The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: learn how to play (walkthrough)

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a free online game that has a mechanical rather peculiar mix of Action RPG and simulator produced by Ubisoft and distributed by Steam. Following a genre of Internet gaming known as MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), in this game players will control heroes who live in floating castles in the fantastic realm called opulence. Check out tips on how to play the game.

Inhabited by warriors and monsters, these flying fortresses hide wealth proportionate to the levels of protections that hamper the "hits" of the players, which may combine several types of creatures or the most gruesome traps.

Multiple Interfaces game

With two different mechanical, but that complete, players of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will find a game mode where the hero is controlled in a third-person perspective, and must face the dangers on the way to the treasure room of the castles invaded.

As for the other game mode, the player will collect the resource mines and coordinate the formatting of the structures of their strength, can still spread monsters and traps through the rooms of his castle.

Moreover, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot also has an animated interface where the player can manage their skills and equipment and planning the invasions of monsters scenic castles and other players.

See the caption:

Legend Meaning
The - Amount of gold stored
B - Amount of crystals stored
C - Character controlled by the player
D - Abilities of the hero chosen by the player
E - Gauge the health of the character
F - Indicator points and the level of experience of the hero
G - Amount of crowns (crowns indicating prestige) castle player being sacked
H - Indicator of tasks that must be performed in the opponent's stronghold
I - Display that tells the time record of the owner of the castle and its withdrawal
J - Commands to rotate the camera angle
K - Display mana Hero

Fortress Management

Check out the caption:

Legend Meaning
The - Display with the player's credits
B - Access to the friends interface, world ranking and clan
C - Indicator of their strength and their validation
D - Display the Defense Rating, which indicates the amount of monsters and traps that castle may have
E - Commands to move, rotate, inform and store the structures, creatures and traps
F - Indicator of prestige player
G - Configuration options of the game and the user account
H - Display that indicates how long the castle is protected from looting
I - Buttons to switch between other heroes player
J - Options to access the fixed structures of the fortress, which are around the Castle Heart
K - Indicator of the number of rooms of his castle
L - Options to see monsters and traps stored, choose the skills of the hero, view the latest events of the game and analyze historical drawings from his fortress

Adventures of Directors

Understand the caption:

Legend - Meaning
The - Castle where the boss of the game is region (red color indicates a high degree of difficulty)
B - Command to access interface is
C - Fortification of a plundered and without protective shield against drafts player (green color indicates an easy difficulty)
D - Button to view areas of the kingdom opulence
E - Command to access the administration interface of your castle
F - Castle, a player with the shield of protection against looting (yellow indicates an average difficulty)
G - Access to the region with castles where there is competition for time
H - Command to display new strengths of players

Controlling the hero on adventures

Be invading fortresses from other players or monsters raiding castles guarded by the setting of the game, the mechanics of the mode of fighting of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will be the same.

Remembering the look of traditional games of type Action RPG, the main character will be prominently displayed in the center of the screen and you have to dodge traps and remove all monsters of the environments to receive experience points and unlock the door to the treasure room.

Over the dungeons driven by the hero, the player will find health orbs, coins, crystals, weapons and equipment disposed of in bodies of creatures or traps tempting hiding locations.

As the character can only carry four health potions and you can not access your inventory, you need to adopt good strategies to fight not to be surprised by a lot of monsters and powerful bosses.

If the hero dies during a mission of invasion, the player may pay an amount in gold coins to revive and continue the scene to bring the equipment listed, but without being able to loot the treasure room.


Command Function
Right-click - Attack and movement
Left mouse button - Expertise
1, 2 and 3 - Special Skills
Q - Potion of Restore Health

Managing your fortress

In The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot you also need to be aware of the structure of his own fortress, and shall spread monsters and traps, which need energy sources, improving its defenses in order to prevent other players able to easily invade your living treasures.

Besides the center stone of your base, called Heart Castle, which can never be destroyed, your castle has six internal structures that can be updated and are fundamental to managing your defenses:

Name Function
Cornelius' Emporium - Shop skins to the castle and characters
Architect's Office - Is the workshop architecture that enables new rooms for your castle
Blachsmith - It is the blacksmith of the castle, where you can buy weapons and equipment
Potion Brewery - Shop health potions for your hero
Summoning Portal - Portal that invokes the creatures and traps his castle
Research Lab - Laboratory to update the monsters and traps unlocked

The updating of these structures will be tied to the level of evolution of his Castle Heart of your fortress, which is located in the Treasure room and can be upgraded according to the experience level of the hero.

In addition, all the monsters and traps that make up the defenses of his castle shall conform to the value of occupation, called Defense Rating, which increases according to the level of your Heart Castle, and also need to be validated by the player himself, in a phase where your hero will need to face their own defenses.

As for features, in addition to sums looted their adventures, you can collect gold and crystals in their stronghold of mines and may spend in updating these structures and the purchase of equipment and potions, while those will be spent on upgrading and invocation of creatures and traps.

The admin interface and prestige character

Displaying a beautiful panorama of the neighborhood of opulence, the terrace of his castle has options for inventory management, skills and adventures of the hero, and also receive a series of analyzes of the strengths of the game and players.

With separate areas for levels of players, each part of the fantastic realm of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is blocked by a boss who when defeated ensure awards in gold, crystals and emeralds, which is the special game credit.

Thus, the player may evolve the experience level of your hero invading and plundering the castles of creatures that are part of the scenery in the game and do not belong to other players.

However, featuring The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot as a MOBA is its integration system between players through the prestige of his characters, representing the number of crowns.

The higher the level of plundered or defeated by their enemies monsters and traps trying to plunder its castle, more prestige points your character will receive strongholds.

In addition, there are three criteria that provide a better score in the invasion of the strongholds of other players: do not die, destroy all mines and beat the record time of the owner of the castle.

The game also has an interesting clan system, which provides medals and awards, but that can only be accessed by players who can win over 200 prestige points.