Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (HD) Walkthrough

Regarded as the best in the series by many, Tales of Symphonia is back in a HD version on PS3. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles allows us to relive the adventures of Lloyd and Colette through their journey of regeneration to save the world and the story of Emil in his quest to save Marta.

In this gigantic universe, the complete guide to Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, will assist you to look through the entire two adventures and side quests, mini-games and many other things to make the most of these wonderful epics.

Table of Contents


  • The village of Oracle
  • The Temple of Martel
  • The Forests Iselia
  • At Dirk

This part of the full walkthrough for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on PS3 you adventurer in the Village of the oracle, until you departure to Triet after the destruction of the village.

The village of Oracle

Your adventure begins in the classroom where you sleep peacefully. Following a disastrous question you take control of your character: Lloyd. Discuss with other students before you head out the door. Genis your friend wants to keep you out of the class, after a brief discussion, you finally go along with Colette and Genis to the Martel Temple. Before leaving look in the hole at the bottom of the class for Colette get the title'' Dumbo''.

Outside, after discussion with the father of Colette, go north to meet a monster and have your first lesson in combat. Following the fighting, continue your way to the exit of the village to find yourself on the world map of the Temple of Martel.

The Temple of Martel

Follow the small path to reach the Temple of Martel and up the stairs to face your first'' true'' opponent, Vidar. During the fight an unknown character helps you, thanks to his care, he easily keep the group alive.

Following a short discussion you decide to enter the temple in the company of your new ally. Directing you to the northeast corridor you find that the door is blocked by a magical field. Retrace your steps and take the right lane to reach the stairs down.

Below, you can see your goal ring Prophet. Once again, curiosity Colette outweighing caution, the latter decided to look a little too close to a stone golem. After the battle, the group realizes that the golem turned into a block of stone could be useful to fill the holes on the way down.

You just have to fight golems to transform and thus seal all cracks. To reach the two chests in addition to access to the ring, you need to drop two stones on each side. Scroll down to join the bloc by the right and complete the path to reach the chest. Repeat on the other side to get the other chest.

Now, continue to defeat golems to fix the way up to reach the ring Prophet. Back to the entrance through the door and enter the room with the seal after the cutscene you can return to the village. Return to the village school to discuss with Raine and get the title'' Brotherly Love'' for Genis.

Head to the house of the Mayor is Iselia to trigger a new scene where Phaidra will give you the compendium. Along with Genis, go home to prepare your shipment and retrieve ingredients for making sandwiches. Thus equipped, you can head to the south of the village to take the road to the Forests Iselia.

The Forests Iselia

Out of the village, go with Genis and Noishe eastward to enter the Forests Iselia. Inside, you are entitled to a small stage where Noishe fled, demonstrating his courage. Follow him taking the path on the right, continue climb picking up two chests and killing enemies will block your passage.

At the intersection, Genis decides to abandon you there, of course you decide to take to help. Then you get to the terrible human Iselia farm, go to the left to trigger a cutscene with Marble.

With your new knowledge on the'' Action'' buttons, go to the entrance to the farm to jump on top of the rock to the right. Before reaching the summit and decide your new plan, collect the chest in passing.

Plan as well as oiled can not screw up, you now have to fight alone against two to allow Genis to flee. Coming somehow to escape, you decide to separate, so it is alone you resume your journey to your home.

At Dirk
The way to get home is not very long, continue your journey north to get the two chests. Retrace your steps to cross the bridge to the east, while recovering the other two chests passage.

A little further on, stand on the branch to grab bag, you just have to leave the forest to arrive at Dirk, your dad dwarf.

Go talk to him in the house to learn a little more about you and set'' key''. Following this stormy conversation Colette comes to you a little visit, agree to talk with her on the balcony. Blah ... blah ... birthday ... can not come ... blah ... sadness ... So this conversation ends the day.

The next day, go talk to your father next to the grave of your mother, having forgiven you, your dad says you set a key, some equipment and most importantly, the map of Sylvarant. Genis interrupts your conversation to bring you back to the village because you missed the start of Colette.

In the village, return to the mayor's house and Franck Phaidra which await you, talk to them to receive a letter from Colette. Interrupted by an explosion, out of the house for you to realize that soldiers Desians we decided to overtake the village. Head to them to fight.

Then go to the village to trigger a little scene to fight against Exbelua, which is none other than Marble... Being responsible for all these misfortunes, you are banned from the village, leaving after obtaining the'' Title: Swordsman Nomade''.