Xbox One: Learn how to update your Controller

The Xbox One has just received a major update, and among the good news is that the update is dedicated to the joystick that gained compatibility with the new adapter for headsets and even more sensitive and accurate analog stick. Check out the tutorial on how to update your control:

With the console on and on the Home screen, press the Menu (formerly Start) button on your controller and go to "Settings" at the bottom of the menu. You can find the menu by the "My apps and games."

On the settings screen, look for "System". This is an icon labeled with a picture of the console. It is located on the right side, right next to "Disc and Blu-Ray". Go to it and press A.

On the first column, you will see the option "Update control." Position the cursor on the option and press A.

At this time, you must connect the control to the USB console ports using a Micro USB cable. This cable is not included with the console, but is quite common in modern cell phones (usually all with Android and Windows Phone operating system).

After connecting to the controller, be sure to connect the headset (headphone) to the controller. If you already have a new headphone adapter from other manufacturers, it and its headset plug.

After making sure that all cables are properly seated, press the "Continue."

Now we just wait to install the update, which should take no more than a minute. It is recommended not to move the controller or press any buttons during installation.

Okay, now your controller and headset are already updated and ready to use. If you have more controllers, you can repeat the process directly from this screen, simply connect the USB cable and headset on the new joystick.