Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Complete Solution, All Collectibles Locations

Table of Contents

Mission 1 - War Zone
Mission 2 - Old Town
Mission 3 - Sewers
Mission 4 - Canyons
Mission 5 - Ryu Hayabusa

Mission 1 - War Zone

You start surrounded by a horde of zombies, just what you need to familiarize yourself with the controls and especially combos that are central to the combat system. Take a look at the list of combos in the character menu to know all your options, the goal is to combine effectively and without dead time combos in hand, sword and plague. Once the guts of your opponents on the ground, the gunship you decided to focus on what triggers a cutscene.

You get to know a new type of enemy, torsos and legs zombie. Get rid of them with a dodge when they cling to you. Monsters killed Monday explains how your cyber retina that shows you the way and breakable structures. Locate the wall further and destroy it with your fist.

Open breach, you come across ultra-stiffs who will be all recurring enemies throughout the game Stronger and stronger than the zombie base, they are told that your main source of regeneration. Put into practice the execution (the button appears to complete once the enemy weakens) to recover life. A new zombie appears later, a suicide bomber pomegranate bearing down on you hand grenade, kill him before he self-destroy or dodge the explosion.

Grenadier opens the passage in the street, Gut dead flesh and take the passage to the right of the downed helicopter to get to a ditch, skip overcoat for your assistant tells you that you can now to catch your enemies. A grenadier then appears, chopez it and run it on the debris blocking the road. Proceed, jump over another hole eventually be targeted by a helicopter gunship.

Use the parade to stop bullets from heavy machine gun and wait for the pilot launches missiles to send protecting you at the last moment. Return two missiles to trigger a cutscene and continue with a platform passage in which you simply press the right key according to whether jump or swing fault with your beam.

Your acrobatics lead you right to a new tougher than the previous ones, the shredder opponent. Abuse your punch to destabilize but always be prepared to dodge / parry / counter when it seems collect your moves and prepares to attack. If you kill with an execution, you retrieve nunchakus arms on the creature. Then jump on the wall to the right to flutter to the roof where a helicopter gunship will again confront you.

Boss: gunship
Step 1: Protect yourself from machine gun fire a missile and send the helicopter to step down temporarily.

Step 2: zombies appear, slay them.

Step 3: fighter jets bombard you, avoid the path of bombs (the impact zone is indicated by blue circles) and if they cover all the ground, wait until the first missiles explode and move then to the place where it has already hit.

Final Step: zombies appear at the same time as the helicopter chasing you back. Return him his missiles and swing him zombies to destroy once and for all. 

Mission 2 - Old Town

Exit the alley cutting enemies to pieces and face the clown that will appear later, a very similar enemy shredder since it takes the chain once destabilized and pay attention to stop your combo to escape as soon as you see to attack. Make a run for recovering the most powerful nunchakus game and kill coming zombies that will appear including a second clown. The cleaned area, you notice a barricade blocking the road and a cutscene shows you the position of a grenadier down the street, grab it and throw it on the obstacles.

Continue down the alley and the cemetery just after two clowns are out of the ground and attack you at the same time. Focus on one in particular and run it to steal his arm and quickly kill the second zombie. After that, a horde appears Yaiba awakens his bloodlust in which you are invincible and overpowering. The dead corpses again, jump on the building with arrows on the surface.

Join the church and kill the zombies that await the bride, it does not take long to arrive and cry for vengeance missed his wedding. Wait for it to teleport near you and hit the bride with your curse to destroy his shield and electrical ruez the blows until the bride created a shock wave (flee) and hovers in the air. At this time you swing it against lightning which simply move the hoop to avoid this attack after the bride down again on earth and becomes vulnerable to your shots. Once defeated, jump on the wall above the door of the church.

The church exceeded, you arrive in a lane, straight down to confront a horde of zombies and a shredder, the gate in front opens to your victory. Continue until you find a steamroller, grab the zombie nearby and send it to the inside to act as a driver and have access to a street where you fight a clown and a shredder. At the end of the fight, jump on the wall with a spot of blood and press the key corresponding to your metal fist to destroy the obstacle that blocks key.

You get a little further on a tank in which water flows through a pipe. Get on the roof near where a zombie waiting dazed, grab it and go back down to start the zombie on the pipe and move it to the left to extinguish the fire. The feasible path, make the platform transition and finish the monster in full jump by pressing the appropriate button on the screen.

You are attacked by zombies on fire, they target you with fireballs that you can return with a cons. These zombies are obviously resistant to the fire element, go for dismembering the body-to-body. Other enemies appear then two clowns, position yourself so as to return the fireballs on the clowns and make the most that the enemies do not have the friendly fire. The battle is over, head to the bottom of the lane and use the grapple to initiate a platform sequence and join a roof on which shredders and a bride will challenge you. Then jump on the destroyed building across a platform to engage passage.

After a skit, you come to a naughty shop and your goal is to destroy it. Activate your online vision to identify the fragile wall to destroy the right and catch a zombie he'll just throw on the wheel of the truck around.

A zombie priest then flame out of the rubble and confronts you, return his balls with counters and attack the body-to-body at the slightest opening being ready to flee when he prepares his shockwaves. If you unlocked attacks loaded with your fist, use you to do back when surrounded by its own flames to complicate the task. At his death, other zombies appear two clowns, use the weapon is recovered by running the saint roaster to get rid of. Then jump in the rubble of what was previously a lingerie shop.

In the listening station, jump on the tank right and reach the zombies on fire, being careful not to take a steam, then catch the zombie in the rubble and get on with swinging on the wooden barricade.

Continue down the hallway until you reach after an arena in which you battle Maccabees loaded electrics. Destroy them with your shield power scourge that they are vulnerable. When the bride appears supported by zombies fire, make sure to send the fireballs on it to create a static char storm and all your enemies. At the end of the fight, climb the pipe indicated by a cutscene.

You land in a room with zombies still working on their computers and you find yourself stuck because of a security door. Reactivate the breaker nearby swinging above the zombie behind electric currents.

Boss: Unit robotic defense
Hit her legs as much as possible and put you out of reach when he tries to crush you (the circles on the ground will announce his attacks) or burn you with his flamethrower. Once he has collected a certain amount of damage, the Boss back and prepares to send missiles, return it to stun and enjoy for cornering shots. Repeat this tactic waiting to seize the opportunity of execution.

Mission 3 - Sewers

Activate your cyber-vision near the orange halo to get a clue about the movements of Ryu Hayabusa and near the edge sequence to initiate a platform where your hero ends up in a duct obstructed by a crystal yellow.

Destroy the crystal with your mechanical arm and continue, kill the ultra-stiffs on the road and destroy another crystal that blocks the road. Eventually you reach a platform where a new type of zombie waiting for you, you spew these toxins that blur your vision. When this happens, switch the cyber vision to recover faster. A major zombie appears then pustule lady who poisoned you launch balls and jets of vomit. Relentless attack and dodge an attack when she prepares area toxin it launches when you chaining too long in body-to-body. Killed enemies, jump on the hook to continue.

Follows phases platform interspersed combat the opportunity to exploit the toxin has the effect of blinding enemies element, ignite enemies such as the holy fire roaster and crystallize those lightning. Your fighting and acrobatics take you to a new line where you see lapping a huge creature.

Destroy the crystal blocking your path and once before the baby, turn left to catch a zombie in flames and throw it in the pile of ashes right to create a fire and access to a toxic zombie. Catch it and then throw it on the baby to make it blind.

The passage is free; continue to discover a halo monitoring and more Ryu Hayabusa and later a new arena where an electrified channel will make your life easier against electrical enemies that will be transformed into its crystal contact. Destroy your enemies and crystals at the same time with your mechanical fist. However try to run at least a bride in order to transform the Ladies Pustules crystal with the electric whisk. The battle is over, jump straight to trigger a sequence of platform.

You arrive in a ventilation duct with a fan that keeps you from moving forward, destroy the crystal on the left and grab the toxic zombie to throw the fan will crystallize and stop net. Do you still need to destroy your mechanical fist to enter a new area.

Another puzzle with a fan, start by catching the toxic zombie on the left, paying attention to flamethrower and transport it to the fan to swing above. Once the fan stopped, looking back another toxic zombie and jump on the platform with him right to throw in the pile of ash blocking the road. The way is free, grab the electric zombie avoiding flamethrower on the right side and click on the creature fan to crystallize. Then jump over to destroy it and continue with a platform sequence.

You discover a foundry and zombies appear, remove the first wave for Monday explains the plan: put out of service the boiler. Kill Ladies Pustules and destroy the crystal blocking the passage to the left to access the toxic zombies and a swing in the boiler. Then go near the elevator where the Lady Pustule came and hit your fist electric control to bring up two Saint Rotisseurs. Run one of the two and use the weapon acquired to flare the boiler. Flee then from the right and leave the place as quickly as possible before everything explodes.

Mission 4 - Canyons

At the beginning of the level, jump on the wall facing you a platform to engage sequence, continue to explore further a train off you need to restart. A cutscene shows you the position of the circuit breaker, take the stairs on the right and grab the toxic zombie to launch on the electrified cage on the right and crystallize it. Open a breach by hitting the crystal fist and grab the pomegranate upstairs to throw on the wooden barricade. The path to the circuit breaker is open, go down to take an electric zombie and throw it to reactivate the train.

A multitude of zombies appear, clean the house to locate and catch a leisurely zombies with a question mark on the head, then throw it in the cockpit of the train to start it. The machine no longer blocking the passage, jump across and confront a Saint Rotisseur supported by grenadiers. Run the priest and use his head to burn the next wave of enemies. At the end of the fight, jump on the wall of the building on the right.

Continue on the roof, you arrive in an area with many pitfalls which jets of steam and toxic, cross carefully and continue to confront a unit robotic defense. Hit the mechanical dog in the legs, dodge his attempts to crush you and send missiles to stun. Make your life also catching the electric zombie close to paralyze the robot by hitting it with. Once the machine is defeated, jump on the pipe right breaker.

After some acrobatics, you are greeted by married and zombies fire, use the flames of these statistics to create storms over the enemies of lightning types. Run a bride to have an electric whisk through which you'll quickly get rid of Saint Rotisseurs that appear. Follow the route indicated by the blood stain and jump to the next arena where helicopters take you to target. Jump on the left wall to reach a missile launcher.

The helicopters destroyed, jump through the opening on the left to go lower and find an information halo to activate your e-vision. Follow a sequence of platform that requires patience, the gas jets killing you in one fell swoop. After this passage you face clowns, focus your attention on a particular and run, use then nunchaku to kill others. For the following enemies exploit the lightning and fire elements to be effective.

The battle is over, grab the toxic zombie on the left and the fire on the right and throw them in the pile of bodies which obstacles to engulf everything. Jump opening further and finish the next sequence platform.

You come to a second information that gives you information on the movements of Ryu halo, go a stage acrobatics to achieve watered by cascades of toxins turntable. Join the other end of the platform while avoiding being hit to be within range of the grapple and leave the trap. Just after you fall on the same platform type except that this time you must discard electric zombie close to crystallize the openings giving off toxins. Once all clogged, a cascade of liquid flowing in large quantities, it also crystallize with the electric zombie to stop the platform and continue.

Spend phases platform until you reach a new area where you expect a tough fight (image14). First of grenadiers and two shredders, run down for a second with nunchakus and use of grenadiers to blow the zombies minors. Clowns, and a holy rottiseur ladies pustules then make sure that clowns are fired in contact with two elements and when you have the opportunity to have a weapon of some element, exploit it to kill those who are vulnerable.

Take your travels, the path is indicated by the arrows on your cyber-vision, and after a long passage platform you end up joining the central refinery and face the Boss level.

Boss: The Terrible Two!
Part I: attack the boss continually with combos that you can easily suspend or during which you are invincible to dodge / attack taking the least possible damage. Wait until the boss starts ball and avoid his attack for it to be unbalanced and have a chance to drop it.

Part Two: Kill all the zombies avoiding jet toxin than the Boss sends you operate it to crystallize enemies lightning type and inflame those of fire.

Part Three: As the first step of the fight except that you can benefit from the presence of electric blast zombies for the Boss encouraging zombies teleport near him and breaking their electrical shield near him. Fight until the appropriateness of execution.

Mission 5 - Ryu Hayabusa

Your fight against Hayabuza starts at distance, it always starts a quick explosive arrow and arrow, become aware of its timing to avoid all projectiles are far as the checkpoint. When the level starts, go right and snap a sequence of platform to reach Ryu and scare once.

Scroll down to Ryu moves further away and will destroy the electrical panel in front to unlock the doors on the left behind which is a zombie, send it on to blind Ryu and enjoy this respite to achieve. Iron cross and track down your rival.

You land on a platform with a crystal on the right, destroy it with your fist to access a zombie you will send Ryu to have the opportunity to attack. Cross again iron and continue Ryu, once stuck on a new platform, run the grenadiers on the right to victory.

Boss Ryu Hayabusa
After a cutscene that slap you finally confront Ryu sword three times knowing that the first two fights are just a foretaste and that you must fully drain his life bar in the final duel. With each victory, Momoji triggers explosive runes that require you to flee during sequences platform that pose no difficulty.

Here is a list of tips to beat Ryu, the real challenge of this level:
• Ryu has priority over all your attacks if you hit the same time as him you will have great chance to get slaughtered while Ryu will not be destabilized his side.
• Take time to observe its main combos and variations to be ready against the attack when he finishes a sequence, especially those ending with a powerful shot (indicated by a red eye effect) whose Ryu puts more time to recover.
• Counter Ryu is possible, but the risk of punishment if you fail is not encouraging.
• When cornered, the ninja will automatically load his sword to launch a whirlwind attack, dodge once you see it load and resume directly attack once Ryu finally turning on itself because it is a vulnerable time . Catch this timing enchainer Ryu and you can almost indefinitely.
• When Ryu ranged attack, prepare a charge attack with your sword or your fist (+ dodge without charge) and hold until Ryu launches its projectile to dodge and attack at the same time. Yaiba moving automatically to the nearest enemy.
• Take slugs Ryu to blind and prevent defense.
• When Ryu invokes lightning around him, throw him a slug so that it is trapped in a crystal and vulnerable to your fist metal.
• Momoji when trying to heal Ryu, run a slug on it.