Watch Jessie J’s new song You Don’t Really Know Me

The singer Jessie J performed a new song, entitled "You Don’t Really Know Me "during a show in New York earlier this week.

The star commented that the song reflects on the pressure that fame brings and the need to look happy when you're not. "Fame makes you feel you need to be happy all the time and people want you to be perfect, and sometimes you don’t want to take a picture with anyone," said British.

The artist also added, "There are times when you do not want to talk to anyone, that's not being evil is about being human. This is one of my best efforts, sometimes people want something from me that I don’t have to give and I pretend I'm fine when I'm not. Makes me feel I'm going crazy," she declared.

Jessie J has not revealed whether the song will be included in her future work.

Check out Jessie J’s new song “You Don't Really Know Me” below: