you do not have the required level. Back then see Annie and ask him to take you to see the girls.

Sudden parenthood
After asking Annie to take you to see the girls, you will dress up girl. This mini-game is pretty simple since you just need to choose outfits until you find the right one. Note that there is no real combination and that this change randomly. Then go to the hospital and talk to the secretary who will let you pass.

Keep on the right path while searching the offices to collect new weapons and money. Opening the right door, you come across a doctor who wants to make you an abortion. As usual, hammer action key. Once the sequence is complete, look to your right to find the clothes you are looking for surgeon.

Then return to the previous area and open the door that has a camera just above. To pass, you will be provided with your clothes surgeon. Once inside, look at the 2013 issue to learn more about the scenario of South Park.

You will then continue your way to the right while pulling the hoses with your bow. It is through this manipulation you get to not trigger any battle. Coming out of this line, you must perform an abortion to Mr. Marsh:

    Get him a shot on the balls
    Dilate her anus
    Suck her shit

What a program! All this will be based on quite difficult to timer if you play the keyboard and much less via a joystick QTY.

Once the long series of QTE over, get out of the room to see Butters come help you. Then you have to get away with using your bow on the wooden board as shown in the image. Then become small and then go to the left. Use your pet to unlock fate of the passage and take the ventilation duct located on the left of the rats to continue your progress.

Continue your journey through the vent on the right until you find a new room guarded by a gun. Teleport using your dish at first on the rim as shown in the picture and then clear the water current. You will then teleport you to the pipe on the left and continue your journey to the left.

Once all left, pull out your bow and pull the metal plate located above the gun to disable, it will do so just go down and fart on the barricades to unlock the passage. You will then face fetus babies to unlock the passage to the left door.

You will then fight the Boss end nivau: Fetus giant Nazi zombie. Before touching it directly hit the umbilical cord that has the ability to restore life to the baby and remove his debuff. Once the cord destroyed, tackle the Boss himself until finally defeat. You will finish at the same time the quest "sudden Parenting."

Back near the town hall and talk again to the girl that takes you to the meeting of her friends. Then go to the garden Kyle and talk to unlock a new kinematic asking you to go to Canada!

Before leaving for Canada, you will need to take photos of your avatar to put on your passport. So go to "Photo Dojo" located in the center of South Park, left the park at the map. Inside, talk to the photographer who will ask you to go into the back room.

As you can imagine now, nothing ever goes as planned in the town of South Park, and you will find yourself facing a pedophile that you must defeat. Use as normal abilities of your class as well as your companion. Once the battle is over, you will get the passport needed to cross the border.

As you said Kyle earlier, to get to the Canadian border, go through the small road to the rear of the farm. You will then always continue your journey north to eventually find the Canadian border. It is at this point that you must leave your passport in order to pass.

Go directly to Ottowa, the first town on your route. Inside it, go up and enter the palace. You will then speak with the Prince of Canada will provide further guidance, exit right to recover Photos memories of your stay in the palace.

O Canada
After talking to the Prince of Canada, go to Winnipeg where you will face a wolf to access it. Inside the city, go north and talk to the Count of Winnipeg will ask three bear skins.

After this quick conversation, go to the top right of the map. You will face three bears at the same time and then recover the skins to give the Earl of Winnipeg. Back then talk to the Prince of Canada will ask you to kill the bishop of the Country which is located in Banff.

Once in front of the bishop, hit him with your weapon. You will then defeat him and decide whether or not to finish. If you let him live, you get a new friend! Back then see the Prince of Canada then give the balls to the bishop, then you will become friends with the Prince and get a letter from the Princess.

Then go to Vancouver, the city located at the bottom left of the map. Enter the office of the Duke of Vancouver located just north of the city and go talk to him. Then you have to go by Boat Lake.

Here you are in front of Terrance and Phillip, use your pets on these sorcerers to show your powers: sort of flatulence, and hissing dragon cry sly. They then teach you the last spell of the game: Nagasaki. You can destroy rocks and various obstacles to using this spell. In addition, it will be the most powerful attack in the game combat.

Then go to the bear cave located at the far right of the map, just above the first town. Inside, you should use "Nagasaki" on cracked until it is destroyed wall. Then go talk to the soldier at the bottom left. After translating the page, go back near the town hall to talk to the girl who will take you for the last time at HQ girls.

Inside, talk to all the girls to get Heidi, Nelly, Jessie and Allie friend. Finally, go back to talk to Kyle to put an end to this main quest.

Clyde thrash!
Here you are in the last level of South Park: stick to the truth. First use your fourth spell pet to open the door of the castle of Clyde. Teleport then on the right of the area and turn off the generator. Then turn in front of the castle gate, kill the enemies and enter it.

Inside the castle, avoid sniper fire on the first floor and hit the barricade to confront your new opponents. Then pull with your bow on the scale in order to access the first floor where you will have a new confrontation. Then climb the ladder at the very top left of the area to mount the second floor of the castle.

In this new stage, you will be dealing with many zombies. Feel free to use the decorative elements in order to remove some before the confrontation: Shoot the chandelier with your pet out of the wheel with your bow, etc.. Then hit the barricade and fight your opponents. Once the battle is over, hit the wooden foot located at the far right of the area. You will then use the spell "Nagasaki" on the wooden platform to make it fall. Then take the ladder to reach the third floor of the castle.

Then you come outside with Brother Kyle about to light a rocket. Use your pet leaves to turn and become friends with Ike. Then go to the far right of the area and use the spell "Nagasaki to destroy the tower. Then operate the lift to open the door and enter a new part of the castle.

You will arrive in front of Clyde. Go to your right and use your pet to open the barricade left. Then use your fourth spell to the right to free passage Ike. You will then face Clyde with zombies cows or not if you had the time to help your companions. In this case, Clyde will have no one to help him. At first, dodge loads of zombies cows will face on you, leaving you alone with Clyde.

Clyde will split later in your confrontation. Find the right enemy and inflict him the most damage possible to eventually finish, do not waste time aiming his henchmen. Note that whenever Clyde use his fate duplication, its debuffs and alterations will be deleted. Once the battle is over, get on the floor above or Mr Slave will ask you to enter his ass, become small and enter inside it.

Once inside the anus Mr. Slave (I never thought to write this kind of sentences in a walkthrough but good), you should move while destroying obstacles such as used condoms, climbing ears of corn or even destroy pieces of shit. You will arrive in front of an electric field. Take Stan and use the help from your partner for his dog pee on the electric field, this will allow you to continue your progress.

You will arrive in front of a possible enemy to face. Take out your bow and shoot the red symbol. This will kill the enemy and show you to use a teleporter to go to the right side of the anus Mr. Slave. Continue your progress to the right and use your fourth spell pet to destroy the billiard ball.

Then use the mobile phone to become friends with Al Super Gay. On your way, you need to activate a flashlight. First go down the lamp and replace the batteries and mount the top of the lamp and turn it so that the bat you unblock the passage.

Continue forward in the level until you come face to sparrow that you must defeat Prince. On your right will find a giant god. Teleport to the small base and press it to unlock the rest of the passage leading to two guards. Feel free to confront them or go directly to the right so that the fight starts.

You will then arrive in the last section of the anus Mr. Slave, take Jimmy ally and use its jurisdiction over the viscosity located on your left. Then you have to repeat the QTE already made about abortion some quests before. This will aim to stop the bomb into the anus of Mr. Slave. Then you get out of her ass. Then go to the right to find yourself facing the penultimate boss of the game

You will find yourself face to Head back from the dead. As usual, keep his attacks and inflict her special moves in your class for him drastically lower life. You will then stop its concentration if you do not want it catches you. Otherwise, pass the QTE to inflict almost 1,000 points of damage.

Once the Boss almost dead, it will flame and you will fart on to finish. Arise then the left to complete the main quest "thrash Clyde".

Betrayal from Within
Here you are in the top floor of the castle of Clyde, opposite the last Boss of the game is none other than Kenny! To defeat him, you will in turn utilize the skills of your companions. To do this, you must pass all QTE proposed whenever Kenny use a special skill.

Whenever a companion succeeds its jurisdiction, companion goes to the back of the fight and gets a new ally at your side. After successfully completing all the skills of your allies, you will blow up on the balls of Kenny and the end credits of the game will be displayed. You return to your home, ready to catch all the collectibles game as well as to your last quests!


You will find on this page, all the quests South Park: The Stick truth. These quests will allow you to make new friends, collect items and much more. You will find below the list of all the quests that you must perform to complete the game 100%!

Flower for a princess
Early in the game, after talking for the first time Cartman, you find yourself in "Kupa Keep". Go to the far left of the garden and take the daffodil. Then talk to Kenny on the left Cartman to validate this first quest Annex.

Mr. Slave packages
To start this mission, you can choose to go directly speak to Mr. Slave located in his house to go to the post. Once inside, grab the key to the information desk in the drawer on the right of the post. Then enter the back of the station.

So you get the parcel Mr. Slave. Then go to his house and go talk to him directly, this character will be waiting in the sofa to the left of the front door. After completing this quest Annex, you will unlock the invocation: "Whip rawhide", allowing you to summon Mr. Slave who will engulf the enemy whom you deal.

Rats in the cellar
To start this quest Annex, first go to the bar of South Park located just northwest of the city. Inside, talk to Skeeter that will give you the key to the cellar. Inside it, you need to defeat four rats.

To overcome these rats, you can use the settings: dropping things on rats, shock, etc.. To bring down the life bar of your opponent before facing. Once all defeated rats, get out of the cave and talk to Skeeter to obtain his friendship as well as the bartender.

Mongolian Beef

As for Annex Quest: "Package Mr. Slave", you must complete this quest annex to obtain the second invocation of the game To do this, first go to the restaurant "City Wok" in the upper left of the city. Then talk to the manager to get the quest "Mongolian Beef" as the key to Peace Tower.

Then go in the Peace Tower located on the right of the restaurant and then use the given key a few minutes ago. Upon arrival, you'll have to fight Mongolian come to defend the tower. Once the battle is over, take out your bow and shoot the rope located in the ceiling to bring down a staircase to you by following up on the first floor.

Continue to face the Mongols then mount the second floor of the tower. You must then open a blocked door! Do not worry, go to the right of the box and shoot with your bow on the tail piece. Back then close the door, put the tail piece moved and pull the eyes of two dragons to open the way to the top of the Tower.

Once at the top of the tower, you will face the Boss "Mongol". Use your special priority and the "Touch" Butters to treat you wish. You will be advised to be at least level 4 to defeat this boss quite easily, while avoiding his attacks and making perfect attacks to inflict the most damage possible. Back then see the restaurant manager that will give the invocation: "Gong miniature".

Timmy Expres
To achieve this mission, you will explore South Park in search of all the points of "teleportation" of the city. These items will be marked with a red flag. By enabling this flag, you ask Timmy to get you to the point you selected to move more quickly through the city. Once the quest is completed, you will become friends with Timmy.


Kevin's home Stoley


House Cartman

House Kenny


Photo Dojo

House Token


The church

Post office

Kyle House

The quest "Vulcan" will be quite easy to achieve. First go at Kevin Stoley to the right of the community center. Then go to the child's room and talk to him to trigger the beginning of the quest. Then you have to go in front of the church and look behind the tree located at the far right of the area. Back then speak to Stoley who became friend with you and give you a missile downturn.

Phase 1
To start this quest Annex, you must wait until the beginning of the third day and then talk to the gnome on the left side of your bed. You will then find five hidden in South Park underpants.

Here are the locations of briefs:

    Stan's room
    In the parents' room Stan
    Kyle's room
    In room Stoley
    In the room of the mother of Cartman

Back then talk to the gnome located in your room to validate this annex quest and become friends with him.

Equality for all
To start this quest Annex, you will first of all have been kidnapped by the elves. Then talk to DogPoo located near the fountain. After that, you will destroy all the banners and go back DogPoo to validate this annex quest and it becomes your friend.

    Destroy the banner near the house of Mr. Slave
    Destroy the banner near the church
    Destroy the banner near the Children's Park
    Destroy the banner near the house Stoley
    Destroy the banner near the pond

The ogress
To start this quest Annex, you will need to teammate Stan. Then go to his house and enter the room of his sister who is on the first floor, while the left. Once inside, you'll have to face. Once defeated, you come away from home and become your new friend Stan.

Find Jesus
To start this quest, go first talk to the Father on the bench in front of the Town Hall. You will then find Jesus, so go to the church to the left of the hall and look under the seats located on the right. You will then go back to the Father to tell him of your discovery.

Return to the church and change the orientation of the two projectors. Then interact with the base to find Jesus again. Once the quest is complete, you can invoke Jesus during your fights, except against bosses. You will become at the same time friends with Jesus and the priest Maxi.

Hide and seek

Locating children:
To complete this quest Annex, you will first need to talk to children within the park. You will then find them in a game of hide and seek! Here is the location of all children:

 - In the bank behind the desk in the upper left

- In the park, in the small path at the far right

- In the sewers, near the store rhinoplasty

- The right of the square to the left of the house of Mr. Slave

- All left the farm at the top right

- Behind the lamppost near the Peace Tower

Back then see the children to make friends with them.

Stash discovery
To start this quest Annex, go first to the community center and talk to Mr. Mackey sleeping right of the area. It will then give you a key to go retrieve an object in the shed.

Go to U-store-it and use the key given by Mr Mackey.

Inside the shed, you will find the monitor next to the entry. You are free to inspect the area to collect new objects or to return directly to the community center to speak to Mr. Mackey who will become your friend while validating the quest Annex "Cache discovery".

Magical songs
Tell Jimmy to Kyle so that he gives you the quest Annex: "Magic Songs". You will then have Jimmy teammate then go to the farm of South Park located at the top right of the map. Upon arrival, the head of the ranch will give you the key to the barn. Go to the entrance of the high and use your key.

Once in the barn, you'll be attacked by four cows nazi zombies! Although you can overcome if you're strong enough in the first round, you'll have to keep their attack "kamikaze" or risk losing your entire team. Once the battle is over, go up to the first floor using the ladder on your left. Then pull with your bow on the lamp then fart above.

Go to your right and open the bag to retrieve the flute Jimmy. Then out of the barn and talk to the owner to complete this quest Annex. You will become at the same time a friend of Jimmy.

The sewer and odors 
To start this mission, you must have the antenna for you teleport. Then go directly into sewers, on the left of the post. Then use your teleport spell upon arrival in the sewers to be able to access the right side sewers.

Then continue your journey to the right and take the ladder that takes you to the lower level. Exit this you bow and shoot the mechanism to stop the water and go right area side. Continue to the right, then climb back on your left to reach the lair of Mr. Hankey. Then you have to destroy the box to activate the switch and use your action button on the home. This will trigger the quest Annex: "The sewer and smells".

To retrieve Amber, go to the path to the left of the house of Mr. Hankey, then climb the ladder. Get behind the wall going up then left the area. There then remains is to actuate the valve that stops the water. Descend the ladder to retrieve Amber.

Then go to the right of the area where you will face bums. Turn the valve to move to the right and then down the ladder. Then go to your left where you will face a new hobo, press a new valve to move to the left of the area.. Then hit on the body to release a new passage. Then enter into the crack of the wall and go to the left.

Then you have to kill a rat mother and her children. After that, you will release Simon. Then go to the right side of the sewer and hit the box on your right. Pull the lever located behind the crate and climb the ladder.

Continue your journey on the right and go down the ladder to your right to get several tramps face. Once done, you will get Cornwallis! Back then see Mr. Hankey to complete this quest Annex, you will get at the same time the invocation Bout poo.

The problem of homelessness 
To start this quest, go to City Hall and talk to McDaniels who will ask you to hunt seven bums South Park. The first is fairly easy to find, go to U-stor-it and enter the truck. Then you will make your first fight against a bum who has the tendency to surround himself with rats as henchman.

The second bum is on the right of the house of Kenny, while the bottom right of South Park. After fronted, you will have the teleport spell to find more bums hidden in South Park. Go ye therefore into the sewers using sewer far left of the Post mouth. Once inside, you will teleport you to your fate to the right of the area to continue your journey.

Locate the position of each bums. Note that in making the quest "The sewer and smells", you will inevitably face these bums to retrieve children of Mr. Hankey.

Finally, the last hiding place of tramps found near the shelter! Go to the bus stop to the left of your home. Then continue on your left and go behind the tree with a nest. Then you will find a small path leading directly to a homeless camp that you must face. Back then see the Mayor to become friends with her.
Reward zombie Nazi 
You can not make this appendix quest during the second day, when the Nazi zombies are in the city. You must do so in a limited time because after completing the main quest, you can not achieve it. Will initially see the chief of police and tell him so that he gives you this quest Annex. Your goal is to get 5 rings then back to talk to him to become friends with him.

You can find rings zombie after every fight in South Park. Nevertheless you will find below the battles. Please note that there will be many more zombies in the city:

Near the park 
The bank

The parking lot of the police

Near the store Jimbo

In the forest
Big game hunting with Jimbo 
First go into the store and talk to him Jimbo to start this quest Annex. You will then need to defeat multiple enemies as you ask Jimbo then return to talk to him they give you every time a new object. First go to the right of the house of Kenny, you will find the first enemy to face. Simply place the moldy sausage and confront the dog jump on you.

After releasing the school, back in the basement of the school. Then open the door. you should use denatured alcohol on the petri dish to face the second enemy of the game. Back then see Jimbo to get a second award.

Then go down the drain or you need to use blood orange on the mud, near the exit of the sewers that will take you to the movies. You will then face the Dogfish. You will also have to overcome the mouse penis into sewers using juice butt crack.

Finally, go to the farm of South Park located at the top right of the map. You will then use the bell. Then hit the cow to kill and return to Jimbo who become your friend like Ned.

Go to first of all talk to Al Gore on the right film to start this quest. Once done, you will get three detectors Homoursporc. The first will be put at the top of the house where you had faced the dealers. Go right home and Kenny stand on the roof to place the first detector.

Then go to the farm at the top right corner of South Park. Climb the ladder to be located to the left of the farm, enter the subdivision and then climb to the top of the barn to place the second detector. Then go to the park which is located to the left of South Park and set the last detector on the wooden board.

Finally, go back to Al Gore U-stor-it. You will then go into the sewers and operate the generator to be located at the far right of the area to the right of the house of Mr. Hankey. Go back and talk to Al Gore who will ask you to stay informed about the positioning of the Homoursporc via Facebook. This will unlock the final quest of the game schedule: " Remove Al Gore on your friends list . "

Remove Al Gore your friends list
After completing the quest for the Homoursporc , Al Gore will you spam your Facebook wall. You will then go to his garage at U-stor-it then talk to him to initiate a battle against him.

This will clearly be the Boss Boss Annex hardest game and you will be equipped with several potions and objects resurrection to overcome. Hit his minions first line will remind and he did not use all your debuffs on the boss who will ask you several tens of minutes to overcome if your weapons and tack not exceed the level of 10.

Once the battle is over, you will have the keys of Al Gore HQ. Go to your left to find his office and a hotel all right that will give you money as well as some interesting articles to read your adventure. After that, you get the quest "Come to the end of the Homourspor.

Go to church and look near the tree at the far left. You will then face this monster and overcome to accept this quest Annex. Note that the Boss will be easier to defeat Al Gore himself because he will not have minions to protect and be the same more vulnerable to your attacks occasion.

All Chinpokomon Locations Guide

Go home Cartman then take the key to the garage located in the buffet to the left of the front door. Then open the garage to see the first Chinpokomon collectible game

Chinpokomon this is the first floor of the Butters’ house. Simply enter his room and go to your right to find the violet recover pelluche.

Chu Chu Nezumi:
After leaving the house Stotch, continue your journey on the left. You will see a tree in the street with a target attached to its branch. Take out your bow and shoot the plush and pick it up.

You will get this toy to the police. First open your map in the game menu to go to the police. Then go to the first floor and then take the right door. It will do more than use the ladder to retrieve the fourth Chinpokomon.

This toy may not be recovered once the quest Annex "Mogul Beef" unlocked. Then enter the huge tower and climb to the first floor. Then go to your right and take out your bow. Pull the yellow plush to obtain the Lambtron.

Go to the bar of the city. At the bottom of it to find a pink teddy. Shoot it with your bow to make it fall and get it simply by walking on it!

Sna Kat:
Go at the city hall and then pull your bow. You will then pull the small plush based on the branch to the right of the priest. This will bring down the Chinpokomon you only have to recover ground.

This toy can be released once the main mission "through walls" unlocked. Go around the house Token but instead knock on her door, pull out your bow and shoot the stuffed at the top left of the house. This will make her fall, then you can get the Vélocirapstar!

Chinpokomon this will be in the den of Chaos. To do this, first take all the key lair located in the chamber Butters. Then go near the hangars at the top right corner of the city. It will do more than use the key to enter the lair of Chaos, go upstairs and get your bow to shoot Roostor and recover thereafter.

Go to the cinema entrance of South Park. Then pull out your bow and shoot the plush at the top of the window. Then grab the collectible at your feet.

Poodlesaurus Rex:
This toy may not be recovered once the main quest: "Stuck" unlocked. Enter School South Park then take the door on your right. You then find yourself in a corridor in which you will get your bow. Pull the vent located on the ceiling, which will aim to bring down the Poodlesaurus Rex!

For this bundle, you must have completed the main quest: The bard. Then go to the attic Jimmy, plush will be at the center of the attic.

Go near the Peace Tower. Then use your spell flatulence near the candle to melt the ice block hiding plush. It will do then just retrieve to get the Brocorri.

This bundle will be on your way to the south of the Children's Garden. Simply hit the wooden block the passage and collect lint on your right.

Mouse Tik:
For this Chinpokomon, you must wait for the second day of South Park. Then use your dish at the park, located to the right of the School South Park. You then teleport on the basketball court to recover the MouseTik.

Beetlebot is hidden at the very end of the Alien Abduction Level. You’ll find it at the top of the monitors.

Next to the Clyde’s Tower entrance, use Alien Probe and reach the top of the Tower, and collect Shoe Chinpokomon.

Iinside Kyle’s House garage. Go up the stairs, open the second door to the right, and take Broflovski Garage Key from the nightstand.

Near the Community Center, use Alien Probe to teleport inside the Basketball Court.

Gophermon is hidden in the Men’s room inside the South Park Community Center, behind the last door.

This collectible can be collected in the Command Center, just before zombies attack you. In the room with a white board, look up, and you will spot Chinpokomon collectible on the top of the blue cabinet.

Cosmonewt collectable is hidden in the Alien Spaceship at the bottom of the lake. Head to the Stark’s Pond, and use the Alien Probe to reach the Spaceship in the middle of the lake.

Return to the school, and use the side entrance “Faculty Only“. Once inside, turn right, and look for Chinpokomon Donkeytron in the oven. Turn on the stove, and use your fart to blow the oven’s door.

After collecting the previous collectible, go upstairs to the second floor of the school, turn left and open the third storage locker. Shoot your next Chinpokomon down and collect it.

Under the bench located just in front of the Tweak Bros. Coffee Shop, you will spot Terribovine collectible. In order to reach it you have to make yourself small.

This collectible is located in the Abortion Clinic. You should shoot the grenade in the soldier’s hand, that will open a hole in the wall. Use Gnome Dust to become small and go through the hole.

Talk to mr. Mackeys in the Park Country Community Center and accept the quest Wasted Cache and get the Mackey’s Storage key. Behind the U-Stor-It Facility, you’ll find Storage #221 with Ferasnarf Chinpokomon inside.

In order to collect this item, go to the Post Office and take the key from the Po Box. After collecting the key, head over to the News Office Gazette. Once inside, go to the opposite side of the room and open a small vent next to a girl sitting in the chair. Use your Gnome Dust, and then enter the vent and grab the collectible.

After collecting the previous collectible, head inside the sewer located in front of the Office. Gerbitoad collectable is next to a small house.

The next collectible is also in the sewer. Go all the way to the opposite side, use ladder and go downstairs. Follow the path until you see a red backpack. Behind the backpack you will spot a rock. Use your Nagasaki skill to destroy it, and enter the tunnel.

Map of South Park

You will find in this part of South Park cards allowing you to see at a glance the location of all the quests but also Chinpokomon or portals teleport the whole city!

Location of Flag:

Locating of children:

Location of Friends 

001: Beary

002: Blood Orgy

003: Mr. McCormick

004: Bartender

005: Skeeter

006: Jimbo

007: Ned

008: Mr. Kim

009: Randy Marsh

010: Token

011: Damien

012: Al Gore

013: Mr. Tweek

014: Mrs. Tweek

015: Tweek

016: General Disarray

017: Prince of Canada

018: Princess of Canada

019: Earl of Winnipeg

020: The Duke of Vancouver

021: Terrance

022: Philip

023: Bishop Banff

024: Minister of Montreal

025: Jesus

026: Sergeant Yates

027: Romper Stromper

028: Santa Claus

029: Maxi Priest

030: Annie

031: Mayor McDaniels

032: Esther

033: Leroy Mullens

034: The Hankeys

035: Man Crab

036: Lola

037: Mrs Biggle

038: Officer Barbrady

039: Mrs Marsh

040: Kelly Pinkerton

041: Millie

042: Douglas

043: Wendy

044: Bebe

045: Red

046: Jessie

047: Nelly

048: Heidi Turner

049: Allie Nelson

050 Filmore

051: Flora

052: Quaid

053: Jenny

054: Billy

055: Sally

056: Monica

057: Jesse Rodriquez

058: Mr. Slave

059: Super Gay Al

060: Craig

061: Bill

062: Septic

063: Lemmiwinks

064: Henrietta

065: Michael

066: Pete

067: Firkle

068: Mrs Broflowski

069: Mr Adler

070: Mr Mackey

071: Mr Garrison

072: Principal Victoria

073: kevin Stoley

074: Ike

075: Mr Hat

076: Catafish

077: Sparrow Prince

078: Frog King

079: Pete Melman

080: Kelly Gardner

081: Kelly Rutherford
082: Timmy

083: Mom

084: Dad

085: Gnomes

086: Butters

087 XDougie

088: Mrs Stotch

089: Mr Stotch

090: Scott Malkinson

091: Kenny

092: Clyde

093: Cartman

094: Polly Prissypants

095: Bradley

096: Shelly Marsh

097: Mr Broflowski

098: Francis

099: Chris Donnelly

100: Jason

101: Jimmy

102: Kyle

103: Stan

104: DogPoo

105: Mrs McCormick

106: Karen

Quest Location:

Main quests:

01: The new kid in town

02: Hi to the flag

03: Hot Coffee

04: Passe-wall

05: Find Feldspar

06: Stuck

07: The bard

08: It's late

09: Alien Kidnapping

10: Earn new allies

11: Recruit the Gothic

12: Non-conformist

13: Problems of the EPA

14: Attack of the school

15: Go home

16: Defeat the robbers underpants gnomes

17: Formation of alliances

18: XRecruter girls

19: Do you go for the boyfriend of Bebe

20: Sudden Parenting

21 Northbound

22: O Canada

23: thrash Clyde!

24: Treason from within


25: Rats in the cellar

26: Big game hunting with Jimbo

27: Mongolian Beef

28: Homoursporc

29: Reward Nazi zombie

30: Finding Jesus

31: The problem of homeless

32: Sewage and odors

33: Hide and Seek

34: Packages of Mr. Slave

35: Stash discovery

36: Vulcan

37: Phase 1

38: Timmy Express

39: Flower for a princess

40: Magic Songs

41: ogress

42: Equality for all

43: Overcoming Homoursporc

44: Remove Al Gore to your friends list

List of Boss

Name: Al Gore Life: 365/24 Armor

Name: Alien Co-pilot Life: 243 / Armor: 0

Name: Matrix alien defense Life: 81 / Armor: 0

Name: Alien pilot Life: 243 / Armor: 0

Name: Bishop Life: 304 / Armor: 500

Name: Butters Life: 305/28 Armor

Name: Cartman Life: 608 / Armor: 0

Name: Craig Life: 414/14 Armor

Name: giant Nazi Zombie Foetus Life: 486 / Armor: 0

Name: Umbilical Cord Life: 244 / Armor: 0

Name: Monitor input Life: 243 / Armor 10

Name: Jimmy Life: 608 / Armor 10

Name: Kyle Life: 608 / Armor: 0

Name: Man Bear Pig  Life: 486 / Armor: 650

Name: Mongolian Life: 365 / Armor 10

Name: Nazi Zombie Head Life: 972 / Armor: 500

Name: Kenny Princess Zombie Nazi Life: 486/30 Armor

Name: Stan Life: 366/28 Armor

Name: Werewolf Life: 243/40 Armor



Description: Butters is a paladin, a noble warrior, pure of heart and mind. His holy powers can defeat vermin and treat the wounded. And when his paladin skills are not enough, it can also use the power of his alter ego, Professor Chaos. Outside of combat, Butters can be used to treat the wounded allies.


Drudge: Butters is so naive that it gives people naturally want to hit. The enemies are twice as likely to attack in combat.

Healing touch: Butters strengthens the resolve of New, restoring its PD.

Hammer of Justice: Butters starts his hammer towards the target individual body-to-body, edgy making. Outstanding against armor.

Hammer of thunderstorms: Butters punish all enemies in a row with massive lightning damage.

Professor Chaos: Butters takes the form of Machiavellian Professor Chaos and delivers a devastating attack at random.


Description: Kenny is the purest damsel of the country, or at least that's what he claims. In addition to its ability to quickly come back to life, Kenny is a skilled archer, gifted to the royal magic. And, according to your whims, Kenny can also show off her royal chest to distract enemies and out of combat.


Charm: Distract enemies with the Royal now Kenny.

Royal Kiss: Pay a kiss on enemies to take them completely by surprise! Disgusted target.

Furry friends: bewitch creatures of nature by your beauty and send them against your opponents!

Cavalcade of the Unicorn: Ride a magical unicorn to trample a row of enemies!


Description: Stan is a follower of the life of the warrior, and relies on his sharp intelligence and the edge of his sword. Stan's faithful companion, Sparky, can take part in combat or urinate on some obstacles.


Condemned: Stan points his laser wand to store the crotch of the target, sending Sparky attack.

Hard power: Stan throws a fatal disk to the target. The disc can bounce on random targets.

Slash swirling Stan performs a rotary sword attack that hits multiple opponents.

The way of the sword: Stan merges with his hero interior action and attack an enemy with a flurry of blows.


Description: Jimmy is a bard, a skilled musician and entertainer capable of giving blessings to his allies and cast curses on his enemies. Outside of combat, Jimmy has access to shortcuts which he alone has the secret.


Power Chord: Jimmy loose with his lute, conferring PP group.

Singing force: Jimmy sings a song that weakens enemies while strengthening your group!

Berceuse: Jimmy asleep enemies with his music, preventing them from taking their turn until they have suffered damage or wake up naturally.

Brown Noise: Play the brown noise dreaded loosened the large colon of all those who hear it.


Description: Kyle is the king of elves and bravely stands his people against tyranny, ignorance and Cartman. Kyle control the magic of nature, and the ability to use his elven allies to give him a temporary support.


Rallying Kyle joins your group to fight.

Summon Elemental: Kyle invokes a spirit of frozen northern lands to attack the enemy!

Wind Storm: Summons winds which propel debris into the eyes of your opponents.

Rain of arrows darkens the skies with the arrows of the mighty elven army.


Description: Cartman is the enchanting kingdom of Grand Kupa Keep, master of the arcane and the profane. Cartman has an immeasurable magical power, his back and his mouth are both capable of launching devastating spells.


Magic Missile: Cartman launches a powerful magic missile to its target.

Strike inflamed: Sprays fire on the first two opponents in a row! The target share in flames in case of perfect execution.

Incandescent cloud: Cartman ignites its gas to explode

Curse: Cartman activates its microchip and invokes an electrical storm against a single target.


The more you have friends in South Park and you can pick talents that you will be more powerful in combat but also improve some of your skills and items like the resurrection, bleeding, etc.. Here is the complete list of talents that you acquire during your adventure:

Sucking away: you take less damage when you are badly messed up

The art of provocation inflict extra damage to enemies véner and suffer less damage from them.

Sniper: attack your ranged weapon inflicting additional damage.

Arsonist: deal extra damage to enemies in flames and suffer less damage from them.

Wind Healing: Each time you run a magic attack with your weapon, you cover the PD.

Puberty increases your maximum health by 20%.

Popeye: the use of healing items temporarily boosts the damage of your attacks.

Put or be put: your attacks do more damage when you are badly injured.

Bloodlust: deal extra damage to enemies struck bleeding and suffer less damage from them.

Well power: whenever you run a magic attack with your weapon, you cover PP.

Let's slides: alterations you turn a handicap last less than normal.

Worth a traitor: each fight, your first attack deals bonus damage.

Maintenance of brain-gain 2 PP each time you use an object of care.

Fight unfair: deal extra damage to enemies échoeurés and suffer less damage from them.

Cons-pet: cons-attack enemies with his ass: Requires mana but deals more damage than a weapon against.

Legitimate violence inflict advantage damage to stunned targets.

Boxer: your weapon attacks body-to-body inflict additional damage.

Apprentice your maximum PP increase by 20%.

Wind Healing: Potions resuscitation used on your friends or yourself call the target entirely on foot.

Pet of war: the use of a magic attack with weapons in hand-to-hand or remotely deals extra damage.


Sort flatulence: the fate of flatulence is a magical ranged attack creating formidable explosions in the world. Hold the action button, aim and press again on the action button to cast the spell flatulence.

Dragon Shout: your fate Cry Dragon can create deadly explosions in the world. Stand near a fire and hold the action button. Release the button to start the cry of the dragon!

Nagasaki: Nagasaki is the most destructive magic known monks enchanting Far North. Hold the button and use the directional buttons to refine the fate action button. You've found the right frequency when objects begin to crack.

Hissing sneaky: sneaky hissing is a lot to any specified distance to distract your enemies. Hold down the action and release button, move the lot with your arrow keys and press again on the action button to start!